Minnesota Police Shoot, Kill 21-year-old Man with Autism During Domestic Disturbance Call
Watching SB276

Here Is What I Don’t Understand

Question markBy Laura Hayes

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Parents who carefully choose aluminum-free deodorants for themselves, but who permit their children to be injected with aluminum.

Parents who carefully keep mercury-containing thermometers and light bulbs out of their children’s reach, and who would never permit mercury-containing amalgam fillings to be placed in their children’s mouths, but who permit their children to be injected with mercury.

Parents who carefully avoid toys made in China, older homes, and drinking water that hasn’t been tested, all due to lead concerns, but who permit their children to be injected with lead.

Parents who carefully avoid foods and products with Polysorbate 80 (aka “tween 80”), but who permit this synthetic chemical to be injected into their children.

Parents who carefully avoid dangerous pesticides and herbicides, including those with the carcinogen glyphosate, but who permit glyphosate to be injected into their children.

Parents who keep poisons out of reach, sometimes locked up, but who permit their children to be injected with ingredients that are classified as highly-dangerous poisons.

Parents who carefully protect their children’s brains and bodies via outlet plugs, staircase gates, carseats, helmets, and many other means, but who permit injections on a frequent basis that are known and admitted to cause cognitive impairment, paralysis, seizures, hearing loss/deafness, vision loss/blindness, language delays/no speech, tics, severe brain damage, chronic illness, lifelong disability, infertility/permanent sterility, and death.

Parents who carefully select what their children will and won’t ingest, but who permit their children to be injected with ingredients they would never permit them to eat or drink.

Parents who are afraid of illnesses contracted in a natural way, but who are accepting of illnesses injected in an unnatural way, under the skin, and deep into the muscle tissues.

Parents who would not let their children touch or ingest that which was recently sitting and culturing in the body parts of pigs, chickens, dogs, and monkeys, but who permit those same things to be injected into their children.

Parents who would be appalled if their child ate aborted fetal material from another human being, but who permit it to be injected into their child.

Parents who lay down a clean blanket prior to setting their baby on the floor, who immediately sterilize the pacifier when it falls, and who never let anyone touch or hold their baby who hasn’t washed their hands first, but who permit their children to be injected with products made in factories that are rarely, if ever, inspected, despite numerous and flagrant contamination violations over the past many decades.

Parents who spend copious amounts of time researching baby products, but who permit their children to be injected with scores of products for which they have never read even one product insert.

Parents who heed sensible warnings from other parents, except when the warnings pertain to vaccines.

Parents who believe mainstream media when they report on the criminal activities of pharmaceutical companies, but who then choose to believe that these same companies act legally and ethically when it comes to the one product for which they can’t be held financially or criminally liable, vaccines.

Parents who think it is safe to take their newborns and infants to populated public spaces, such as Costco and airports, because their babies received a Hepatitis B vaccine in the hospital and therefore they are “protected”.

Parents who think it is fine to forego breastfeeding because they are vaccinating, believing that good health and immunity come from toxin-and-poison-containing syringes.

Parents who think it is normal for children to be on multiple medications, and seeing multiple specialists, often beginning during infancy and toddlerhood.

Parents who are considered to be highly educated, including those with more than one degree, and who are deemed intelligent and competent in the workplace, but who lack intelligence, curiosity, and common sense when it comes to vaccines.

Parents who want nothing but the best for their children, but who refuse to seek or listen to the actual facts about vaccines.

Laura Hayes

Parent of a severely and permanently vaccine-injured young adult son, age 25

Stanford Class of 1987

Writer for the Age of Autism blog

WAPF Honorary Board Member

National Speaker (links to 2 of my comprehensive vaccine-related presentations below)

Longtime Member of the original FEAT (Families for Early Autism Treatment)

Program Manager for her son’s ABA program since 1996


"Vaccines: What Is There to Be ‘Pro’ About?by Laura Hayes

"Why Is This Legal?by Laura Hayes

Recent article:

“Regaining Our Right to Refuse Vaccinations” by Laura Hayes


For Alex


Perhaps you’ve never understood because when something goes wrong they just gaslight you.

Brett Wilcox

I too, once was blind, but now I see.
Many thanks to Laura Hayes and to so many other sighted people who shine the light for others to see in a world where blindness is the cultural standard.


I think most people don't want to know because thinking about vaccines is stressful. What if I don't give my kid that second MMR and she gets measles when she's older and she has complications? Once one realizes that vaccines aren't silver bullets, it's an easier calculation. But you'll never know that if you only read mainstream media.

When California was about to make vaccines mandatory I sent a cri de coeur via email to a few mom friends of mine. I've known them at least 15 years. I told a personal story and I linked to a CHD article about chronic illness in children coincident with the rise of vaccine uptake. Getting a message from me would have been unusual but not one of them responded to my email.

Another friend of mine is a professor at a university. I once asked her how she chooses her flu vaccines because I wanted to suggest she avoid those containing mercury. She said she gets whatever they give her at Safeway. End of discussion. She worships vaccines so I wasn't surprised. If Safeway had a two-for-one sale, she'd get a shot in each arm. Both of her children have somewhat mysterious chronic ailments. You'd think that might cause her to reflect just a bit, but no.

go Trump

Thanks again Laura, vaccines are a 20+ billion dollar industry followed up by 500 billion dollars a year in treatments for the medical issues they cause.

It "IS the business model" of American medicine.

Laura Hayes

Related to Barry's question, below is point #17 from my "Why Is This Legal?" presentation, given last November in UT:


"Why is it legal to inject another human, of any age, with any the following categories of substances: poisons, toxins, neurotoxins, carcinogens, heavy metals, aborted fetal tissue from human babies, viruses and retroviruses of both human and animal origin (including from birds, pigs, dogs, and monkeys), antibiotics not needed due to illness, nanoparticles of various metals and contaminants for which the body has no use and which may persist versus being eliminated, food proteins which needed to be broken down in the GI tract, glass shards, food-and-blood-poisoning bacteria, polysorbate 80 which will enable all of the above to enter cells and the brain, and who knows what all else? Furthermore, these categories of substances are permitted to be injected in unstudied combinations, made in heinous environments that when actually monitored by the FDA are often cited for dangerous contamination reasons, which I have heard regularly need hazmat crew clean ups, and which are often manufactured in other countries with little to no oversight by U.S. regulators, including possibly China, for which it is said the FDA is permitted to monitor only once every 14 years, and only with advance warning of their arrival. I asked a friend of mine who has been in law enforcement for more than a decade what the charge and penalty would be for knowingly poisoning another person, and for doing it unknowingly. If intent can be shown, the charge is attempted homicide. If done unknowingly or ignorantly, the charge is criminal negligence. In either case, it is a criminal act, punishable by time behind bars. Doctors have sworn an oath to “First, do no harm.” It is their business to be aware of exactly what they are doing and prescribing. It is their obligation to read, know, and understand the package inserts for the products they are injecting into their patients day in and day out. It is their ethical duty to listen to patients and parents who report terrible reactions post-vaccination, and act on such information in a way as to help and protect that patient, in addition to their other patients. It is my opinion that doctors and nurses who vaccinate are legally and morally culpable for the harm they are inflicting via vaccinations. Unfortunately, due to the 1986 NCVIA, they are not legally or financially liable for the deaths and harm they cause via vaccinations. One must ask which vaccines they would still be willing to administer if they were personally liable. Why it is legal for doctors, nurses, and now pharmacists, too, to inject the aforementioned categories of substances into other human beings when it would be a criminal act for anyone else to do so?"


Other than vaccines, is there any other situation where it is legal to inject any amount of mercury, into any person, at any age?

david m burd

Laura, On medical topics, particularly any criticism of vaccines, the News Media has been bought by Pharma and its Govt. Allies such as CDC, NIH, FDA, et al. along with their obscene mission to "control and dictate" to the masses. And this applies to the vast majority of local Legislators, etc. on CDC's tight leash.

Our Govt Health Agencies have no accountability, are richly paid to continue their Vaccine Holocaust promotions, and have complete ignorance of vaccines' devastation.

Laura, I know you know this, but it's worth saying again to anybody reading AoA. THANKS so much for your resolve.


It is good to see so many of the posters here recognizing the issue.

The number one issue is fear. Fear of contagious disease. Once someone has been taught to fear contagious disease you can pretty much say goodbye to the possibility that they will engage in any kind of rational thought.

There is minimal value in teaching people why they should fear vaccines no matter how sound your arguments are.

You need to teach them not to fear contagious diseases. There are plenty of ways to do that but the best one by far is to continuously remind them that doctors offices are, and have always been (ie before vaccination and hygiene) filled to the brim with the germs of sick people. Now, you can (and should) reject the idea that germs cause disease outright, but if you are too timid to do this then, at the very least, you should point out that diseases cannot possibly be as contagious as doctors claim they are.

You also need to stop yielding to pro-vaxers when they make their ridiculous claims about so-called "complications". They make up nonsense like how measles can cause encephalitis or rubella can cause congenital defects. No they cannot. Any cases of encephalitis following measles would either be coincidence (possible given the very low ratio) or iatrogenesis. There is zero evidence that anybody in history has died or suffered from encephalitis as a result of measles virus but when pro-vaxers claim that hundreds of millions of people have done so, non-vaxers just let them get away with these ridiculous claims.


Avoiding those products carry no risk. After all, avoiding China made toys carry no risk of your child contracting a disease. Your care in ensuring your child avoids these toxins make you a super mom, admired and gushed over at every social gathering. “She cares so much” the say. No risk of criticism after all, popular media widely reports these risks

Avoiding vaccines makes you an anti-vaxxer. Putting not only your child at risk but other children as well. You would be publicly and socially ostracized. Popular media has convinced everyone vaccines are good, they are both safe and effective, adverse effects are rare. Their pediatrician who receives large bonuses for making his patients adhere to the vaccine poo-poos the idea they are unsafe and will himself never report an adverse effect as he will insist its unrelated to the vaccine.

There are so few sites that report regularly on the science of vaccine dangers. Its easy to shrug off stories of affected kids and the stories of their moms trials as “too bad, of course its sad and they want to blame someone but its probably genetic and just bad luck”.

The only hope is to educate these moms on the science, but with the censorship of the internet and social media , someone is probably going to have to resort to handing out printed fliers


I’ll never understand why parents don’t ask themselves the question that if vaccines were meant to eradicate disease, why has not one disease that we vaccinate for been eradicated?


Read Bitten. Another amazing story with overlaps to Vaccines . It is about Lyme disease.

susan welch

Really excellent post, Laura. I do wish it was mandatory reading for all prospective parents. If it was, the next generation could be saved from ill health - and worse.

Aimee Doyle

Laura -

I don't understand it either. Even when I tell people about the Vaccine Injury Compensation Act, and the fact the "vaccine court" has paid out almost $4 billion dollars in damages - they still believe that serious adverse events are rare. And even if they believe in the possibility of damage, they believe it won't happen to their child, and in any event, if something does happen to another child, seem to think the "collateral damage" is worth it. I'm always amazed that this is one area where my background as an attorney (I do disability law now, but I was a former patent attorney) and former medical/science writer, gives me no clout.

I agree with Bob and Jeanne. I think it's fear and indoctrination. It's also greed. It's also Pharma buying the liberal, conservative, and alternative media. It's Pharma buying our Congress. It's Pharma putting on pressure to censor the information we do have access to online.

Jeanne J


I agree with you, but it is also about fear. Since vaccine manufacturers received liability immunity, they have masterfully launch a campaign of fear about childhood and any infectious diseases. They, along with their "partners in crime" minions of the CDC and HHS, have been carefully plotting against the generations after baby boomers, including doctors. They have gotten OB-GYN's to never inform their patients that you can transfer immunity from childhood diseases you had to your infant when you breast feed, making early vaccination completely irrelevant (I was one of those parents whose children would have had no need of vaccines through 18 months old, but was never informed). They have supported medical schools to give no information about the historical dangers of vaccines, that got us to the 1986 vaccine laws in the first place, but flooded them with misinformation about the death and destruction of childhood diseases - mainly in countries with poor infrastructure and nutrition. They have used the most basic tactics of behavior modification - reward the behavior you want (pay doctors for each fully vaccinated patient), and punish the behavior you don't want (deduct insurance payments from doctors for every patient not in full compliance). And the final stage of their campaign of fear was handed to them when companies were allowed to advertise their drugs in every form of media. So, they have successfully made vaccines as popular as cigarettes were in the 1900's, but with the element of fear, they have become necessary to sustain health. In approximately 30 years, through lies and FEAR, supported by greed, they have successfully drained the TRUTH from the minds of doctors, parents and law makers. Unfortunately, the courage to defeat the grip of fear (fear of death from disease and fear of loss of income/livelihood) seems to come largely to someone who has watched themselves or a loved-one descend into medical and mental oblivion after being assaulted by vaccines.


It is our education system.
Raise a child up, and it is yours for life.

Bob Moffit

Laura … the only reason I can conceive of why parents would be so ever careful, responsible, diligent in protecting their most precious possession .. their children … yet allow ALL the various unsafe, known to be dangerous substances contained in the 16 vaccines .. over 72 doses .. is they have been INDOCTRINATED ALL THEIR LIVES TO BELIEVE OUR PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICIALS ARE TRULY DOING HEROIC WORK IN PROTECTING OUR COUNTRY FROM "PREVENTABLE DISEASES".


In the really old days .. similar faith, belief and trust was granted to "witch doctors" known for brewing mysterious concoctions of various ingredients in boiling pots to ward away EVIL SPIRITS that were then believed to be causing all diseases and such.

I mean no offense comparing the two .. just saying ….

Hans Litten

Speaking of aluminium, here is the Worlds foremost expert on the subject again :


And even more importantly the legends at CORVELA have released more Gardasil revelations :


The crime of all centuries going on right in front of our faces and only the few of us know.

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