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Looking for vaccine info CDCThe censorship of vaccine safety information escalates.   From TechSpot:

Facebook’s battle against anti-vaccination content is continuing. The social network is now rolling out a feature that will see pop-ups direct people searching for information on vaccines to web pages from authoritative health organizations.

The “educational” messages will appear for people who access vaccine-related Facebook and Instagram Pages and Groups. Searching for the topic or using related hashtags will also show the pop-up.

Those in the US will be directed to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) website, which offers an extensive amount of information on vaccinations. People outside of America will see a link to the World Health Organization’s site.

Vaccination is the one topic in America that consumers who are mandated to take the product are disallowed from actively researching all sides of the science, practical usage and health outcomes. The "Anti-vaxxer" term has come home to roost my little chickadees.  CDC and WHO will set you straight.

Here are a few of the comments from TechSpot.  Some are rather hopeful.

Now this is next level censoring. Im not an antivaxx, but I think this is going way too far lol
Anti-vaxxers really need to be shipped off to their own island where they can suffer numerous diseases on their own.

Anti vaxers... Flat Earthers... It's like a cavalcade of minstrels.

When your kid or someone else's kid is dying because you didn't vax are you going to search the net or go to a doctor? Well what would that doctor say about vax?

Cdc is to big pharma as fcc is to big telecom. They fund campaigns and advertising funded web sites. Not saying they always wrong, but definitely not always looking out for your best interest.


Angus Files

Most unvaccinated profession is drs sprogs ,how come?

Pharma For Prison


Facebook certainly has the never ending attention seeking liberal educators on their pro vaccine crusade. Teacher, Matthew Wilson, Newton, Ma. below certainly gets his digs in at the anti vaccine parents from time to time. This one is mild. He makes sure to post his views and the pro vaccine comments he gets are sickening.

I am so thankful my kids never had a teacher like him. Jamming his medical opinions down our throats is something I would have never wanted in a teacher. Sadly he has a daughter with autism and epilepsy. You would think parents like this would get it but they never will.

Run Luau Run
August 28 at 2:30 PM ·
I just got my flu shot. Have you had yours? #vaccinate #protectthevulnerable #vaccinateforthosewhocantvaccinate

Margaret Jaeger(grandma peg)

I so hope Robert Kennedy, jr. And 'his' Childrens Health Defense org. get really stirred up, big time, and raise the biggest stink ever in DC. The CDC and vax industry are killing our kids and not caring....


Wow it’s amazing that they got Thousands of “crisis actors” to pretend to tell stories of vaccine injury!

Wait—everyone realized that accusing people of lying when relaying their personal histories, many documented, was cruel and despicable (and it was) when Alex Jones did it. But by labeling my eye witness story Google and YouTube is libeling me. Hmmm . Can we sue?


There are popups on the vaxxed videos of people who visited the bus.

go Trump

There is nothing more important than preventing Americans from learning the truth about the CDC & the 20+ billion dollar vaccine industry,

and the 500 billion dollars in follow-up doctor visits and treatments that the vaccines cause.


I got a popup the day before yesterday when I went to Dr. Paul Thomas' site, which warned me in no uncertain terms that it was dangerous to look at such false news. But it let me look at it anyway, I guess that's something.

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