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24! Out of College! What is she doing?

C227AF73-D795-4CA1-8232-A926D5D3DCFA"It's the most wonderful time, of the year!" to resurrect a funny, old ad campaign for Back to School from Staples. Happy Dad pushing the cart like a dance partner while the kids trudged behind him choosing school supplies. This week, I'm trudging too.

My youngest had a dental appointment. The efficient and pleasant hygienist asked me if she has siblings. "Yes, two sisters." "How old are they?"  "The oldest is 24..."  "Oh, 24! Out of college! What is she doing?"

Insert sigh and long pause. 

See the photo? That's what she's doing. Kindle Fires loaded with YouTube and papers full of taped on tiny screen shots from Sesame Street, Blues Clues, Finger Family, Jay Jay the Jet Plane, Spot the Dog and more. These are her memories from when she was a toddler. It's as if this is where her brain wants to remain. A PBS Kid at 24.  She loves her photos. She smiles and clearly is happy. She attends a day program. And that is how I answered the kindly hygienist.

Me? I devise new ways to print smaller and smaller photos for her. After all, ink is expensive. And I don't really want to drive to Staples. Even if it is the most wonderful time of the year.



Anne Dachel

Sesame Street at 24..............I have no words.

God bless you for all you do, Kim.

Donna L.

Yeah, those types of questions are the absolute worst. I don't think any of us 24/7/365 autism parents truly realize how unbelievably far from normal our lives actually are until a stranger requests that we sum it all up in one or two sentences.
I'm beginning to think I should just lie and make something up next time. It's not like anyone really cares or wants to know the truth anyway. If they did, this entire epidemic would have ended over a decade ago.


Thank you Kim--your words break my heart like no photo.


Bob-I also live in New York and it has been turned into a NIGHTMARE for all those being denied the ability to attend school due to the loss of vaccine exemptions. I too have heard that many are home schooling or have decided to move out of New York to avoid this disastrous situation. 26,000 families area affected and the numbers are staggering. Our legislators have made life a disaster for those families living in New York. California has gone the same route and people there have to make the same choice of whether to home school or just move out of the state. Who would have thought that things would become so dire for so many people.


Kim-I have an adult son who also wants to remain a PBS kid as well. He watches Sesame Street videos all the time, Thomas the Tank Engine, all the Disney animated movies. I know exactly how you feel and I wish that things could be different for our adult children and they could just be like everyone else their age. We need RESEARCH from qualified people all over the world to find the answer and a CURE for all the people who are affected by the autism condition, We have the technology and it can be done and we can't lose a whole generation of people to this autism condition. I pray every day for a CURE and, hopefully, we will see that day.

Maurine Meleck

Kim, I so understand your pain and your challenges. Yours are mine 3 times over. It's hard for me to understand all the bad things in the world right now and people's efforts to to deal with them when vaccines and autism are so ignored at every level. The question is always-how do we break the media brainwashing?

Angus Files

Sorry wrong printer we have one but not this model the previous model but with the refillable tanks..


Pharma For Prison


Angus Files

Kim Epson do legally filled cartridges on their printers now -saves the bank balance and staples for the throw away cartridges.The things we do for autism and if weren't for autism we wouldn't even have thought of them! thank you for nothing autism.


Pharma For Prison


Bob Moffit

NYS legislators recently removed our "religious exemption" for vaccines .. turning our ONCE "most wonderful time of the year" into a living NIGHTMARE. If our unvaccinated children do not get all vaccines .. they WILL BE DENIED ACCESS TO PUBLIC SCHOOLS, DAY CARE CENTERS, ETC. Sporadic reports that many of the reported 26,000 families affected by this legislation have decided to "home school" their children or are in process of selling homes anticipating moving to a State where the vaccine tyrants have yet to succeed.

I suspect our brave courageous Legislators had a very good summer vacation .. and .. they and their families will be enjoying the "most wonderful time of the year" as their supposedly fully vaccinated children return to school .. at least those legislators whose children are fully grown and their education no longer being held hostage to vaccine tyrants.

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