Watching SB276
The Really Big Lie About Autism


David L

A snowflake never blames itself for the avalanche, for it is just a small part of a much larger problem. It is easy for each individual person to see themselves as having no part in it. Senator Pan, chair of the Senate Health Committee is a snowflake, took in at least $432,000 from health care interests during the 2017-18 election cycle.

All Republicans voted no. All Democrats voted yes except Sen. Roth of Riverside who didn’t vote. In the first six months of this year alone, political action committees run by employees of drug companies and their trade groups have given the 30 senators expected to run for reelection nearly $845,000, the latest update to Kaiser Health News’ “Pharma Cash to Congress” database shows. This money is going to both parties!

Our public health regulatory agencies are now appendages of the very pharmaceutical companies that Congress charged them to regulate.

The Maryland State Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOH) has accepted over $100 million since 2011 to stealth market and hard-sell Gardasil throughout the state. the Maryland DOH accepted at least $17 million in HPV vaccine kickbacks from pharma funded front groups in 2017. (documented here) .


Somebody post on AOA the Stephanie Fester post. I don't do farcebook.

Liz thanks for that link. From that article:

But when things are false, we dramatically decrease it and we show the other side of the story, [check, we do that] and that’s because the debate has to happen,” she said. [Absolutely--Kennedy and others have been trying for years to have that debate] “The way you can say something is false is you have to be able to say, ‘Here’s the true side of the story,’ and we want that debate to happen [Yes, Yes, we want that] — so that people do get educated [Educate before you vaccinate] and understand that the science is [is never] settled.” Thats why its so very debatable.

Laura Hayes

Gary Ogden,

For those of us who aren't on FB, any way you can cut and paste the text of her post here on AoA?

Gary Ogden

Stephanie Duncan Fetzer has published an interesting post today about SB 276 and our governor (on Farcebook). Worth a read.

Gary Ogden

ANH-USA has posted a petition today to the governor. I urge every CA resident to personalize it and send it, not that it will do any good (remember how Brown treated Otto Coleman!), but if we don't stay in their faces they will think they have won.

Jeannette Bishop

Every doctor already should be writing hundreds of medical exemptions simply for the hep B vaccine, show the CDC in a minute way that maybe they are far, far across the line, and which mandate IMO shows the true character of too many in Sacramento very thoroughly (and the global vaccine program instigators at the core), thinking preschoolers and Kindergarteners will "benefit" from this vaccine, that is not designed to prevent hepB transmission, just to, in theory "protect," the recipient if they are somehow or other exposed. Med professionals, the abused passing along more abuse, to "validate" that abuse is what you are now "up" to...can't you see????!!!

But the, likely soon-to-be official, "robo-docs" perhaps will soon be replaced by vaccinating robots that won't let you through any security doors (or out of the state) without injecting you with whatever your vaccine your mandatory digital medical records say you are lacking...and maybe many docs are destined to join the homeless on the streets of various CA cities (but don't worry, many will get to have 5G radiation pulsing down on them, the pinnacle of blinding, sterilyzing progress)...and the biotech companies will have mandatory vaccine trials operating robotically all over this wicked , wicked, WICKED CORPORATE OLIGARCHICAL appendage of a state!!!

Jeanne J

It would be good for someone to go through this bill, point-by-point, and list all of the new rights and responsibilities that the "state" has taken away from parents. This will allow parents to be the most pro-activity in mounting a defense, such as having their children call them when certain "white coat dressed" people show up at their school.

carolyn kylesmom

There is a lot of scary stuff in that bill beyond the limits to medical exemptions, the fact that doctors cannot charge for the time to evaluate the child to grant the ME. It's a trojan horse. It includes things like "personnel can go to a day care center to vaccinate children." Read it and weep. They did a great job of freaking us out about this one part so we wouldn't notice the rest of it.


The vaccine Politburo will see you now.

Aimee Doyle

I think it's terrible what's happening in California. But I'd like to know how it's different than what has been true for years in West Virginia and Mississippi. West Virginia and Mississippi are two other states that only allow medical exemptions. In fact, Mississippi has the nation's highest child vaccination rate.

Does anyone know whether the medical exemptions in these states are broad or narrow? Are parents protesting that lack of religious and philosophical exemptions in these states too? And if not, why not? Do people homeschool? I just wonder what's happening there...doesn't seem to get any press. Seems there should be outrage about those states too.


Aaaand there it is..... while one of the Senators was trying to clarify what qualifies a child for a medical exemption Pan’s “let’s be blunt” (but Lord knows not articulate) response brought up Autism. The goal of suppressing the ability of ethical medical professionals to practice evidence based science is and always was a priority of this bill. To all of the ethical doctors in CA please flood that stupid board with the thousands of medical exemptions children deserve.


Heartbreaking. Also just saw this article about social media vaccine popups.

Dems taste test

SB276: a chocolate covered turd is still a turd.
Cali gov says "just eat it".

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