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Controversy Over Realistic Sandy Hook Public Service Video

SAndy Hook banner
By Kim Rossi, who lives 15 miles from Sandy Hook (Newtown) Connecticut

Watch this one minute video from The Sandy Hook Promise, a non-profit launched in Newtown, CT whose founders include family  members of those staff and students murdered by 20 year old Adam Lanza in December 14, 2012, who was on the autism spectrum and brutally dysfunctional.

This group is fighting to protect schoolchildren from meeting the same fate as their precious family members, including their kids.   Like our community on vaccination choice, when it comes to solutions for school shootings, some may be 100% against gun ownership, others seek laws to protect while keeping the right to own a gun, and still others may think no change is needed.   Whatever your stance on guns,  no AofA reader of a vaccine injured child can fault these parents for pulling out ALL the stops in this PSA, including a scene with blood, a young girl cowering in the bathroom texting her Mom..."I love you." 

Have WE pulled out all the stops??

Anyone remember the autism dark ages when Autism Speaks ran a PSA that showed what the diagnosis looked like for actual families instead of the shiny, happy, media/neurodiversity version? The PSA was yanked. Autism Speaks retreated a little at a time into vanilla pabulum offending no one, helping no one and now into a shell of its former juggernaut self. (Anyone know that the Autism Cares act passed this week?  Insert "MEH" here.)

The comments on Facebook are very much against this PSA from both sides.  There are the "This is too dramatic, they want to take our guns," protesters. And the "This is too dramatic, I can't handle it," commenters.

I wonder if Sandy Hook Promise would be open to learning about vaccine injury, pharma's history of not protecting consumers, and how both may play a role in school shootings. Can any of us afford to leave a single stone unturned when it comes to our children's safety and their right to an education without terror?

I expect the discussion to be lively....   Stay polite, please. Deniers need not comment. I can show you the graves. We will not tarred with that brush. We have enough detractors. Thank you.


John Stone

Irena - "tarred" I think


I am so sorry - ESL learner here.
What did Kim mean by "bectarted" with that brush"
I understand that was a typo, but my English is not good enough to figure this one out.
Thank you in advance!


John Stone is 100 percent right.
You give SSRIs to some people and you get hyper happy manias, or even a anger mania. Yeah, not all manias are happy, energetic, crafty, but there is another mania; anger mania. Ohhh, guess what!!!! They have undiagnosed bipolar.

Then there are those that go to sleep, and I mean sleep only, no eating, drinking, nothing else.

Yeah, they wouldn't have know it if not for Paxil, or Zoloft, or Prozac.
Which makes me wonder if they really do have bipolar if they have to take a medicine to make it show up?


To me it looks like they are trying to make it cool with parents to support fear campaigns directed at our children.


That PSA is heart wrenching! The first family that points the finger at Pharma will be the most effective at reaching the goal of banning weapons of mass destruction in civil societies. I believe in chess they call this sacrificing the queen. Pharma is never going to let anything derail its SSRI gravy train least of all the NRA. If pharmaceutical companies can be held accountable for mass murder, they will do everything in their all mighty power to mitigate the opportunity (sorry for the insensitive word choice). If “the meds made me do it”can be used as a defense then they should certainly be able to be used for compensation. School shootings are far more deadly than the measles. Where are the letters to parents regarding psychotropic medications? The school nursing protocols to monitor those with a prescription? Where are the screams to protect a community’s immunity to gun violence? My heart goes out you all the victims of Pharma and gun violence!


John Stone


I think there are many kinds of mental illness but in the territory of anxiety and depression the nature of the condition makes people actually less likely to act on impulse, but here you have a kind of medication which is known to lead to both impulses and actions, and people are not themselves. There was a case of one of the mass killers where he’d been put on an SSRI which did not suit him and his psychiatrist massively upped the dose rather than trying to take him off it - in my opinion if anyone was guilty of the crime it was she.

Of course, mostly people on these things just kill themselves in the end and I fear I have personally known a few.

David L

One part of the reason for the suicides and violence is that some medicines, SSRIs, such as paroxetine (Paxil), fluoxetine (Prozac), and citalopram (Celexa), both inhibit and are metabolized by CYP2D6 (CYTOCHROME P450) enzymes which can therefore somewhat inhibit their own metabolism and produce higher than expected plasma concentrations. The CYP2D6 activity ranges considerably within a population from genetics and includes ultrarapid metabolizers (UMs), extensive metabolizers (EMs), intermediate metabolizers (IMs) and poor metabolizers (PMs) so common variations (polymorphisms) in cytochrome P450 genes can affect the function of the enzymes https://www.aafp.org/afp/2007/0801/p391.html, which can cause problems for medications metabolized through CYP2D6, and especially when combined with any drug that also inhibits CYP2D6 enzymes when you have these polymorphisms. https://tgl.ink/KKJJP3
Paroxetine (Paxil), fluoxetine (Prozac), and citalopram (Celexa), as well as statins, are known to inhibit CYP2D6 activity and may make EMs resemble IMs or PMs. Many instances of suicide, violence and shootings are related to these type of medications. Antidepressants have been reported as causing suicide and homicide and frequently producing akathisia, a state of severe restlessness associated with thoughts of death and violence. That antidepressants cause some people to commit suicide has been known since the advent of the tricyclic antidepressants in the late 1950s. Genetic variants in the cytochrome P450 gene family that produce drug metabolizing enzymes alone are known to cause these problems, SSRI-induced akathisia, suicide and homicide cases were related to cytochrome P450 metabolizer status https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1752928X16300051 The largest common factor in many mass shootings as well is the fact that all of the perpetrators were either actively taking powerful psychotropic drugs or had been at some point in the immediate past before they committed their crimes. https://www.ammoland.com/2013/04/every-mass-shooting-in-the-last-20-years-shares-psychotropic-drugs/

The reason for the rise however may be due to not considering other factors besides genetics impacting cytochrome p450 enzyme function. Over 600 enzyme systems require Magnesium as a cofactor to function optimally, including the cytochrome P450 enzymes, and magnesium deficiency is now widespread. Glyphosate and Aluminum lower magnesium. 50% lower hepatic cytochrome P450 levels were found with glyphosate exposure and most everyone is exposed. Aluminum, Mercury, Copper, Polysorbate 80 and others all further inhibit the enzymes. The innate immune response releasing pro inflammatory cytokines, such as IL-6, have the ability to suppress xenobiotic-metabolizing CYP450 enzymes as well (such as from inflammation, infection, vaccination). Now that explains why many are affected with taking medicine that requires metabolism with these enzymes even without having genetic mutations.


Another avenue for scientific research, do SSRIs and or heavy metals create more severe reactions to exposure to pathogens and or parasites, whether from vaccine exposure or wild type.


I would like science to examine the part heavy metals play in these incidents, especially in combination with SSRIs.


I just read the review of the book Why Meadow Died, and this passage struck me:

"Cruz’s records suggest that his reign of terror at Westglades Middle School began halfway through his seventh-grade year, in February of 2013. For the next calendar year, Cruz was suspended every other day. Why did the school allow him to remain enrolled despite his daily, deranged behavior for a full year? Not by negligence, but by policy.

Students with disabilities are supposed to be educated in the “least restrictive environment” possible, regardless of whether their disability is that they’re dyslexic or a psychopath, and the paperwork requirements to send them to a specialized school can take many months."

But Cruz was transferred to six different schools as it was, all of them seeking to deal with his deranged behavior. What should they have done? We seem to be approaching the idea of putting deranged individuals of any age into mental institutions against their will. But obviously the concept of putting the authority to decide who is institutionalized into the hands of, well, really, anyone, has the potential for a lot of abuse. And there will always be the ones on the edges, who may be put into the institution unnecessarily and it has a huge potential for ruining their lives on every level.


Bob and Michael,
I just looked up Nicolas Cruz on Wikipedia and found this:

Cruz had behavioral issues[75] since middle school, but a Washington Post writer said the student was "entrenched in the process for getting students help rather than referring them to law enforcement."[85] He was transferred between schools six times in three years in an effort to deal with these problems. In 2014, he was transferred to a school for children with emotional or learning disabilities. There were reports that he made threats against other students.[86]

He returned to Stoneman Douglas High School two years later but was expelled in 2017 for disciplinary reasons.[75] The school administration had circulated an email to teachers, warning that Cruz had made threats against other students. The school banned him from wearing a backpack on campus.[76][87][88]

Psychiatrists recommended an involuntary admission of Cruz to a residential treatment facility, starting in 2013.[89]

The school killings were on Ash Wednesday 2018, so he had been expelled some time in 2017, some time earlier. He had not right to be at that school. Again, I don't think there are easy answers. Schools, especially in certain areas, are foundering with all the violent, antagonistic students in them. What should they do with these students? Maybe they should expel all who don't show a good, respectful attitude toward the school and its staff, but for how long? Who's going to keep track of what they do out on the street? If they expel all of them, that would be a huge number of aggressive teens out on the street. But probably better that than have them ruining the chance of all the others to get an education (such as it is in American schools). I guess they'd have to set up supervised, state-supported job programs, but if they're aggressive and antagonistic in those, then what?


Nicolas Cruz was not a student at Parkland at that time. He shouldn't have been permitted to come in. I'll have to look it up, he may have been expelled the year before. So in that case, we're back to an intercom system to screen visitors would have been an effective deterrent.

I'll look up the book you mentioned, Bob. But in the case of many of the school shooters, they're resentful kids who feel they've been dissed by their classmates, rejected by a girl they are attracted to (gee, wonder why), and they want revenge. And I think that would go back to the loss of a strong code of honor in Western society. I recently read a book about the Titanic, and was struck again by the strength of character which made virtually everyone on the whole ship say Women and children first? Absolutely! And it means that I meet a horrible death? Well, better death than dishonor, and at least I'm going down with these men around me all invested with the same code of honor and morality. Now, let me help you aboard the lifeboat, ma'am, and here, can you take this baby? Let me wrap my coat around him. Even John Jacob Astor, one of the richest, most powerful men in the world, didn't quibble. And he died.

go Trump

Possibly they could do a video on the 10 to 12 parents who wake up each and every day to find their SIDS infant who will never wake up again.

The Florida school event was disturbing as none of the law enforcement would go inside the school while the shooter was shooting.

It is always about drugs & money, which at present will still come in well above children in the US of A.


I don't know the answer. I am very averse to psychotropic medications. I read Healy's Pharmageddon, which was horrifying. I don't know enough about whether they ever do any good and how often to say anything about it. No, someone who is mentally ill is probably not responsible, at least not fully responsible, for his actions, but again, I don't have the wisdom to judge the mentally ill, either on or off medications for their condition.

Bob Moffit

@ Michael

"School shootings are preventable when you know the signs."

The father of a young girl who was shot during Parkland school shooting has written a book detailing all the SIGNS that were missed, ignored, disregarded … by everyone who could have taken COMMON SENSE steps to prevent Nicholas Cruz (sic?) from killing so many innocent classmates of his. A book review that follows is well worth reading to learn the numerous SIGNS that Cruz had gathered since he was a little child … yet … he was mainstreamed in a school that possibly new nothing about those SIGNS.


Bob Moffit

@ Cia .. John .. Bill

Here is an article I think worth reading regarding SSRI drugs connection to mass shootings .. sadly .. it is too common to dismiss as merely "coincidental" to individual mass shooting tragedies … just saying.



There are two lines of text at the end of that PSA.
School shootings are preventable when you know the signs.

Vaccine injuries are preventable when you know the signs. That alone is powerful statement.

The Autism speaks PSA "Its time to listen".

We are gaslighted and denied both.

John Stone


I believe the risk of harm with SSRIs is much greater than the potential benefits - I have seen this again and again. The idea that something should be given a medication just because something has to be done even if the chances are it will make things worse is far from sound. But the worst thing is that SSRIs are dis-inhibitors, so even if someone was behaviourally problematic before hand that is not saying anything like there were near committing such an action, and mixed with guns they are particularly dangerous cocktail. I believe we know enough to phase the group of drugs out and not give them to new patients. I don’t think it should be legally possible to say anyone anyone on them is entirely responsible for their actions - such a thought no doubt has terrifying implications but it is pretty unavoidable.


Sadly this Sandy Hook Promise will prevent few shooting but if it makes the families of the victims feel better then it may be a good thing. There is another absurd thing on the internet related to autism and violence. The Clarion Project "Why Special Needs Youth are Vulnerable to Radicalization" published on March 13 2019. It says people with autism are more likely to become Salafist or something. it shows some random African girl who supposedly has autism in a classroom in Cote D'Ivoire. What the hell does this random picture have to do with Radicalization? Why are people with autism harassed and profiled by military inteligence and law enforcement because the actions of a few . Why not people with Down's Synrome or wheelchairs the privledged disabilities?



I agree with Kim. Sandy Hook was devastating for all of us. Two of the children killed were on the spectrum and their paras died trying to shield them from Lanza. And of course many others were shot down in cold blood as well. How can you not be horrified at six-year olds cowering in the closet, only to be murdered (well, I'm going to stop there)?

I don't think it's satisfactory to say the meds Lanza was prescribed did it. It's not as though he had been a peaceful, reasonable, well-behaved boy beforehand (although videos of him as a child show him to have been reasonable and well-behaved at that time). The mental problems existed beforehand. I personally wouldn't give psychotropic medication to anyone in my care, but I also haven't confronted the behavioral problems that led to their recommendation. Adam's mom was trying to get him institutionalized, and he heard his mom on the phone talking about it, which may have triggered the massacre. So at what point should someone have intervened before the massacre?

I agree with you that too strict limitations on gun ownership are not the answer. If even one staff member at Sandy Hook had had a gun, Lanza could have been stopped much sooner. I am totally in favor of responsible members of the community having a firearm in public. Not a semi-automatic weapon, but a handgun, at least. Especially since it's going to be a long time before all schools and public places have armed guards judiciously located. And I agree with you that we need to place responsibility more with individual free will and choice than with external factors which let everyone off the hook morally. As in Justin -- saying that it was --- privilege which made him do it, that, and his "me too" moment. Nothing to do with his character and poor judgment.

Kim Rossi

Hi Bill. I think the horror of the fact that these were young children in elementary school changed the narrative. The December date during the holiday season. It rocked this area like 9/11. Truly. And shootings have become more frequent. Yesterday I saw a sign at my daughters’ day program “Evacuation rally area.” Like vaccine injury - the world changed on that Dec day. I think this video shows a smidgen of the gut clenching, bowel releasing horror schools face today. And I point the finger at pharma first. From vaccines to the psych meds now doled put like tater tots..... thanks. Kim

Bill Bradford

Is there any mass-casualty school shooting which has been more propagandized than "Sandy Hook"? When the Asst AG of CT refused to release the full report, he said that to do so, would, "cause people to stop taking their drugs("meds")....WTF? What could POSSIBLY be in that report, that would cause people to not take their drugs. Think about it. If you want an exercise in frustration, try seeing how much info you can find about Lanza's *PSYCHIATRIST*, and the SEVERAL psych drugs he was given....
And, I'm still waiting for somebody to explain to me the exact mechanism by which GUNS cause themselves to be used, by anybody for anything. So here we go again. Stir up the FEAR and ANGER, and EMOTIONS, but let's not have an intelligent, sane, and rational discussion, ok?.... Sad.


Good video. I think the problem is more complex than it suggests, however. It says that the signs that a school shooting will occur are evident beforehand. But then that gets back to how much you can restrict the movement of those who have not yet committed a crime. It's their civil rights against those of the potential victims. And it's money. How far is each institution, each school, each office, each mall, wiling to go to try to keep out potential killers? Exactly what would they do and how would they do it? Schools here have an intercom system at the door to only unlock the door if the person at the buzzer establishes a good reason to come in. But there are potentially many things which could go awry in that system as well, and most schools in the country say they don't have enough money to set up such a system, modest though the costs seem to me to be. I would imagine that all schools in Sandy Hook have such a system now? Why didn't the high school in Miami with the school shooter last year have such a system? I'd say yes, every school should have a screening process at the entrance and maybe a search for weapons on anyone who comes in. Maybe one or two armed guards at all times. But that would be very expensive, at a time when the full ramifications of the autism epidemic and its stratospheric costs are starting to sink in.

Gary Ogden

This video is well done. Thanks for posting it, Kim. The elephant in the room with school shootings, like with vaccine injury, is pharmaceutical poisoning. What is frightening is that those whose sole purpose is to protect us-our government-instead works for this same industry, which a recent poll showed is the most reviled of all industries in the nation.

Bob Moffit

"Anyone remember the autism dark ages when Autism Speaks ran a PSA that showed what the diagnosis looked like for actual families instead of the shiny, happy, media/neurodiversity version? The PSA was yanked. Autism Speaks retreated a little at a time into vanilla pabulum offending no one, helping no one and now into a shell of its former juggernaut self. (Anyone know that the Autism Cares act passed this week? Insert "MEH" here.)"

Here are two of original versions of the PSA that was "yanked" .. causing Autism Speaks to retreat from showing devastation "regressive autism" has on every family it touches, the first version is seven minutes in length .. the second version is same seven minutes included in 13 minute video that goes a little deeper into subject.

Unfortunately … while the PSA accurately showed what it requires for parents to live with AUTISM EVERYDAY .. it was none-the-less viciously attacked by then unheard of "neuro-diversity" champions who believe autism has been a GIFT TO MANKIND .. citing many examples of geniuses who claim their exceptional talents and IQ is directly attributed to AUTISM. The "neuro-diversity" champions eventually gained control of Autism Speaks and used the organization as a platform that began CELEBRATING AUTISM .. rather than seeking both .. cause and cure .. which the neuro-diversity champions believed to be an attack on THEM ..



As for "Sandy Hook back to school" PSA .. I hope and pray someone creates a version for thousands of families in States like NY and California .. showing the desperation and fears of children who will be DENIED school unless they can prove to be FULLY VACCINATED .. NO EXCUSES OR EXEMPTIONS ALLOWED .. showing some families who will begin home-schooling their children or moving to another State that still respects their right to INFORMED CONSENT.

Of course such a PSA would have to include video of children who were seriously injured .. not by some deranged individual armed with a gun .. but doctors/nurses in stiff white coats armed with syringes .. with government law enforcement standing by to enforce strict COMPLIANCE or pay the PENALTIES.

Of course such a PSA would not happen .. because … even if did .. it would not be aired on any major media outlet being that VACCINES are NEVER TO BE DISCUSSED IN A PUBLIC FORUM .. PERIOD.

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