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An Open Letter to Nick Paumgarten, Author of “The Message of Measles”

CHD logoEditorial By Alison Fujito, Children’s Health Defense Contributing Writer

Mr. Paumgarten, it’s long past time to address the misinformation in articles like yours, The Message of Measles, which paints such an intensely biased, extremist picture of those who delay or even refuse vaccines, that by my definition, it does not qualify as journalism.

In the first place, please stop calling us “anti-vaxxers.”  WE VACCINATED OUR CHILDREN.  Our sons and daughters had medically-documented, serious adverse reactions to vaccines. Not redness, swelling, or a little fever, but autoimmune reactions, neurological reactions like seizure, encephalopathy, or loss of consciousness, and a host of others with long-term sequelae. Yet our children’s injuries are dismissed and ignored, while we are inexplicably —and unethically— told we must continue to vaccinate to protect others.

Why wouldn’t we protest?

This isn’t about your conspiracy theories of “the anti-vaccination movement,” Andrew Wakefield, social media phenomena, “die-heard refuseniks,” and this most certainly is not about “immunological amnesia.”

This is about what happened to our children, and why. We haven’t forgotten what happened to our own children, Mr. Paumgarten.  We never will.  Some of us will regret that we vaccinated until the day we die.

Some of us are not even opposed to vaccines, only to compulsory vaccination.  Others have, understandably, lost trust in the entire medical system. We are, however, united in our opposition to fraudulent product licensure, fraudulent product marketing, and corruption of government entities meant to oversee industry, but staffed by it instead.

People seem to have no trouble understanding the fraud and corruption that led to the opioid debacle.  And the Vioxx debacle. And the DES, thalidomide, and countless other debacles caused by pharmaceutical dishonesty.  There is clear evidence of  fraud and corruption involving many vaccines. Why is that so hard to accept?

Note that Merck has been in federal court since 2010 on fraud charges brought by their own virologists, who disclosed that they were actually forced to falsify efficacy data for the MMR vaccine.

This is especially significant because Merck, like other vaccine manufacturers, is already exempt from the gold standard requirement of randomized, double-blind, inert-placebo-controlled safety trials on vaccines because they are classified as “biologics” rather than “drugs.” Yet, astoundingly, in the US, they cannot be sued for adverse reactions, not even if they are proven negligent...   Read more at Children's Health Defense.



From Children's Health Defense: "In late August 2019, New Yorker magazine published an article written by staff writer, Nick Paumgarten, entitled, 'The Message of Measles.' In the article, Mr. Paumgarten criticized Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s beliefs and advocacy. After contacting numerous New Yorker editors, the magazine has refused to publish Mr. Kennedy’s response...."

From Mr. Kennedy's response:"....CDC’s mortality and morbidity data suggest that measles fatalities in the pre-vaccine era were 1/500,000 population wide; 1 in 10,000 among infected individuals....Despite concerns over inadequate safety science by the Institute of Medicine, the ultimate arbiter of vaccine safety science, captive regulators at HHS have refused to perform such studies [unvaccinated vs vaccinated] and have exempted vaccine-makers from performing randomized placebo-controlled tests prior to licensing. HHS requires such studies for virtually all other pharmaceutical products.....

Studies support an unconscionably high injury rate from MMR. Merck’s own MMR pre-licensure studies found that 40% of children receiving the MMR suffered gastrointestinal illnesses within 42 days of the injection and 55% suffered respiratory illnesses – symptoms that might persuade rational consumers to choose the infections over the vaccine.

The MMR’s package insert includes an almost two-page listing of over 60 adverse reactions ranging from vomiting and irritability to permanent brain damage to anaphylaxis. The Institute of Medicine has repeatedly pointed out CDC’s failure to perform the studies necessary to confirm whether MMR is causing these injuries. Merck acknowledges that an astonishing 26% of post-pubertal females might develop arthritis and arthralgia from the MMR.

A 2017 letter published in the British Medical Journal cited research showing that children receiving the MMR vaccine had five times the seizure rate of children with measles infections. A 2004 JAMA study found that an additional 1 in 640 children has seizures after MMR compared to unvaccinated children; about 5% of these will progress to epilepsy."


The day fake news took hold was the day the corporate media put profits over truth.

When this happened it became a free for all for facts. Snopes is corrupt. All the media is corrupt in its own way.

When you have the 6-year-old evidence of their lies drawing with marker on your living room walls, you stop listening to the drs and the media and you start looking for the truth and support any where you can. Their willful ignorance, greed, and lack of empathy created this monster. And they won’t be able to fix it until they stop attacking us, tell the truth, and help us heal our children.


In my earlier post I should have said that I didn't think that Monsanto or their public relations firms foresaw that Monsanto would release documents revealing their machinations. I suspect that it's public relations entities that supply texts (or at the very least, talking points) to journalists.


Pogo, my remarks were more along the lines that corporations have a stable of friendly journalists, academics, and astroturf organizations which conceal their relationships with industry while pretending to be objective and independent.

Would anyone trust Keith Kloor's opinion about RFK Jr. once they've read this article: ?

In Pandora's Lab, Paul Offit defends DDT, e-cigarettes, BPA, GMOs and vaccines while bashing Andrew Wakefield. Offit is, or was, a trustee of the American Council on Health and Science, which masquerades as an association of independent scientists, but is actually industry-funded:

"Numerous ACSH publications (that do not disclose the corporations that have funded the organization) take positions attacking public concerns about various corporate products and practices, such as genetically modified foods (GMOs), pesticides, herbicides, and more, and have sought to downplay concerns raised by scientists and consumers....Some of the products ACSH has defended over the years include DDT, asbestos, and Agent Orange, as well as common pesticides. ACSH has often called environmentalists and consumer actvists 'terrorists,' arguing that their criticisms and concerns about potential health and environmental risks are threats to society.

ACSH has been funded by big agri-businesses and trade groups like Kellogg, General Mills, Pepsico, and the American Beverage Association, among others."

Using some of the same journalists to defend Roundup and GMOs who are on the record defending vaccines and bashing Andrew Wakefield was a bit of a mistake. I don't think Monsanto foresaw that they might have to disgorge documents which revealed their machinations. They are unlikely to make the same mistake in future. (There are a lot of journalists for sale, after all.) But now we know.


Reading between the lines. Maybe Werner Baumann (Bayer’s CEO) bought Monsanto in the confidence that he could get the best justice that money can buy in the US as he can at home in Germany.
This is a short transcript snippet of a program broadcast week before last by the German Klagemauer TV station (via google translate, hence it reads awkwardly).
“The former German Health Minister and today's Interior Minister Horst Seehofer had to admit already on 6 June 2006 in the ZDF program Frontal 21 in a political declaration of bankruptcy that the pharmaceutical lobby controls not only the entire television, but also the entire policy.
He immediately admitted to a "disclosure oath" that the pharmaceutical lobby had come through with massive pressure and had to give in to politics. Literally he said: "For 30 years to the hour structural changes in the sense of more social market economy in the German health care are not possible because of the opposition of the lobby associations [...] I can only describe to them that it is so and that it is so expires, and very effective. "
Seehofer therefore confesses openly that politicians have become vicarious agents of pharmaceutical companies!
CONCLUSIONS: Both the Wakefield documentation and Seehofer thus give a conclusive explanation of why a vaccination constraint should be enforced under flimsy pretexts, because vaccinations are extremely lucrative for pharmaceutical companies. According to Brandy Vaughan, a former Merck sales representative, a pharmaceutical company can earn over $ 30 billion a year by approving a single vaccine. Due to the threat of vaccination for children due to this very questionable bill radiates the documentary Vaxxed in full length and uncensored ( ).”


By forcing the release of secret documents, has revealed how the agrichemical industry pulls the strings of "independent" journalists, academics and organizations devoted to the advancement of "science." Not surprisingly, many of these sockpuppets also bash (or have bashed) vaccine safety advocates. Coincidence?


A highly misogynistic article.
This constant meme of "affluent moms", as if mothers must not be permitted to have any influence on policy; As if only a state agency controlled by moneyed corporate interests is fit to make a woman's decisions.

Says the New Yorker, in the spirit of Phyllis Schafly, to the women of the state: Go bake your cookies, your integrity and intelligence is undesirable.

Let's scapegoat religions and ethnicities for the failures of regulatory capture, while we're at it!

Sounds like Munchausen by print proxy to me.

Beleaguered Autism Mom

Last week I listened to a Bloomberg Business reporter say the anti-vaxxers don't bother the vaccine industry because “they have always been around” (easy enough to ignore/negligible impact). The lawsuit regarding the ineffectiveness of the mumps component of the MMR is a “thorn in the side of Merck” (meaning minor nuisance?) She also said the CDC is supporting GSK's version of MMR to compete with Merck's in the U.S. As if competition solves all problems related to product quality. It is going to take heroic insiders and lawyers who represent them to end this nightmare of inflicting brain damage on innocents.

Gary Ogden

Jonathan Rose: That is why I cancelled the New Yorker after twenty-five years of reading pleasure. We are in the battle of the ages against a crime of the ages. We will win, but it's going to be ugly. Congress is against us. The courts are against us. Thank goodness the public is less and less fooled.

John Stone


Yes, human beings being reduced to ideological vectors of disease: this is some of the nastiest rhetoric imaginable.

Jonathan Rose

The most chilling sentence in Paumgarten's article is this: "We are becoming more comfortable with the concept that ideas behave like viruses." Of course it's absolute nonsense when you think about it: Viruses are always pernicious, and we succumb to them involuntarily; ideas are sometimes pernicious but often liberating, and we freely decide to embrace them or reject them. But this is how media pundits and policymakers think nowadays: ideas that conflict with official wisdom are "dangerous", essentially like diseases, and therefore they should not be debated, they should be ruthlessly stamped out. Censorship is virtuous, and ideas must be inspected and approved before being released to the public, like USDA meat. The big tech companies have all more or less adopted this philosophy, and governments and media outlets are pressing them to enforce it ever more restrictively. The 1960s generation was passionately devoted to free speech, but that old-fashioned idea has been tossed out by a generation brought up in a world of speech codes, trigger warnings, and "No Platforming". In this worldview, the reading public is stupid and cannot be trusted to arrive at their own opinions. Even New Yorker writers now sound like secret policemen.

Grace Green

I read his whole article - though it was difficult to keep my eyes open. Such a pack of lies! Just one example; an MD ruled that there is no connection between allergies and vaccines. I thought you could be allergic to anything under the sun. Should that be, anything under the sun except any ingredients of any vaccine? I also detected more than a whiff of antisemitism - oh but you're not allowed to say that, that's just an excuse.Unbelievable, how stupid would you have to be to believe that rubbish.

John Stone

Hi Bob

Yes, I mulling over the thought that Heidi Larson of the Vaccine Confidence Project has called for vaccine criticism to be prosecuted as “hate-crime” but who is using hate rhetoric?

Bob Moffit

In the first place, please stop calling us “anti-vaxxers.”

Calling us "anti-vaxxer" is a deliberate and very successful attempt to isolate, disparage and ridicule the wide-spread and growing community of parents who have experienced first hand the tragic consequences their child suffered through vaccines. This same tactic was employed by the tobacco industry for decades when all who warned of the dangers of smoking were called "anti-tobacco". It finally ended when the Surgeon General forced Congress to enact the Comprehensive Smoking Education Act of 1984 (Public Law 98–474), which required four specific health warnings on all cigarette packages and advertisements:

◦SURGEON GENERAL’S WARNING: Smoking Causes Lung Cancer, Heart Disease, Emphysema, and May Complicate Pregnancy.

◦SURGEON GENERAL’S WARNING: Quitting Smoking Now Greatly Reduces Serious Risks to Your Health.

◦SURGEON GENERAL’S WARNING: Smoking by Pregnant Women May Result in Fetal Injury, Premature Birth, and Low Birth Weight.

◦SURGEON GENERAL’S WARNING: Cigarette Smoke Contains Carbon Monoxide.

Where is the Surgeon Genera today .. as we can be assured the Surgeon General is well aware of the numerous problems well stated in the letter published above? After all .. there is as much scientific evidence questioning the "safety and efficiency" of vaccines … if not MORE .. than prior Surgeon General had on tobacco.

"Don’t you dare pretend that immunocompromised children matter more than children at risk for vaccine adverse reactions, or that ANY children matter more than others."


No government has the RIGHT to require one child be exposed to the well-known serious RISKS of vaccines .. in order to protect the health of another child … PERIOD. All children are EQUAL .. the healthy and unhealthy … neither should be required to assume RISKS to protect the other.

In any event .. some sage once said: "The first casualty of war is .. TRUTH".

This warning would include our public health bureaucracies WAR ON PREVENTABLE DISEASES.

As this letter makes perfectly clear … the TRUTH of collateral VACCINE damage being done to children in their "war on disease" is .. as it is in ALL WARS .. BEING DENIED.

Hans Litten

How is it posssible that decision makers are overlooking all the lies and frauds protecting vaccination.
This truly is the greatest crime in all history. Global vaccinocide

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