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Religious Unity in Albany to Restore Vaccine Exemption and the Sacred Right to a Public Education

Freedom to Choose Capture the Faith

Photo credit: Capture The Faith Photography.  The red lines are ours so as not to share copyrighted work.  Please visit the site to see and purchase the magnificent photos that say so much about the passion and pain currently sweeping New York, and coming soon to a state near you.....

This week, something very special happened in Albany, New York. Unnoticed or warped in the mainstream media, thousands of men and women from all walks of life, races, creeds and religions showed up at the capitol to peacefully protest the removal of the religious vaccination exemption. Thousands of children have been expelled from school by virtue of this change. Healthy American-born children. Healthy Immigrant-born children. Healthy children who may be here under the law or outside of the law. All banned from a free and appropriate education as implemented by our Founding Fathers, for whom religious freedom was also paramount.

Two of our greatest Founding Fathers, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, were fierce political adversaries. But in the first years of our nation, these rivals — with vastly different backgrounds and disparate political views — shared common ground. They both believed in the importance of funding public education.

Rather than squabbling, Adams and Jefferson knew that public education was at the heart of democracy. “The whole people must take upon themselves the education of the whole people and be willing to bear the expenses of it,” wrote Adams. “There should not be a district of one mile square, without a school in it, not founded by a charitable individual, but maintained at the public expense of the people themselves.” St Louis Today

Today, politicians seek to expel children from their right to a free and appropriate education. A shock.

The rationale for this removal? Well the public word is measles. That's right. Measles.  The common childhood sickness that a mere 30 years ago was considered a nuisance of discomfort and Mom not being able to leave the house for the duration of each child in her family's rite of passage. Today? Measles is a weapon of Mass Freedom Destruction, every case turned into something worse than Ebola in the news so that the average Tom, Dick and Harry, and Jane, Sally and Mary, are scared to death to the point where losing rights becomes a good thing. It's an old trick. Fear sells everything. Including vaccines.

Please take a look at this video and then check out the photography site of Capture The Faith, which shows in beautiful color and black and white the unity of the day. Right here in America, where the news day in and day out is how Americans are at each other's throats. We are not. We are more alike than dissimilar despite the narrative of separation. It's the politicians, driven by corporate money and personal greed without personal edification, who are driving this push. And it must stop.  Thank you to everyone in Albany. Let freedom ring.



Dr. Jen

The new vaccine mandates apply even to private schools. They affect all institutions that meet the legal definition of school in NY state....daycares, parochial schools, Montessori, Waldorf schools, etc. Also, the injunction that was denied was for a different and separate lawsuit. That was the federal lawsuit for students with IEPs. We are still waiting to hear from the Judge in Albany about our injunction on the religious discrimination lawsuit that affects all students. That is the lawsuit for which we gathered in Albany.

JarJar Blinks

With all the love I have for the collective effort to restore (or, perhaps, maintain) religious exemptions when it comes to vaccination, I admit to being so very bewildered as to why so many would fight so hard for so long so their kids can go to...public school.

Public school is, I would argue, "ground zero" in the war for the hearts and minds of our children. We fight to save our childrens' physical health -- picket, rally, phone-call, e-mail, letter-write, protest -- then send them off to have their mental health decimated.

And this makes sense to people?

P.S. I'm guessing this post won't make an appearance, in whole or in part. But, I'm delighted to be incorrect. Thank you. (JJB @


Just found this on FB:

From John Gilmore:

"Judge denies preliminary injunction in NY lawsuit allowing spec ed students to return to class
The preliminary injunction was denied without hearing in V.D. v. State of New York, a case challenging the denial of school-based educations to special needs students with IEPs and 504 plans as a result of the repeal of the religious exemption from vaccine mandates to attend school. The following is the conclusion from the judge's ruling on the preliminary injunction:

"Plaintiffs’ children qualify for services under the IDEA, and they are entitled to continue to receive those same services if they return to school. Their status as children with disabilities, however, does not entitle them to an injunction banning the enforcement of a neutral, widely applicable state law. Plaintiffs’ objection to the repeal constitutes an affirmative choice to opt-out of public, private, and parochial schools—not a unilateral action on the part of defendants that interferes with or alters their rights under the IDEA. As a result, and for the foregoing reasons, they are not entitled to either a preliminary injunction or a stay-put order, and their motion is DENIED."

The denial of the preliminary injunction is not the final ruling for the suit. The attorneys are analyzing the decision and will comment later."

david m burd

@ John Stone,

First, you are a genuine hero for you decades of exposing vaccines' toxicities.

Second, your bout with "flu" a decade (or so) ago could easily be from about a dozen or so of "rhinoviruses" that come in a basket of "flu-like" symptoms. At any rate you've recovered, and not brain-damaged by the horrific American flu vaccines that virtually all contain 25 micrograms of mercury per the .50ml typical dose, and for infants 12.5 micrograms per their .25 ml vaccine doses up to age 35 months.

The flu vaccine stands alone as the most toxic vaccine ever perpetuated, every year, on babies, pregnant women, and adults alike, year after year relentlessly accumulating, and destroying our brain's neurocells, astrocytes etc. Think Alzheimer's rising out of obscurity to now being the 6th leading cause of American mortality, springing from 55 years ago the mercury-laden flu vaccine being advocated every year for anybody over age 65 in the U.S.


The entire ethical onus in the vaccination program is solely on the consumer, which makes this abridgement of civil rights exceedingly aggriegious.

John Stone


Because if I say it is “uneducated b-ll-cks” it would perhaps be an appeal to the authority rather than knowledge or experience, as someone who remembers having had all the childhood diseases in the 50s, excruciating ear-aches, various bouts of flu like illnesses (though only about once since the mid-80s). The last time was a particularly unpleasant “flu” going the rounds in late 2008, a strain which the DH were forced to admit the annual vaccine was useless against. I was so rough I was almost unable to stand up for about 10 days, nevertheless the death-toll from influenza was only 39 that year, so it was not especially dangerous even if a lot of people caught it:

Jenny Allan

rtp "And people get sick on cruise ships because they are recovering from a stressful period in their life."

Tell that to the cruise managers! We had to fill up and sign a form about our health before being permitted to embark . Even one tiny cough would have resulted in our being refused admission to the ship and as for diarrhoea - yes norovirus is another cruise bogey. Eindeker is right about flu and measles being spread by coughs and sneezes. The ship's crew do their best with alcohol gel etc, and this certainly helps to prevent the spread of norovirus, along with washing hands, but flu is very hard to prevent from spreading around the ship.

By the way we are both retired and it's the most stress free period of our lives. You are talking a load of nonsense.

Grace Green

I can't remember where I first learned this, but it seems to make sense: the germ is like a seed, and the body it enters is the soil. If the soil is predisposed toward the seed, it will take root, and result in the illness. If on the other hand the person is in the peak of health, with a healthy immune system, the illness will not be able to take root. That's the metaphor, perhaps Benedetta or someone else can tell us the biology. But the lesson is, look after your health with the best possible food, exercise, nothing unhealthy, and then you need not go out of your way to avoid the coughers and sneezers. Over time you develop immunity to many diseases you may not be aware of having come into contact with. We hear many such anecdotes from our commenters here on AoA.


No John, it just means that such people are guilty of the most extraordinary cognitive dissonance. If washing our hands could sufficiently protect us in a doctor office, then vaccines would be massive overkill to protect us anywhere else.

There is no risk/benefit analysis, there is just indoctrinated lunacy. When I tell people this all they have is embarrassed rationalizations. To describe what they do as a "risk/benefit analysis" is history's greatest euphemism.

Nobody in history who has vaccinated has ever engaged in any kind of coherent thought before they did so. Those coherent thoughts only ever come after witnessing an injury - and with most people not even then.

It's amazing how when I point this out, every anti-vaxer immediately retreats to literally the *exact same* arguments from authority and popularity that they find so frustrating when pro-vaxers use them.

It may come as a shock to you but I have zero confidence in the cognitive abilities of doctors and there isn't a day in my life I haven't wondered how the whole world has fallen for this abject lunacy. But lunacy it is. The fact that they can't see it says plenty about them. Not me. I'm just pointing out the obvious - the boy in the Emperor's New Clothes.

You can spend your life rationalizing how people can safely visit doctors but the one and only coherent explanation is that there is no such thing as contagious disease.

And people get sick on cruise ships because they are recovering from a stressful period in their life. Nothing to do with contagion. People often get sick after stressful periods. Often this occurs when they go on holidays - cruise ships or not. Of course, parts of a cruise (in some circumstances) might be traumatic itself but most so-called "outbreaks" on them are just people going through similar symptoms because they are coming out of a stressful period.

You don't have to believe me. When your workplace finishes a shared large project, take note of how many people get sick immediately afterwards. Germs didn't magically become contagious 24 hours after the shared project is finished but lots of people share the same disease nonetheless.

Doctors share their patients' germs but not their emotional traumas.

It's too hard to accept that we could have been this wrong.

But it's completely obvious.

People who often share the same *experiences* - siblings, colleagues and classmates - often share diseases. People who often share germs but rarely experiences - doctors/patients - rarely get the same diseases.

How hard is that to see?

It's not. You all can. But none of you can accept that you've been so badly fooled. Oh sorry. I mean "different cost/benefit analysis".

Anyway, that's why you'll lose.

Well. We will all lose. But at least it won't be my fault.


John please just say it as it is: Rtp talks a load of uneducated b*ll*ck. Unfortunately hand hygiene won't help prevent measles as it is an airborne mode spread via droplets in the air.


Worth listening to is Dr Wakefield's lecture on you tube " Man Measles and Make believe " as Dr Wakefield said we will be dining on a feast of consequences man made.

John Stone


You keep on saying that but essentially that would mean that every doctor and everyone who visits a doctor secretly believes what you believe - that is absurd. What people do is balance risk and take precautions like washing their hands etc.

Jenny Allan

@ John Stone "it is still whimsy to say contagious disease doesn’t exist."

In June we went on a cruise and caught the flu. I was coughing first, my husband followed a couple of days later. He was vaccinated with the new UK 'super duper' adjuvanted flu vaccine for over 65s. I was unvaccinated. The vaccine was completely ineffective against what has been called a 'late strain' of swine flu virus. By the end of the cruise everyone seemed to be coughing. Cruise managers do their best to prevent infections spreading, but the viruses are near impossible to control in these large ships with thousands of people in close proximity. Persons are most infectious whilst they are incubating the viruses.

We are wasting our time trying to pretend viruses don't exist. Instead we should be concentrating on the effectiveness or otherwise of the vaccines. It has been admitted the mumps MMR component wears off, according to Offit after about 10 years. This virus is far more serious if contracted during adulthood and can cause sterility. If caught in infancy mumps is almost always benign and the infection confers lifelong immunity.

There is evidence the measles MMR component is also wearing off since the official measles stats reveal a significant cohort of vaccinated persons contracting measles in their twenties and thirties. Again, adult measles is far more serious than child measles.

There is evidence of success with the rubella vaccine more or less eliminating damage to unborn children during pregnancy, but this vaccine could be administered to girls only before puberty, as previously happened before the introduction of the MMR vaccine..

Yes measles is unpleasant and can cause complications. Even so, careful nursing should minimise this risk. The single vaccine, again part of the child vaccine schedule pre MMR vaccine, should be made available to parents as a choice, and certainly NO VACCINE should be mandatory, since all vaccines carry risks. Like everyone else in the 1940s and 50s, I caught measles and survived along with all my siblings and classmates. I never encountered anyone who was damaged by measles.

Other vaccines admitted to be losing efficacy include Whooping Cough (Pertussis), which has evolved to become nastier. It will be years before we know if the HPV vaccine actually prevents cervical cancer. Early indications seem to indicate some of the 100 odd HPV strains not in the vaccine are stll cancer causing. Nature abhors a vacuum and viruses have a huge capacity to evolve.

A recent case of an adult woman, vaccinated as a child, contracting and dying from measles rather proves my point, but this was 'spun' as being due to her having only one vaccine dose. We now need at least two doses of MMR and they are trying to get us to accept three doses, one for teenagers.
Maybe they want us to ultimately submit to annual doses of MMR and other vaccines.

As we found out even 'super super' annual flu vaccines are more or less useless against evolving flu viruses.


And it doesn't matter how often you call it "whimsy". If contagious diseases existed then nobody would ever visit - let alone become - a doctor.

John Stone


It doesn’t matter how often you say it is still whimsy to say contagious disease doesn’t exist.



We often do this. We throw out a compromise to the other side in order to appear "reasonable".

So we say "measles kills in poor countries but not here".

No it doesn't.

Measles has never killed. Anywhere.

It is not caused by a virus, it is not contagious and it is never fatal.

Our treatments for rashes have sometimes been fatal.

Our propensity to panic over rashes can be fatal too.

Rashes themselves - never fatal.

Tens of millions of people died during the so-called Spanish flu.

Zero died because of a virus. Everybody died because of experimental vaccines and the subsequent medical treatments.

Same with the Black Death. People died because they were whipped, starved, burnt, had feces rubbed into their wounds, devoured glass, and lived in sewers. Nobody died because of a flea bite.

We need to realize that everything we have ever been told about contagious diseases is a lie - just one ridiculously impossible assumption after another.


This is beautiful and very inspiring.

Greg Hill

It appears to me as if the public education system itself must be as badly broken as the medical-industrial establishment. When I was in high school back in the 1960s (in a small town in New Jersey) we were explicitly taught about the dangers of propaganda, how to recognize it, and how to refuse to swallow it. If a majority of publicly-educated Americans today had been taught, as I was, more than just the "three Rs" but also how to critically think for themselves, they never could have been hornswoggled into believing Big Pharma's lies about all (actually any) vaccines being "safe and effective" and the blatant hogwash about "herd immunity." Had that happened, we wouldn't be in the mess that we are today.

Perhaps, in addition to educating the general public about all the adverse effects of vaccines, we should be paying more attention, first, to fixing the public schools we ant our children to attend, and second, to teaching the adult voting population how to recognize and reject all forms of propaganda, including about things like the nutrient-deficient toxic chemical-laden crap being foisted off on us (with government collusion) as "healthy food." It's a pity that back in the day when Big Tobacco was being ousted from political power and its control over the mainstream media through advertising dollars, the opportunity was missed to educate the public more generally about how to recognize and reject all forms of propaganda.


In the 1960s, measles was a normal occurrence in communities across the U.S. and other countries. The disease was not leveraged for money or social control by industry and government.

Individuals with measles weren't tracked by media - except if you were Prince Charles, or Queen Elizabeth. Effects of the disease were worse in underdeveloped nations but less so as their nutrition and sanitation improved.

Public/private partnerships are rewriting and erasing historical narratives. We can’t rely on libraries or history centers during this time of censorship. Privately recording and preserving evidence of current oppression is our moral responsibility.

go Trump

Breaking news, Seattle, Airplane Court

The CDC / “Center for Dog-gone Crashes” is setting up an special “Airplane Court” to handle all Aviation Disasters.

It will be run in much the same manner as the “Vaccine Court” operated by the CDC / Center for Disease Control. Those who build airplanes will no longer be held responsible for “any part or any device” of any airplane.

Families from all over the world, of those killed in American airplanes, will have to travel to Seattle to present their case as to “Why they think” a particular airplane crashed.

“Each and every family” will have to travel and “PROVE why the SAME AIRPLANE crashed” over and over and over.

As with many court cases, some will win, and some will lose, often depending on the finances of the families. Airplane court attorneys will be paid $700 an hour by the American taxpayer to “debunk nearly everything.”

... And due to all the “Anti-Airplane groups” new “Airplane Mandates Laws are in the works” where the public will be mandated to fly on any damn airplane provided for them at the end of the walkway.

These “Airplane Mandate Laws” will not exclude doctors, or aviation engineers.

susan welch

Many thanks to whoever wrote this excellent post. I particularly liked the sentence 'Measles is a Weapon for Mass Freedom Destruction'

Bob Moffit

"It's the politicians, driven by corporate money and personal greed without personal edification, who are driving this push .. and it must stop"

Our national motto is … 'IN GOD WE TRUST" … precisely because we have been foolish to entrust our nation to politicians, corporations, driven personal greed.

IN GOD WE TRUST … all others must earn our trust.. they cannot mandate it by punishing our children.

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