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HPV Vaccination and Risk of Miscarriage: An Assessment

RouletteNote: Last week, we featured an article that says study summaries, like the one below, often sugar coat the results so that the reader thinks there is a better outcome than was actually reported in the full study.  The abstract below reports that more study is needed, in case the vaccine does indeed cause miscarriage. Will the study team be pilloried, driven out of their careers and country fro suggesting more study is needed? That has been known to happen when critiquing a vaccine. We've heard.



To assess whether the peri-conceptional or pregnancy exposure of human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination would increase the risk of spontaneous abortion. 


We searched PubMed, Embase, and Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials for clinical trials and observational studies that investigated the association between exposure of HPV vaccines (2vHPV, 4vHPV or 9vHPV) during peri-conceptional period or pregnancy and spontaneous abortion before 28 gestational weeks. We pooled data from 2vHPV, 4vHPV and 9vHPV separately. Subgroup analyses were conducted according to data sources, and raw data or adjusted data.

Seven observational studies were eligible and all studies were low risk of bias. Meta-analyses suggested that 2vHPV vaccination did not increase the risk of spontaneous abortion regardless of exposure period during 90 days before last menstrual period (LMP) or pregnancy: risk ratio, 95% confidence intervals (RR, 95% CI), 1.15 (0.95–1.39), and 45 days before LMP or pregnancy: 1.28 (0.96–1.70). However, 2vHPV vaccination during Pre-45 days to LMP seemed to increase the risk of spontaneous abortion: 1.59 (1.04–2.45). The current evidence did not support the association between 4vHPV vaccination and spontaneous abortion regardless of exposure period during 45 days before LMP or pregnancy: 0.88 (0.73–1.06); and 45 days before LMP: 1.00 (0.80–1.24). Additionally, 9vHPV during within 30 days of conception also seemed to increase the risk: 2.04 (1.28–3.24).

The association between peri-conceptional or pregnancy exposure of HPV vaccine and spontaneous abortion is still uncertain, and additional research is warranted to assess the impact of exposure of HPV vaccination on spontaneous abortion.

Read more at Peri-conceptional or pregnancy exposure of HPV vaccination and the risk of spontaneous abortion: a systematic review and meta-analysis Jing Tan, Yi-quan Xiong, Qiao He, Yan-mei Liu, Wen Wang, Meng Chen, Kang Zou, Xing-hui Liu & Xin Sun BMC Pregnancy and Childbirthvolume 19, Article number: 302 (2019)



DPT causes miscarriages too, cause I had one many years ago when I thought I was just getting a tetanus shot alone, but really I would not have thought about that one either.
That DTap or acellular pertussis is no better.

Science is pure.  People are corrupt.

Despite the large error bars the increasing risk closer to the pregnancy is a concerning finding. and as Gary has pointed out the 2X risk in a thirty day window demands follow up.

Gary Ogden

A risk ratio of 2.04 is a strong signal, strong enough to be considered causal, despite the weasel words in the conclusions. They are a political statement, not a scientific one. This finding may have alarmed them, but they don't dare say it.

Bob Moffit

Gee … more research is recommended .. where have I heard that before? Usually the conclusion is worded … "we can neither confirm or reject .. blah, blah, blah...

The problem with ALL VACCINES is the research recommended is NEVER DONE … such as .. decades ago .. the IOM's call for a scientific, independent study of vaccinated v. unvaccinated populations to ascertain if BOTH populations are suffering life-long, life-altering, life-threatening chronic autoimmune disorders.

As they have said for decades .. it would be too hard to do .. it would be unethical to do it … blah, blah, blah … it is enough that the IOM "RECOMMENDED" IT. The IOM sleeps at night having "done all they can do to identify the benefit/risk of vaccines" .. and ..


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