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Aimee Doyle

I'm curious whether the medical associations for West Virginia or Mississippi have opposed the non-exemption policy of both states. West Virginia and Mississippi have outlawed all vaccine exemptions except medical exemptions for years. Yet, I've never seen any discussion of this. Are the docs there good with this? I guess the legislatures and governors are.

I wonder how parents in these states cope?

Do these states have higher autism and disability rates?

Is there an opposition movement?

Wondering why the silence? If parents have figured a way around the problem in these states, I'm sure there are a lot of parents in NY and California who would like to know.


Why was this bill pulled out of line of 200 others and put toward the top?

Laura Hayes


I am so glad you posted your comment. I was initially thrilled when listening to the recording of Leigh Dundas yesterday...until around the 30 min. mark. It went sharply downhill from there.

First came her inexcusable support for the CA Medical Association, which, to date, has not only not opposed AB499, AB2109, SB277, or SB276 here in CA, they have instead wholeheartedly endorsed these egregious bills, for which no amendment could have made any of them appropriate, ethical, moral, or Constitutional. 

Any doctor who chose to remain a member of CMA as they endorsed these egregious bills, and any doctor who didn't publicly denounce the CMA's support for these bills, is not innocent, or one who should be praised.

For but one example of CMA support for medical fascism and the elimination of parental rights:

Nor has the CMA publicly denounced Dr. Richard Pan, in either his professional or legislative role, for his dangerously inaccurate statements, his blatant lies, and his prescribing, in the form of mandating, millions upon millions of invasive, toxic, neurotoxic, unproven, terribly dangerous, to the point of being fatal, medical procedures for children who are not only not his patients, but whom he has never met. 

CMA's failure to act in these situations speaks to its lack of ethics, professionalism, competence, and concern for the health and welfare of children, and therefore, no praise should be given to this unworthy organization or to its members.

As if Leigh Dundas' comments about the CMA were not bad enough, she then went on to sing the praises of both Governor Newsom and his wife, stating that they had simply been misled about SB276, and thus their misplaced support for it. What a load of UNFOUNDED NONSENSE! If Governor Newsom had made the choice to listen to the thousands upon thousands of CA citizens who tried in vain to reach him, versus to pharmaceutical companies, medical trade industry groups, and their many paid lobbyists and minions, and if he cared a whit about upholding the U.S. Constitution and the many international treaties the U.S. has signed regarding the defending and upholding of fundamental human rights and the ethical practice of medicine, he would not be confused in the least about the heinousness of SB276 and its predecessors, or about the heinous backers of these egregious bills.

Furthermore, the main problem with SB276 is not that it grossly and illegally violates medical privacy, it is that it continues and increases the medical fascism and complete elimination of parental rights begun by vaccine mandates themselves, which were then continued and worsened by the bills mentioned above. SB276 is a further, near complete, tightening of the noose on parental rights, medical choice freedom, religious freedom, the ethical practice of medicine, and the most basic of human rights, bodily sovereignty.

"Equality" is not the issue, either, which is what Leigh Dundas continued to mention. Rather, it is the fundamental human right to decide what one allows, or doesn't allow, into oneself and one's children that is THE issue here.

False flattery is NOT going to change these bought, corrupt, power-hungry, and unethical people's minds or actions. 

While I do appreciate Leigh Dundas going after some of the evil-doers, there is no reason to excuse, and worse, praise and defend, any of the others.

On a related note, here is my letter to the CA Medical Board, which, as expected, did not generate a response, or appropriate action:

For those uninformed about Pharma's Puppet Pan, please have a read:

Gary Ogden

Carol: I think you're right. The CMA, like the AMA, and the BMA in the UK, is the union for doctors, but, as I understand it, only a small percentage of physicians are actually members. None of these are professional medical groups. They are lobbyists on behalf of the interests of doctors. Nevertheless, what Leigh Dundas is calling for is very important. I have little faith the California AG will show any interest in an investigation; after all, these crimes have been going on for four years, and the cabal which runs California is a branch of the cabal which runs the federal government. What a horrid state we have come to, when our government is basically an organized criminal enterprise, the DOJ and the intelligence agencies at the helm.


The California Medical Association strongly endorses SB276. CMA also filed an amicus brief that aligned with Monsanto in asking the court to overturn last summer’s jury verdict which found Monsanto’s glyphosate-herbicides cause cancer and determined that the company spent years covering up the risks. In the brief, CMA asserts that "the answers to complex scientific questions should be based on accepted scientific evidence":

Sounds familiar. Who does the California Medical Association actually represent? I think Leigh Dundas's faith in them is misplaced.

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