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Best of: What’s In Your Flu Shot?

Flu panicBy Cathy Jameson

Two recent occurrences prompted today’s Best of.  The first one was seeing my favorite grocery store begin their in-house flu shot advertising.  It was only mid-August when I saw the sign.  I thought it a bit early for their pharmacy to begin their flu shot campaign, but, like one doctor told me, “The flu virus knows no season; it doesn’t wait until winter to strike.”  She’s right.  Doctors and pharmacists who know that, and who don’t push the ineffective flu shots  on their customers each year, get my respect. 

Doctors, like the one who told my daughter last week to get every vaccine for every disease there is, do not get my respect.  My daughter let her own opinion be known after she was told that, but Fiona didn’t get the respect she should’ve gotten.  She said what she had to say in response but knew her knowledge and opinion would fall on deaf ears.  That’s reason number 2 for sharing today’s post. 

After a quick recount of the conversation she’d had with that doctor, Fiona and I looked at a list of vaccine ingredients.  We talked about how she could cite information differently next time should the opportunity arise.  Show the person the stats straight from a source they go to and will quickly defend – the CDC!  We both know how hard some vaccine conversations can be, especially when the other person in vehemently pro-vaccine and works in the Science field, but Fiona feels confident that she can defend herself better, and the science, next time.     

Since we are just at the beginning of what will likely be another flu shot advertising frenzy, it would be wise to read what’s in them.  Here’s just a sampling: 

Image: Vaccine ingredients; source CDC

If you have never looked at the individual ingredients of all of the liability-free vaccines that the US government state are safe and effective, follow this link to an appendix of the CDC’s Pink Book.    Injecting animal and human diploid cells, to name just a few questionable items, sounds far too risky to me and Fiona.  So do quite a few others ingredients, which I wrote about in today’s Best of, What’s In Your Flu Shot?

EwBy Cathy Jameson

Years ago, this video made the rounds as the 2006 flu shot season got under way.  As much as I loathe this particular shot and the problems it caused my son post-vaccination, I couldn’t help but laugh.

Fast forward to 2018, and that secret serum is changing.  This year, we’re being told that some flu shots are now preservative-free, egg-free, and even antibiotic-free.  FLUAD, and some other quadrivalent vaccines, wouldn’t be a great option for those with egg allergies.  Since the process includes use of embroynated hens’ eggs, it’s probably why I’ve seen more talk of egg-free options this year.  While reading up on that news, I continued down the vaccine rabbit hole to look at other flu vaccine package inserts.  Now, I’ve known that some vaccines contained animal proteins before, but the ick factor went up the more I read about what else is in them. 

I knew that bovine calf serum   has been used in other vaccines, but I did not recognize the MDCK cell protein that was listed in the Flucelvax flu shot.  So I did a quick search.  What I discovered was that it’s a cell protein from canine kidneys.  I had to do another search when I saw that the fall armyworm was listed on the Flublok package insert. An armyworm?  What is that, and what’s it doing in the flu shot?  The armyworm is related to moths, caterpillars and butterflies.  I love butterflies, but I certainly never imagined they or other insect cells would be part of the vaccine process.  One more ingredient made me pause – porcine gelatin.  Where have I heard porcine before?  I then remembered something about the Rotateq vaccine and how it had caused serious injury to pediatric patients a while ago.  That vaccine was contaminated from porcine DNA cirocoviruses, one of which can be lethal to pigs.  I was taken aback when I saw that the recently reinstated nasal flu shot, FluMist listed porcine gelatin.  Porcine circoviruses and porcine gelatin may be two different things, but what a potential gamble the industry is taking by offering this vaccine what that ingredient to the pediatric population again.

As usual, I had more questions after all of that reading.  The biggest question I had was where are the animal lovers? 

I’ve questioned the Catholic Church and pro-lifers about vaccines derived from aborted fetal cells in the past but have yet to ask the local humane societies, the ASPCA, and PETA what they think about vaccines and what’s in them.  In all the years I’ve read and kept up with vaccine news, I don’t think I’ve seen any of them say much about those questionable ingredients.  By not speaking up, it makes me think that they’ve rolled over and are okay with the industry and our government using us as guinea pigs (which, by the way, is listed in the varicella vaccine package insert). 

Vaccine ingredient information is out there.  Getting that information is actually easy to access.  No one is hiding any of it.  So, why aren’t large groups that claim all lives matter – including our four-legged friends’ lives, up in arms? 

All lives matter! 

Unless we’re talking about vaccines. 

It’s a double standard and a terribly sad one if you ask me. 

This flu shot season I’m sure it’ll be booming business as usual as vaccine manufacturers push their preservative-free, antibiotic-free, and egg-free products.  That’s good news for them.  But what about the animal-based and derived ingredients?  Bits and pieces of creatures great and small are being manipulated and later injected into humans in the name of health.  Rabbit, cow, chicken, monkey, guinea pig, mouse, pig, armyworm, canines.  It sounds like a Who’s Who from Old MacDonald’s farm and actually makes my stomach turn.  I would think it would make animal lovers and defenders, and vegans’ tummies turn, too.  But, I hear crickets on the subject.  Unless they don’t know that Fido, Wilbur, and Mickey have a role in the vaccine process… 

If my animal lover friends didn’t know, I’m sorry to be the one to inform you.  But I’m not sorry for saying something about it.  With how ridiculous the vaccine program’s recommendations and schedules have become, someone has to say it.

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.



This is from Vaxtruth from several years ago. I'd like to know if it's possible to make a flu vaccine without ever using any thimerosal in the manufacturing process. They used to say that you couldn't, but that for single-use vials most of the mercury was filtered out at the end, leaving only trace amounts. Is this still true? I couldn't find a straightforward answer. Another word game to differentiate between mercury used as a preservative and mercury just used in the manufacturing process, I assume as an antibiotic.

"According to the CDC, vaccines labeled “thimerosal-free” often have a little asterisk next to those words which lead you to something like: “This vaccine has ‘trace’ amounts of thimerosal, which the FDA says is equivalent to thimerosal-free products.” If we look closer into “thimerosal-free” vaccines, we will actually find that there is still a toxic amount of mercury contained in them.
There are two kinds of flu shots given. One contains 25 mcg of mercury (in the form of thimerosal with is 50% mercury. There is 50mcg of thimerosal in this flu shot) and is often given as the “regular” flu shot to those with no special circumstances. The other kind of flu shot is labeled “thimerasol-free” (containing less than 3mcg of mercury) and is given to young children and pregnant women.
If we look at “safe” and “un-safe” levels of mercury, per the FDA, we find this:
2 ppb is the maximum amount of mercury that deems water “safe” for drinking
Anything over 200 ppb mercury is considered TOXIC [source – EPA]
After doing some math [you can check my math in the article: Vaccine Ingredients – A Comprehensive Guide], we find this:
There is up to 300 ppb mercury is in the “thimerosal-free” flu vaccine.
There is 25,000 ppb mercury given in the flu shot containing 25 mcg of thimerosal as a preservative.
No matter how you cut it, flu vaccines contain toxic amounts of mercury. So yes, the flu vaccines still DOES contain thimerosal. The claim that there is “no thimerasol” in the flu vaccine is a complete fallacy."

david m burd

Cathy, thanks for kicking off all the discussion about vaccines' toxic excipients.

As you've so noted, all one has to do is pick any of the hundreds of substances (called excipients) in vaccines, and in your search engine, combine the "excipient" and "toxicity".

A multitude of chemical info sheets come up, with toxic/toxicity information, and all the toxic dangers of such substances (excipients) just being exposed either topically, ingested, or inhaled (never "injected" as vaccines are).

And, most such references cite the various uses of such chemical substances, BUT, the great majority do not list their being used in vaccines, as, I would guess, the Chemical World is generally ignorant of such unimaginable injection via vaccines.


Cathy, et al I just stumbled on this, but apparently the CDC is once again cooking the books on whats in vaccines on their excepient list: They removed WI38 Lung diploid fibroblasts. WHY would the CDC do that?


Here in the US thimerosal vaccines are considered alms for the poor.


So what we need to find out is how many doses of injected flu vaccine given now in the US are from multidose vials (all with as much mercury as they ever had, 25 mcg) and how many are from single-use vials. We probably don't have access to reports on how many are actually given. Do we have any on how many are sold? Probably doctors try not to order more than what they will be able to use. I haven't been able to find this information. Has anyone else? If 80% of the flu vaccine made in the US is thimerosal-free, or only trace amounts (and I recognize that any amount is too much, but I don't think they can get it all out), then it would be hard for most of what is actually given to be from the multivials. I would imagine doctors would prefer giving the single-use vials (no mercury) since they get to charge a little more for them. c

david m burd


Coming from all the actual Flu Vaccine makers here in the U.S. I have reported here on AoA several years ago their damning production/distribution flu doses as most always less than 1/2 million doses per year of ".25 ml single-dose Thimerosal-free" pediatric doses (under 36 months age).

In fact, the various Flu Vaccine Makers here in the U.S. actually state their 5.0 multidose milliliter vials (loaded with Thimerosal) are also to be used per .25 ml dose to be given to infants. These are FACTS you are obviously ignorant of.

The yearly Reports I reference are from HIDA (Health Industry Distributors Association), and are available (for a price). Go to their website and pay your money and get the facts.

Laura Hayes in one of her amazing talks/videos cited accurately that but 200,000 doses of Thimerosal-free .25 ml Thimerosal-free flu vaccines were available just 3 years ago, whereas the actual number of flu vaccines injected into babies/toddlers totaled 11 million, virtually all loaded with Thimerosal. Her example from 3 years ago has been repeated ever since 2003.

For example: California every year has the Governor/Health Dept declare that there is such a paucity of Thimerosal-free flu shots for infants, they grant an exemption, thus not forbidding infants to be flu-shot injected with Thimerosal. For another example: The Colorado Health Dept explicitly tells their health-givers to actually use the 5.0ml multidose vials (with Thimerosal) to be used to give .25ml doses to infants.

I have countless facts, and others verify them: What you apparently believe is every lie spouted by Government and Industry Official when it comes to vaccines' extreme dangers and toxicities, and their own fantastical belief that all the excipients in vaccines are benign.


"Irrefutable data from U.S. flu vaccine makers shows that year-after-year (since 2003) there was negligible production of Thimerosal-free flu vaccines, up to the present. Care to substantiate that statement with a few facts David? Hans don't worry there's no thiomersal in UK flu vaccines, it's only in multi-dose vaccines not used over here

Hans Litten

"More than 80 percent of projected vaccine supply produced for the 2018-2019 flu season will be thimerosal-free (i.e., preservative-free)."

Why , themiserol , is perfectly safe and effective ? Why change it now ?
And when you say mercury free, do you mean below the Tony Blair threshold level ?
Or completely entirely free of All MERCURY ?

And what about the remaining 20% that do contain mercury ?
Do they get shipped to areas of higher pregnancy rates ?
Or perhaps to the Eskimos, Inuits , the homeless on the streets of LA ?
We could target an unliked ethnic group for eradication - like your thinking Eindecker !

David m burd

Overview of U.S. vaccines and the widely-believed, published lie that mercury has been removed since year 2003.

Beginning in 2003, pregnant women were strongly coerced to get a flu shot, fully loaded with 25 micrograms of ethylmercury. A few years later 6-month old newborns (again at 7 months, again & again every year, forever) were subjected to the same injected neurotoxic poison in their flu shots.

Irrefutable data from U.S. flu vaccine makers shows that year-after-year (since 2003) there was negligible production of Thimerosal-free flu vaccines, up to the present.

Since accumulative neuro-toxic damage never stops, specifically from annual flu shots, this alone refutes the false propaganda that "since mercury has long been removed from vaccines, it can't be mercury in vaccines that is still causing the relentless rise of the autism spectrum". The exact opposite is true.


For years now the FDA has stated that one (1) microgram of ethylmercury in a vaccine shot is called a "trace amount", and the vaccine can be called "mercury-free"- as flu vaccine makers claim,
David you are just Wrong with a capital W!!! A trace is a trace, "The term "trace" has been taken in this context to mean 1 microgram of mercury per dose or less" None is none!! please look at and try to understand the table

David m burd

@ Michael/All ---- quick correction: multidose vials contain 10 .50 ml doses; 20 .25 ml doses (not 20 or 40).

@ Eindeker, do a lot more looking and you will actually find the overwhelming majority of U.S. flu vaccines given (excepting the flu "mist" and the micro-volume injections) have ethylmercury content as I've previously noted.

David m burd

@ michael,

The "lot release" of influenza vaccines cited by the FDA documents the various vaccine manufactures' flu shot doses shipped to the various end uses (clinics, hospitals, doctor offices, etc.).

Each "lot" is close to 500,000 (a half million) doses; thus a quick tally amounts to approx. 128 million doses shipped/authorized by the FDA this year. It is vital to note the FDA does not do any "quality control" and casually accepts what they are told, such as Thimerosall (thus ethylmercury) content.

For years now the FDA has stated that one (1) microgram of ethylmercury in a vaccine shot is called a "trace amount", and the vaccine can be called
"mercury-free"- as flu vaccine makers claim, even though esteemed scientists such as the late Frank Engley for decades declared 1 microgram of ethylmercury was extremely neurotoxic.

It is also extremely important the various flu-shot makers declare their multidose vials (20 .50ml doses contained therein, 40 .25 ml infant doses) are for both adults and infants!! --- such doses freely admitted having either 25 micrograms or 12.5 micrograms of mercury, respectively.

Thus, the flu vaccine alone, accumulative each year, wreaks permanent neurological damage to all segments of the American population, thus a giant factor for ever-increasing autistic spectrum, Alzheimer's, on and on.


British Eventing brings in six month flu vaccination March 2019

Horses ass-essment using a pin-the -tail on the donkey model, to promote vaccines as safe and effective?
Apparently the closest thing to human breast milk is that from an ass . What was Cleopatra's bath time
routine again?
The nose to tail scoping toolkit reveals another fractured and failed basic health and safety risk assessment !
Sometimes the law is an ass, with vaccination mandates being the clear snapshot, the full picture, and the whole story!
Ponies,people and therapet poodles are not putting up with being treated like battery hens/pullets
on a fast- track, factory farmed, conveyor belt ! with no vaccine passport with yearly boosters to present means no pet insurance available or pet insurance becomes null and void?

Twisted Sister -We're Not Gonna Take It - [extended version] Official Music Video Youtube
They can away and take a high hoof and a hike with their own silly wee selfies vaccine mandates ain't getting accepted .


Errr no Michael....US supply For the 2018-2019 season, manufacturers will produce influenza vaccines containing thimerosal and some vaccines that do not contain thimerosal. For the 2018-2019 season, only multidose vial presentations of influenza vaccines contain thimerosal.

More than 80 percent of projected vaccine supply produced for the 2018-2019 flu season will be thimerosal-free (i.e., preservative-free).

Certainly in the UK only single dose thiomersal free flu vaccines are used


David, I am looking at these two tables and this one

David I need help me understand this point:

In truth over 85% of available flu vaccines distributed around the U.S. still have a full load of Thimerosal, for both infants, children, and adults, A parallel is having 10 varieties of apples available at the grocery story, with 8 varieties having just a "trace" of Thimerosal, yet, consumers actually buy 90% of their apples from 1 or 2 varieties of that are fully loaded with Thimerosal. "

Aimee Doyle

@John Stone- "national security" is just pharma's latest argument.

I think that corrupt vaccine policy actually started with President Reagan back in 1986 when he signed The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) (42 U.S.C. §§ 300aa-1 to 300aa-34). It set up the "vaccine court" and relieved vaccine manufacturers of any civil liability for vaccines.

Every president since then, Democrat and Republican has advanced the pharmaceutical companies' vaccination agenda. Not one president has stood up for the rights of the vaccine injured. I can't think of one congressperson or senator that has stood up for the rights of the vaccine injured. This is not a partisan issue. Pharma controls CDC, FDA, NIH, HHS. It has bought the liberal, conservative, alternative, and most Internet media, and most politicians of all political stripes.

The one thing it can't make disappear is vaccine damage.

Gary Ogden

david m burd: Thank you very much for reminding us of these important facts. One more crucial one: A century ago the Army, in two elegantly designed trials using soldiers, proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that influenza infection is not transmissible. The flu shot, the masks have no medical value at all.

david m burd

To Bob Moffit & All,

I agree Pres. Trump has "somehow" bought into the need for flu vaccines, a singular example of murderous/toxic flu vaccines. Of course he listened to, as all prior presidents have done, to the false claims by "Health Dept. Directors" of vaccines being essential. When the exact opposite is true.

To repeat from my earlier comment: Since 1963 American seniors 65+ have been advised to get their annual flu shots (fully loaded with 25 micrograms of ethylmercury). Thus, beginning 1970, Alzheimer's deaths have risen from a rare medical oddity to now the 6th highest number of U.S. deaths, last date being 120,000 annual deaths.

It's called: "Cause and Effect" - terrible Alzheimer's death by vaccine(s).

susan welch

Cathy, thank you so much for this very informative article.

If more people knew what was in the vaccines, I think it would make them think twice before submitting.

Loved the video too!

david m burd

Several key points responding to the prior comments:

1) President Trump is typical of all presidents; he displays ignorance that well-nourished children./adults/everyone during the dark Winter months have zero "need" of flu vaccinations. In fact, the lack of Vitamin D goes in exact concert with those having low levels of Vitamin D during the dark months.

2) All Presidents, including Trump, just go-along-to-get-along with obscenely corrupt NIAD/CDC policies that (wrongly) fear monger influenza dangers.

3) Even documented by current FDA and Flu-makers here in the U.S. over 90% of flu shot vaccines going into our fellow Americans have either 12.5 micrograms, or 25 micrograms of ethylmercury contained in their flu vaccine doses,

4) The CDC completely misleads (i.e. lies) on their website that on 20% of flu vaccines still have Thimerosal: In truth over 85% of available flu vaccines distributed around the U.S. still have a full load of Thimerosal, for both infants, children, and adults, A parallel is having 10 varieties of apples available at the grocery story, with 8 varieties having just a "trace" of Thimerosal, yet, consumers actually buy 90% of their apples from 1 or 2 varieties of that are fully loaded with Thimerosal.

5) 50% of pregnant American women now get a fully-loaded Thimerosal flu shot along with the very aluminum-toxic DTaP shot; thus their fetuses are poisoned with these 2 shots.

These crimes are without precedence as the Vaccine Holocaust keeps accelerating.

Bob Moffit

agencies, and offices:
To say I am extremely disappointed in President Trump's establishment of a National Influenza Vaccine Task Force would not do justice to how angry and deceived I feel for having given him the benefit of the doubt that he would eventually do the right thing and actually establish his campaign intention to establish a Committee to Investigate the safety and efficiency of vaccines .. possibly with RFK being appointed as chairman. Instead it appears the CDC's goal to vaccinate ADULTS by the year 2020 has won him over .. the only difference between Trump's "task force" and the CDC's goal 2020 is the term STAKEHOLDERS instead of TASK FORCE .. consider the following STAKEHOLDERS IN TRUMP'S TASK FORCE:

National Influenza Vaccine Task Force. (a) There is hereby established a National Influenza Vaccine Task Force (Task Force). The Task Force shall identify actions to achieve the objectives identified in section 2 of this order and monitor and report on the implementation and results of those actions. The Task Force shall be co-chaired by the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of Health and Human Services, or their designees.
(i) the Department of Defense (DOD);

(ii) the Department of Justice;

(iii) the Department of Agriculture;

(iv) the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA);

(v) the Department of Homeland Security

(vi) the United States Food and Drug Administration;

(vii) the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention;

(viii) the National Institutes of Health (NIH);

(ix) the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS); and

(x) the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA).

No doubt NATIONAL SECURITY will be used as the club to beat over the heads of anyone who dares oppose this shameful POWER GRAB BY BIG PHARMA …. if you oppose you will be called UNPATRIOTIC ..

Beleaguered Autism Mom

I am hopeful every time I see research that advances the understanding of the “environmental” causes of autism.
Seems to me a wider audience may take interest in what is repressing gene transcription in humans. Our kids really are the canaries in the coal mine. Once people realize it is not just ASD kids being damaged by vaccines - everyone is - the madness will stop.


Yes, Mr Stone
conflated, inflated and desecrated.

John Stone


Yes, obscenely vaccine status has become conflated with “national security” - started with Obama continues under Trump.



FYI Research ~

Influenza Database:

Virus Pathogen Resource:

go Trump

Once again for 2019, they are still using Thimerosal in the FLU vaccines.

I would GUESS that the Afluria Trivalent or Quadrivalent / multi-dose vials / is the one they are bringing into the school systems for FLU shot day all over the nation.

go Trump

Once again for 2019, they are still using Thimerosal in the FLU vaccines.

I would GUESS that the Afluria Trivalent or Quadrivalent / multi-dose vials / is the one they are bringing into the school systems for FLU shot day all over the nation.

Bob Moffit

"Bits and pieces of creatures great and small are being manipulated and later injected into humans in the name of health. Rabbit, cow, chicken, monkey, guinea pig, mouse, pig, armyworm, canines."

Aren't vaccines truly miracles … after all .. what could possibly go wrong when injecting "bits and pieces of creatures" into humans to PROTECT THEIR HEALTH.

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