Governor Newsom, Do You Condone Slurs from Maral Farsi About Your Constituents
Missing Teen, Happy Ending

Nix SB276

Del and Robert with Otto
Del Bigtree & Robert Kennedy Jr carry Otto Coleman, paralyzed by pediatric vaccination at a peaceful protest against California's SB276, which puts a bureaucrat between doctor and patient.

The bill passed appropriations yesterday. 

”Tin" soldiers and Pan is comin'. We're ARE NOT on our own.  This summer I hear the drummin', kids injured this we know. When it gets down to it, doctors are mowing us down. Happening since long ago. What did you do when you found her seizing on the ground. How could you run, when you know?



Aimee Doyle

I'm curious. West Virginia and Mississippi are two other states that only allow medical exemptions. In fact, Mississippi has the nation's best child vaccination rate.

Are parents protesting in these states too? And if not, why not? I just wonder what's happening there...doesn't seem to get any press.

Margaret Jaeger

It remains that ALL the citizens in a state passing mandatory vaccines be educated with the real science so they will understand that the elected government officials now in offices in their state who supported forced vaccinations when there is NO epidemic, will Not be re-elected.

Robert Kennedy, bless his heart, is still trying to lead the crusade but he can't do it alone. He needs other people now in government offices who Know the truth, not just sympathizer's for the children ...and military personnel...injured by vaccines, tho that is certainly paramount in their basis. Those officials need to stand up, have the guts to do what is right for All citizens,,not just the muddled brained - who may be innocently supporting this leftist commie tactic. Those who still think unvaccinated kids and adults are threats to Their already vaccinated , are hi-lighted by media as being scared citizens, are showing their ignorance in the ways of vaccines in just one phase. Educate...educate...medical personnel need to be free to step up and protest, and teach, without being threatened by senators and representatives and the AMA of bodily harm.

Angus Files

Solidarity people just say no and stick together we will win.

I noticed todays paper here in the dis-united pharmadom (UK) that the pharma minion who once got a fu vaccine live on air and then was off ill for 11 weeks plus, is still at the centre of it.Piers Morgan now fronting the shortage of flu vaccine if wee leave Europe which is seen as anti-globalism by some.Ill let them know again this year as all the other years someone else can have our familys vacs and no need to order any for us all,how kind they all are.

Piers Morgan blasts Remainer's 'disgusting' tweet suggesting Brexiteers be denied flu jab
PIERS Morgan has savaged a “disgusting” tweet from a Remainer that suggested those who voted to Leave the EU should be denied a flu jab as punishment for supporting Brexit.

Pharma For Prison



I agree with Bob Moffit, above, that Ca. Sen. Pan represents TYRANNY, but I prefer MEDICAL FASCISM.
Yes, Senator Pan, it's *NOT* "name-calling", but rather it's the SIMPLE TRUTH.
You, Sen. Pan, are a MEDICAL FASCIST.
And therefore, a DOMESTIC ENEMY of America, and the American PEOPLE....

Sen. Pan wants Americans to be needle-raped at government gunpoint....
If that's not medical fascism, then I don't know what is....


Know I’m out of my league but wanted to play:

Their blood’s so poisoned
Feels like coagulating
I’m sitting here
Just contemplating
Pan twists the truth
Pharma knows no regulation
While a handful of Senators
Pass legislation
And marches may help
To bring integration
This whole crazy world
Is just too frustrating

(Everybody now)
And you tell me.........


As I see this young man lifted by these gentlemen, and contemplate the consequences of the vaccine manufacturer coup of the California Democratic Party and the Fourth Estate, that resulted in SB277 and now SB276 in California, causing heartache and harm to children and their families, I am reminded of the famous phrase from the McCarthy hearings June 9, 1954:

Mr. Welch:
"You've done enough.
Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last?
Have you left no sense of decency?"

This moneyed influence is cancerous, to families, to society, to democracy.

Bob Moffit

Civil disobedience is our only option left .. I pray our movement will continue to grow in numbers and shared outrage at our government's usurpation of our CONSTITUTIONAL AND HUMANITARIAN RIGHTS TO "INFORMED CONSENT".


As the man once said … 'THESE ARE TIMES THAT TRIES MEN'S SOULS. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.

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