When Autism Gene Research Hurts
20 Problems with Vaccine Science As Exemptions Are Ripped from Parents

Lepers Treated Better than Children Not CDC-Vaxxed

6D9043C3-9040-4B67-9955-D2C443F9274EBy Kim Rossi

"Gosh! You'd think they were lepers!" Well you can kiss that statement goodbye, and not because they world has become so politically correct that you can't swing a dead cat without getting into trouble. Damn, here comes PETA on me.  Yesterday, Connecticut became the most recent state to push one step closer to robbing Americans of their rights and remove the religious vaccination exemption. The enforcement is scheduled for next October, 2020 if the bill is final approved.   Ah, if only foresight were 20/20.  Here is what I wrote as a comment in Rep Josh Elliott's FB page after he announced the pending passage. (Elliott was integral in the Yale debate with Robert Kennedy that was nixed at the 11th hour when Yale bailed.)

New York - 26000 healthy children banned from school. CA - 55,000 face expulsion. When this happen - 1 parent has to quit work. Income Taxes to the state drop. Spending by families will drop. The economic fallout will be severe. Vaccination is now a rigid, Orthodox religion. Adhere or face punishment. Healthy children of tax paying citizens will be cast out of school. Like lepers. Except Children with Leprosy, Hepatitis and HIV are not discriminated against by God or the public school system. Healthy children without disease but who do not have the CDC vax list are called a threat and danger, vilified and shunned. Thou shalt not kill. Thou shalt not lie Put no other gods before me. Honor thy father and mother. They mean nothing now. Only Thou Shall Vaccinate stands as a commandment. Vaccines are the new god.... help us. New England was founded on freedom from govt tyranny. No longer.

I got to wondering. ARE people with leprosy  allowed in school?  Yes, the CDC says it's perfectly fine to allow people with leprosy into school and to go to work, because it's not very contagious and 95% of people are unlikely to catch it.  In fact, CDC wants YOU, to work hard to erase the stigma of leprosy, now called Hansen's disease.  "Depict a positive image..." Apologies to anyone named Hansen.  At the same time, Tetanus is NOT CONTAGIOUS but if your child doesn't have the full vaccination, he can't attend school. Why? Because the vaccine is part of the three disease shot.

HEALTHY children without any disease at all whose parents have opted to not fully vaccinate them are banned from school and vilified as unclean in the media, by politicians. It's a mistake of Biblical proportions.




Frederic Chopin

Guys, I'm not feeling the love anymore. Freedom of speech is a right!

Shelley Tzorfas

Although women won the right to vote, their votes No Longer Matter. Thousands of moms, perhaps hundreds of thousands around the world watched as their children became paralyzed, injured, developed Brain Encephalitis aka Autism, seizures, cancers or died. Certainly the Californian Senate and other governmental representatives who are paid-endorsed by Pharmaceutical interests must realize that they are the minority of. people in the state. They have turned their backs on Women and Children. They have turned their backs on the most precious natural resource-the future generation. Recently I read that 1 in 8 children in Ca. are "Special Needs." I thought it might be a Typo?
All those politicians Dismissing mothers-even having them arrested.

Gary Ogden

Take heart, folks. Watch this week's Highwire. With SB 277 we were meek and quiet while standing 4 1/2 hours in the halls of the third floor of the Capitol waiting to testify, as some of the suits were complaining that our conversations were too loud. Not this time. THEY RAISED HELL!! I couldn't be there, but they made me proud to be a human being, an American, and a Californian.

Gary Ogden

Love your sense of humor, Kim. What we are facing is nothing less than an assault on children, on families, on medical ethics, and on the liberties originating in the Enlightenment and codified in the Bill of Rights. Brought to us by Democrats and Republicans alike. Not only has Congress become utterly worthless at protecting the citizenry from the predatory pharma cartel, so have state legislatures. We are facing tyranny on a colossal scale, tyranny worse than George III could ever have dreamt up. Fighting this is the new civil rights movement. Fight it we must. Into the streets. We stopped the Viet Nam carnage, and we must stop this takeover of our nation by evil.

Bob Moffit

"Only Thou Shall Vaccinate stands as a commandment. Vaccines are the new god.... help us. New England was founded on freedom from govt tyranny. No longer."

Kim's excellent observations regarding the absolutely INSANE … (there is no other apt descriptive word for what they have done) … government mandated policies on vaccines .. while infuriating to read .. EXPOSES THE CALLOUS DISREGARD GOVERNMENT HAS FOR PARENTS, THEIR CHILDREN, THEIR COMMUNITIES. How is it possible that someone diagnosed with leprosy, HIV and Hepatitis is okay to attend school .. but someone not vaccinated cannot????

I respectfully disagree with Kim's description of "vaccines" being the "new god". Vaccines themselves are today's "false idols" .. worshiped by OUR new gods". Consider the comparison with days long ago ...

when the Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés and his men arrived in the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlán in 1521, they described witnessing a grisly ceremony. Aztec priests, using razor-sharp obsidian blades, sliced open the chests of sacrificial victims and offered their still-beating hearts to the gods. They then tossed the victims’ lifeless bodies down the steps of the towering Templo Mayor.

The rationale for Aztec human sacrifice was, first and foremost, a matter of survival. According to Aztec cosmology, the sun god Huitzilopochtli was waging a constant war against darkness, and if the darkness won, the world would end. The keep the sun moving across the sky and preserve their very lives, the Aztecs had to feed Huitzilopochtli with human hearts and blood.

Those Aztec Priests of old have been replaced by the collective SWAMP of GODS today .. local, state, federal public health bureaucrats, medical doctors, education bureaucrats, career politicians of both parties, pharmaceutical companies, media sock-puppets .. who believe vaccines are critical for the survival of mankind … willing SACRIFICE (expose) our innocent, perfectly healthy children to 'ONE SIZE FITS ALL VACCINES" .. without any reservation to the MILLIONS OF CHILDREN WHO HAVE AND WILL SUFFER VACCINE INJURIES .. INCLUDING DEATH.

As the Aztec Priests of old would say .. some must be SACRIFICED for the survival of mankind.

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