The Science is Unsettled "Spin in psychiatric clinical trial reports is widespread"
Judge to Hear Oral Argument on the Repeal of theReligious Exemption to Vaccination for New York Children

Justice Department Failing to Fund Avonte and Kevin's Laws As Kids Continue to Die

Lost childOver the weekend, a teen with autism wandered and was found within 24 hours just miles from my house. A friend on Facebook reported her teen son wandered in Chicago and we spent a harrowing night praying for him, he was found alive and safe.  Also, this weekend, a youngster in Lima, Ohio was not so fortunate.  He was drawn to "water, trains and parks...."  And yet, the Justice Department continues to drop the ball.  See below.

The body of an autistic boy who was reported missing in Lima early Sunday morning was recovered from a body of water Sunday afternoon, according to the Allen County Sheriff’s Office. 8-year-old Matthew Converse had last been seen around 12 a.m. Sunday, according to the Lima Police Department. Police had informed the public that Matthew had autism and was drawn to water, trains and parks. Matthew was found in a body of water not far from his home around 3:34 p.m., deputies said.

From Disability Scoop:  The U.S. Department of Justice is on the hot seat amid attempts to allocate funding intended to address the needs of kids with autism and other developmental disabilities who wander.

Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., is pressuring the agency to follow through on its obligations under Kevin and Avonte’s Law.

The law, which was signed last year, called for $2 million annually through 2022 for grants to local law enforcement and nonprofit agencies. The money can be used to provide electronic tracking devices to families of those at risk of wandering or for education, training, notification systems and other efforts to prevent or better respond to elopement.

However, Schumer’s office said that rather than make funding available to local agencies as called for in Kevin and Avonte’s Law, the Justice Department folded the wandering program into a larger grant for a national center to improve police response to people with mental health conditions as well as intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Now, the grant solicitation is being amended and reissued, Schumer said.

“I have serious concerns that deviating from the Kevin and Avonte’s mandate, will divert key resources from in need families and communities,” Schumer wrote in a letter this month to Katharine Sullivan, principal deputy assistant attorney general at the Justice Department’s Office of Justice Programs.  Read more here.


Laura Hayes


And don’t forget this gem from their excerpt:

“No related serious adverse reactions were reported...”

No serious adverse reactions are ever related to or a result of vaccines, according to Pharma.

Hans Litten

Great news for STI's , Chlamydia , we tested just 35 people (we wont tell you who, & we wont tell you where). But we got away with it again (The Lancet has no concerns that's for sure).
We didn't bother testing for more than a week in case any inconveniences came out.
We have no idea about carcinogenicity whatsoever (fingers crossed).
Mutagenicity , absolutely no fekin idea whatsoever.
Future Fertility of recipients - quite frankly who cares one iota ?
But we plan to mass vaccinate starting this Saturday, and the vaccine needs to be globally mandated by Sunday. Oh and we actually have no idea about what it does for Chlamydia but we do know it prevents the precursors to Athletes foot (& that has to be a good thing).
The CDC has given us the thumbs up (they only needed a 15% cut of royalties)
The JCVI has no concerns as long as their children are never included in the program.

Between Aug 15, 2016, and Feb 13, 2017, 35 women were randomly assigned (15 to CTH522:CAF01, 15 to CTH522:AH, and five to placebo). 32 (91%) received all five vaccinations and all participants were included in the intention-to-treat analyses. No related serious adverse reactions were reported, and the most frequent adverse events were mild local injection-site reactions, which were reported in all (15 [100%] of 15) participants in the two vaccine groups and in three (60%) of five participants in the placebo group (p=0·0526 for both comparisons). Intranasal vaccination was not associated with a higher frequency of related local reactions (reported in seven [47%] of 15 participants in the active treatment groups vs three [60%] of five in the placebo group; p=1·000). Both CTH522:CAF01 and CTH522:AH induced anti-CTH522 IgG seroconversion in 15 (100%) of 15 participants after five immunisations, whereas no participants in the placebo group seroconverted. CTH522:CAF01 showed accelerated seroconversion, increased IgG titres, an enhanced mucosal antibody profile, and a more consistent cell-mediated immune response profile compared with CTH522:AH.

Angus Files

Poor lad.In the UK the cops hardly attend any reports to them of missing persons.As below from 2013 unfortunately the cop reporting looks like the halitosis kid Dog Breath Deer.

Police shake-up over missing person cases

Pharma For Prison


Bob Moffit

As a lifetime resident of New York .. and … having NEVER voted once for Sen Schumer in all my years .. I have to give the man credit when credit is due him … and … on this SINGLE issue of re-allocating funds dedicated to prevent "wandering" of our children .. Schumer is to be applauded for his efforts.

Now if he could just use his office to begin serious effort to ascertain what has CAUSED autism to rise to 1 in 35 .. say demanding Senate investigate serious allegations of Dr William Thompson .. whistleblower employed by CDC .. of CRIMINAL CONDUCT by the highest levels of the CDC
to deny the significant evidence of higher risk for black children receiving vaccines as recommended and approved … SCHUMER WILL HAVE EARNED MY RESPECT AND FUTURE VOTE FOR RE-ELECTION.

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