The BBC Files: Gullible Journalists Led By The Nose Over DTP (600 Payments In 3 Years)
The BBC Files: Overwhelming Conflicts

From California to the New York Island This Land Was Made for the Vaccine Compliant

Segratated NY school child w backpack
Banned from classes because of vaccination status in 2019, New York State (posted w parental permission)

In the New York state, some 26,000 healthy schoolchildren have been banned from attendance because of their vaccination status.  Police have been brought in to protect.... whom? The parents protesting that their children are unwelcome and have been criminalized? The staff including teachers who HAVE NOT been UP IN ARMS over the fact that the children they serve and claim to "love" are no longer in the seats? Where are the teachers who preach anti-bullying? Who patrol recess grounds hoping to help a lonely child find a group to play tag. Where are the music teachers whose students proudly sing "America the Beautiful," and "This land is your land, this land is my land,"?  Where are the principals and superintendents with their fists in the air in solidarity with the tax paying families who provide their healthy salaries???

Segrated School NY child with sign I want To Go To School
"I want to go to school."

California has 55,000 kids (and growing) who will be sitting at home instead of getting an education when their exemption repeal takes effect. Connecticut is eyeing the same repeal as New York. The goal is not health. The goal is max, unified vaccination status, regardless of parental rights, patient rights, possible injury or privacy. This land is NOT my land. I don't recognize it.


Angus Files

Come 20/20 no doubt Trumps selective memory amnesia will abate..



Pharma For Prison



Look at this! It says 71% of Republicans are considering moving away from California! God willing! Our first totally failed state!

Gary Ogden

By the way, Kim, thanks for the P,P&M. I'll never forget hearing (the recording of) Pete Seeger and the gathered multitude at the Lincoln Memorial around Inauguration Day, 2009 singing more verses of this than I ever dreamed existed. May have been his last public performance. God bless Woodie Guthrie. We had such hopes, then, but, as usual, were completely shafted. This is when the scales fell from my eyes. We, like probably every other country, have a government infested with criminals.

Gary Ogden

Kathy Sincere: Yes, Sunday was the last post I received. This has occasionally happened in the past, although only for a day at a time, so I never delete a post until the next one comes.

Angus Files

Some say education is a privelage of the rich but now its of the vaccinated or the ones in the Pharma know who can get an exemption.Dont buckle refuse the toxic crap they cant dump legally but safe to inject into the babies.

Pharma For Prison


Kathy Sincere

Gary Ogden – thanks for writing this…”And now AoA is no longer coming to my inbox; I suspect this is part of the censorship campaign.”

I haven’t had AoA coming to my inbox since Sunday also; I thought it was just my computer, it has been regularly hacked since my involvement with bills here in Colorado since 2016. I got a new Mac laptop thinking it would help but it hasn’t. A few months ago I got an email while on a trip saying “I have been assigned to hack you full time. It will get much worse if you do not immediately pay me in bitcoins”.

This is our reality now.

Grace Green

These photos are really shocking - police have no place guarding school doors. I find it very hard to believe any children would want to go in there, or parents would wish to send them. And please remember, "sitting at home" does not necessarily need to be "INSTEAD of getting an education". I know these laws apply to private as well as public schools, but parents really are going to have to become imaginative and seek out the loopholes.

Gary Ogden

I well remember pictures of police escorting children to schools from which they had been excluded, in the quaint time when our government actually protected our rights. I have not seen a more horrifying image of state power unleashed against the citizenry, as if this was North Korea, than the pictures posted above, using police to exclude healthy children from their schools. I do not blame the police. We need them. It is our political leaders, including our president, who have abandoned us, who have betrayed us. And now AoA is np longer coming to my inbox; I suspect this is part of the censorship campaign. Meanwhile, Congress is engaging in nothing but complete partisan stupidity. I say throw them all out of office,

Bob Moffit

"The goal is not health. The goal is max, unified vaccination status, regardless of parental rights, patient rights, possible injury or privacy. This land is NOT my land. I don't recognize it."

The marching orders of ANY totalitarian government is always the same … COMPLIANCE, COMPLIANCE, COMPLIANCE .. all who do not COMPLY will be prosecuted for the crime of RESISTANCE.


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