RFK Jr at the Occupy Sacramento Press Conference
9/11, California, New York and Maine, Terrorism eighteen years on.

Governor Newsom Just Created a Market for Back Alley Exemptions via his Prohibition Bills

Black squareOn this day, almost two decades ago, Americans faced a trauma unrivaled since World War II. During World War II, the Greatest Generation responded with a swift and effective attack, the nation banded together in sacrifice, and then in the decades that followed, the nation prospered and we became the beacon of freedom for the world.  After 9/11, America responded with swift words, more than one war that has no end and American citizens willingly gave up freedom after freedom, out of fear.


On September 9, California took away the right for its citizens to secure a medical exemption from their doctor. They criminalized the doctor patient relationship. They threaten both the doctors and the patients. Out of a fear of measles.  A manufactured war on measles.


When Americans face prohibition, they do not stop engaging in the activity.


Ask the brave man named Robert who is helping lead the charge against these bills how his own grandfather made his fortune.




I highly recommend watching and sharing Del's Highwire episode from Sept 12th...he includes a lot of video from Occupy Sacramento and the Senate floor.


And, if you haven't checked out RFK,Jr's excellent speech at the Capitol on 9/9, It was posted here on AoA on 9/11....also a must watch and share.

Gary Ogden. & Tim Lundeen.....well said!!


Tired of all the scared fraidy- cat trembling Republicans. We know about the Democrats but what about the Tucker Carlson’s and Trumps with his twelve tweets a night. Too scared to say anything. That is pathetic. Could raise consciousness in a month. Don’t defend these Republicans. They are also responsible for this mess. And there are a lot of them.


Soooo,we all be needing ways to game the system to cheat.
Sounds good to me.
Speak Easy places to get organized on how to do that.

Tim Lundeen

I do not think a referendum has a snowball's chance in hell to kill SB276/714.

I collected signatures for a referendum on SB277, an eye-opening experience. I told people that the CA legislature had been bought by big pharma and passed a bill that would hurt our children. Many people said "How awful, I'll sign!". But when they found out the bill was to force vaccinations to go to school, they crossed out their signature and left in an angry huff, saying "I'm in favor of everyone getting vaccinated!". Now, I live in one of the most blue areas of the state, but still... I got about one signature per 10 people.

The only way to stop vaccine devastation is to get more people to recognize the propaganda, and to be educated about the real effects. The rate of vaccine injury is exploding, but most people don't connect their child's health issues and vaccines. And it can't just be autism -- the propaganda shuts that down very effectively -- it has to be about the overall health and wellbeing of everyone's kids.

Hans Litten

A group of protestors are challenging California’s new law restricting medical exemptions for vaccinations, and want voters to overturn it.

Three women who protested the vaccine law, Senate Bill 276, at the Capitol this year submitted on Wednesday a petition for a referendum on it, according to a statement from the Attorney General’s Office.

They submitted a separate petition for a referendum on Senate Bill 714, which is a companion law that Gov. Gavin Newsom requested to narrow the vaccine law.

•Questioning vaccines ought to be a ‘crime,’ according to a new bill by California Senator Richard Pan

According to the Secretary of State’s Office, the activists must gather 623,212 signatures from registered voters to qualify the referendum of the ballot.

If the measures qualify, voters would have a chance to strike down the laws.

Documents released by the Attorney General’s Office say the petition was submitted by Denise Aguilar, Heidi Munoz Gleisner and Tara Thornton. It was sent from a postal office near the Capitol.

Hans Litten

Stop Mandatory Vaccination | FROM GERMANY!!! There is a large protest demonstration...

FROM GERMANY!!! There is a large protest demonstration planned for this Saturday in Berlin, Germany. We want to show that it is not safe and there are...


California's director of the Department of Health Care Services has resigned after writing a Facebook post that slammed anti-vaccine advocates.

Jennifer Kent announced Tuesday she was stepping down from her role with the department, a position she has held since 2015.
"One of the hard things about this job is leaving. However, I wanted you to know that I have submitted my resignation, effective the end of this month," she wrote in an email to employees. "Between now and my last day, I will be working to ensure that all of the activities that are currently underway are transitioned to the amazing team that already exists here at DHCS."
Although a reason was not given for her resignation, the San Francisco Chronicle reports it comes on the heels of a Facebook post mocking anti-vaxxers who have been recently protesting in Sacramento.
"The Capitol is filled with a bunch of flat-earthers today," Kent wrote on Facebook. "My poor sweet Bacteria Bear is dripping with unvaccinated booger-eater germs. #believeinscience #vaccinateyourgoddamnkids."



Tucker has said in the past that he believes that vaccines cause autism, and he has a son who reacted to vaccines with autism. I think that he believes that this is not the right time to do anything public about it. He may well realize that such a stance would be the last straw for the authorities who have tried to ruin his career and have him fired several times over several public stances. And you know that the pharma establishment would gather all of its considerable strength to smash him in his tracks. I would imagine that he is thinking that it's better to keep his mouth shut now so that he survive to fight another day.

At this point there will be no deus ex machina to save New York or California. I hope the citizens will rally by the tens, even hundreds, of thousands to resist and refuse to go along with this travesty, because that's the only thing that will do it. Kennedy and Wakefield have independent means, but Tucker is only fifty, and should have many years left of a brilliant career. I don't fault him for his silence at this time, although of course it would be very exciting and gratifying for me if he were to take on this issue now.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Maurine Meleck | September 11, 2019 at 09:54 AM

Respectfully - Still a Democrat ? Maurine ?

Barry Stern

Let me echo Bob Moffit's comments. Tucker Carlson, use your considerable skills to expose governmental hypocrisy and dig into the truth about the questionable efficacy and safety of today's inflated vaccine schedule. Expose the myth of herd immunity. If vaccination truly promoted health, the most vaccinated country on earth, the United States, wouldn't have the sickest children of any industrialized country today and any American generation since World War II. Indeed, 60-70% of our military volunteers cannot join because of insufficient physical and/or mental capacity. Mr. Carlson, show us you are not afraid of the pharmaceutical lobby that contributes a huge share of your network’s advertising dollars. Bring Robert Kennedy, Jr. onto your program and have a serious lengthy discussion not only about what the science says about vaccines but also how California, New York, West Virginia, Mississippi and Maryland violate the U.S. Constitution by mandating certain vaccinations as a condition for attending school. This would be a true service to your viewers and the American public. While you are at it, why not remind your viewers that our founders insisted upon a Second Amendment to protect the citizenry from governmental overreach.

Maurine Meleck

Sadly, that beacon of freedom you mentioned after WWII was a ruse. The US was only a beacon of freedom in the media and in the mouths of the politicians. Beneath that facade, was a country plundering nations all over the world..

Gary Ogden

Indeed, the peddling of fear is the most effective tactic of the tyrant. The Democrats have really become monsters here in California. Paying great attention to the rights of those whose sexual orientation is different from most (I have no quibble with this), but none at all for the health of children, for the medical privacy rights children, for the rights of parents in caring for their children, or for the professionalism of most doctors. They represent a great evil. Chilling to hear RFK, Jr.'s words that he talked to every Democrat legislator, and many knew the truth of what he told them, but still voted as a party bloc. They are monsters! And so is our clueless governor. We will not let the bastards get away with it.

Bob Moffit

Just watched Tucker Carlson show from last night and could not help but notice the obvious difference Tucker has when covering "guns" .. as opposed to his non-coverage of "vaccines".

Tucker had lengthy segment on ongoing efforts to "impose gun control measures" on the country that would violate the Second Amendment Rights of all .. particularly offended that California legislator has branded the NRA as a "terrorist organization" .. very concerned proposed "red flag" laws would deny citizens their constitutional "due process' rights .. every word spoken by Tucker and his guests were highly critical of the growing political movement to restrict or otherwise confiscate guns from owners.

Vaccines? Nah .. Tucker apparently cares so little about violating the "due process rights" of parents .. denying them "informed consent" guarantees .. denying their doctors opportunity to do what the doctor's believe to be in the best interests of the patients they care for .. deny children access to education and day care .. that the WHO has declared "anti-vax" movement among the greatest threats to the world .. on and on.

One particularly moving segment had the father of a girl killed in Broward County school shooting who has written a book describing the chaos that now reigns in public schools due to policies that have severely limited teachers the opportunity to discipline and "red flag" particular students who have clearly demonstrated .. year after year .. behavior that threatens themselves as well as their fellow students. Really stunning to learn the student who shot his school mates was so well known for threatening schoolmates that he was routinely searched upon entering the school he was attending before enrolling in Broward County school.

Vaccines? Nah, Tucker apparently does not believe thousands of parents who have witnessed their child suffer severe, life-long, life-threatening, life-altering chronic immune injuries .. including death .. following vaccinations … and .. who have written extensively about their experiences .. deserve time and exposure on his program as did the dad on "guns".

I personally believe that Tucker Carlson is among the best shows on television .. he has been fearless in challenging many of the "politically correct-charged" topics .. where merely trying to have a discussion or debate opens himself to all kinds of vicious personal attacks .. EXCEPT FOR VACCINES.

All I ask is to cover government overreach on VACCINES with the same vigor and open discussion when government overreach on GUNS.


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