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If You Write to this "Parliamentary Group" Please be Careful

image from www.rescuepost.comBy John Stone

This is a follow up to my brief article at the end of February British MPs are Front for Gates and the Pharmaceutical Industry

The deadly charade continues. British television viewers were told on ITV NEWS on Thursday night that an All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) was to investigate "the  resurgence of the anti-vaccination movement".  They should not be deceived into thinking however that the APPG  "Vaccinations For All is the equivalent of a parliamentary committee. The secretariat for the group - which itself  consists of five little known members of the House of Commons and two of the House of Lords - is listed as an organisation  called Results UK, which is in turn a satellite of GAVI, which we all know is a partnership of  the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the WHO,  Unicef, the World Bank and the Pharmaceutical Industry etc. Every single vaccine manufacturer is represented within GAVI.

The strategy has been apparent since the summer of 2017 when the director of GAVI, Seth Berkley, had an article published in the on-line Spectator - a British news journal - calling for "anti-vaxxers" to be banned from the web, when what he was really setting out to do was ban all criticism of vaccines from the web while simultaneously indulging in hate rhetoric. In the British context it might perhaps be a modestly hopeful sign that the present move comes from an undistinguished ad hoc group of parliamentarians rather than a standing committee: less helpful is the continuing treachery of the mainstream media which cannot any longer report anything without a having devious agenda behind it.

The deadline for submissions to this inquiry is 30 August. Many people from the vaccine injury/vaccine critical community are apparently writing but if they do they should be aware that the group is an industry lobby organization and not one of the standing parliamentary committees which regularly hold inquiries as part of their remit - there may be some point in trying to embarrass them but their standpoint is essentially hostile, and their avowed concern is to silence families of the injured not listen to them.

The group's chair Philippa Whitford wrote a British Medical Journal blog in April and some comments were published (including from Christopher Exley, Elizabeth Hart and myself).

See also: Seth Berkley "the fattest charity fat cat of them all" and the money sloshing behind the Global Health Security Agenda



John Stone

Bloody hell, she’s got GSK and Merck in her constituency - its Central Ayrshire versus the world!


Thanks John ,that's interesting . 350th anniversary of Merck Darmstadt "Ya ya stimpt schoen "
Could there be a public/private/professional/ financial, wiff of a conflict of interest wafting of it, aye right off it !
Irvine pharmaceutical firm Merck officially opens £2.7 million expansion .
https/ 29 May 2019

North Ayrshire Council consider fining people who feed seagulls
Article by Ross Dunn 7 September 2018

Hydrogen peroxide and [ emamectin--Merck]
Fish farms under investigation for allegedly breaking enviromental rules
Article by Rob Edwards May 20 2019
https/ mowi-fish-farms-sepa

West Coast seagulls ain't gullible! moving at least 20 miles in from the coast seeking food ?
"A" "B" and "C" Squadron C-gulls furious and revolting after being described as nothing more than "Pesky vermin" Irvine pharmaceutical factories /organisational car parks only accessable wearing sturdy sling-back wellies and golfing size umbrellas hungry /angry /fearless C gulls using some organisational car parks as a plop plops zone, no go area !

John Stone

Hi Morag

Perhaps it is because of the huge GSK plant in her constituency:



Thanks John, interesting observations?
The groups chair Philippa Whitford,I'm surprised,this British MP is very good and "Up to speed" on some other issues as well.
Re the bmj opinion, article - April 25 2019
Rebuilding trust in immunisation is key to tackling vaccine hesetancy ?
Looks like, sounds like, and reads like a templated, scripted, policy and procedure, parroting for bird brains, wearing a one size fits all one'sie style uniform, with identical caps and cap badges! Scripted to suit all languages/ dialects/ accents?
What a huge "Blind Spot" resulting from a severe training deficiency in health and social care "Basic Risk Assessments" and their prejudice training module deficiency ,sticks out like a sore thumb as well !
Public/Private /Partnerships/Quorum's with behavioural presentation looking like "Polypharmaceutical Barra Boys!" with a behavioural presentation of primary schoolyard
bullies ?
The behavioural presentation could benefit from a gentle sharp reminder that " The bigger they think they are, then the further they have to fall "
With totally failed/fractured basic risk assessments and a superimposed selfie appointed "Judge of Man" delusion, has given their own silly wee selfies a good crumbling kick on their own silly wee shins for sure !

Still Game : It's the good stuff Youtube


Exhausting for sure Carol, but exhausted or not; I still burn a deep hot ember of hate for them.


I love that Laura Hayes!


Think the publications below might share some public relations DNA? The list is by no means exhaustive, just exhausting. (I permitted one "debunked" substituting for "discredited," but there were more, many more.), 2013 (linking to an article at Disgraced and discredited “Dr” Andrew Wakefield wants you to know the UK measles epidemic is “totally” not his fault…., 2014: Wakefield is a disgraced former doctor who had his medical license revoked due to his unethical behavior in publishing a paper asserting that the MMR vaccine was linked to autism….His paper, even though discredited, is used widely as evidence of the dangers of vaccines….

Politico, 2017: “disgraced-doctor-who-questioned-vaccine-safety-looks-to-trump-with-hope” In 2012, Trump echoed Wakefield’s discredited claims that combining the three viruses in a vaccine increases children's chance of getting autism.

scienceblogs/insolence, 2017: President Trump's embrace of discredited theories linking vaccines to autism has energized....Then, of course, he met with disgraced British antivaccine "scientist" and antivaccine hero Andrew Wakefield.

The Independent, 2018: “Who is Andrew Wakefield and what did the disgraced MMR doctor do?” Andrew Wakefield is a former British doctor and researcher, who birthed the modern anti-vaccination movement with widely discredited research….

The Guardian, 2018: “Disgraced anti-vaxxer Andrew Wakefield aims to advance his agenda in Texas election” Anti-vaccine campaigners have found a growing political voice for their debunked ideas in Texas, the adopted home of discredited British researcher Andrew Wakefield...., 2018: Andrew Wakefield, a disgraced former doctor known for his now-discredited claim that there is a link between vaccines and autism, hopes to advance his anti-vaccine movement., 2019: He said his mother was influenced by the debunked and disgraced former British doctor, Andrew Wakefield, who in the 1990s claimed….

Laura hayes


Thanks for the link.

Reminds me of a favorite quote, one by Martin Luther King, Jr.:

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."


We know that there are a growing number of doctors, nurses and scientists becoming concerned with the current fad of mass vaccinations but are at a loss, to know how they can influence things. Think that if we can direct them to this video clip where Jordan Peterson is asked what can be done about censorship — it might help. His reply gives some practical down-to-earth suggestions (and warnings) whilst reinforcing the need to start taking action today rather than tomorrow.

As members of these professions often read AoA, thought this is a good place to start spreading it. Instead of begging them to do something, Peterson’s reply gives pointers to what one can focus on, according to one’s own situation in which one finds oneself.

Elizabeth Gillespie

Thanks for the heads-up John. I wonder how many more organisations are operating under the pretense of caring for the vaccine injured?

Grace Green

For a long time I have known that I was being "spied" on, though I prefer to describe it as sabotage because that is what they do - disrupt your life. So it got to the point where I didn't care what I said or to whom, because I no longer had anything to lose. For most of my life I didn't know who "they" were , so it was impossible to hide from them anyway. Now that I know about Big Pharma and their evil corruption I have no fear of saying things how they are. Del Bigtree is an inspiration and I always look out for his next interview. But I do think there should be more of us pulling together and making ourselves visible. Especially in Scotland where there doesn't seem to be anything happening.

Angus Files

I agree with others on here that they probably know who the `anti-vaxxers` are.I would guess anyone that has had a vaccine damaged child and suspects vaccines falls into the derogatory anti vaccine brigade-there are one whole pile of us and increasing every minute they know that also.

Thanks for the insight John and joining up the dots and reminding me of who who is.

Pharma For Prison


susan welch

John. Thank you so much for this warning and for the excellent info re all the 'Players'.

I had seen this request for info (is it a survey?) on a respected Facebook group. I had even toyed with the idea of responding. I have now posted your article on that Group, so hopefully people who want to respond will do so with your info.

Evil is the word that springs to mind.


Sooooo, what nothing new here. That is what they have done for decades. Why do you think we all don't speak up, all the time, loud and clear, all the time ?

Why does Del Bigtree have to tell us to be brave.

Hate them all.
I don't listen to the news to find out if Epstein was murdered cause I know he was murdered. I listen to see if there is any hope when it comes to human society going forward. Is there any hope for news organizations, our justice system, our system, a continued middle class. If so then all we need to do is keep being brave.

What do you all think? Is it just hopeless, or can it all be turned around and we have freedom to speak out when we or our love ones has a reaction to a medicine, even if it is a vaccine?

Bob Moffit

"...… Many people from the vaccine injury/vaccine critical community are apparently writing but if they do they should be aware that the group is an industry lobby organization and not one of the standing parliamentary committees which regularly hold inquiries as part of their remit - there may be some point in trying to embarrass them but their standpoint is essentially hostile, and their avowed concern is to silence families of the injured not listen to them."

I would be worried about having myself "identified" as a dreaded "anti-vaxxer" and having my "identity" given to those willing to silence "anti-vaxxers" by any means necessary. In the US the term is called "doxing" … using social media to publish target's name, home, employment … usually followed by "demonstrators" showing up outside target's home or place of employment.

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