20 Problems with Vaccine Science As Exemptions Are Ripped from Parents
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Knowledge-is-powerPLEASE. If you have Facebook, please read our PINNED post with the School House Rock reference and a short video as soon as possible. It's on the Age of Autism page, which now bears the new scarlett letter "V" with a FB note to "warn" readers to go to CDC.gov to read "real" information about the scarlet letter.

The rebel alliance will not back down. For Dan Olmsted's memory. For our kids. For our future. Thank you.

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Here’s a headline:
Robert DeNiro, Aiden Quinn, Jim Carrey, Justin Timberlake, Leonardo DiCaprio, Thom Hartmann show up to an “anti-vax” ralley and don’t leave RFK Jr alone to do it all.

Nope, never gonna happen, probably why Trump and Republicans get re-elected. Cowards!


if we are accused of spreading misinformation can’t we sue for libel and force them to prove in open court? We could finally get our chance to discovery right? Any legal folk advise?

Grace Green

My computer doesn't cope well with facebook, but I managed to see most of it. I didn't find a scarlet "V". If that really is the case then I suggest we should OWN it asap, by adopting it's usage and spreading the practice.


I exed out the CDC warning. Is there any way to put downvotes on them or other comments?

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