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Governor Newsom, Do You Condone Slurs from Maral Farsi About Your Constituents


UmbrageBy Wayne Rohde

I have been searching for a word or phrase to describe the diabolical work of Dorit Reiss this past couple of weeks. She has published several articles attacking parents who have lost children after vaccination.

The word that I have been searching for is Schadenfreude. A word in the German language. It is described as the following:

The emotion of pleasure in others' misfortune is generally regarded as morally evil. It is often considered to be less acceptable than envy, which is regarded as a deadly sin. It would appear to be morally more perverse to be pleased with another person's misfortune than to be displeased with another person's good fortune. Indeed Arthur Schopenhauer argues that to feel envy is human, but to enjoy other people's misfortune is diabolical. For Schopenhauer, pleasure in others' misfortune is the worst trait in human nature, since it is closely related to cruelty.[i]

Dorit is a Professor of Law at University of California-Hastings College of Law and pro-vaccine advocate. Generally, she sticks to her legal analysis of vaccine compensation cases within the NVICP.  She pushes for legal policy and social change by promoting her desire to allow the state to issue fines or other civil penalties against parents who do not comply with vaccination mandates. She favors the state removal of parental rights for exemptions.

Her usual MO is to use misdirection, some legal theory and fear mongering to distract people and point them in her desired direction and away from the actual facts of the case.

She writes articles blaming the parents of vaccine injured children from shutting down her bully pulpit, lectern or microphone. Cute. She distorts the facts and claims to be the victim. Dorit, you are not a victim. Not even close.



In recent weeks, Dorit has begun a new campaign of hate and preying on parents who have lost children to vaccination. Some to SIDS and some to vaccinations such as Gardasil for teen age children.

Dorit, your public posts of the death of Christopher Bunch are filled with so many false statements. I don’t know if you were purposely lying to your readers by stating Christopher’s doctors did not see or connect his Gardasil vaccination with his medical condition of ADEM which lead to his death. Read here.

Christopher’s father challenged your vile and blatantly false statement.



Drr 3

You were at the quarterly ACIP meeting last October in Atlanta. You sat and listened to Christopher Bunch’s mother who spoke about the tragic events of her son’s death. Your article about him is misleading on purpose. You are lying to the readers of that trash.

Mother grieving

You recently turned your attention to a mother who lost her baby earlier this year from vaccination. We all know it as SIDS. But you continue to inject denial and without knowing the science of the specific case, you publicly state that the child did not die from her vaccinations. You even convinced one of your followers to join in and continue the emotional assault.

Drr 5

Drr 6

You continue to use statements denying any connection of a specific vaccine with a medical condition, especially death, cancer or autism. How convenient for you to hide behind “science does not reflect” or “there is no good basis to blame” or even “theories offered were very, very implausible.

What a load of donkey doo.

Dorit, you use big data studies to proclaim that Gardasil and other vaccines are safe. Of course you can hide serious adverse reactions in those studies. Independent researchers and scientists are prevented by Pharma from looking into these specific cases such as Gardasil causing Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis (ADEM), you get to claim there is no connection.

This playbook isn’t new. Consider the football concussion issue and CTE or Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. The NFL spent millions of dollars and thousands of hours denying any connection and lots of power and influence to derail scientists and research. Now the NFL has acknowledged in a small degree the danger of concussions. But not until the NFL was overwhelmed with the deaths of retired players. The families knew.

Remember the Agent Orange issue. Our own government delayed studies, delayed medical treatment and compensation for thousands of vets and the chemical companies denied any connection of the product with cancer and other medical conditions. Until DuPont, Monsanto and our government got overwhelmed with the number of vets and civilians with cancer. The families knew.

Think about Tobacco.  We all remember CDC and even medical doctors telling the public there is no connection with smoking tobacco and cancer. And Big Tobacco was able to defend in court using “research that they funded” to make their claim.  Until Big Tobacco got overwhelmed with the number of persons with cancer and state governments swamped with the costs of providing care. And the families knew.

We are heading down the same path as Tobacco, as Agent Orange, as concussions. We are close to reaching a tipping point where state governments are overwhelmed with budget demands for special education, our economy will decline because of a dramatic decrease in skilled labor, our Defense Department concerned about the future recruitment of skilled military force, the current generation of kids who are testing at lower IQ levels that previous generations. The families know this.

As chief social media attack dog from the Pharmaceutical Industry, it does not matter how many times you state your condolences to the families. You can’t say I am sorry for your loss, but…” and tell the parents they are wrong. 

A Pattern of vaccine injury denial and deceit

Our government started this mess by shutting down all DPT cases causing Residual Seizure Disorder back in 1995. Later, our government would publish a more restrictive definition of encephalopathy.

Along comes DTaP causing seizures and early onset of epilepsy. Petitions in the NVICP were being compensated. Pharma placed pressure on our government to curtail compensation. Pharma finds a very questionable and inconclusive Berkovic study in 2006 to deny children compensation and blame them for having a genetic disorder (Dravet Syndrome) or mutation of the SCN1A gene.

Next, our government in one of the greatest injustices of our nation, shut down 5,700+ children and their regression into autism.

So what is left to deny injury of children?  Death by vaccination, possibly cancer, and novel injuries as the result of Gardasil.

Two years ago, a SIDS case, Boatmon v HHS was decided in the favor of the petitioner. The Special Master awarded damages to the Boatmon family. This must have created a big stir in the pro vax community, the medical establishment and our own government. How could this happen? So the Sec’y of HHS using DOJ attorneys as their pawns, found the “right” judge to appeal and the case was overturned by the Federal Court of Claims. 

SM entitlement decision to award damages here. SM approval of Respondent’s proffer here.  Federal Court of Claims judge order to vacate award here.

Generally, a judge would disagree with the special master’s decision and remand back for further proceedings and instructions. This time it was different. The judge not only disagreed with the decision but also threw out the damage award. Case closed, no remand back to the Special Master. This is very rare. But it follows what several of us who have been following the NVICP, a policy by our government not to award damages to SIDS cases.

Drr 7

Dorit’s  analysis of the government’s victory of the appellate reversal of Boatmon was an interesting read. It shows how arbitrary some of the major decisions within the Program are and not based upon all the science.

In the earlier years of the Program, the Court awarding damages to the families for SIDS cases. Then something changed about 16-18 years ago. There have been a few cases where the petitioner won, most have been dismissed. Not because of science. Rather policy. Care to guess what else happened about that same time? The formation of the Omnibus Autism Proceedings or OAP.

Same thing can be said about older children dying because of vaccination. In the early years of the program, petitions stood a fair chance of being compensated. Today, it is extremely rare for any death of a toddler, child, or young adult to be compensated. Only adults as the result of the flu shot are being compensated. It’s Policy.

Gore Vidal once wrote, “It is not enough to succeed; others must fail.”

In 2018, the Boatmon’s filed an appeal to the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals. One step below the US Supreme Court. You can listen to the oral argument here.

The oral argument in the case was heard in the first part of July of this year. My theory is that Dorit is trying to pollute the well, to gaslight parents that SIDS or death is not caused by vaccines. Just in time before the decision in Boatmon will be released. Maybe later this month or first part of September.

And I know you Dorit disagreed strongly in the outcome of Christina Tarsell v HHS, whereas the Court awarded damages to the parent of a young girl who died from the Gardasil vaccine. Any time a child petitioner wins, it causes you great heartburn. And you generally fire off some legal spin.

The Tarsell case survived appeal. Read it here. A big hole was carved out of the entire community of Pharma trolls. Your interest in Tarsell goes back several years to when Katie Curic hosted a show about HPV vaccination and your thousands of posts telling everyone that Christina did not die from Gardasil. We all know better.

Now all new or pending petitions for SIDS are on hold within the NVICP. The Program is not moving forward until a decision in Boatmon. If the Court rules against Boatmon, look for another process similar to the OAP to dismiss all pending cases and attorneys forced to say no to all new SIDS cases in the future.

It is a toss up to how the Court will decide. One thing in the favor of Boatmon. The special master ruled in favor and awarded damages. Disturbing the decisions of a special master on appeal is very difficult. Maybe the Federal Circuit will see the wisdom of the special master’s decision and restore the compensated award.

Our nation is slowly waking up to the extreme damage that blanket vaccination has created, that your rhetoric of vaccines are safe is a false statement. If only you would take the time to actually listen and pay attention to why new parents are grieving over the loss of their children, you might understand how common this tragic event is being replayed over and over so many times every week in our nation.

Our country needs to have serious discussions about public health policy and personal freedoms. Those freedoms serve as the basis for this country’s founding. And we should never remove those freedoms or encroach upon parental rights for ANY medical intervention for their families.

The real issue here is the economics of vaccine hesitancy vs the cost of vaccine injured. Or why the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program established for injuries from childhood vaccines is no longer just for children, but a compensation program for adults who have been injured from the flu vaccine or Tdap booster. Let’s have those discussions.

Policy discussions regarding vaccine exemptions is a non-starter because you have decided that no exemptions shall exist except for those who have been approved by the state, not the doctors or the parents. Your position is nothing more than 1930’s Europe speak.

Right now it is just those who are reiterating the talking points of the pharmaceutical industry versus parents who live with the nightmares and grief of what has happened to their family. And you, the media and others continue the smear of calling us anti-vaxxers, in the same manner as those who using bigotry and other hate speech in the national political realm to disparage those who disagree with a certain political position. It is hate speech. It is bigotry. And your continued rhetoric of preying on parent’s emotions is morally wrong.

In closing, I will leave you a quote from Christopher Bunch’s mother Destiny. Speaking of Dorit, “I hope that someday she can enjoy her grandchildren. But I will not be able to do so.”

The Vaccine Court Wayne Rohde

Wayne Rohde, author of The Vaccine Court – Dark Truth of America’s Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

Published by Skyhorse Publishing – New York City

[i] https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/in-the-name-love/200901/why-are-we-pleased-others-misfortune




Monday, March 16, 2020.... "National Emergency" under Stafford Act declared by Pres. Trump recently.
Chinese Coronavirus / COVID-19 virus pandemic. Sun., March 15, Trump speaks from White House with "Coronavirus Task Force", including Fauci of CDC. Trump tells American people to *RELAX*, relax, relax. Please stop panic-induced OVER-buying of needed supplies for expected 2, - 3 week "lock-down" / "self-quarantine in place or at home".... We're told to avoid large public gatherings, and large sports events, including NBA basketball games shut down.... People are panicking, and it looks like the OVER-reactions of people may be doing more harm than good, and may even be doing more harm than the Covid-19 virus itself!.... It makes ME feel safer and more secure, to be here with my FRIENDS at AoA, and writing this brief report/update.... remain CALM, people. LAUGH! Laughter is the BEST MEDICINE, as I used to read in the "Reader's Digest" magazine when I used to visit my Grandmother's house....

Andrew Wright

Bit unfair to use a picture of the actress Imelda Staunton as Dorit.

Kristin Anne

Great article Wayne! "The families knew." They sure do!

I find Dorit pure evil - selling her soul for pharma $. Just not sure why anyone listens to her. I wouldn't even ask her for directions, let alone health advice. Dorit, Craig Egan, Karen Ernst and most pharma trolls' ugly insides match their ugly outsides.


Meh, Dorit ...

As the mother of a child dead within 24 hours of her DTP; I take deep breaths before responding to her comments to me on RI. For whatever reason, she does not seem to get me as riled up as she does most.

I find her to be somewhat vulnerable when not surrounded by her peers. Dorit is legal; not science-based & the only science the pro-vaccine have to feed to her is some incredibly bad epidemiology.

She's actually not a stupid woman. There is a small piece of Dorit; deep inside Dorit; that knows the science is not adding up.



I've commented about that Couric blog several times in the last week or so. It was absolutely unbelievable. Thousands of comments on it after her show interviewing the mothers of two girls, one killed and one severely injured, by Gardasil. Hundreds of them testimonials by the parents of the girls, and a few boys, who had severe reactions. Massive attacks on the vaccine-injured and their parents, and on Katie Couric for having enabled the conversation. She put up another article about the benefits of Gardasil, but that wasn't enough. They made her delete the whole thing, along with its thousands of comments. Can't have the public made aware of how dangerous the HPV vaccine is. And yes, I think Dorit is always well-mannered, and it's better than the more usual insults.

I have a friend whose daughter asked me for vaccine information several years ago to prepare for a debate. She won, taking the anti-vax side, but it turned out she didn't believe a word of it. None of the members of her family do. They asked me about Gardasil a few years ago, and I sent them a lot of information, bottom line, No way. The girl said in what I think was supposed to show how mature she was, Well, IF I were to get involved with a boy at some time in the distant future, I DON'T want to risk getting cervical cancer. And she was prepared to go get the vaccine, so she could have sex with no more than the usual worries. In my earlier generation, I guess I was like that when, before going to Mexico for the first time at 19, I voluntarily and very maturely and calmly decided to go to the student health clinic and get a tetanus booster and the first of two typhoid shots. And got both arms paralyzed starting the same day and set in motion the process which resulted in my MS.

It's hard to know what to say or do to wake people up. We had a beautiful, very nice neighbor, who died of cervical cancer when C was two months old. I had a university friend whose niece died of it when she was only 28. A former roommate's daughter had pre-cancerous lesions detected by Pap test when she was in her twenties. I just read in The HPV Vaccine on Trial about an actress in a show called Big Brother, Jade something, who died of cervical cancer when she was only 28, leaving two children. I don't want to downplay the risk of a horrible death from cervical cancer if you don't take the appropriate steps.

But the appropriate steps should be to get Pap and ESPECIALLY DNA/RNA tests done at whatever interval seems appropriate after researching it, if you're sexually active. Practice safe and judicious sex. You should do those things even IF you get the vaccine: there are many strains of HPV not covered by the vaccine, and they recommend that you keep getting tested regardless. So what's the point? It's easy to look it up on the computer and find a lot of reliable information on the huge number of girls, and some boys, disabled or killed by the vaccine. Why would anyone want to risk that when there are better ways to deal with the risk? And getting HPV and then recovering from it, as nearly everyone does, offers protection from cervical lesions.

I think it comes down to excessive, misplaced trust in the medical establishment. It's shocking how many people think that drugs and vaccines are extensively tested and proven safe except for that unfortunate one in a million. And shocking that people will say Well, Dr. -- recommended it, as though that were that, sure, put your life in his hands and trust his recommendation.

John Stone

I wrote about Reiss and the Couric incident some years ago:


Reiss, I believe, posted over a thousand times somehow or other on Couric’s blog and though she herself was relatively well mannered she had copyist adherents to the hit-and-run ideology who were utterly savage - this was clearly the second wave that year (2013) following on the hate campaign against Jenny McCarthy over Oprah. The hit and run ideology, is - it is worth pointing out, since it is barely commented upon - inherent in the system. The attitude of the state is not “We had better take a look and see what happened” it is “So, you think there has been a vaccine injury: prove it if you can”. Actually, in the US you might find experts to help you, while in the U.K. they would inevitably end up in front of the General Medical Council. But, of course, this is a very horrible way to wield power, they system is arrogant, only very occasionally accountable and takes pleasure in dismissing harm. These people do not give any quarter. They just want there to be no come back. The way they conduct themselves in public on the net is the perfect expression of the system they are defending.


I don't think Dorit takes pleasure in the pain of others. Her allegiance has been given to pharma companies and philosophy, and so she promotes their interests. She tells herself that vaccines can prevent death and disability, and that much is true. She is dishonest in her purported disbelief in vaccine reactions, or her stance that such reactions result in less suffering overall than the diseases would if they occurred. I think it would be good to ask how you feel about a lawyer's defending someone on trial who he believes to be guilty as charged. I wouldn't do it, but isn't our legal system based on providing those charged with crimes with legal representation?

I think the core problem is that when severe reactions occur, as Dr. Moskowitz says, it is the rule rather than the exception that it takes a long time for the damage to manifest. Sometimes it's an immediate anaphylactic reaction, but usually it takes days, weeks, months, even years, for the immune system to follow its new damaging programming caused by the vaccine(s). And it takes both an individual predisposition to reaction AND the trigger of the vaccine. But it makes it very hard to establish beyond the shadow of a doubt that vaccines caused it. Everyone has to know that and only permit vaccines which after careful study he thinks are for diseases dangerous enough and possible enough to justify the risk. And he still may wind up making the wrong decision in light of eventual, unpredictable events.

It took me a long time to find and process the information which explained what caused my daughter's autism, even though I had been troubled for years thinking about her screaming for sixteen hours a day for four days and nights from day four to day eight after being given the hep-B vaccine at the hospital at birth. And then when I read about vaccine encephalitis caused by that vaccine in thousands of other newborns, often causing that same screaming syndrome, I realized. And then it was years thinking about my MS before I came to an understanding of what happened. Even though I had both arms paralyzed for several days starting the same day as a tetanus booster. It was still after years of being apparently recovered that I got a high fever in Italy which started my extreme permanent insomnia (for the first time in my life). A year later before I got transient double vision in times of stress. Then another year before I had a really hard time in the Yucatan because of the extreme heat. Weakness, dizziness. Then two months later extreme dizziness, weakness, and numbness in the left side of my tongue which spread to all the left side of my face. And the doctor thought it was from stress, saying as a warning that if I insisted it was of concern, the next step would be an MRI. But it just got worse, and the MRI showed lesions in my brain characteristic of multiple sclerosis. In one attack my left arm and leg were completely paralyzed for about a month. Attacks of MS are brought on by stress, physical fatigue, fever, or environmental heat. So are mercury attacks, which, after reading The Age of Autism, I realized was what had caused my MS. It was the screaming syndrome after my first DPT at three months old which caused my Asperger's.

Dr. Moskowitz quotes Schoenfeld (Vaccines and Autoimmunity). on p. 66 in Dr. M's book Vaccines, "In 1982, epidemiological, clinical, and animal research showed that Guillain-Barré syndrome and other demyelinating, autoimmune neuropathies, such as acute disseminated encephalomyelitis and multiple sclerosis, could occur up to ten months following vaccination.
In such cases, the disease would first manifest with vague symptom, like arthralgias, myalgias, paresthesias, and weakness, which were frequently deemed insignificant and ignored by the treating physicians. These would progress slowly and insidiously until the patient was exposed to a seconday immune stimulus, an infection or vaccination, which would then trigger the acute disease. It was the secondary response that would bring about the overt manifestation of an already present but subclinical, long-term, persistent disease. A typical vaccine formulation contains all the necessary biochemical components to induce autoimmune manifestations."

Another important quote from Schoenfeld, also in Dr. M's book on p. 75: "The fact that vaccines are delivered to billions of people without preliminary screening for underlying susceptibility is of concern. It is naive to believe that all humans are alike. Autoimmune diseases have increasingly been recognized as having a genetic basis, mediated by HLA subtypes. For instance, celiac disease has been strongly associated with either of two haplotypes, MS with another, rheumatoid arthritis with two others, and type 1 diabetes with yet another. Thus certain genes create a genetic predisposition toward developing an autoimmune disease, and typically requiring some environmental trigger to evolve into a full-blown disease."

I don't think we should get angry at the shills. They are hired salesmen. Accused criminals in the US (and, I assume, in developed countries in general) have a right to legal counsel and if they cannot afford it, one will be appointed for them. To the extent that most people feel respect for doctors and lawyers, and most would be happy and proud if their daughter were to marry one, they occupy a respected position in society. But it is the responsibility of every single individual to remain aware that they are hired guns and often do not act with the interests of the individual in mind. That's where the buck stops.

We need to work on getting laws passed which require genetic testing using the screens now available, including haploid analysis, with discussion of the results with parents or other prospective vaccinees, without which it would not be legally permitted to give any vaccine. And insistence on the legal protection given by the Nuremberg code and Helsinki declaration. Free and informed consent (or refusal) of any vaccine. I have never had genetic testing done, but I'm sure that I and every member of my family have gene profiles indicating that vaccines are more dangerous for us than for most. MS and encephalitic screaming syndrome in me, encephalitic screaming syndrome in my daughter and then having her only two words erased as soon as she got the DTaP booster, my father paralyzed by a flu vaccine, then bowel disease after a high fever when she was seven, my mother with Alzheimer's from a flu vaccine and bowel disease and Asperger's after she got the diphtheria vaccine at four years old, my nephew with Asperger's and later bowel disease after a bout with bronchitis with a high fever, my brother with POTS, fainting at work and when he was running (doctors had no idea what caused it).

But the buck stops with the individual, who has the responsibility to use the many ways we have now to inform ourselves. The shills are just doing what all paid salesmen do, I don't think it's appropriate to blame them.


If corporations conspire to conceal injury from their products (thus demonstrating consciousness of guilt), shouldn't individuals within the corporation be held criminally responsible? It wouldn't confine it to people at the top.

And people who conspire with corporations, public relations firms and other entities to conceal evidence of harm are also criminals in my book.

Cait from Canada

Bob Moffit: re the Boeing 737, if you check the timeline, your government did NOT not act swiftly and forcefully, nor did it immediately acknowledge that something was seriously amiss. In fact, "the United States [was] the last country to allow flights of the Boeing 737 MAX fleet after at least 47 countries and multiple airlines grounded the aircraft" (ABC news).

The government's initial position was that the aircraft had not been demonstrated to be unsafe — a position which pretty much echoes the official government position on vaccines. Unfortunately, in the case of vaccines, the international community is still largely on board with the U.S. position.

John Stone

Wayne Hit and run is the law of the land (ours as well in the UK), Dorit its arch-proponent...she does’t care whether anyone has been harmed by the corporate behemoths, all she wants to do is exploit any ambiguity. It doesn’t matter how many unexplained wrecks there are.

It recently came to light in the U.K. that in order to quell public concern about the DPT in the late 1970s the British Government quietly paid off 600 cases in the space of three years while they got a grip on the media. On the other hand they went on using the same product for a further 25 years, increasing its usage while denying harm. The cases were supposed to be rare when in fact they were legion. Anyone, who criticised was subject to ostracism and abuse.


It should also be widely known that Dorit and David (as in Gorski) do not believe that Round Up should be banned from CA college campuses. I’m too lazy to extract the tweet, but it’s there. According to the scientific wizzes that Dorit and David are, glyphosate is not carcinogenic, and no child has ever been killed by a vaccine. Got it.

Bob Moffit

The entire "legality" of the so-called VACCINE COURT is nothing but a sham. It was created for one purpose and one purpose only .. protect the vaccine industry from being held accountable .. financially as well as criminally .. for manufacturing and distributing "unavoidably unsafe" vaccines.

Indeed, the Vaccine Court has absolutely nothing to do with gaining JUSTICE for seriously injured .. including death .. of a perfectly healthy generation of children of which 54% suffer some type of neurological, biological, physical chronic autoimmune disorder .. a trend that has risen from 12% in 1986 when the Vaccine Court was established.

Wayne writes: "In the early years of the program, petitions stood a fair chance of being compensated. Today, it is extremely rare for any death of a toddler, child, or young adult to be compensated. Only adults as the result of the flu shot are being compensated. It’s Policy.'

"POLICY' regarding compensation for the flu shot is following the example of policies changed in compensating toddlers, children, young adults .. which has created mysterious explanations for deaths following vaccines .. in toddlers it became "Sudden Infant Death Syndrome" (SIDS) .. in young adults it became "Sudden Unexplained Deaths" (SUDS) .. and .. the latest example occurred in NYS where NYS Senator Peralta died within days of receiving a flu shot .. apparently the Senator died of "Sudden Unexplained Septic Shock" (SUSS):


Odd this article makes no mention of his recent flu shot within days of his demise .. but .. the article does have official explanation of Senator's death:

"All they said is that he was septic,” Evelyn Peralta said Friday afternoon, after meeting with officials with the city Medical Examiner’s office …… telling her … "Sepsis is often caused by the immune system overreacting to an infection; releasing chemicals into the blood that trigger widespread inflammation. In extreme circumstances, the inflammation can lead to organ damage and failure, a dangerous condition called “septic shock".

Wayne mentions various previous examples of instances where our government allowed industries to avoid accountability for DECADES .. of products that caused catastrophic injuries and deaths of millions .. tobacco, agent orange, CTE's in football.


No corporate "Sudden Unexplained Failure" (SUF) would be allowed to stand as every day more and more planes fell from the skies .. unlike our public health bureaucracies that not only accept SIDS, SUDS, SISS .. they actually promote them as PUBLIC HEALTH SCIENTIFIC EXPLANATIONS when such tragedies occur DAILY in our country.

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