New York Decision Weaponizes and Demonizes Healthy Children
New York Attorney Sussman to File Appeal in Denial of Stay to Repeal of Religious Exemptions

SB 276 Will Violate the Doctor-Patient Relationship by Eliminating Medical Exemptions

Richard Pan
CA Senator Richard Pan MD

SB 276 Will Violate the Doctor-Patient Relationship by Eliminating Medical Exemptions

If the government wants to mandate vaccinations, it must ensure that they are safe for all children

Of the fraudulent exemptions cases that the Medical Board of California has investigated to date, there have been no fraudulent medical exemptions found.

Special to California Globe by Mary Holland, Esq.*

California has one of the strictest compulsory vaccination laws for schoolchildren in the nation, but Senate Bill 276 by Senator Richard Pan (D-Sacramento) would eliminate almost all vaccine medical exemptions, allegedly to crack down on fraud. Under this bill, State bureaucrats — not physicians –would be in charge of deciding whether children may receive medical exemptions and thus whether they can attend school.

UC Berkeley Law Dean Erwin Chemerinsky recently weighed in on this in his OpEd, “Vaccines Protect Us. But does the U.S. Constitution protect anti-vaccine parents?,” published in the SacBee on May 6, 2019. Re-litigating SB 277, Chemerinsky got it wrong. While it is true that under SB 277 there are no lawful rights for parents to refuse vaccination other than medical ones, what Chemerinsky didn’t articulate is that this new bill is about physicians, not parents. After SB 277, it is solely within a physician’s discretion to grant a medical exemption, based on past adverse reactions and family history. SB 276 now seeks to remove a doctors’ ability to grant medical exemptions for the extremely small percentage that need them and, instead, to vest that authority in government bureaucrats.

SB 276 is a clear example of government overreach, resulting in the unnecessary and inefficient use of taxpayer dollars. Since SB 277 eliminated both personal belief and religious exemptions (47 other states allow either or both), vaccination rates increased from 92.9 to 94.8 percent. Currently, less than 1 percent of California kindergartners have a permanent medical exemption. In addition, 96.6 percent of kindergartners have had the MMR to protect against the measles infection.  Read the full article from Mary Holland at California Globe.


Laura Hayes

Susan Welch,

My elation ended and my bubble burst at the 30 minute marker for the link you provided. To read why, see my comment posted in the Comments section here:

Laura Hayes

Susan Welch,

THANK YOU for posting this link!



I think the problem is always going to be that most severe vaccine reactions are not instantaneous, so it's easy to deny the connection with vaccines. Maybe they'll come up with diagnostic tools to pinpoint the connection, but it may be a long time since it's so easy for the elite to just steam roll children and their families and profit from it.


No vaccine exemption is bogus. Any vaccine can injure or kill, so it is obviously a human right to be able to refuse any or all of them as desired.


I'm pretty sure that the pediatrician who just insisted on giving all recommended vaccines at the recommended intervals would make more money. First on all those office visits and markup on the vaccines, and then on attempting to treat all the injured children for as long as they are his or her patients. It would be a LOT harder to take a medical history and really think about what might be best for the individual, take a lot more time and a lot more study and effort. And then really informed parents would very rarely go to the doctor.

I just talked to a friend yesterday who says she's GLAD that Google is censoring all the "fake news," and thinks she's being clever when she dismisses those of us who believe the "real news" as conspiracy theorists. She believes every single bit of the conventional medical narrative and completely disbelieves in vaccine damage causing autism etc. It's hard to know what to say or do. And she even threw out a snide remark about those of us who believe in Pizzagate, saying that it had been completely debunked. By whom? Just by the political elite who stands to gain by denial and dismissal?

susan welch

Fred, this is especially for your info. However, I recommend it to anyone who has not already seen it. It is amazing and inspiring.


We love Elton John with or without hairspray, always have done, always will do!
without seeing the latest film about his life either!

Frederic Chopin


susan welch

Fred, I try to avoid Google now they are involved in censorship. Perhaps you could let me have their names. Thank you.


Interesting article on "Children's Health Defense" today: "Discussing the plateau in white ASD prevalence in the mid-2000s, the two researchers point out that it could 'suggest a stabilization of the environmental drivers of ASD…followed by a new or increasing environmental insult after 2007.'"

Perhaps it's a coincidence, but there was an increase in recommended pediatric vaccines in 2006:

"The changes to the previous childhood and adolescent immunization schedule, published January 2006, are as follows:

The new rotavirus vaccine (Rota) is recommended in a 3-dose schedule at ages 2, 4, and 6 months. The first dose should be administered at ages 6 weeks through 12 weeks with subsequent doses administered at 4--10 week intervals. Rotavirus vaccination should not be initiated for infants aged >12 weeks and should not be administered after age 32 weeks.

The influenza vaccine is now recommended for all children aged 6--59 months."

Angus Files

Chop kettle pot black.The Pharma minions are illegally withdrawing the democratic human right of choice.How can anyone EVER be wrong if they are defending that right by whatever means they can.If people disobey stick together refuse and refute the pharma bullying, victory is ours.

Joseph Watson video today of what is really going on in Hong Kong as I said the umbrellas are a handy bit of kit at demos ..coming to a country near you, if we let them!

Pharma For Prison


Donna L.

I'm curious. Which pediatrician would make more money, the one who takes a thorough medical and family history of a patient and determines that the risk of vaccine injury/damage is too significant and therefore writes a medical exemption for some or all vaccines? Or the pediatrician who adheres to the AAP 'well' baby schedule and requires visits and immunizations at birth, 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, 15 months, 18 months, 2 years...through adolescence?

Beleaguered Autism Mom

Fred, are the investigators you are referring to the same ones who turned a blind eye to the opioid crisis? You want us to believe a handful of "vaccine exemption investigations" outnumber the cases of substance abuse and sexual harassment by doctors? Your new fantasy category does not exist. California Medical Board publishes an annual report. You should read it. Vaccine mandates increase business for those privileged, affluent investors in the vaccine cartel and all the affluent lawyers they hide behind.

Gary Ogden

Master Frederick: First, Google is a major part of the propaganda and social control operation. I suggest avoiding it like the plague. Second, there is no such thing as a bogus vaccine medical exemption. Both Pan, in the hearings, and Brown, in his signing statement, made it clear that with SB 277 the criteria for medical exemptions in California were being expanded. The only criterion now is the medical judgement of the child's physician. Third, again to bed without your supper. You've been a very bad boy.

Grace Green

You have no evidence, and no-one has yet been found guilty, of "writing bogus vaccine exemptions". Or of doing it to get money from affluent parents, whose children, you would say, have no need of a medical exemption. It is nothing but hearsay. Bob Sears, for example, is a peadiatrician who is highly respected in our community for being one of the few who is not willing to harm and kill his young patients! I'm not surprized that John has to remove your comments for legal reasons! I'm afraid you will suffer a much worse fate than that on the Day of Judgement.

Frederic Chopin


If you Google it you'll find at least 4 California physicians under investigation for writing bogus vaccine exemptions, including Bob Sears.


Why would an AV doctor write a bogus vaccine exemption? Because it increases business with those privileged, affluent California moms.

John Stone


I think it was legally problematic.

Frederic Chopin

Should I repeat my 2nd post or have I been censored?


Fred ,Thalidomide use for severe prolonged nausea and all day long? morning sickness was an
" Off Label" prescription "Aye right off it!" because it was discovered to have a surprise side effect of resolving severe nausea /morning sickness in pregnancy? Just like the current flu vaccine /professional reccomendations apparently no basic risk assessment has been completed for use during pregnancy?
Also see
Debendox / [Hansard ,25 July 1984]- hansard 1803-2005
https/> historic-hansard>jul>debendox 25 July 1984 .

"Off Label" use of flu vaccine in pregnancy" totally bonkers!" with no apparent learning achievement evidence available /demonstrated from previous fractured failed basic health and safety risk assessments ?

Pan's people - "Philedelphia Freedom " Top of the Pops Elton John youtube
Or pan's people top of the floppies failed risk asessments and fractured practitioner/patient respect and trust breakdown and thrownback a hundred years !


Governor Newsome is tweeting out a video regarding gender inequality with Melinda Gates as one of the faces of equality?! This feed should be flooded with the sexist, misogynistic, examples of vaccine injury denial.

Laura Hayes

Clarification/edit for my post should begin as follows:

"Fighting for doctors' rights to control the vaccination decisions of children who are not their own (in effect, fighting against SB276) is like slaves fighting for masters who give them an extra ration of rice or one less whipping per month, versus fighting for their freedom."


Del Bigtree said there should be a scientific exemption because there is plenty of science showing the danger of vaccines and their ingredients from the polio vaccine with Dr. Bernice Eddy all the way to modern times with Dr. Christopher Exley, Professor Christopher Shaw, Dr. Lucija Tomljenovic, Dr. Romain Gherardi, Dr. Theresa Deisher, et. al. Why wait until a child is injured or killed before you can get a medical exemption? The science already shows vaccines are unsafe. In California, they used to have a religious exemption and medical exemption. Then they added the personal exemption, and we thought that was great. But they did it so they could quietly take away the religious exemption without pushback. Then they could take away personal exemption later which is harder to fight constitutionally than a religious exemption. But Laura is right. Parents should have informed consent which none of us had and abolish mandates! And there should be a scientific exemption!

Kathy Sincere

Laura –
Thank you for ALWAYS pointing out the fact that we are groveling for small bits of our God-given rights.

Mandatory vaccination is assault; assault with a potentially deadly weapon. It couldn’t be any simpler than that. If someone assaulted a child (or adult) with anything other than a hypodermic needle, they would be arrested and incarcerated.

Thank you for always speaking the Truth, always writing, always commenting. I continue to focus on my State, Colorado; I don’t know how much longer we can hold on to our rights here.

I grieve for the tyranny in the rest of the U.S., especially California, New York, and Maine. This is not the United States of my childhood…..


Frederick Chopin,
So what happens when the state board gets it wrong? They force vaccines on someone against medical advice, and the victim ends up with seizure disorder, or chronic autoimmune diseases, if not something worse,like paralysis ,( Guilliame barre). Surely at the least, the board needs to be financially responsible for the long term care and harm they cause? No poor victims having to sue the government and wait 7 or more years, while the board waltzes on damaging other children , oblivious.. The people who force the vaccines should have to bare the consequences of their apparent belief that they have the ability to forsee with 100% accuracy who will get a vaccine injury.

I personally would like to see them also have to give up their own time ( no more weekend vacations,for example, ) if the child they injured has uncontrollable seizure disorder.. The should be required to help actually care for the child they maim.
That is why we have basic medical rights ( Nuremberg code of informed consent.)The people with actual skin in the game get to make the decisions.
At the very least, we need to push that the board will be financially responsible for any adverse event that occurs after they demand vaccination or take away the right to an education.

Grace Green

By AV physicians I assume you mean "antivax" physicians. Can you explain why you think any physician would sign a "bogus" exemption? A medical doctor has been trained and educated in the practice of medicine and has to be able to think for himself, research, and make informed diagnoses and decisions. Two doctors are not necessarily going to agree about everything. If a patient's doctor isn't able to make a judgement about whether s/he is in a suitable condition to receive a vaccine who do you think is? Your crazy statement turns common sense on its head.

Laura Hayes

Fighting for SB276 is like slaves fighting for masters who give them an extra ration of rice or one less whipping per month, versus fighting for their freedom. It’s not to say the extra ration of rice or one less whipping wouldn’t be an improvement of their current situation, but it doesn’t address or solve the actual problem, that of enslavement. Similarly, we Americans are presently enslaved to the dictates of Pharma and their growing legion of paid minions, which includes lawmakers, government regulators, doctors and nurses, and mainstream media. We must break free from their tyrannical stranglehold. SB276 will not accomplish that.

What we need to be fighting for is the immediate elimination and forever banning of vaccine mandates, and for the immediate and full return of individual and parental rights to make any and all medical decisions, as the individual or parent sees fit, without any government interference, coercion, cost, or penalty.

We need to stop fighting on the battlegrounds that the vaccine profiteers continue to create for us, and instead fight the battles that need winning, and fast.

Doctors have NO business and NO right being in charge of our healthcare and medical decisions. Those decisions belong solely to the individual and to the parent. Period.

susan welch

Fred. That is the official line that we are all aware of.

Please can you provide details of those physicians that have written bogus exemptions? As far as I am aware, these have been sought out, but not found.

Frederic Chopin

It's about curbing AV physicians' ability to write bogus medical vaccine exemptions in California.

Bob Moffit

Mary Holland (God bless her) writes:

"An individual’s liberty never includes the right to harm another. In this case, in a misguided effort to protect the immunocompromised from a risk that may never occur, many who have previously been injured are being put in harm’s way."

With all due respect to Mary .. I would have continued:

"An individual's liberty never includes the right to harm another … and that is precisely what this misguided bill seeks to do".


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