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Your Children. Your Choice. Watch. Share. Teach. Learn.

HPC Meme No one accountable for safety
Your back to school assignment is to help share this video on Facebook. Why? Because from New York to California, vaccination choice is under siege. Healthy children are being banned from school as exemptions are being removed. Students in special education are being denied FAPE. 

You can watch the video below, but we ask you to please click this link on Facebook to drive views. Feel free to copy and share the link that goes directly to the GreenMedInfo landing site for the video.

We have screen grabs from the video you can use to share on Twitter, Insta, and elsewhere. The link goes to the GreenMedInfo FB page where the video “redides.” Thank you.

Download Your children Your Choice Screengrab photos here



go Trump

The vaccine mandate program in the United States has gone "far to far" already. Should SB276 pass, America should demand ...Vaccine records to be made public ... of the nation's rather elite children.

Which of course, would include the Gates family, the Clinton's, and the children of the President.

Free mercury FLU shots should be given to Congress when they return. Each vaccine for the elites needs to be documented on camera, along with the hep b vaccine for their new born grandchildren.

A study of the children of AAP members needs to be evaluated for Autism and other issues to make sure the are at least keeping up with the the National averages.


Oh! Hang on the landing site is this one:

The former was the face book page.


That link (above) doesn’t work for me. These do:

or the full version:

Bob Moffit

This is an excellent .. fact filled video … of the numerous questions and concerns parents have regarding the "safety and efficiency" of the 16 vaccines .. administered over 76 doses .. children are required to receive .. no religious or philosophical exemptions permitted in NYS.

Off topic slightly .. while watching a discussion of another topic on a cable show .. one guest stated: "We are constantly told the "science is settled" on the issue of global warming" .. but .. today we are learning the "science may not be settled" on how many biological genders beside male/female there are .. some claim as many as 57 genders scientifically exist.

One must ask .. is the "science ever settled on ANY issue"?

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