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Vaccine Safety Paramount... for Pigs and Profit

Starving piggy bankNote: Thanks to Nancy Hokkanen for sharing this article about problem of a serious virus that is attacking pigs in china.  She took note of a particular line, on which we have expanded below.

Urgency for vaccine grows as virus ravages China's pigs

But before a vaccine becomes available, it needs to be tested in large numbers of pigs in secure facilities with isolation pens, waste and carcass incinerators and decontamination showers for staff, said Linda Dixon, a biologist at London's Pirbright Institute, which studies viral diseases in livestock. The process takes two to five years, she said.

The extensive testing is necessary to ensure vaccines made by weakened viruses don't have unintended side effects.

In the 1960s, for instance, Spain and Portugal tested such a vaccine after outbreaks of African swine fever. The treated pigs seemed fine at first, but then lesions broke out on their skin, arthritis locked up their joints and the animals failed to fatten up, said Jose Manuel Sanchez-Vizcaino Rodriguez, who leads a lab focused on African swine fever at the University in Madrid.

One of the "...unintended side effects" that warranted extensive testing was that the pigs did not fatten up. Ah ha. Skinny pigs are not profitable. So safety is extra important.  What about unintended side effects for vaccines given to humans?



Well Barry's Daddy along with most Americans are waiting for Cronkite, or Matt Lauer. Al Roker. David Koch, Morley Safer, Harry Smith, or that guy on CNN that looks like death warmed over, and about as expressionless as a corpse - yeah Anderson Cooper to tell us about this study.

Well when they do Bob, yeah Bob they will then mention that a sheep study in Spain shows that when they skin the sheep, the found the inside of the skins have those growths called granolas lumps (LOL). No, my fellow Americans; not some kind of cereal to eat even though we got some thing going on there too, it's granulomas lumps found at the very sites of the skin that they stuck those sheep with vaccines.

It will be in the news as soon as Pharma don't pay advertisements, and just don't pay.
Until then we shall not expect to hear the name of Professor Gherardi over in France saying that the aluminum is settling in the fasciitis, that is fas cii its ; that membrane that surrounds the muscles and causing knots in the arches of the feet of humans, and knots around the shoulder blades, knots (granolas) granulomas, myofasciitis ; and if not for the knots it would go to the lymph, the spleen the tonsils and the brain.

Those cats, those silly cats, damage one side of the hypothalamus and they waste away from not eating, damage the other side and they eat till they die, or can't move they are so obese.

Karen Carpenter or Cass Elliot. Both wonderful singers. Both died of inflammation, heart attacks. One did not eat, the other the opposite.

But nothing to think on there.

Angus Files

Forgot to say David if you get a metal detector and pass it over sheep poo more often than not the metal detector gives out bleeps indicating metal...I got attacked by two sheep last winter out walking with my autistic son Nuts stuff sheep not rams chasing a human..

Pharma For Prison


Angus Files

What you see with the pigs is it not similar to autism,kids with gut problems and weight problems etc.Of course it cant be vaccines,it cant be vaccines,it cant be vaccines nothing to see folks move on, it cant be vaccines,it cant be vaccines,it cant be vaccines

Pharma For Prison


Jenny Allan

David L - Great research -but scary.

David L

The editors at a science journal suddenly turned on that small Spanish sheep study (which can be replicated by others) which they had already peer-reviewed and published and then stamped it: "WITHDRAWN". This was not about shoddy science or ethical breaches; some anonymous letter-writer had wanted the study removed, and the journal acquiesced. It was censored. The accepted paper in Pharmacological Research (Elsevier) was withdrawn (not retracted) last March 8th 2019 by the editor without a single reason other than non-declared conflicts of interest, fear of science and for sure pressure from external, not-revealed forces. The paper links the use of aluminum as vaccine adjuvant with behavioral changes in sheep observed in the vaccinated and aluminum adjuvant targeted animals only that were not observed in the controls, explaining some of the clinical signs observed in ovine ASIA syndrome (Autoimmune/Inflammatory syndrome induced by Adjuvants). https://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/anatomy-science-study-censorship https://thehighwire.com/emails-expose-journals-censorship/

Google and GlaxoSmithKline “are essentially one company now.” They are engaged in a partnership worth over 715 million dollars. https://www.biospace.com/article/glaxosmithkline-google-s-verily-create-715-million-bioelectronic-medicines-firm-/ To make matters even scarier, GlaxoSmithKline has taken control of Google’s data. https://www.cnbc.com/2017/12/18/gsk-is-taking-control-of-google-data-to-find-out-more-about-customers.html Much of the censorship is related to ties to the pharmaceutical industry, Politifact, a website run by the Poynter Institute, is in partnership with Facebook as a so called independent 3rd party, fact-checker. Poynter’s fact-checking operation however was funded by a $380,000 grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation .  Serving on its Board of Directors for Facebook also is Sue Desmond-Hellmann. Desmond-Hellman is also the Chief Executive Officer of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. She was the first head of the foundation to be neither a former Microsoft executive nor a personal friend of the Gates. Amazon is now a pharmacy delivering medication direct to you. Meet Pillpak, a new member of the amazon family.  https://tgl.ink/UKPNW9  and https://www.amazon.com/stores/page/5C6C0A16-CE60-4998-B799-A746AE18E19B   Patricia Q. Stonesifer is current Director of amazon.com, previously held the positions of Senior Advisor, President, Co-Chair and a 2 year stint as CEO of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. No wonder these companies are making vaccine and anti pharma censorship moves.

Bob Moffit

Del Bigtree "Highwire" had recent guest from Spain who researched the effects of a "blue tongue" vaccine for sheep. This interview was positively frightening .. as the guest showed video's of sheep who had received the vaccine exhibiting bizarre behaviors .. such as .. sheep leaving their flock … self-isolating themselves from other sheep .. injuring themselves through repetitive odd behaviors .. banging their heads against odd surfaces .. eating the wool from the skins of other sheep causing injuries to those sheep .. on and on.

This guest conducted three "control groups" .. one got the blue tongue vaccine .. one got only the aluminum amount in the vaccine .. one got a true placebo saline injection.

Within a short period of time .. it was easy to identify which sheep had gotten either the full vaccine or just the aluminum since these groups both began exhibiting the odd behaviors … the placebo group was unaffected.

Anyone watching these videos of sheep acting bizarrely after vaccination would immediately realize the odd sheep behaviors mirror exactly the odd behaviors of a child who "regressed" after vaccines and would eventually be diagnosed autistic. I searched google for info on this stunning research and found NOTHING about it .. yet many positive articles on blue tongue disease were available.

Would love to know if blue tongue vaccine for sheep is still being widely used .. either this scientists research is a fraud … or … SHEEP HERDERS SHOULD KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN VACCINATING THIER FLOCK.

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