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CA Senator Brian Jones on his "NO" Vote for SB276

California5-731530Note: SB276 passed yesterday.


“I wanted you to know that earlier today I voted against Senate Bill 276 (authored by Richard Pan, D-Sacramento) regarding vaccine exemption limitations and issued the following statement:

“‘I opposed SB 276 each time it came before me because it tramples the doctor-parent-child relationship which is the best place to decide what’s best for a child’s health and safety.”

“SB 276 was approved on a 28-11 vote on the Senate Floor. The measure now goes to the Governor for him to sign or veto. You can visit my website at the link below to see the full statement.

“For my constituents wishing to convey your position on SB 276 to Governor Gavin Newsom, you may do so at the following link - and please send me a copy to

“And finally, If you want to learn more about SB 276 and the impacts it will have on California families, you may read this news article at the following link -…/capitol-alert/article234700697.html

“Thank you very much!” ~Senator Brian Jones


Hans Litten

Larry Cook_277 did you do this ?

Shame on you Judas Newsom


Thank you Senator Brian Jones for opposing SB276. We live in California and our daughter started many food and environmental allergies after her four month shots. Our doctor insisted it wasn't related but we knew better. She threw up most foods, had bad diarrhea, and later had an anaphylactic reaction to peanut butter in some oatmeal. Our son was not born with autism but the more vaccines he got and the more food we added to his diet, he started autism and slowly progressed into autism, especially severe autism after his last round of 10 doses of vaccines including a fourth and fifth Hep B vaccines as part of combination vaccines when the schedule only calls for three vaccines. Self injury, focal encephalitis, gastrointestinal problems and allergies are what we have dealt with. And the science is in the hundreds of studies that show vaccines unsafe. This was not a mere whimsy or preference to stop vaccinating. The science is not in favor of vaccines being safe and they provide an inferior temporary immunity often causing more problems than they helped. Dr. Peter Aaby showed that children in urban Africa were 10 times more likely to die from other causes if they got the DTP than if they didn't. And more of our newborns die than all the other developed nations combined and we're the only nation that injects them with a sexually transmitted virus with aluminum, called Hep B vaccine and we give more vaccines to babies and more of our babies die during the first year of life.

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