Opinion Piece in Seattle Times "Parents, Vaccinations are not a choice," Comments Say Otherwise
Correction: Claim that Governor Gavin Newsom is an Ex-Vaxxer Unsubstantiated

California SB 276 Passes - Citizens Arrested for Protesting

Governor Newsom signed SB276 and SB714 yesterday in Sacramento. Medical exemptions allowed across the nation to protect children are now verboten in the Golden State.  Doctors are no longer able to practice preventive medicine, they must practice pharma medicine or face punishment.  We are so sorry. Your children's health no longer belongs to you and your doctor.  Our nation was founded on protests. Some peaceful. Some not so peaceful. LA is no stranger to riots. There were arrests. Please, if you are in California, chime in in our comments.  To California pediatricians and family doctors, WHERE ARE YOU? How could you let this happen to your peers? Your patients?


 KCRA: Sacramento, CA: Entrances were blocked and proceedings were delayed at the California Capitol on Monday as people protested legislation that would limit medical exemptions for vaccines.

Gov. Gavin Newsom signed the bills -- Senate Bill 276 and Senate Bill 714 -- into law Monday evening.

The protests took place Monday morning and then later in the day during state Senate proceedings.

At a time when lawmakers and staff members were typically arriving at the Capitol, the protesters moved in. Hundreds of demonstrators, some of whom traveled from cities outside Sacramento, converged to urge Gov. Gavin Newsom to not sign SB 276 and the companion measure, SB 714.

The bills are meant to clamp down on school vaccine exemptions. SB 276 would allow public health officials to investigate doctors who grant more than five medical exemptions in a year and schools with vaccination rates of less than 95%. SB 714 addresses some concerns raised by Newsom's office, including a phase-out period for medical exemptions similar to one allowed when California eliminated personal belief vaccine exemptions in 2015.  Read more here from KCRA3.

The LA Times reported:

California will enact sweeping new restrictions on medical exemptions for vaccines under bills signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom on Monday, despite near-constant protests in the state Capitol that resulted in arrests after opponents blocked entrances to the statehouse and temporarily shut down legislative sessions.



We are Californians and I will repeat what I commented on You Tube, Highwire -- Wow, Gavin Newsom is as much a tyrant as Richard Pan and most of the democrats in the legislature. Tyrants! They injure our children with their poison and then insist they were not vaccine injured and need to take more! And they pat Richard Pan on the back as they stab our already injured children with more vaccine poison! Who are these people? They think in group herd. Like a group of lions killing their prey. Dr. Peter Aaby showed that in urban Africa, those children that received the DTP vaccine were 10 times more likely to die of other causes than those that didn't get the DTP vaccine.


As a Californian antiDem—I mean exDem — who protested yesterday I truly do not understand. Gavin had both houses. He could have been a leader here without losing any power. Pan is the Democrat’s answer to Trump—another cruel delusional malignant narcissist who bullies by twitter and uses his power to get revenge on anyone who challenges him. Newsom, an Irish Catholic, could have been true to the leaders like JFK who likely inspired him, but he chose the dark path of greed and fake manufactured Pharma camaraderie. He could have changed everything and they knew it. The stakes were very high. CA is too big to be governed like a state there is Hope for smal states. The dems are corrupt trusting useful idiots . Pharma is setting them up to take a giant fall.

Beleaguered Autism Mom

The first number is the average donation by that organization. The second number is what Lorena got. What is she doing for them?
United Nurses Association of California 14,735 vice 47,600
AT&T 6,826 vice 28,600
Verizon 5,369 vice 24,700
The Doctor Co 9,016 vice 27,700
Anheuser Busch 4,588 vice 21,200
CVS Caremark 2,635 vice 16,000
Sempra Energy 12,210 vice 25,400
Genentech Inc. 5,958 vice 18,800
California Life Sciences Association 3,611 vice 16,400
International Brotherhood of Teamsters 13,654 vice 26,100
Association of California State Supervisors 5,104 vice 17,300
Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield 4,719 vice 16,400
Civil Justice Association of California 4,120 vice 15,800

Beleaguered Autism Mom

If you have any contacts with any of these organizations – as a customer, employee or know somebody who is - ask them why they contributed two to three times their normal donation amount to Lorena Gonzalez (co-author SB276). I got this information for the Follow the Money website. (simple math to figure average contribution) Call them out, introduce your vaccine injured kid to them.
Contributor Ave contribution Lorena Gonzalez
United Nurses Association of California 14,735 47,600
AT&T 6,826 28,600
Verizon 5,369 24,700
The Doctor Co 9,016 27,700
Anheuser Busch 4,588 21,200
CVS Caremark 2,635 16,000
Sempra Energy 12,210 25,400
Genentech Inc. 5,958 18,800
California Life Sciences Association 3,611 16,400
International Brotherhood of Teamsters 13,654 26,100
Association of California State Supervisors 5,104 17,300
Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield 4,719 16,400
Civil Justice Association of California 4,120 15,800


a lot of pirate rules used to get these passed.

David L

Who are those responsible for the incredible mess that the present day generation of Americans, especially New York and California find themselves in? A series of inexplicable decisions by our elected lawmakers and corporate executives have paved the way to the crisis we must deal with now. Corruption has grown entrenched, like an inoperable cancer, into nearly every organ of our establishment.
We must heed the words of one of America’s greatest statesmen, Thomas Jefferson: The executive power in our government is not the only, perhaps not even the principal, object of my solicitude. The tyranny of the legislature is really the danger most to be feared, and will continue to be so for many years to come. Experience has shown, that even under the best forms, those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny; and it is believed that the most effectual means of preventing this would be, to illuminate, as far as practicable, the minds of the people at large...
Perhaps its fate that like the 4th of July, we will once again start to be fighting for our freedom, not from tyranny, oppression, or persecution -- but from health annihilation. We're fighting for our right to live, to exist in the manner we choose. We decide what to put into our bodies, not a lawmaker or pharmaceutical corporation. Now we are engaged in what can only be seen as a great civil war, testing whether our nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure. The time has come for everyone who wants to be healthy and for the masses to speak out and campaign against the deliberate attacks on censorship of information and independent science, informed consent and the things potentially harmful to our health. An electronic burning of the books has begun. We must rally against policies that are being enacted by the corrupted lawmakers on behalf of the pharmaceutical corporations who have been profiting from the agenda to sicken the nation in the name of disease prevention and health. Rather than directing negativity toward the so-called "anti-vaxxers" and blindly labeling them anti-science, we should be demanding more science, and decrying pharma's influence over those who were put there to protect and serve the public and not corporate profit.

It is no longer ok to poison our bodies, our food, our water, our air, and our environment. It is not ok to have vaccines that are not properly tested, have thousands of reports of harm and then force or coerce people to take them regardless of genetic issues, risk or, religious and personal beliefs instead of a focus on improving the safety. The greed of one corporation harms all as well and must be stopped. Those who are pushing vaccines and pharmaceuticals for money are being harmed by those who push glyphosate and gmos over health, and they are being harmed by those who push Emfs and 5g over health, and they are being harmed by those who push fluoride and biosolids over health, and they are being harmed by those who push plastic and chemicals over health, mercury amalgams and on and on. Greed of one harms all. Profits over peoples health must end. If we cannot look within as a nation and see that, then there is no hope for humanity to survive. We must change and do the right thing for the sake of humanity which truly now hangs on a precipice.

The world may little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it will never forget what we can start. It is not just for you, but for all the living, and future generations that we are here, to now dedicate here to the great task remaining before us - the unfinished work so these catastrophic mistakes will not continue. That this nation, under God, shall have a new rebirth of freedom and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

There have been certain points in human history where people have stood up to strong destructive forces against what often appeared to be insurmountable odds. Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot. Nothings going to change. The fact its just not.

This is the new civil rights movement. Alone, a snowflake. Together, an avaianche. Its time to join and not be silent. Begun, the health wars has...


Watch RFK, Jr's incredible speech from yesterday...


Or from HighWire FB page...



The California Medical Association tweeted this on Sept. 7:
“Anti-vaccine movement is rooted in misinformation & anti-science paranoia. It’s an anti-government conspiracy theory… the government is working to cover up a big, harmful secret. It’s paranoid thinking.”

“Anti-government.” Consider the implications of that nasty gaslighting pejorative: Medical trade unions outing themselves as enforcing arms of corrupt public health administrations - no more our trusted patient-focused service providers. With iatrogenic error the #3 cause of U.S. deaths and an abundance of documentation of data fraud evidence, their credibility is sorely lacking.

These hyperbolic scripted anti-, anti-, anti- smears are a lame attempt at psy ops - they merely insult the public’s intelligence. Who wants to purchase health care services from bullies and liars?

So Sad

Will this also apply to kids in private ABA schools? No parent in their right mind would ever vaccinate their injured child again. What will they all do now? SO frightening!

Even more frightening are the loud mouthed parents such as Shannon Des Roches Rosa and those like her in CA. who will celebrate this and make matters even worse for parents. What vile people. Run from that state if you can. However I have a feeling more states will follow California's lead unfortunately.

Shannon Des Roches Rosa Retweeted
Thinking Person's Guide To Autism
And trust me, the anti-vaxxers will be persistent in their misdirection and spin. Their main medical proponent, Dr. Bob Sears, was put on probation for writing questionable medical exemptions for vaccines, and is a well-known “vaccine skeptic."

Jeanne J

And on the same page as the KCRA3 report on protesters of the bill being arrested was another article about a missing California 9 year old with autism being found dead in a swimming pool. How very sad and how very ironic.

Gary Ogden

The text of my snail-mail letter going to the governor in today's mail:
Dear Governor Newsom:
History will long remember this act of abject cowardice, your signing of SB 276. You have let evil triumph. You will not drive me out of the state I love, but for many parents, they now have no choice. You have struck fear in the hearts of every physician in the state. No longer will they be able to put the best interests of their patients first and foremost in their treatment of them. Shame on you.
Gary M. Ogden

Gary Ogden

What A Coward.

Bob Moffit

".....despite near-constant protests in the State Capitol that resulted in arrests after opponents blocked entrances to the statehouse and temporarily shut"

It was only a matter of time before people were arrested for blocking entrances to statehouses .. eventually it will happen in ALL fifty STATES … as this is what happens when the people have no recourse but to resort to CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE .. and .. if pursuing peaceful CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE results in being arrested .. so be it!

When government DENIES people their RIGHT to pursue justice in a CIVIL OR CRIMINAL COURT .. DENIES their RIGHT TO A TRIAL BY A JURY OF THEIR PEERS .. DENIES their right to INFORMED CONSENT .. DENIES their right to medical exemptions for their at high RISK children ..


Heard an impassioned speech by RFK at a rally in California yesterday wherein Kennedy inspired those people gathered on the steps of the State House to not lose heart over what happened .. as every time we lose a battle in our ongoing war against TRYANNY .. WE GET STRONGER AND STRONGER .. WE WILL PREVAIL IN THE GREATEST BATTLE OF OUR TIME

Hans Litten

Nuremberg ? 39-45

Merck Mumps whistleblowers 2010 ?

William Thompson Aug 2015 ?

Theresa Diesher fetal dna-rna ?

SimpsonWood ?

Peter Aaby ? etc etc


Does all the evidence in the world mean nothing ? Are the courts completely meaningless ?

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