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Missing Teen, Happy Ending

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Note: There are days (weeks, months...) where the news just seems ao grim,  we forget that GOOD people surround us. We just don't hear about them often. Here is a story with a happy ending. A dozen years ago, my daughter wandered away at a huge resort in Orlando.  Who found her, recognized that a pretty, 12 year old girl counting numbers in a glass elevator had autism, and brought her safely to the front desk? A GrandMom of a boy with autism, a travel agent from the mid-west named Carol. I will never forget her. I'm sure this family will never forget Derrick Brown.

Good Samaritan helps find missing Maryland teen with autism



It's strange how when my son was first diagnosed in 2006; everybody would look at me like I had two heads when I would say 'Autism'. More than once, someone thought I said 'artistic'.

Now, people say 'Autism'? before I've had a chance to say 'Sorry, he has autism'. Or people say "I thought so! My brother, cousin, grandson, niece ... is autistic too.'

Three times now, I've been asked; 'Was it the vaccines?' BEFORE they even asked if he had autism. They knew. About an hour ago, standing in the checkout line, my 6'3" 15 year old hauled off & slugged me in the side of my head & when I calmly shook it off & said 'Sorry; Autism' about six heads nodded & smiled in understanding. (sigh)

I've been VERY lucky during elopements that Luke follows his stomach & arrives in hotel lobbies ready to chow down on the free breakfast. Every time, someone has noticed & since he can say my telephone number; they are calling me as I'm hot on the trail via his GPS tracker.

Each time, when I arrive, he is seated with a heaping plate of food, being doted on by hotel staff & seeing me burst through the door, he says 'Uh-oh'. We've even been offered discount rates if we'd like to bring him him back for a 'stay-cation'. This kid ...

It's great for our kids but also a sad state of affairs that autism is now so immediately recognizable.

Angus Files

Cant say how many times ours vanished and the relief when found or returned.All it takes is the blink of an eye and they are gone vanishers as they are known not just escapers or runners but keep going vanishers..Since we let him have a computer that anchored him a bit but before that and if we have power cuts as you get a lot where we live the stress levels go up as he can still vanish.Well done for finding this teenager and the man who found her obviously knew what he was looking for no doubt about it an experienced eye.

Pharma For Prison



Well, I don't suppose it will be very long before everyone will recognise a child with 'autism' (vaccine induced brain injury) since, everyone, in the not too distant future, will have a loved one with autism. At least there will not be a shortage of rescuers then. Everyone will recognise the signs. Are we supposed to be grateful when that happens? I wouldn't be surprised if they spun it that way.

Bob Moffit

Praying all our wandering beloved children have the same outcome as this child did .. God bless him and the compassionate/aware dad who helped recover him.

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