California SB 276 Passes - Citizens Arrested for Protesting
RFK Jr at the Occupy Sacramento Press Conference



Aimee Doyle I am kind of long here. Please forgive me.

My take on Party switching in this country is that it has always helped the middle class, and common man a lot. We have all been so lucky that so far we have kept politician off balance.

I admit my history might be a bit fuzzy? But I think this is what happened?

When the Republican party first came along, people switched, and what happened was soul searching about slavery, and a Civil war. Extreme poverty for the South, but the North boomed. The concept of slavery was defeated, so good and bad happened.

The Republican party after the Civil War became very powerful in the North East, and West Coast , and remained in power all the way into the turn of the 20th century. In the North East, almost every one was a Republican, even FDR belonged to a Republican club during his college years. Then the business tycoons like Rockefeller, Morgan and the like decided to buy themselves Republican politicians. The people got fed up with rich blue bloods, and it helped that caring and good leaders like FDR came along to lead the Democrat Party at this time. The people of that area switched. The saying that the Republican party was for the rich - was true, at the turn of the century, for the North East.

In the South: the Democratic Party had been there in power even before the Civil War. They were good ol'e boys , the fat cats, and they ruled there for a very long time. During the 60s and 70s (the mid 20th century) the people of the south just got fed up with the likes of Governor Wallace, and the likes of David Curtiss Stephenson (look that name up), the people of the South switched to the Republican Party.


Very much agree with Ginger Taylor regarding if medical privacy rights are taken away from some, the governor should put out those of his own kids. Call for it!!


Aimee, because at this time the Democrat party, like the Republican party at the turn of the 20th century is the party of the rich.

Because at this time; California is all Democrat. You are not electable unless you are a Democrat. The money comes in from Blue Bloods (rich) for the Democrat to campaign.

Because there are a few representatives of the people that stood up and spoke out for us and the few that did were Republicans.

It is time for us all to switch again, just like the middle class all had to switch out at the turn of the 20th century.

Hopefully there is that opportunity.
My husband use to have to go down to Venezuela a lot because of his work. There were very hard working people struggling hard to maintain a low functioning middle class, while there were a few very rich people, and a lot of very poor, desperate people. . In that country it made no difference how they voted because both parties were captured which lead to their mess.


It is truly amazing that even now there are non-vaxers who are still trying to rationalize voting Democrat.

Right now, any Blue state is highly likely to remove exemptions. Any Red state will almost certainly not remove exemptions. It is that simple.

For those states that have already had exemptions removed then voting Red probably won't be enough to reinstate exemptions but at least for the 45 states that still have non-medical exemptions it is absolutely critical that no non-vaxer, under any circumstances, votes Blue. And of course, you have an infinitely better chance of reinstating exemptions in the other 5 states if you vote Red than if you continue to vote Blue.

We are seriously our own worst enemies. We fall over ourselves to pretend that vaccines work and diseases spread, even though they don't, because we are more petrified of sounding "extreme" than actually protecting our children from these horrific poisons. And we continue to vote for a party that has spent the past 5 years oppressing us. Stockholm Syndrome has well and truly got a hold of us.

Aimee Doyle

@NayNay -

Why are you so sure that turning California red will change vaccine law? There are red states that have no personal or religious exemptions (Mississippi and West Virginia). There are red state governors who are anti-vax exemption, e.g. Arizona governor Doug Ducey. Nationwide, the autism rate is not substantially lower in red states than in blue states. Even conservative politicians who are against removing exemptions are not doing anything to expand exemptions - which leaves us at the status quo - which is currently pretty terrible, given the autism rate.

My point is that this is more than a political issue and goes deeper than red vs. blue. Targeting one party or the other is a distraction from the cartel that buys our politician - big Pharma.


For all of you who are fed up with the Democratic party, go to Facebook and look up the group #walkaway and join! Make California go res in 2020 and vote these lawmakers OUT!


The way I worded my last comment mistakingly implies that Newsome put out the tweet about infecting people. It was Pan whom did that. Both politicians, however, take money from felons, you know like the ones responsible for CA’s latest wildfire:

Hey! All you wealthy “blue no matter who” nimrods! The people you claim to stand up for do not have the luxury of voting for Democrats! They are burning our cities, and poisoning and segregating our children! Shame!!!!!

Angus Files

only to glad to chuck OTHER peoples kids under the Bus with a smile whilst doing it...agree with the lady every word Offit.

Pharma For Prison


Grace Green

If these people - Pan, Newsom, Gonzales-Fletcher - are claiming that there are, a very few, genuine cases of need for medical exemption, but given that no-one knows their child will be one of them until it's too late, ALL mandates should be lifted until medical scientists can explain exactly what it is that causes vaccine reactions, and have a test which will be given to all children before any vaccine. Otherwise their present position is untenable.


A politician concerned about immigrant rights in California, simultaneously creates medical refugees from his governance.


It’s time... people need to know the truth about the $$$ hold big Pharma has on our legislators & medical establishment. Enough to skew the science!! This about to get ugly!! See you in court

John Hansen

Governor Newsom wants us to drive our unavoidably unsafe Ford Vaccine Pinto until it inexplicably blows up and then expects us to wait for a government bureaucrat to arrive on the scene to decide whether or not to give us written permission to hop out of the burning death trap!😳


I'm sure he has connections to a doctor who could just sign-off on the vaccines without administering them


How I see it, Governor Newsom just signed our medically fragile children of to the pharmaceutical mafia, about 1700 Medical Exemptions where already investigated and not one was found fraudulent, now with the new standards many of these kids if not all will be subject to lose their protection against vaccines and their life’s will be exposed to further injury and death risks. I am a registered Democrat, but with this overreaching of my constitutional rights to bodily autonomy and integrity and my parental rights , I'm walking away from the Democratic party for good.


Per his disgusting tweet asking when the 1% will stop infecting the 99%, someone should ask him when the 1% will stop hogging the medical exemptions from the 99%.

Tricky Dick!
Tricky Dick!
Tricky Dick!

Hippie it up y’all!


What's to keep him from lying?

I'm a Californian and a Democrat. I voted for Newsom and have (had) a favorable opinion of him, but I would expect him to lie in this situation if he felt he needed to. He's a politician, after all.

Bob Moffit

If I remember the same concerns were raised in the U.K. .. when then PM Tony Blair was asked if his own children were vaccinated .. and I seem to remember Blair refusing to answer the question.

In any event .. even the mere suspicion the possibility that Gov Newsom will protect his own children by any means available to him is troubling … considering given recent history of those "wealthy celebrity parents" who have been charged with CRIMES for buying their UNDESERVING precious child's ENTRANCE to prestigious universities.

As George Orwell described "Animal Farm" .. "all pigs are equal, but some pigs are more equal than others". Since "exemptions" to vaccines have been eliminated for all reasons .. philosophical, religious, medical .. the HIPPA laws relating to "privacy" no longer should apply to VACCINES .. indeed … TRANSPARENCY is now required .. making ALL VACCINATION RECORDS PUBLICLY AVAILABLE .. less "some pigs are more equal of others" prevail.


No one has to deploy FOIA or guess as to whether or not Lorena Gonzales-Fletcher's nephew has autoimmunity that disqualifies him from vaccination, she testified as such. So now that that is clear, specifically what autoimmune conditions does her nephew have? How many medical exemptions has her nephew's doctor written? When it comes to a senator's nephew (or a Governor's children) getting that precious, restricted exemption verses one of the working class "mamma bear's" child in the gallery, which family does one think will be so blessed? And she had the audacity to tweet out ( in reference to yesterday's activists) that she "sees a whole lot of privilege". I hope Kennedy and Dundas slam dunk theses wretched pharma shills. I hope the occupation sticks. Thank you so very much to all the families sacrificing so much for so many !!!!!

Ginger Taylor

If Governor Newsom gets to know see the medical records of our kids, then we should get to see the medical records of his.

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