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Minnesota Police Shoot, Kill 21-year-old Man with Autism During Domestic Disturbance Call

WeepNote: We fear far more incidents like this in the future, as adult males (and females) with autism in the prime of their life and strength exhibit behaviors toward aging parents, grandparents and others.  Death by police will be added to drowning and seizures. Kobe Heisler is described as "kind and nonviolent." A relative says, "...something must have triggered him."  My God. If you are local in Minnesota, please assist with details.


Brooklyn Center police shot and killed a 21-year-old autistic man Saturday afternoon while responding to a domestic disturbance call.

Officers were called to a home in the 5900 block of N. Halifax Avenue shortly after 4:20 p.m. on a report of a young man wielding a hammer and a knife who was fighting with his grandparents.

Soon after their arrival, officers reported “shots fired” inside the house.

“One down; we need paramedics here immediately,” an officer relayed to dispatchers, according to emergency audio. One officer suffered minor injuries during the struggle, authorities said.

Friends and relatives identified the man who was killed as Kobe Heisler. They say Heisler, who lived with his grandparents, was on the autism spectrum. He died at the scene.

Neighbors reported hearing an argument inside the home before police arrived. One nearby resident, who was painting at the time, said he could make out Heisler’s grandmother shouting, “Stop it.”  READ MORE HERE at



We had an incident here where a young man with autism was injured by an officer who was patrolling a very large church campus (unfortunately, a shooting incident had occurred there in the past) when he tried to use the restroom.

He always brought his pens & paper with him to the church services & was clutching a pen in one hand. The officer thought he was 'holding a syringe' & ordered him to 'halt' ... which of course, the young man did not respond to.

His mother, concerned at how long it was taking for her son to return, walked out in time to see her son being body-slammed into a wall, thrown on a floor & handcuffed.

When my son eloped in the pre-dawn hours on Black Friday in record low temps wearing nothing but a t-shirt & was found over 5 miles from home standing in the middle of a busy downtown street; the female officer who was first on the scene refused to approach him & get him out of the way of oncoming traffic because he was 'big & intimidating'.

I wanted to climb through the other officers radio (who was standing in my living room) & throttle her. (B*tch; you signed up for big & intimidating; now go get my kid out of the damn road!)


Bob you have not been paying attention. While police do a great job, even great cops can make mistakes. Even compassionate cops. But there are ignorant cops out there just like every other profession who don’t care to listen . There are traumatized cops who are triggered too easily. I have known of several mentally ill and/or autistic men who seemed defiant to cops with no training and they ended up preventably dead. When my son was 11 he refused to tell airplane TSA his name because he is autistic and had the rule not to tell strangers his name. Had We been brown I truly think we would have all been detained but I discreetly told them he was autistic and they let us go. Strong chance this was police overreaction but I hear you. What happens when the police are mentally unbalanced by vaccines?


Oh God no ... here we go.

I'm sure that elderly couple felt like they had no choice but this is why I will die before I call police to help with one of my son's meltdowns. He's come at me with a knife & hammer before too. I'm not in my 70's & he's only 15 but at 6'3" & 220 lbs; I'm well aware of his lethal potential.

Sometimes all it takes for me to regain my advantage is to walk towards him, baring my teeth & growling like a dog.

His dad, at 6'4" & 250 is a mean-ass SOB. This kid has punched him & he just gets all wild eyed, red-faced & laughs at him; egging him on to 'Do it again; son!' (sigh)

I've never even 'spanked' my disabled kid but the last time he swung at me his dad smacked him with an open hand upside his head & that stopped that meltdown it it's tracks.

Took him to the Balloon Glow two nights ago, alone (no big brothers or dad) & he decides to slug me so I took the large zip-ties I had in my pocket & handcuffed him & marched his ass the half mile back to the car.

I've considered Bear-Spray too but not until I have the wipes to clean him off quickly.

Sorry if this sounds renegade but I've known an inappropriate response from law enforcement was a potential for quite a while & that goes against my Goal # 1: Keep my kid alive & Goal # 2: Keep my kid out of an institution & off psychotropic meds. AFAIC: This government has already killed my daughter, stolen my son's quality of life & mine too. They don't get to kill him off now; not without a fight from me, at least.


Details on the killing of Kobe Heisler are still sketchy. So much for “Minnesota Nice.” Police here are still figuring out how to avoid killing the mentally ill, as well.

From the Autism Society of Minnesota’s executive director:

“In response to the Aug. 31 shooting of Kobe Heisler, a 21-year-old Brooklyn Center man with autism:

“We at the Autism Society of Minnesota are deeply saddened by the death of Kobe Heisler. The members of our staff and board grieve for Kobe’s family, along with all who knew and loved him. His life was important. So, too, is his death. Our greater autism community mourns this tragedy. We encourage those who struggle to cope with subsequent sadness, anger, or fear to contact our team for support and resources.
“At this time, limited details regarding Kobe’s death have been released. AuSM emphasizes that prevention of incidents such as these should be of utmost priority to law makers, law enforcement, and community members. With diligent commitment to informed and integrated professional training, access to resources and technology, and conscientious relationship-building, we maintain hope that we can together avert tragedy, and achieve safe community for all. As certified trainers of law enforcement officers, emergency responders, and other professionals, AuSM supports all individuals, families, departments, and agencies who share and uphold our commitment to the safety and prosperity of people with autism and other disabilities. AuSM is dedicated to advocacy and education to drive this important facet of our mission.”

Bob Moffit

"Death by police will be added to drowning and seizures"

How about we wait for investigation of what happened before we add "death by police" to the many dangers our loved ones face every day?

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