A Sample of a Real Vaccine Conversation
SB 276 Will Violate the Doctor-Patient Relationship by Eliminating Medical Exemptions

New York Decision Weaponizes and Demonizes Healthy Children

New York Storm "...unvaccinated children pose a threat to others who cannot get vaccinations. the court viewed this threat as very significant in her decision." Attorney Michael Sussman posted this follow up to the stay he had sought on his Facebook page in a public post:

Yesterday, Judge Denise Hartman issued a decision denying the preliminary injunction or stay I had sought on behalf of 26000 children and their families. The Judge composed a 34 page opinion which [in summary] made the following critical points:

1. we did establish that absent an injunction, there would be irreparable harm to the children and families involved. The judge stated that she had read and found quite compelling the nearly 400 affidavits we submitted and she acknowledge that her decision would cause families and students substantial hardship.

2. the court did not feel the balance of equities tipped our way [a second factor to consider in deciding whether to grant a preliminary injunction] because, Her Honor reasoned, unvaccinated children pose a threat to others who cannot get vaccinations. the court viewed this threat as very significant in her decision.

3. whether applying strict scrutiny to the state's repeal or a less rigorous standard of legal review, the judge concluded that we do not gave a strong chance on ultimately succeeding in showing that the repeal violated any constitutional right. The court reasoned that there is no constitutional right to a religious exemption and that the legislature had neutral, not discriminatory, purposes which she found compelling, that is protecting public health. The court found ambiguous the comments we claim show animus toward religion and felt the legislature's purpose was benign, not discriminatory toward
those of religious faith.

The decision can be APPEALED to the Third Department, an intermediate level appeals court in Albany. I have circulated the decision to all the lawyers who have been directly involved in the litigation and we will take whatever actions we believe are warranted and possible. I will try to get a copy of the decision posted as soon as possible. I am sorry to have to report this news and extremely disappointed in the decision. mhs




I completely agree that we should have left well enough alone. We didn't need the measles vaccine. And they've said for many years that it doesn't give lifetime protection. They added the kindergarten booster, but I don't think anyone knows how long the protection lasts on average. I hope that eventually they'll just let measles come back and get all of its advantages again, including protection from cancer and heart disease in later life (but I fully recognize that it's not 100% protection).

I just read the other day about all the diseases that natural chickenpox prevents. I knew about the brain cancer glioma, but I didn't know about the myriad other diseases it protects against. And mumps protects against ovarian cancer. They acted very foolishly when they declared war on routine childhood diseases. And measles is very dangerous in populations when it first appears, but then everyone's immune system develops tactics, both specific and non-specific, for dealing with it. I hope that we haven't forfeited what should have been our immune inheritance.

Jenny Allan

John and Cia - It's important to understand, measles symptoms occurring in recently vaccinated persons, who subsequently test positive for measles virus, are NOT regarded as measles cases by health authorities.

John's link is about a new test which can enable laborotaries to quickly differentiate between 'wild' and 'vaccine' measles stains, without going through the laborious system of strain testing. Again the 'official' stance is only the immune compromised can be infected with the vaccine 'attenuated' virus.

I have some real life experience of this. In 1968 my elder daughter, then aged 18 months, received a monovalent measles vaccine, then quite new in the UK. I was warned she might develop a rash -she did, and might be fractious-she was. She plainly was given a mild dose of the measles via the vaccine. Now in her 50s she has never had the measles, but that vaccine was quickly withdrawn due to it causing all the same unpleasant side effects associated with 'wild' measles. My younger daughter got a new version of measles vaccine with no side effects-and got the measles two years later.

Make of this what you will, but health authorities are very reluctant to include vaccine derived 'measles' in their official staistics, although they are obliged to state the percentages of measles in vaccinated persons who subsequently developed wild measles.

Donna L.

Christine - re: your comment: "The herd has never once knocked on my door to help me with this devastation & they will not be there for you either."
This is the most succinct summary ever of this entire medical disaster. thank you.

John Stone

Hi Cia

I make it ~37.6% vaccine strain. Check footnote 43:



I say, all children are sensitive to vaccine poisons and cannot get vaccinations. Selecting just a few of them - mostly from very rich parents who know how to protect their children from vaccine injury and holocaust - is an economical racism.



Yes measles vaccine works but not with life long protection . Watch Man Measles and Make believe on you tube by Dr Wakefield data from California has been released .There now appears to be genetic selection pressure on the virus from mass vaccination campaigns. We should have left well alone.



I am a non-responder to the measles vaccine & cannot be vaccinated either. I would rather live in a community with low-vaccinated/high-natural immunity than a well-vaccinated community with wimpy immunity.

In the event of an outbreak, I will have to self-isolate. That's easy & I would gladly do that; no need to risk more children regressing into autism.

I vaccinated my kids & had one daughter die within 24 hours of her DTP & now have a severely autistic son as well. Guess what? The herd has never once knocked on my door to help me with this devestation & they will not be there for you either.


...unvaccinated children pose a threat to others who cannot get vaccinations. the court viewed this threat as very significant in her decision."


Even the vaccine zealots will admit that vaccines don't work every time. And the parents of those children who can't be vaccinated, routinely allow their kids to play with vaccinated children, for whom the vaccine likely didn't even work,

Why isn't the judge concerned about that?



Do you have a source for saying that 36% of the Disneyland cases were caused by the vaccine strain? I would be interested in reading it. I can only find details about the many B3 serotype cases lab-tested, which were wild-strain, the same as what was circulating in the Philippines.

I found on The Vaccine Reaction that two of the measles cases this past spring were vaccine-strain. I don't know how many of the cases total were lab-tested. Yes, certainly it shows that it is possible to contract vaccine strain measles from the live virus vaccine, but that went without saying. And it is still not common.

Are you saying that the measles vaccine never prevents measles but only causes it, or that usually it prevents it, but sometimes it actually causes measles?

I really don't see what difference it makes. Measles is beneficial to get. If you are afraid of measles or want to comply with vaccine regulations, then get the vaccine. If you get it anyway, lucky you. If you don't want to risk the side effects, then refuse it.

This is some of what I found:
The source of the initial Disney theme park exposure has not been identified. Specimens from 30 California patients were genotyped; all were measles genotype B3, which has caused a large outbreak recently in the Philippines, but has also been detected in at least 14 countries and at least six U.S. states in the last 6 months.
Public Health Canada reports that 5 of the Quebec cases were genotyped and were also genotype B3.

There have been at least two reported cases of children with measles in the United States this year that have turned out not to have been wild-type measles after all. The two cases involve children in Oakland County and Washtenaw County, Michigan. Both children had exhibited symptoms of measles and initially tested positive for the measles virus. However, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services conducted additional genotype lab testing of the virus identified in the children’s blood and determined that it was actually the attenuated (weakened) vaccine strain measles virus from the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine the children had recently received.1 2 3
For example, during 2011, 222 cases of measles and 17 outbreaks were reported in the United States, with most cases originating from just five countries (France, Italy, Romania, Spain, and Germany). Six different genotypes were identified, including B3, D4, G3, D8, H1, and D9. No vaccine strains…
And no, it doesn’t matter that the vaccine strain of measles, genotype A, differs from all of the wild strains of measles we see in the outbreaks.


I get swung at about 100 times a day by my 6'3", 220 lb, severely autistic 15-year-old ... And Pan got 'pushed' (snort ... )? Okaaaay ...

I think parents should: a.) refuse to sign anything further waiving any medical or educational provider from liability & b.) instead; preset them with their own waiver that states that:

"A baseline, pre-immunization cytokine profile has been obtained for my child & will be added to both their EHR & their education record with the DOE.

In the event that we, the parents, decide to immunize & the follow-up cytokine profiles show a post-immunization, statistically significant abnormality, with or without atypical behavioral symptoms; we will proceed with the appropriate legal recourse."

Just one or two families doing this would not be impactful. If may families did it; it would be. I wouldn't tempt fate & actually immunize, however; unless you did not have a reason to believe that your child's DNA would not tolerate immunizations well. No more 'lambs to the slaughter' needed; the fact that parents had a proactive tool, might just be enough.

See, NO studies have been done; regarding baseline, pre-immunization cytokine profiles. They would have no science-based leg to stand on & they know it.

Grace Green

I'm sure we should take Pan up on that offer, but I'm afraid it won't get us very far. He was speaking about the moment when an "anti-vaxxer" pushed him from behind, and saying that we should stick to talking about the issues and not resort to violence. He added, "We may not agree". He got a standing ovation. So he wants us to carry on complaining verbally, and they will continue to disagree with us.
While I do not support violence - and I'm sure most will agree with me on that - I believe that the frustrations of seeing your children suffering, or even dying, and the perpetrators refusing to acknowledge, help, or refrain from THEIR violence which caused the injuries, could be too much to bear for some people. I think the time has come for the leaders of our movement to start organizing peaceful civil disobedience. It's not violent, not physical, but it hurts them in their wallets, in their status and in their pride, and it brings the matter to the attention of the general public in a way which we have not managed yet. Look at the protestors in Hong Kong. They should be an example to us all. And they're "only" worried about politics. We're trying to save children from violence! I have said on here before that I refuse to pay any taxes, and several trolls who've never been seen here before, plus a few of our regulars, told me the bailiffs would be round to my house. Well, I have to tell you they haven't, not in twenty years, and the reason is because they don't dare take me to court because they know what I'll say. I'm afraid too many in the anti-vax movement are still stakeholders in the present system and don't want to see it collapse. People want permission to get their exemptions, rather than just saying No.


No ordinary battle ? Available to read online .
The Highland Clearances By John Prebble
For we have no country to fight for,as our glens and straths are laid desolate ,and we have no wives nor children to defend as we are forbidden to have them .

Wrongs which will be remembered in Sutherlandshire by every true Highlander .
[PDF] A Trans-Atlantic Comparison of the Cherokee People and the Scottish Highland Clearances .
unvax is a threat to can't vax?
A judgement supported by topsy-turvy reasoning ? of UN Agenda 2030 . "Anything goes, as long as the means justify the ends " A template of reasoning for promoting "Off Label" therfore untested as safe and effective flu vaccine promotion in pregnancy "totally bonkers gambling"
Evidence -Based -Medicine dancing in tackety-boots with two left feet !

Runrig- Dance Called America -immigrants arrive in New York USA Youtube

High rise concrete flats/housing constructed in the 1960's are a "Climate change threat" without mandatory insulation cladding ?
See - What cladding was used on Grenfell Tower ? London .
Same template of topsy turvy reasoning being employed ? With no standards regulation and accountabality for fractured risk assessments in basic public health and safety risk assessments!



Rare cases of measles caused by vaccine strain really , 36% of the Disney Land measles was caused by the vaccine strain . Your faith in vaccines is to be applauded I wish I shared it.

Angus Files

Good luck Joy bravo!



Jenny Allan

It's not vaccines, but surely just a matter of time. Class action litigation against Gardasil is already taking place in several countries. Perhaps this is what will bring Pan, Offit and others to the table.
130 Americans dying every month from opoid overdoses, many prescribed by doctors, rather puts a few hundred US measles cases with no deaths, into perspective.

Johnson & Johnson faces trial over opioid crisis in Oklahoma

Extract:- “Johnson & Johnson, one of the world's largest drug manufacturers, has gone on trial in a multi-billion dollar lawsuit by the US state of Oklahoma.
Prosecutors accuse the firm of deceptively marketing painkillers and downplaying addiction risks, fuelling a so-called "opioid epidemic".
Johnson & Johnson denies wrongdoing and says it marketed products responsibly.
It is the first of 2,000 cases brought by state, local and tribal governments against pharmaceutical firms in the US.
On average, 130 Americans die from an opioid overdose every day, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”



I'm against the vaccine. The good thing is that adults who are afraid of getting measles when their vaccine wears off can get the homeopathic nosode to prevent it. I had measles at six, so I'm safe, but probably even if I were non-immune, I'd rather get natural measles. I'd take vitamin A and no fever reducers. I think it's very likely that the stewardess who died of measles encephalitis recently had taken Tylenol for the fever. I think all adults who didn't have natural measles growing up should inform themselves and act as they think best. I would never recommend getting a booster MMR, but I understand that they might.


Maybe arguing for religious exemption is not the way to go especially in parts of the country who disdain religion. Maybe argue instead that vaccination is a threat to public health given the lack of appropriate safety studies , and this has resulted in 54% of children having a chronic illness compared to 16% in 1986 , and forcing vaccinations on children without the parents informed consent is contrary to 1986 federal legislation. But not being a lawyer there probably are reasons why this will not succeed

Declining IQ’s, declining fertility rates, increased childhood illnesses (many of them permanent) , and all public health officials and politicians can say is its a mystery while denying it has anything to do with vaccines due to no evidence , and making sure they don't fund valid studies to look for evidence and yet still force children to get vaccines. Hepatitis B vaccine for newborns? Maybe that all falls under “crime against humanity”?

Laura Hayes

“For at least a century, the courts have repeatedly upheld the states’ compulsory vaccination laws,” Judge Hartman wrote, and quoting from the 1944 Supreme Court case Prince v Massachusetts, “the right to practice religion does not include liberty to expose the community or the child to communicable disease or the latter to ill health or death.”

I have this to say to Judge Hartman:

Just because the courts have upheld state compulsory vaccination laws for decades not does not make it right...they did the same for slavery...and they did the same for denying women the right to vote. They were wrong in those cases, and they are wrong, dead wrong, as are you, in continuing to condone and uphold vaccine mandate laws. Vaccine mandate laws should have been made null and void upon the signing of the Nuremberg Code in 1947.

Furthermore, the privilege to legislate and the privilege to judge do not include the liberty to legally require, under threats of school expulsion, community expulsion, and child removal, that parents be forced to permit the poisoning, harming, and possible killing of their children time and again via vaccination. Additionally, it is legislators, and judges, including you, who are not only exposing children to ill health, developmental damage, and possible death, via vaccinations, you are mandating it. Great shame on you and all others who would deny parents the fundamental human right to decide what they allow, and don't allow, into THEIR children's bodies...a fundamental right guaranteed by our US Constitution, which clearly states that parents have the liberty to direct the upbringing, education, and care of their children as they deem fit.

As for communicable diseases, take a drive to your nearest school, mall, or airport to see that sickly, symptomatic people (as well as those who are ill but who are not showing overt symptoms) are out and about among us each and every day. No amount of vaccinating will change or improve this, and in reality, vaccinating will make it worse, as not only do the recently-vaccinated shed and spread the illnesses for which they were vaccinated, but since vaccines cause herd susceptibility (not herd immunity), the vaccinated are far more sickly than the unvaccinated (a number of non-industry, non-governmental studies clearly prove this).

Mandated medicine cannot exist in a free and ethical society...and legislators and judges in the USA who condone and enforce such atrocities as vaccine mandates should be immediately removed from their positions of power.

To all the willfully ignorant, pridefully arrogant, and in some cases corrupt law makers and judges out there, you would be wise to remember that your children and grandchildren will be subject to these tyrannical vaccine mandate laws and scores of heinous injections, too.

I urge you to begin educating yourselves by reading these 3 documents:

"Regaining Our Right to Refuse Vaccinations" by Laura Hayes


"Why Is This Legal?" by Laura Hayes


"Vaccines: What Is There to Be 'Pro' About?" by Laura Hayes


Then, please fulfill your duties properly and ethically by working to immediately ban vaccine mandates in all 50 states.


So in other words I was right all along.

If you refuse to counter the propaganda that diseases are contagious then you will never win.

Not in public opinion. Not in legislature. Not in court.

Now how about you stop censoring me and start listening to me instead John?

The chief argument Sussman should have used was the fact that kids get their shots at a place filled with the germs of sick people.

But oh no! He couldn't use that. Such arguments are too extreme! Too unseemly!

All the moderate non-vaxers get the vapors the moment you suggest that measles isn't contagious or even caused by a virus.

So instead the anti-vax movement will continue to lose time after time because they focus on strategies that are easily dismissed on legal grounds - vaccine safety and bodily autonomy.

Bob Moffit

@ Cia

Suggest you view Del Bigtree's "HIGHWIRE" show on youtube featuring his interview with Andy Wakefield on the issue of measles vaccine eventually causing measles to affect OLDER ADULTS WHEN THE MEASLES IS FAR MORE DANGEROUS THAN WHEN CONTRACTED AS A CHILD. The interview is well worth listening to .. frightening if it is TRUE .. measles will be more DANGEROUS THANKS TO VACCINE.


I can’t believe it!

State Senator Pan — the vaccine man — has finally said:

“We have differences
and we need to debate those differences.


Dell… Get him on your show before he changes his mind.

Laura Hayes

Joy Garner,

Thank you for your comments, and for your The Control Group project. Excellent all the way around!



I think that once measles makes an appearance in a population, whether vaxxed or unvaxxed, it spreads very easily, sometimes among the vaxxed, but usually among the unvaxxed. The measles in the Disneyland outbreak came from the Philippines. In rare cases, it might be possible for it to be caused by vaccine-strain measles, but in most cases it occurs because the measles virus is still around independent of the vaccine. Which is a good thing. I don't think we should try to blame the vaccine or blame the vaxxed population. We want natural measles to come back and allow children to reap its benefits again. But it's also true that the measles virus can be dangerous for some people. I think we should recognize that, as well as that the vaccine is very dangerous, and look at ways to protect the most vulnerable rather than try to prevent the disease from circulating the way it used to do.

scary times we are living in

Cia wrote, "I hope that these thousands of parents in NY will find the means to homeschool or move to another state. And I hope the NY school system and economy fall apart."

I would hope so too Cia however none of that will happen. So many of the kids can not realistically be home schooled due to the severity of their autism, parents working outside of the home, the private ABA centers and other typical schools can kick them out if rules/mandates are not followed and so on. Many parents of the typical kids will never homeschool. They would rather just vaccinate even though it will be forced upon them.

All the other ignorant, sheep parents sadly believe that vaccines are safe, they vaccinate and tell us that we are all nuts. So many of the parents of kids on the spectrum that I have met recently believe that vaccines are fine and their kids' autism is genetic or just a fun quirky personality. Honestly, I can't even talk to most parents anymore as they have all been so brainwashed and are too damned lazy to do their own research. All you hear from so many of them is...well, my pediatrician said the vaccine myth was discredited or the one I hear ALL.THE.TIME. is...Jenny McCarthy and all of you like her are nuts and don't believe in science. These ignorant parents actually believe the hype and will all vaccinate sadly. The most frightening part of this is that all states will eventually follow NYC's lead. Several already are doing this...CA., WV and a few others so parents may not want to go to all of the trouble of moving and have the new state implement the same horrible laws and mandates.

Alison Singer, one of the most big mouthed, pro vaccine NY parents, must be thrilled with all of this. She makes my skin crawl.

Joy Garner

The decision was the OBVIOUS result of the suit never mentioning any of the well-documented science, which proves definitively that the vaccines are what SPREADS more diseases. The "shedding" is well established. Basically, vaccinated kids are the ones running around spreading all of these so-called "vaccine preventable" diseases. It is disturbing that Bobby refused to bring ANY science into the case, knowing full well that the "religious rights" argument was certain to fail completely. There is NO WAY Bobby did not know religion, standing alone, would fail.

Bobby KNOWS about Jacobson v. Massachusetts (1905) that's been upheld ever since, and even strengthened in each new decision that upheld it. Basically, so long as some crooked politician or agency cries "public health" in the USA, they can literally KILL us (purportedly only a "few" of us) with "unavoidably unsafe" forced injections, according to our Supreme court. It is ASSUMED vaccines are good for "the herd" even if they maim and kill on "rare" occasions. So why on earth would anyone think we can maintain "religious rights" in the face of a purported public health crisis?

We need to define the risk of vaccination with NUMBERS, rather than continue to permit Pharma to get away with their entirely unsubstantiated "rare" slogan, as if it were a scientific term that discloses risk factors. Risks are defined NUMERICALLY. This is how we show the truth about how vaccines are affecting the "herd" (i.e., the communist/collective). Unless this mess is tackled with the REAL science that proves the shots are doing far more harm than good, there is no way to win this, given the current communist "herd" collective mindset of our government and courts.

This is WHY The Control Group is collecting the numbers right now. The CDC reports that 99% of Americans are vaccinated. The published National disease statistics are a reasonable barometer of the disease rates for a 99% vaccinated population, and these numbers are judicially noticeable. This leaves a little over 3 million who remain entirely unvaccinated for study, i.e., the TRUE "controls". But most data that's been independently collected here is too small to be considered "reliable". GOOD NEWS: Our sampling rate at The Control Group now exceeds the CDC's own standards for a "95% reliability factor" by over 4,000%! So far, we're seeing that less than 1% of entirely unvaccinated have ANY health problems AT ALL. Compare this against the national disease rates. It is by this method that we establish NUMERICAL risk factors for the filthy practice of routinely injecting myriad diseases and toxins into our bodies like junkies, addicted to the LIE this will improve our health or protect us.

Go to TheControlGroup.org to see how you can help. We're going into court with science, (actual numbers) instead of slogans and arguments about religion. We are extending the study to October 31St, 2019, and then we're heading into federal court to obtain a Nationwide injunction against all vaccine mandates. Our battle plan is much bigger than just the study, but it is an important and valuable tool. If you, or someone you know is entirely unvaccinated and/or has entirely unvaccinated kids, please participate in the health survey. Or, you can volunteer a bit of your time to gather and organize additional evidence and additional direct-fact witnesses to the DESTRUCTION vaccines are causing, in preparation for our lawsuit. We're also building a team to take statements and prepare them. There are SO MANY that've been harmed, and they ALL need to be heard!

Godspeed- The Control Group (.org)


So, exactly WHO are these mythical children who can’t be vaccinated? According to them almost no one in NYS can qualify for a medical exemption any more. Guess what? Those children in reality ... are OUR children!!!

Jenny Allan

Don't be complacent on this side of the Atlantic either. Our new Health Secretary Matt Hancock wants to introduce mandatory child vaccinations in the UK. PHE has been targeting the Jewish Communities.

Laboratory-confirmed cases of measles, mumps and rubella (England): January to March 2019 Health Protection Report Volume 13 Number 18 Measles In England.
Quote from Public Health England:-
"231 new measles infections were confirmed in the period between January and March 2019 compared to 90 in the last quarter of 2018 [1] (see figure1). Most of the cases this quarter were associated with outbreaks in London, the North West and the East of England. Under-vaccinated ultra-orthodox Jewish communities and traveller communities have been particularly affected.

In total this quarter there were 25 (11%) infections associated with recent travel abroad. The majority of the infections acquired abroad (16/25, 64%) were associated with recent travel to Europe, eight were linked to travel to Asia and one to the Americas. Almost 70 percent of all the cases this quarter (151/231) were in children under 15 years of age. The hospitalisation rate was consistent with previous quarter around 20%. Twenty-five cases (11%) reported having at least one dose of measles containing vaccine."


But it is my understanding that according to the recent New York decision there is NO medical reason for refusing vaccination, and all schoolchildren have to accept all the vaccines. Which means that it is not in order to protect them that the mandate is being passed.

I think it's important to say, though, that measles is spread easily, and everyone who gets it caught it from someone else. Most healthy children will catch it if they're exposed to it and don't already have immunity, and then they will be sick for several weeks and could certainly give it to others. That part is true. A small number of those who get measles will have serious complications and a few may die, usually from pneumonia, which, if it's bacterial, can usually be treated with antibiotics, or encephalitis, which is usually because an artificial fever reducer was used to lower the fever (which shouldn't be done).

But measles is so beneficial for the lifetime health of those fortunate to get it in childhood, that I think other measures should be used other than the dangerous vaccine. It is certainly immoral both to force anyone to take the vaccine and deprive children of the benefits of natural measles. The homeopathic nosode can be used in those for whom natural measles might be dangerous. All parents must be told how to nurse measles: the appropriate dose of vitamin A, no fever reducers, complete bed rest until the fever is gone, and quiet recuperation at home for two or three weeks after the fever is gone, to avoid complications while the immune system is recovering. Measles does not depress immune function for several years, but does do so for several weeks. And then all-cause mortality will be reduced, girls will be able to protect their future babies with placental immunity and breastfeeding, and many diseases, including cancer and many cases of heart disease.

I hope that these thousands of parents in NY will find the means to homeschool or move to another state. And I hope the NY school system and economy fall apart.


When it comes to WMDs, disease is the new destruction. I really need to stop feeding my unvaccinated children yellow cake before they become fair game.

Bob Moffit

As I understand it .. a child diagnosed having HEP B .. is allowed to attend school .. but … a perfectly healthy child who is HEP B FREE .. is denied school unless vaccinated.

In addition .. a perfectly healthy child MUST ASSUME THE RISK ALL VACCINES PRESENT .. because the unfortunately unhealthy compromised immune child cannot be vaccinated lest the child suffers the serious RISK ALL VACCINES PRESENT .. the very RISKS healthy children are now REQUIRED TO ACCEPT.



Gary Ogden

Astonishing that she could say that unvaccinated children are a threat to those who cannot be vaccinated absent a shred of evidence. It is a scientific fact that the recently vaccinated can pose a threat to others.


"Her Honor reasoned, unvaccinated children pose a threat to others who cannot get vaccinations."
Are Hepatitis B infected children disallowed attendance at New York schools?

Grace Green

I'm sorry for the Jewish and "anti-vax" communities in New York, to read this decision, and I'm sure no-one could have been better able to put the case than Mr. Sussman and Mr. Kennedy. My immediate thoughts are these. The judge was deciding on a matter of religion, and I note she said, "unvaccinated children pose a threat to others who cannot get vaccinations." At first I thought that is her religious opinion, but then I decided it is a matter of science, and mistaken science. She was making a decision on public health, which is a science (or should be). So we should be having a debate about the science and not about religion. Ultimately if people are being forced to harm their children and they have a conscientious or religious objection to doing that they will have to follow their conscience and take the consequences. "They" can destroy our bodies but they cannot change what we believe, indeed when it comes to science they cannot change the truth. The Jewish people know all too well what I'm saying, but maybe this time it will affect those of us from all religions or none, who refuse to do wrong.

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