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Help Fund Dr. Naviaux Suramin Research Via BHARE

Dr. N
  Teresa, Bram, and his daughters, Tessa and  Baily

By Teresa Conrick

I have written about the  BHARE Foundation , for a few years now as I have been helping them raise money for research  I am a huge fan! I just went car to car again last Saturday to raise money for Dr. Naviaux

It was a rainy day so many people were nice and generous, as they saw how motivated our group was to raise money for research.  I keep getting more and more 20 dollar bills over the years as it sure seems people are concerned about autism, and more and more are asking, “Why are so many more kids affected?” Individual folks also shared with me that their sister, brother, cousin, niece, nephew, students, or neighbor was diagnosed with autism.  From Bram, who is dad to Brenen, and heads BHARE:

The goal for Saturday was $2,500 and we raised $2,632. 

The proposal from Dr Naviaux is for $75,000   That would pay for the metabolic portion of the SAT 2 study,  Suramin Autism Treatment …...

Dr Naviaux believes people with autism are stuck in a “fight or flight” mode and he calls this theory the cell danger response (CDR) theory. By administering the drug Suramin, he hopes to bring the test subjects back to the “rest and digest” stage that allows for healing and neurodevelopmental  growth.  We currently have approximately $45,000 allocated for the study thus we still need to raise almost $30,000.  

Friends of AOA - I am a firm believer that this study is critical.  For all ages, it is a hopeful and significant line of research that MUST continue.  Megan is 26 and helping her feel and function better is always my hope. Please consider donating via BHARE as it will add your money into this dedicated study.  We need more studies to find treatments that are going to help both children and adults .  This is one of them!

My thanks to Dr. Naviaux and his team for their dedication and perseverance. 


















Another contreoverial cause of autism may include. Most vaccines use human cells and maybe some of these people had Tuberous Sclerosis and their tumors cells contaminated the vaccine and became a unique infection in some people who received the vaccine creating brain damage called "Autism"


A drug called Suramin which treats a rare brain based parasitic disease helping Autism cool. Jeez I wonder if some if not most cases of Autism are literal brain parasites as the cause of the disease. So many people on AoA talk about vaccines maybe it is not mercury/aluminium at all but a parsite inside a few thousand vaccines through accidental lab contamination or maybe deliberate contamination. The bowel problems are another common sign of parasites.

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