Governor Newsom Just Created a Market for Back Alley Exemptions via his Prohibition Bills
Dr. Meryl Nass, MD Why are legislatures imposing vaccine mandates now?

9/11, California, New York and Maine, Terrorism eighteen years on.

Thank you typeTHANK YOU, to John Gilmore, whose Autism Action Network fights deep in the trenches every day for our rights.  Below is his editorial from his site (please consider a donation to his work) that says what so many of us are thinking. AAN, like AoA and so many of the "A" orgs relies on donations from concerned citizens, readers, friends, family. Our work may look grand (we hope!) but we are Davids among Goliaths.  Thank you.  KIM


9/11, California, New York and Maine, Terrorism eighteen years on.

This following is an editorial by John Gilmore, Executive Director of the Autism Action Network.

Eighteen-years ago today hijackers transformed two airliners into cruise missiles and crashed them into the World Trade Center. As we all know, thousands died. Anyone who is old enough to remember that day will never forget it. That morning I heard a report on the radio that a “light plane” had crashed into one of the towers. Even from a distance of 18 miles, the World Trade Center was normally clearly visible from our kitchen window, and as I looked toward lower Manhattan on that crystal blue day, I thought it strange that there was a weird cloud obscuring the towers. Then I realized it was billowing smoke.

Later, that awful day, my wife and I received the devastating confirmation that our fears about our younger son Luke were correct, and that he had autism. We didn’t know it at the time but our experience with Luke was a common one. Following a fever after getting a group of shots, Luke lost his few words, began to appear deaf, lost any sense of pain, and began odd repetitive behaviors. That news turned our personal lives upside down, on 9/11 the entire world seemed upside down.

That horrible day generated thousands of questions. One key question was, “Why?” A week or so later President George W. Bush offered an answer in a joint session of Congress. He said, “They hate our freedoms — our freedom of religion, our freedom of speech, our freedom to vote and assemble and disagree with each other.”

This morning I was thinking about that day 18 years ago, and what is happening now. Several days ago, three brave parents in Sacramento took the step we all knew was coming, just like Rosa Parks more than half a century ago on a Montgomery, Alabama bus, they refused to comply with injustice and conducted civil disobedience leading to their arrest. No doubt this this will be the first of many to come.

The parents were in Sacramento attempting to stop the passage of a law that will muzzle physicians from straying from the medically orthodox line that, “Vaccines are safe!” The people who are always telling us to suspend our own judgment and listen to doctors are now telling us not to listen to the doctors, and taking away the doctors' right to think, use their judgment, and put their patients’ interests first.

The same day in Albany, the state capital of New York, 500 parents were locked out of a normally public meeting of the Regents, our state board that sets school policy. In a few days 26,000 students will lose their right to an education because their families have religious beliefs the State will no longer tolerate, and our Regents had nothing to say about it. In Albany and Sacramento thousands of parents had the same chant, ‘Let us in!”

The Autism Action Network fights for you and your family every day, please keep us in the struggle. If you value the advocacy and information brought to by the Autism Action Network, please make it possible for us to continue our work by donating at our one fundraiser of the year we do in conjunction with the Autism Community Walk here:

A few months ago, New Yorkers had our right to a religious exemption from vaccine mandates to attend school taken away. Our legislators took away a fundamental right we have always had in this state without a single public hearing or opportunity for the people to be heard. Our Assembly Health Committee re-voted at the behest of our Speaker when the first vote came back to kill the bill. Our Senate conducted their vote behind locked doors.

We now have internal religious refugees in the United Sates, thousands of families have fled, or are planning to flee, New York, California and Maine for states where they will be able to live in accord with their religious beliefs and exercise their God-given right as parents to care for their children.

Dozens of states are considering bills to limit our rights and force more vaccinations on unwilling people. Measles outbreaks are used around the world as a pretext to eliminate any right to refuse vaccines.

The political party that claims, “My body, my choice,” as one of its most closely held values, leads the charge to take away any choice at all to decide what will happen with our bodies or our children’s bodies.

Presidential candidates try to one-up each other to show how ferocious they would be in doing the vaccine cartel’s bidding.

We have members of Congress calling for censorship of any criticism of the vaccine industry. The giant tech monopolies are more than happy to oblige.

The US House of Representatives is considering a resolution denying that vaccine injuries even happen, a mantra that we hear repeatedly in the media and from our elected officials.

This is a global fight between the parents of the world against the cartel that controls 90% of the world vaccine market: Pfizer, Merck, Glaxo and Sanofi. We tend to focus on the politicians, but they are just the hired help in this war.

These four are also the largest drug manufacturers in the world. They are the largest source of campaign money for politicians in the US, and they are the leading source of advertising dollars as well (the two largest recipients of advertising revenue in the world are Facebook and Google.)

In our efforts to keep our rights in New York we were called Nazis, lunatics, and every expletive you have ever heard. Far more troubling, a former Obama administration official in an editorial published in a newspaper owned by the richest man in the world called parents who question the good intentions of the vaccine cartel, “terrorists."

“Terrorists.” Just like the hijackers on 9/11. And we all know what happens to terrorists.

This battle for our fundamental human rights has reached a place most of us probably never imagined it could reach. But here we are. And we will be in it for the long haul. Let’s look to those brave parents in Sacramento, and the long history of Americans fighting for our rights, and know that we have truth and justice on our side, and if we persevere, we will prevail.




Grace Green

Cia and Jeanne,
That's very interesting. There are of course still many working in the field who don't have the first clue about how "autism" affects us. Also, putting on my conspiracy theorist hat, They may have known about it a lot sooner than we think - I have experienced very strange events (along the lines that Brandy Vaughn has) since my injury in 1953.

Jeanne J


People in medical fields and special education had heard of autism since the 70's. But, it was rare. As an occupational therapist in college in the 70's, autism was a half day presentation in a physical disabilities class, as compared to days on cerebral palsy. Now, I get at least 2 brochures per week, in the mail, headlining conferences on how to help improve every issue you can think of related to autism.

Beleaguered Autism Mom

Cia Vaccine damage was known prior to 1986, the liability costs for damages was making vaccines unprofitable for manufacturers. They threatened to quit making them. In hindsight it looks more like blackmail.


There were several lawsuits against the manufacturers of the DPT in which parents won judgments of many millions of dollars. The vaccine manufacturers threatened to stop making vaccines altogether unless they were protected from such lawsuits. And that's when and why they passed the law releasing the manufacturers from liability and set up Vaccine Court. I don't think it was nefarious at that time. I don't think the manufacturers fully realized how dangerous their products often were, and I don't think Congress had any idea at all. They thought they were just allowing children to continue to get disease protection from vaccines while taking care of those who were vaccine-injured. The original idea was that it would be a generous, non-adversarial process, and would both give full support to the injured (presumably a tiny number) while allowing the majority to benefit from vaccines and disease protection. They set the conditions which they thought were the only possible adverse reactions to the vaccines they had then, and it turned out that that was to set them in stone, as they really haven't been altered since that time, even though we now have many more vaccines and many more kinds of vaccine damage, usually delayed rather than immediate or soon after the vaccination was given. No one had ever heard of autism in 1986: not Congress, not the vaccine companies.

Grace Green

Bob, Cia, and Benedetta,
Thanks for your explanations. It seems the increase in numbers of cases, moving in parallel with the increase in vaccination, is the best proof of our case against vaccines. I wonder if the 1986 law being enacted when it was, indicates that They knew about the effect of vaccines on health, even though it was not yet apparent to the general public.


I should have said that the very first cases of autism were apparently caused by the smallpox vaccine around 1800: also in the excellent book The Age of Autism. Several children developing normally, talking, socializing, until they got the smallpox vaccine, lost their language, and starting doing strange things like picking up coals from the fire with their bare hands. That would have been from vaccine encephalitis. And there were probably some cases caused by encephalitis caused by disease: same sort of brain damage. But in the US in 1900, it was essentially, if not totally, zero; in 1980 one in a thousand children; in 1987 (North Dakota study) three in every 10,000 children (maybe tripled when the MMR became universal?), and then after 1990 higher and higher and higher.

Angus Files

We all remeber where wee were when 9/11 happened just like our kids nothing to see foks move on-they would have you believe.And like 9/11 Trump made big promises there also and to date nobody is any the wiser.Good intentions at best vote grabbing at worst.

Pharma For Prison



Grace Green
1986 was the year that here in the United States Congress took away the right for an individual to sue the manufacturer of the DPT vaccine for injuries.

Not just the DPT vaccine, but lots of other vaccines made during that time and for future vaccines as well.
I have heard it is for childhood vaccines only, but long ago, I read a long essay written by an adult that was damaged by a tetanus vaccine (AKA DPT). It was a long discovery journey of going through the government vaccine court, it was a rough journey too. Yet, I noticed that the Shingles vaccine for adults was open to regular, normal suing.

I am unsure every since that perhaps it is not all vaccines are protected.

Gary Ogden

Jeanne: One more thought: It is well known to the police detectives who investigate crimes that eyewitness accounts can be of questionable reliability for reasons having nothing to do the character, intelligence, or motives of the eyewitness. Bear this in mind when evaluating any eyewitness account. The Pentagon video Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch just released shows something striking the Pentagon. Not apparent what that something was.



Autism existed from the inclusion of mercury in the diphtheria vaccine in 1932 in the US, but it was uncommon until 1990. I know a number of people like me who reacted to the DPT with Asperger's, but I think I'm the only one I know who realizes it, and only since I started reading about autism because of my daughter. I knew one woman about my age who said that she had a sister who had been institutionalized with autism. At the time of Rainman in 1986 (?), very few people had ever seen it or heard of it, and doctors were told that they'd probably go their whole careers without ever seeing a case of it. The book The Age of Autism has an excellent discussion of its prevalence from the '40s on, with several very thorough studies looking for it in very large numbers of children followed over many years.

Mark Blaxill did an excellent study on how autism rates suddenly started upwards in Brick Township around 1990. You should look at it. From zero to definitely there overnight, when they added the mercury-containing hep-B and Hib vaccines to the infant schedule.

Bob Moffit

@ Grace Green

Have you got that date of 1986 for the Combat Autism Act correct? I only ask because it's often stated on AoA and other places that autism didn't start till the '90s. If there was a recognition that autism needed to be combated in 1986 then the condition must have been noticeably prevalent for some time before that. My sons were affected in the early 1980s, myself from 1953, and my father from 1918, so this topic is of great interest to me."

My apologies .. you are absolutely correct .. the Combat Autism Act was enacted in 2006

At that time .. I clearly remember one voice being raised warning of the Act .. that voice belonged to Dr. Bernard Rimland .. who was very public in stating it should actually be named .. the PRETEND COMBAT AUTISM ACT. Unfortunately Rimland's wise warning went unheeded by just about every major autism organization at that time .. all were convinced the Act would greatly benefit our community in gaining recognition and compensation for our vaccine injured children.

Sorry for the confusion ..

Gary Ogden

Pete: As Donald Trump himself said on that day it would have been impossible for a thin aluminum airframe to punch through the massive steel columns of those buildings, which, unlike most, were external, one between each set of window, as well as internal. This design essentially made them impregnable to aircraft. We’ve all seen the video of the second plane punching a plane-shaped hole in the second tower. This couldn’t be an accurate representation of what caused the explosion and fire. What is going on here? As for the Pentagon, it would be virtually impossible for even the most skilled pilot, let alone a novice who flunked flight school, to have flown a large commercial plane at essentially ground level into the side of the Pentagon after corkscrewing down from altitude. Finally, and this will be my last word on this subject. we have the most sophisticated air-defense system in the world. It is called NORAD. No response from NORAD. 90 minutes of no response from NORAD. And no real investigation, no forensic investigation at all of the lava-like pools of molten steel at the bottom of the pile for weeks (nothing in those buildings could have burned hot enough to melt steel). Lee Hamilton, co-chair of the 9/11 Commission said it was “set up to fail,” and that the report produced was “flawed and incomplete” and this was partly because Robert Mueller, the head of the FBI, stonewalled them at every turn, hid witnesses, and lied.



"I might look into alternative theories of how the buildings collapsed"

Yes, that's the best way forward, what I've found is those who focus on looking into the collapses tend to be left in no doubt, everything else is just by the by.

Many will see that fact that there were so many successful phone calls allegedly from planes on 9/11/2001 as a big red flag in itself, as mobile phones wouldn't have worked from those heights. So what was really going on with all those impossible calls? Here's a helpful example, listen carefully to the warning which gets whispered at the end.

Pentagon - If it were a plane or a missile, it wouldn't really make a big difference to the debate either way. So we don't have to get into that one and decide how reliable the witnesses are.

It's always important to remember the tricks the media play on people about vaccines and anti-vaxxers are also used for the topic of 9/11.

Grace Green

Have you got that date of 1986 for the Combat Autism Act correct? I only ask because it's often stated on AoA and other places that autism didn't start till the '90s. If there was a recognition that autism needed to be combated in 1986 then the condition must have been noticeably prevalent for some time before that. My sons were affected in the early 1980s, myself from 1953, and my father from 1918, so this topic is of great interest to me.

Jeanne J

On the issue of the planes vs. controlled detonation of the World Trade Center buildings, I am not from New York, was not there at time of the attacks, and other than the extensive documentaries that I have looked at, over several anniversaries of 9/11, I might look into alternative theories of how the buildings collapsed.

On the issue of Flight 93, there are messages that numbers of passengers on the flight had with family members (voice mail, text, and actual conversations) and with their phone carriers, including prayers. So, these passengers, their family members and random persons working for phone carrier services would all have to be in on the planned bombing of the plane out of the air, as they all indicated that they were going to try to attack the hijackers, and would either be successful in stopping the plane or, as appears to have happened, crashing the plan. I find the likelihood of all of those people being in on a rouse rather implausible.

But on the issue of the Pentagon, it is not hard in the Washington metropolitan area (D.C., Maryland, Virginia) to know someone who has some relationship to the Pentagon, as the business the government is the industry for this area. I had a neighbor, at the time, who was in the Pentagon parking lot on 9/11. He saw the plane hit the Pentagon. He was knocked to the ground by the impact of the plane hitting the Pentagon. So, unless a commercial plane was equipped with a missile, which detonated at the same time as the commercial plane hitting the Pentagon, a commercial plane was used as a bomb to hit the Pentagon. The eye witness account of this event, just like the eye witness accounts of mine and thousands of other families about vaccine damage trumps any alternative theories. So, on the issue of plane vs. missile bombing the Pentagon, because of the eye witness account, for this reason I AM OUT!!!

Bob Moffit

@ John

"There is no doubt that whatever happened on 9/11 it became the beginning of gigantic power-grab by the deep state"

The very same could be said about the beginning of the "gigantic power-grab by vaccine industry deep state" in 1986.

After 9/11 we legislated the PATRIOT ACT .. who would dare oppose a bill named the PATRIOT ACT?
In 1986 we legislated the COMBAT AUTISM ACT .. who would dare oppose a bill named the COMBAT AUTISM ACT?

See a pattern here?

John Stone

There is no doubt that whatever happened on 9/11 it became the beginning of gigantic power-grab by the deep state:

Following it, of course, there were biological attack alarms which come to nothing. Thimerosal and Eli Lilly got protected in the Homeland Security Act. Just as in Orwell’s “1984” we are in a perpetual state of war, notably against disease.



There are lots of documentaries out there, and a large rapidly growing community, quite a bit bigger than our own community. I was involved heavily over 10 years ago, before I discovered that vaccination was the cause to focus my efforts on.

I'd recommend doing the research for yourself, it can be quite upsetting, but having been involved here you'll probably be ready for that.

To cut a long story short, here are some of the common conclusions that people tend to draw after years of involvement:-

1. Three WTC towers were rigged up in advance for controlled demolition
2. The planes had little to do with the collapses.
3. For the towers to be rigged up, there would have to be insider involvement.
4. Air force stand down was deliberate to allow the planes to hit
5. No hijackers, planes had remote pilots. Some 'hijackers' have been found alive.
6. It was a missile that hit the Pentagon, not a plane
7. The plane that was meant to hit WTC7 (Flight 93) was delayed in airport congestion, so it couldn't get there to hit the tower in time before the air force stand-down was over. It was then shot down.
8. The whole event was a false flag to create a pretext for the so-called 'War on Terror', which is a project to take over as much of the Middle East as possible while Russia are/were weak after breakdown of USSR.


CIA Parker to reach those that have been snookered; Every chance we get we have to be Brave, and say it, even when we know they a laughing at us behind our backs; and some times to our face. Yeah, they think we are a loon. "Our interesting friend".

I must always remember what it was like when I was snookered.

I hate being "the interesting friend", but like many things in life that I am very unhappy about, including my 32 year old son begging for a little plastic figure, from some Kingdom of Hearts Game that cost 80 dollars, I will persevere.

Gary Ogden

Jeanne: The Franklin Square and Munson Fire District (near Queens) Commissioners, who lost one of their own on that infamous day, have unanimously called for a new investigation into the 9/11 attacks. Press conference here:
The U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Geoffrey Berman, has empaneled a Grand Jury to look at the (voluminous) evidence presented to them by a group of surviving families and the Lawyers Committee for 9/11 Inquiry. See:
University of Alaska Fairbanks paper here:
More evidence here:
As I’ve said before this is a topic which really doesn’t belong here, but its relevance is this: Our government has lied about everything else; why would it have told the truth about this? You will never read or hear any of this factual information in the mainstream media, any more than you will read or hear any anything factual about vaccines; they have largely become a propaganda operation. This information rightly will make some people deeply uncomfortable because of its horrifying implications and from the painful memories of that day, but to heal as a nation, the truth must come out, just as the truth of the vaccine holocaust must come out. I like to think Dan would have been on this like a chicken on a June bug had he known about it.



I agree. I think a lot of it is a fear thing. If we blame the US government instead of the real perpetrators, it's kind of transgressive and fun in a safe way. No one is going to come to your house in the middle of the night and torture and kill you because you said you think 9/11 is an inside job. While I think most people now instinctively curb their tongue before saying anything critical about ---. As John Kleese said, he curbs his tongue, otherwise there might be a peace of you here, a peace of you there... Yeah, what would be the reason? We had a balanced budget before 9/11, and ultimately, the biggest debt in world history, which I don't know how it will ever be resolved. Because we got involved in Iraq and Afghanistan. It wasn't for revenge, but most Americans want to use our power to help people. (And also to destroy the training camps in Afghanistan, which I supported.) Remember when the US helped set up democratic elections in Iraq for the first time, how proud everyone was to see withered old women leave the polls grinning, with their blue-stamped finger in the air to proved that they had voted? Remember when we got involved in Bosnia to the tune of mucho dinero, many lives lost, and an interminable mess? Basically because we felt sorry when we saw innocent people massacred. Or Mogadishu. After Iraq, did we sweep in to conquer the oil fields and pirate out the oil without paying for it, under heavily-guarded escort because that's just what we do, steal other people's oil? We took out ISIS as a territorial entity, with help, especially from the Kurds, but it wouldn't have been done without us. And why? I talked to my Iranian friend about it over five years ago, after seeing a photo in Time of children's heads impaled on the fence of a public park in Iraq in August 2014. I could not imagine it. And from that time I read everything I could get about ISIS and its Salafi-Jihadist ideology, which is letter for letter by its h-ly texts. I wanted to stop ISIS, cost what it might. I supported sending troops, I still do, we did the right thing. Remember the teen-aged boys beheaded because they were caught watching a soccer game on TV when they were supposed to be attending salat prayers? The many thousands of innocent men, women, and children murdered in the most gruesome ways to encourage everyone else to stick to the straight and narrow. The thousands of Yazidi women kidnapped and sold in public slave markets as sex slaves, their fathers and brothers murdered, often before their eyes. In March I followed the Battle of Baghuz on a daily basis: the fiercest, most protracted battle since WWII (after the Battle of Mosul), and it was barely ever mentioned in the news. Thousands of ISIS families in underground tunnels, many of them refusing to let their women and children be taken to safety, despite many entreaties by the Americans and Kurds.

And 9/11 has been far from the only one, has it? Remember the al-Queda attacks on the US ship and the embassy in Kenya? How about the train attack in Madrid or the public transportation attacks in London? Or those two and three years ago. Yeah, great, blow up little girls at an Ariana Grande concert. Totally planned and financed by the US. Or, well, I could go on and on and on. The website The Rel-gion of Pe-ce (I can't get to it using Google anymore, but I can typing it into the central search bar on Duck Duck Go) keeps a running daily tab with links to the original reports going back to 9/11. As of today, there have been 35,620 deadly attacks in the world in the name of Isl-m.


Can you point out where I have indicated that I do not care when disabled people are the objects of terrorist attacks? The next question would be what could be done about it when it occurs. I think in the attacks you mentioned the attackers were mentally ill. And the number you mentioned is low outside of those perpetrated by certain ideologies. The murder of the defective in Nazi Germany was eventually ended because so many ordinary Germans objected and were not willing to go along with it. (And the next obvious question is why they did not object and refuse to go along with murdering Jews, gypsies, Poles, and so on.) And why would I single out the disabled for my concern in the Armenian genocide, or the Iraqi genocide in the same period? I have seen photos of mounds of bearded heads of the men massacred, long rows of naked teen-aged girls nailed to crosses and left to die. Which they did. While we quibble about whether or not to recognize the anniversary of the massacre. Tens of thousands of them.

Numbers count. Right now many Christians are being murdered only because they are Christian by Boko Haram, ash-Shabaab, and other M--- groups every day. Not in an equally-matched, give-and-take struggle as my Catholic neighbor has brushed it off as so she doesn't have to look at the reality. Torture and murder for no reason other than that they are Christian. Or Hindu or Buddhist, as the case may be. The Jews have either left voluntarily or been killed or driven out of the countries where they had lived for over a thousand years, from the --- countries, in the first half of the twentieth century. The Christians are leaving now, and I hope they all get out in time, as this persecution is occurring in moderate numbers, but steady, numbers every day in the middle-Eastern, Copts in Egypt, and countries near India. Yes, I am more concerned about them than isolated cases of anyone being killed by someone who is mentally ill. Just last week a M- girl in Canada was tortured and murdered by her brother at the behest of her father because she put up a video of herself with her fiancé on social media. A beautiful girl, twenty years old. Are you concerned about her? Not aware of it? Why are these atrocities not covered by the MSM?

Jeanne J

The controlled demolition of the Twin Towers might make some degree of sense, if it were the first time an attempt had been tried to bring it down, and it was the only target. People always seem to forget that the first attempt was made in 1993 from below, with a truck filled with the kind of explosives used in the Oklahoma city bombing. We put those terrorists on trial, and it was not an inside job. Clearly a learning curve had been figured out by the terrorist when they, years later, figured out that a fully fueled plane, bombing the towers from above would set in motion systems failures that had not been thought out by the original architects. That being said, I happen to live near Washington, DC. The Pentagon was also bombed - again, a point people seem to always forget. You could drive around the area and actually see a plane hanging outside of it. There was no other "bringing down" of the rest of the Pentagon. So, what would have been the point of a plane running into the Pentagon, if the whole point was a controlled demolition of the Whole Trade Centers? And, what was the point of the additional attack plane that martyred Americans successfully sabotaged? You know, the reason why we can believe vaccine injury over the Pharma-based tyrannical hold on the narrative is:
1. There is history on vaccine injury. There literally is a whole medical, media and individual common sense way of thinking about vaccines before 1986, and the descent into fear-thinking about vaccines by the medical, media and individual community post-1986.
2. There is history on how one thought about communicable childhood diseases. Again, there was a common sense thinking that all parties engaged in prior to 1986 and the slow descent into fear post-1986.
3. There are thousands and thousands of parents the world over who have witnessed the same destruction of their family members/themselves following a vaccination.
4. We have document and video evidence of Pharma, medical, and corporate malfeasance, going back decades related to the dangers of vaccines.
5. And we know the point of this era of vaccine damage - the Pharma cartel wants an unconditional endless source of mega income and ultimate world domination of the masses to fuel their income.
So, other than one architectural group, where is the corroborating evidence of the controlled demolition, what was the point, and why the other crash sights?

Hans Litten
Tuesday, September 10, 2019 - 12:10 PM

A new vaccine alliance with the aim of boosting the uptake of childhood vaccines will be open to organisations that “support its principles”.
The alliance will include healthcare professionals, policymakers, patient advocates, students, and representatives from groups most affected by what the Department of Health has described as “vaccine hesitancy”.
Membership of the alliance will be finalised between now and December and in the meantime, Health Minister, Simon Harris, is arranging to meet with social media companies to discuss their efforts in combatting vaccine misinformation.
“Vaccination rates across the country are falling and diseases we had consigned to the history books are now making a comeback,” said Mr Harris at the launch of the alliance in Dublin.
“We cannot afford to do nothing. We cannot allow the success of our childhood immunisation programme to become its enemy.”
Mr Harris said the alliance would build on the success they had with the HPV vaccine with rates increasing from 51% to 70% in a short time and it would ensure parents had accurate, evidence-based information about vaccinations.
A steering group to guide the work of the alliance has already met and includes a wide range of organisations including Barnardos, Unicef Ireland, Science Foundation Ireland, Pavee Point and the Union of Students of Ireland as well as parents, doctors, nurses, midwives and pharmacists.
Research carried out by the Department of Health to help inform the work of the alliance found that some parents have genuine concerns about the use of vaccines but most believe that vaccinating their child was extremely important.

go Trump

9-11 was a sad day in America, but since that time, we have spent SIX trillion trying to get even, and by killing a million + we seem to have made a new generation of enemies.

Since 2001, there has been 60 - 70,000 SIDS deaths and 2 million added to the Autism spectrum. Those that think there is a problem with this situation, are mocked nationwide in the news and ignored by State legislatures & Congress.

Gary Ogden

It in no way denigrates the memory of those lost eighteen years ago or subsequently to evaluate evidence. That is my only point.


The Trade Towers withstood the impact of the planes, but it was the thousands of pounds of jet fuel dumped inside the buildings when the planes crashed that started massive fires which stripped away the fire insulation from many of the beams, and the fires became so intense that the steel beams reached melting point. The Towers were built to withstand the impact of a lost jet of ca. 1970 low on fuel accidentally hitting them, not planes deliberately striking them as fast as they could go, just loaded with massive amounts of fuel.

International troops tried to defend the lives of innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan. Remember Saddam Hussein gassing thousands of his own people to death? His sones kidnapping and raping little girls? (Etc.) Remember the Taliban killing girls who wanted to go to school? Cutting off their ears and noses? I didn't and don't know what it would have been better to do, but I don't think just looking away from such atrocities is the right thing to do.

What are the only areas which have slavery today? The only ones which force child marriage? Behead those of unfavored religions? Remember the Trappist monks? Burn down and desecrate churches? How did the movement to end slavery begin? Oh, yeah, in the US and England in the late eighteenth century. Nowhere else. How about women's rights, animal rights, gay rights? Let's give credit where credit is due.

You are not denigrating only the passengers of the plane that fought back and crashed in Pennsylvania. There were hundreds of heroes on 9/11 who struggled to save lives, the lives of people whose only sin was that they had gone to work that day. Ordinary people, good people, people with families who loved them and rich, rewarding lives. Which ended that day in horror for three thousand of them. The other day a man who had put a 9/11 memorial sticker on his door was told by law enforcement to take it down, that concern about 9/11 was obsolete. ??? Never again.


In case anyone who hasn’t looked into 9/11 before wants to find out what this is about, a good place to start is with the Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth. Thousands of experts have now concluded that the towers were taken down by controlled demolitions, this means they were wired up in advance of the planes hitting. They are doing their best to get the word out, but are facing similar types of corruption and censorship as we in the vaccine debate do.



Excellent comment!!

The new study is an important step forward and the number of architects and engineers joining the movement for truth is growing all the time.

I think if a plane had flown into WTC7 they might have got away with the official narrative, but unfortunately for them it got delayed in airport congestion so couldn’t arrive on time.



There are various different journeys which people make to end up here, one of the most common will be if there was a vaccine injury in the family. Another way to get here is if you investigate other topics which the media and government lie about, sooner or later you end up with the vaccine debate.

I would recommend that anyone who hasn’t looked into 9/11 before keeps an open mind, just as we want the pro-vaccine assumers to keep an open mind on vaccines. Like with vaccines, one has to research deeper into 9/11, the media won’t tell you the other side of the story and about all the experts speaking out.

susan welch

Pete. I'm disappointed with myself for being naive enough to believe your comment was genuine. I did think it was odd and out of context. What I hadn't realised was that it was a pathetic dig at families who witnessed adverse reactions from their children after multiple, never tested for safety, liability free shots.

Grow up - and have a little empathy.

Kim M Editor

I do not think 9/11 was an inside job. I would not speculate on our readers. We tske enough grief w the FACT of what happened to our kids. Don’t paint us w the 9/11 brush, please.




That's an example of what I was saying. You can say My body, my choice, but others will say that once you are carrying an unborn baby, it is not only your body, your choice, but his body, and he has no choice and no voice. Those who are against abortion consider themselves to be a voice for the voiceless defending the babies' right to life. And who is in favor of killing babies?


I hope that not many AoA readers think that the 9/11 attacks were staged by the American government, or by Mossad. Did they miss the years of plotting at German universities by M- grad students there? The videos showing the hijackers checking in at the airport beforehand? The letter to his bride in Paradise in the jacket pocket of the main jihadi, Mohammad Attah? The calls from passengers and flight attendants about the hijackings in progress and those who had been killed with box-cutters? Brother James Schall, in his excellent essay "Nine-eleven Revisited: Five Years Later," says on p. 54 of his anthology On Isl-m, "The theory that it was an American plot deserves no credence at all." He continues: "We know ...that the World Trade Center was destroyed because passenger planes, hijacked by young Musl-m men who shrewdly prepared themselves just for that purpose, rammed planes into the buildings...Many people in Muslim cities cheered the event as a 'success.' As far as I know, we have received no apology from those who claim responsibility. They did not warn their intended victims. They were not saddened by their success but content with it. Nor did any one of them offer reparations for the damage they caused. This implies that, in their own minds, what they did was not unjust but an act of virtue. The pilots and their henchmen were, in their own estimation, 'martyrs,' not 'killers.'"

Mossad did it? It called 4,000 Jews who worked at the TTT to warn them of the disaster it was about to carry out (for what purpose?) and all 4,000 stayed home sick the next day, not one of whom mentioned it to anyone else or warned them? Sort of a modern-day blood libel? Mossad worked hand in glove with the perpetrators for years, offering them what compensation? Why would jihadi work with Israel? Osama bin Laden in reality had nothing at all to do with it, despite videos of him and his colleagues celebrating when they saw the towers fall?

I had friends who were very enthusiastic about another chance to make up a reason to hate the United States. One of them told me that it would not have been possible for thousands of pieces of paper to fall from the planes and the buildings, that they would have been burned up, except that I saw them flutter down in videos and in photos. And, again, none of these people is my friend now, it would not be possible.

I had a friend born Musl-m who has lived here for decades, a naturalized American citizen, say four days after 9/11: Don't you think you deserved it? (And similar, little by little over the years.) I have finally and very painfully realized that it's like in the Civil War, when brother fought against brother in many cases, and families were torn apart in the bitter arguments over it. I think it's good to try to understand the other person's point of view, but at a certain point you usually have to take sides. And at that point, I'm against vaccine mandates and I am a proud Westerner, a Christian who believes in Enlightenment values and human rights, and tolerance of other religions and lifestyles up to the point where they infringe upon the rights of others.


Thank you for fighting for us!

Gary Ogden

Pete: It has now become clear that the only possible reason for the collapse of WTC 7 is planned demolition. The engineering department at the University of Alaska Fairbanks has released a draft report detailing this, allowing two months of comment before publishing the final report. Worth a read. And, if this is true of WTC 7, it must be true of 1 and 2. No steel-frame high-rise building has ever collapsed due to fire, although several have become fully-engulfed, and burned to a crisp, all but the steel. Both WTC 1 and 2 were engineered and built specifically to withstand the impact of an aircraft of the size of the ones which hit them. This is not the place to hash any of this out, but represents another example of our government lying to us, hiding evidence, and stonewalling any investigation. This is why Dr. Thompson has not been, nor ever will be, called to testify before the Oversight Committee. It would be an earthshaking event for any of the CDC lies to be drug out from the swamp naked and cowering in fear into the light.

Jeanne J


You denigrate the memory of the the 6 adults who died in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, when the terrorists tried to bring the Trade Centers down from the bottom. You also denigrate the memory of the 40 passengers on Flight 93, who knew they were dealing with terrorists attempting to bomb the next American icon, and chose instead to martyr themselves so that innocent people wouldn't be killed and people who cry fraud would have real proof of who the criminals were. You also missed the point of the post and are acting like the Pharma cartel in blaming the victims instead of the criminals. PLEASE STOP!!!!

pumpkin eater

I congratulate you on your graduation from Rapid Tyranny 101, (using deflection at all times).
You are now over qualified to seek advanced employment as a pharma social media expert (if you haven't already done so).
The opportunities are unlimited (unless you are replaced by AI).


It’s likely that a significant % of the AoA readers view 9/11 as an inside job, the three towers taken down using controlled demolitions.


"The political party that claims, “My body, my choice,” as one of its most closely held values, leads the charge to take away any choice at all to decide what will happen with our bodies or our children’s bodies."
And they did it with extraordinary arrogance, and distinct misogyny; I no longer recognize my former party.

Thank you for an insightful and inspiring essay.


I think everyone should stop using the word "terrorism." Very few people are terrorists in the sense of killing and destroying just for their own sake. Anti-vaxxers are against vaccine damage and for natural health. Who is in favor of vaccine damage and against natural health? Provaxxers are against people being disabled or dying from vaccine-preventable diseases, to the point that they are willing to mandate that everyone be vaxxed to prevent the spread of VPDs. But who is in favor of people being disabled or killed by disease? M- terrorists act in order to ultimately save most of us, showing us the way which they sincerely believe to be the only true one, the only way to attain an eternity in Paradise rather than an eternity in Hell. Their violence is not out of a love for killing in itself, but as a way to wake us up, scare us, and encourage us to listen to their message. And it worked in all the countries which are now M- but once were Christian, Buddhist, Zoroastrian, or Hindu. As Brother James Schall said in his excellent book On Isl-m, it is insulting to call them terrorists and delays our recognition of what is really at stake (similar to the vaccine wars). They should more properly be called mujahidin (the word jihad, holy war, is in it). Of course I am appalled by the violence and the lack of respect for Western values, which I as a Westerner do not regard as corrupt and degenerate, but rather as truly liberating and admirable, but I, like Brother Schall, respect their commitment even unto death to what they regard as a divinely-ordained mission.

And I think we should think about how to reach well-meaning individuals who have been snookered by the pharma narrative. They believe that millions would die if everyone stopped getting the vaccines, or even many would die if some did. They are mistaken about the dangers of measles, mumps, and pertussis, and about vaccine safety. But I don't think going all the way to the other end serves our purposes either when we deny that anything said by any scientist or medical professional is true or verifiable.

But none of us is a terrorist in the sense of anarchy and a love of destruction for its own sake.


@ Bob Moffit:

Here, here! Agreed.

I’m really becoming convinced that RFK was right - this is truly the next civil rights movement being born. It’s about time people woke up! Except that this one involves every living human being. Medical fascism and the fight for medical freedom over our own bodies affects us all. So we are thus destined to win by sheer numbers alone!

I will never, ever light my own children on fire to supposedly keep someone else’s kids warm. (Or more accurately, some globalist elites in control and politicians’ pockets lined.) We’ve already been burned enough. NEVER AGAIN.

Bob Moffit

"This battle for our fundamental human rights has reached a place most of us probably never imagined it could reach. But here we are. And we will be in it for the long haul. Let’s look to those brave parents in Sacramento, and the long history of Americans fighting for our rights, and know that we have truth and justice on our side, and if we persevere, we will prevail."

John .. you have been a true WARRIOR in these days where our very way of life is threatened as never threatened before .. as our enemies and battles are not being fought against foreign troops on distant lands .. instead .. our enemies and battles are being waged within our own country .. against a DOMESTIC ENEMY .. in our very own communities .. our very own schools .. defending our most precious resources .. our CHILDREN .. from an onslaught of hostile legislative acts reminiscent of similar hostile legislative acts that spawned an American revolution over two hundred years ago.

Yes .. John … "THESE are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman."

As you so eloquently put it: "Let’s look to those brave parents in Sacramento, and the long history of Americans fighting for our rights, and know that we have truth and justice on our side, and if we persevere, we will prevail."

You, my friend, well "deserve the love and thanks of man and woman" for all you have done and continue to do in our battle for "TRUTH AND JUSTICE" in defense of our children .. know that you are not alone .. WE WILL PERSEVERE, WE WILL PREVAIL.

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