Nix SB276

Governor Newsom, Do You Condone Slurs from Maral Farsi About Your Constituents

Farsi Tweet
Look at the disgusting Tweet from Maral Farsi of California.  Who is she?  Here's her Twitter description: California policy nerd. 1st gen Iranian. Healthcare, outdoors, beaches, cartoons, scooters, and politics. All tweets are my own.  Iran? My God, you think a woman whose family's home country treats women like 8th class citizens without control of what they wear, their bodies, where they can be seen, what they can do, might just maybe, might have a scintilla of compassion for the thousands of "anti-vaxxer" women in California? She is no better than the harshest regime in Iran.

Deputy Director of Legislative and Inter-Governmental Affairs

Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development

Maral Farsi is the Deputy Director of Legislative and Inter-governmental Affairs at the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz). Prior to that, Ms. Farsi worked in government affairs and policy roles in the private sector, including for two Fortune 10 companies. Ms. Farsi earned a Master of Science degree in law from the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law and a Master of Public Health degree from the UCLA School of Public Health. She received her Bachelor of Science from California State University, Northridge. Ms. Farsi is a native of Los Angeles but now calls Sacramento her home.

Noun. oxygen thief (plural oxygen thieves) (informal, derogatory) a useless person. "Oxygen thieves," connotes that someone is better off dead, because they steal the very AIR others should breathe. This is the kind of vocabulary that sets off MASS SHOOTERS.  It's the conversation of a zealot who could be scribbling a manifesto on how to protect the world from those who do not fully vaccinate.  It's DANGEROUS. 

Think about the fact that she Tweeted this KNOWING she would get support is frightening. She is no better than a KKK grand wizard spouting vicious racist rants. THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE and I'll say it over and over - Anti-vaxxer is the new N word.

Let's rewrite her Tweet as if it were a Mad (pissed off) Libs booklet.  Replace "anti-vaxxer" which I will tell you again is NOT A BADGE OF HONOR but a full on slur with other nouns, shall we? I refuse to call myself an antivaxxer.   She has dehumanized every single person who believes in vaccination choice and refusal. She has demonized us. She has made us a scornful enemy in this Tweet.  Which I hear she has removed.

Warning! The Antivaxxers are back today at 8:00am! Take your masks and antibacterial sprays!

Warning! The W*tb*acks are back today at 8:00am! Take your masks and antibacterial sprays!

Warning! The N-words are back today at 8:00am! Take your masks and antibacterial sprays!

Warning! The Sp*cs are back today at 8:00am! Take your masks and antibacterial sprays!

Warning! The F*gs are back today at 8:00am! Take your masks and antibacterial sprays!

Warning! The Qu**rs are back today at 8:00am! Take your masks and antibacterial sprays!

Disgusting in the extreme. And this promotes the very violence some in California as crying about.  BASTA! Says this second generation ITALIAN. E-nough.



C. Guevara

We, the tax payers, are paying her salary of $115,000 +/- a yr?!?! I'm sorry. I want her fired!

Gary Ogden

greyone: Thank you for posting that. So now we know that she is an industry insider.


I certainly started in the "uninformed vaccinator" category, until..........., and then I started asking questions, but still uninformed. I finally asked, could vaccinations be causing these seizures and I was told emphatically NO. UNTIL, until I heard a radio interview with Barbara Loe Fisher. I was no longer ignorant, uninformed, unknowledgeable, I was FURIOUS.

If the government and medical community are not going to "honest and forthright" about an invasive medical procedure performed on healthy children which could lead to injury and death then what else are they not honest about. TOO MANY TO COUNT and I have been counting for a long long time.

And here we are today with 45% of adults somewhere between uninformed, but not quite ignorant with concerns about vaccine safety. With Laura's, Kennedy's, Bigtree, Kim, Stone, Conrick, Cia, Gary you're in there HELP, it will be 60% before too long. Even Eindeker points us to studies which lead to more questions about the ground so reverently protected.

Laura Hayes


Here are my thoughts on terminology...

"Uninformed vaccinator" is the typical parent/individual, and describes one who has not been given, and who has not personally sought out, or experienced firsthand, the actual facts about vaccines. This person simply does what they are told, or what is required, without questioning or further thought.

"Pro-vaccine" best describes one who is profiting from vaccines, either directly or indirectly. This person may or may not know the actual facts about vaccines. Their concern is profiting from vaccines, via money, power, social status, job security, career advancement, unrestricted participation in society, or a combination thereof. This profiting also includes not losing certain benefits/privileges due to one's position on vaccines, including those just listed.

"Anti-vaccine" describes one who is speaking from informed intelligence and principled ethics. This person knows the facts about vaccines, including their toxic and heinous ingredients, their long and sordid history, that not one has been properly or ethically tested or approved, that not one vaccine should currently be on the market or in use, and that there should be an immediate moratorium on each and every vaccine. This person understands that robust health, including a finely-tuned and effective immune system, does not come through the use of vaccines.

"Anti-vaxxer" is the pejorative term used by those who are pro-vaccine in an attempt to disrupt, minimize, delegitimize, and completely undermine the message of truth put forth by those who are anti-vaccine, so that they can continue to reap profits, power, and societal benefits both from the sale of vaccines and from supporting vaccines and vaccine mandates, with zero regard for the harm and deaths that vaccines continue to cause on an ever-increasing basis.

I think discussing and defining current use of terminology is important.


Ms. Farsi's comments embrace a global PR pharma campaign, used in lieu of reason, meant to focus disdain, and avoid unpleasant facts about vaccine harms.
As a "public servant", Ms. Farsi's malefic tone against those who might disturb her pharma oriented career path, is particularly disturbing.


Anti-vaxxer isn't a slur.


Is the Governor's office a captured state agency?

Gary Ogden

Laura: I've received acknowledgement from GO-biz of my email, and a promise of a response in 1-2 business days. I've also sent a snail-mail letter directly to the Governor's office.


"Governor Brown Announces Appointments

Published: Apr 02, 2018

SACRAMENTO – Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. today announced the following appointments:

Maral Farsi, 37, of Sacramento, has been appointed deputy director of legislative and inter-governmental affairs at the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz). Farsi has been regional director of governmental affairs at CVS Health since 2014. She was a health policy manager at Optum from 2011 to 2014 and senior policy analyst at the California Association of Health Plans from 2008 to 2011. Farsi is a member of the University of California, Los Angeles School of Public Health Alumni Association. She earned a Master of Science degree in law from the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law and a Master of Public Health degree from the University of California, Los Angeles School of Public Health. This position does not require Senate confirmation and the compensation is $115,008. Farsi is a Democrat."


This Farse character isn't genuinely concerned about the welfare of vaccinated children.

If she was, she'd be reminding parents to bring along their EpiPens and asthma meds.

Linda L

@Leah She is Anna Kaplan.

Laura Hayes

Gary Ogden,

Thank you for your efforts to ensure that this unprincipled, ill-informed, hate-filled, venom-spewing woman is fired for her unacceptable and inexcusable public statements.

Gary Ogden

Laura: I've now filed formal complaints with her office, with the Sacramento County DA, and with the Attorney General's office. I would urge other CA residents to complain as many places as you can think of. The criminal cabal in charge of our beautiful state must and will be stopped.

Concerned Parent

Our family of three actually attended this event holding up signs with facts about vaccines, what the US government has labeled them, and how many vaccines our children are now being subjected to vs when our son was initially injured and almost died from receiving six vaccines in one sitting.

We marched for hours along side similar families, individuals who children had died from vaccine injuries, and medical professionals risking their careers to show support because they’ve seen what has transpired with their patients. As temperatures rose to mid 90s, there was never a harsh word said by any of us to those few who disagreed with our efforts to educate others about vaccines and what SB276 would do to innocent children. We walked around the capital and this young lady could have engaged us at anytime and she chose not to do so. She instead chose to attend to ridicule us.

This young lady also placed a bounty on each and every one of us there and by doing so placed us at risk due to her uninformed and radicalized labeling is us in a derogatory way. This included many young children as well there with their parents. We will be filing formal complaints against her and asking for appropriate disciplinary measures to take place.

It’s also interesting to note that we are the ones being labeled as terorists? No. This hate speech is what creates that type of dogma and negative thought process toward us which is not only purposeful, but places us at risk of much more than unnecessary vaccine mandates.

Please express your concerns folks and in a very thoughtful, respectful way.

Thank you for brining this to our attention AoA.

Gary Ogden

Thanks Laura. Complaint filed. I will next be filing a complaint with the Sacramento County DA. This language may fit the legal definition of assault. Fight the criminal gangs who run our government!


@Linda what is her name? We should put her name out so people can file complaints or at least post on Facebook.


Ms. Farsi's tweet was rude, but it was also inaccurate. The unvaccinated are not less healthy than the vaccinated. Quite the reverse. Those vaccinated with DTaP, for instance, become more susceptible to pertussis infections during their lifetimes. It's not me, wild-eyed anti-vaxxer, who's saying this, but James Cherry, holder of the Stanley A. Plotkin Lectureship in Vaccinology:

DTaP isn't the only vaccine that takes healthy children and turns them into sickees. See also:

Grace Green

Interesting that Ms. Farsi ridicules Western Christian names. Isn't farsi the language used by her native country? That's like us calling ourselves English, which I know has been done. But it struck me as a little bit suspicious as soon as I read this article.


Sufferin Succotash! multi-national barra boys /street organ, organ grinders with performing behavioural dance routines, clog hoppers, with two left feet?
Taking the temperature and blood pressure of the present political perception ?
on par with and joined at the hip mentality presentation as

Matt Hancock "Won't rule out" Compulsory vaccinations>politics>may> 4May 2019
Those who spread anti-vaccine messages have "blood on their hands" says health secretary.

No point in laughing at the scripted dancing performance when it's the organ grinders who are responsible /accountable for the behavioural dance routine?
eg UN Sustainable development goals 2030
WHO World Health Organisation List of biggest threats 2019
The Vaccine Song Youtube
Runrig - Tear Down These Walls . Youtube
Do they really think vaccine consent, informed consent, and risk assessments are an illusion?
because you can't sing two songs out of both sides of one mouth at the same time ! so that's their choices, that's their options, so they can take it or leave it!

Gary Ogden

The fix is in: SB 276 has been resurrected from the suspense file and passed out of committee. Next step, Assembly floor vote. Back to the Senate for concurrence on amendments. Next step, Governors signature. The fascist pharma takeover of childrearing in California will be complete. The more I think about this the angrier I get. We are ruled in the state I love by amoral criminal elements, with a big helping of ignorance and stupidity. To the streets we must. We must not allow this to stand. Mr. President, where are you?


Master's in Public Health: that explains it.

Laura Hayes

To file a written complaint re. Ms. Farsi, go to:

Click on "Contact Us".

Fill out form.

I might also fill out a form for the dismissive and rude staffer who answers the phone at Newsom's office, in addition to one for Ms. Farsi.

Laura Hayes

Have a listen to this chilling video (only 2 min. long):

Laura Hayes

Another Tweet by Ms. Farsi from 6-20-19 (it won't cut and paste here in the AoA comments section, so I am typing it verbatim):


To all the privileged wealthy mothers who oppose #SB276: when you guys give your kids names like Kombucha and Smash and Gelatin, it's very hard to take you seriously. I support @DrPanMD and @CMAdocs.

1:34 PM Jun 20, 2019 Twitter Web Client

Linda L

The NY State senator that my district sends to Albany is a religious refugee from Iran. Her facebook page details her hard journey when she escaped her homeland because of her religious beliefs. On June 13 she voted to take away my rights to sincere religious beliefs because they are different than hers. I begged her in person to vote for religious liberty. How shameful this is.

Laura Hayes

I made a second call to the Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development. A professional and courteous young man named Jeremy answered the phone, said that they are aware of Ms. Farsi's public post, listened to all of my concerns and comments about Ms. Farsi and her public comments, and said the office would be responding back to all commenters who requested follow up.

I encourage others to call this office, too:

(877) 345-4633

I reiterated my comment that she should be immediately fired for her uninformed, cruel, completely unacceptable, inaccurate comments.

Laura Hayes

Wow, just called Newsom's office, waited on hold, and finally spoke to a COMPLETELY DISMISSIVE and RUDE staffer.

I hope others will call, too, to tie up their phone lines for the entire day, and to DEMAND that Maral Farsi be fired.

Phone: (916) 445-2841

Seems like Newsom's staff members are as pathetic as he is.

Gary Ogden

My letter to Governor Newsom is in the mail. Happy to post it here if anyone thinks it worth reading. Her words are just the sort of hate speech which Democrats spare no opportunity to decry, except in the case of vaccine injury, a subject not allowed to be raised in polite company. Astonishingly ignorant she is, and as nasty as they come.


I don't think her being of Muslim heritage has anything to do with her expressed opinions on vaccines. A surprising percentage of women in Muslim countries say in polls that they support the sharia and agree that it is appropriate for women to be struck by their husbands, for example. But in this case, the first step toward assimilating into Western culture is often enthusiastically adopting the conventional beliefs on science and vaccination. I had a friend from the same country who works in the microbiology lab at the hospital. I gave her Dr. Moskowitz' book Vaccination, and after several months she just handed it back to me without a word. It had been a gift and I hoped that she might learn about vaccine injury, but I think her allegiance must have been given and can't be changed (apparently). She highly recommended that I read that autism-is-a-gift book In a Different Key several years ago. She had time to read that one, and was hoping that I would finally see the light regarding my daughter.

And I don't think it is unprofessional of her to state her opinions on vaccines, just as I don't think it's unprofessional of me to state mine. I told the person we're working with at the pre-employment program that neither C nor I would agree to her getting any vaccines. And I mentioned the new NY law mandating vaccines, deciding that there are no medical reasons for vaccine refusal. She said that she is allergic to eggs, and cannot get the flu or the pneumonia vaccines for that reason. No, we've got to let everyone talk about it openly. They have nothing truthful or convincing on their side. I just read in The HPV Vaccine on Trial this morning about the debacle of hundreds of girls in Colombia severely injured by the vaccine in 2013-4, some killed, many permanently disabled. They had announced that it was a new vaccine mandate, but the Colombian constitution specifically states that no one may be compelled to undergo any medical intervention, so it was untrue that it was a legal mandate. I read that Gardasil uptake had dropped to 5% by 2017, from a high of nearly 90%. That victory has been achieved through social media, people sharing their (our) experiences with vaccine injury. It was interesting reading about the massive campaign in Colombia waged on all fronts, pharma, medical, academic, legislative, to swear up and down that the vaccine was safe and necessary, but in the face of the testimonials (girls falling to the ground in seizures, girls in wheelchairs at rallies, one girl putting up a video on Youtube shortly before she died) on Youtube and Facebook, they lost.

This woman is obviously moonlighting in her spare time as a vaccine sh-ll. I sometimes think about how this legion of lying, insulting pharma lackeys is going to look back on this stage of their lives once it becomes clear what they have been defending. My 91-year old neighbor, who remembers the polio era, really believes all this pro-vaccine crap, but I don't think many of them do. That is, vaccines usually work to prevent the targeted diseases, and might be worth considering for tetanus, diphtheria, polio, and Hib disease for babies in daycare, but always with full knowledge of vaccine injury, with free and informed consent.

John Stone


Looking the U.K. I was wondering about her status in relation to political comments. It is deeply disgraceful.


This is an unelected employee. Working in the governor's office paid for by tax dollars oh, that's you and I. Is she speaking for the governor on our paid for time? So sick, and unprofessional


I think the reason President Obama fought so hard to prevent Ms Farsi’s ancestors from having access to nuclear weapontry is because one of them might have dropped a bomb in a hurricane.


She reflects what she spent good money to learn.
She is a product of an educational system that for generations has been a propaganda machine for any industry that has the mischievousness, the money, and evilness to buy the hearts and minds of our population.

She was taught about vaccines as I was taught back 45 years ago and that was pretty much just the vaccine schedule.

She was also preached at, daily; in every class that vaccines are safe and effective.

She was taught that vaccines are nothing more than dead, weakened, or pieces of microbes that we would come up against either way by a natural contact, or a vaccine.

--- And then the worse lie, that should be a criminal act; She was taught that those parents that complain are misguided, mistaken, confused, looking for something to blame other than what it really is; a genetic disorder that just so happens to show up about, or around the times that vaccines are given. She was taught to never question the details of what these parents are saying, but lump these incidences all together, and make this first generation Iranian prejudice against a bunch of people that she has never heard, or been allowed to hear their side of the story.

John Stone

The chances are that as an adult Maral Farsi also has no immunity


Is this what they teach at UCLA School of Public Health?
Calumny doesn't reflect well on her alma mater, or her employer.


Govenor Newsom, we’re calling on you to appropriately address the slander and hate speech being perpetuated by Ms. Farci from your office. Her regular and unwarranted hate speech should not be tolerated by you as the leader of our StatE. As a representative of your office and the state of California she should be tolerant and respectful of people with different opinions and politics from her own and reserve her personal thoughts and feelings for her private conversations and time.
I know that as a principled leader you will address this slander and hate speech before it continues.
Thank you,
Ashley Smiley
Your constituent

Bob Moffit

Warning! Public health tyrants are back today at 8:00 A.M. Free health care available … roll up your children's sleeves to receive their latest injections of toxins, aborted fetal cells, animal contaminants, etc.

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