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Explosion in Special Education Changes Landscape of Schools

School budgetBy Anne Dachel

Ever since Simpsonwood (the secret meeting of CDC, FDA, British Health Ministry, federal scientists and pharma people in June 2000 where they discussed the link between mercury-containing vaccines and the explosion in neurological problems in kids) the official explanation for the decline of our childrenhas been one of reassurance. Parents are routinely told that nothing is really wrong. They’re told the dramatic increase in learning problems/neurological disorders is merely greater awareness and better diagnosing—experts just used to miss these kids or label them as something else. 

Nineteen years ago officials were already seeing the connection between vaccines and speech delays, attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity and autism, but the aim of that meeting was not to address what was happening, but to figure out how to cover it up. 


And for two decades officials have stuck to the script. More and more kids with disabilities is never a crisis (officially the word CRISIS is never used in connection to the ever-increasing autism rate). We celebrate autism every spring with April Awareness Month. Health officials have remained dumbfounded by the puzzling disorder. Is the rate the result of better diagnosing/greater awareness or is it really going up? We may never know. Officials have never acknowledged a real increase in the autism rate.

In truth, the meeting goers at Simpsonwood had every right to be concerned. The increase in the number of mandatory vaccinesafter the U.S. government indemnified the vaccine makers and doctors in 1986 was affecting children worldwide. The effects went way beyond the short list of neurological problems discussed in 2000. Modern children were rapidly becoming the generation of the sick and disabled. Chronic health problems like seizure disorders, asthma, life-threatening allergies, bowel disease, diabetes and more were becoming commonplace in children, along with behavior problems and mental health issues.

More vaccines were added year by year to the childhood schedule, and year after year our kids became more disabled.

The disinterest of the media

Since January 2017  I’ve been collecting stories from all over on what’s happening.  I barely touch on what’s out there in the press, yet I have over 5,000 news reports. 

The figures I’m seeing on a daily basis are the undeniable truth. Incredibly, there is pathetically little effort being made to explain why these things are happening. We’ve come to the point where we just have to accept the situation. 

That should surprise no one. Any thinking person back in 2000who understood the full scope of things could have predicted the future we’re living today:

Children would become more and more dysfunctional, and schools would have to provide for them. Special education would become the costliest part of school budgets. Behavior issues would have to be addressed by school officials. Everywhere districts would have to partner with outside mental health providers for help. New and innovative ways would have to be devised to educate these students. Things like sensory rooms/gardens, restraint and seclusion, alternative seating, and therapy dogs would be universally added to schools. Regular edkids would start to display some of the same behaviors found in children on the autism spectrum.

More special schools would have to be built for children who couldn’t be accommodated in mainstream schools. And school districts would struggle to pay for it all with no end in sight.

We now understand that today’s chronically ill/learning disabled student is the new normal. It’s not a secret. The media tells us about it every day. And trust me, it’s only going to get worse, and no one is ever going to care.

Here is just a sample of recent reports.

July 22, 2019, (UK) Breaking News: Calls for Northern Ireland Secretary Karen Bradley to act on 'crisis-hit' schools

The Children's Commissioner has backed calls for Northern Ireland Secretary Karen Bradley to act over the region's "crisis-hit" education system. …

In a report published on Monday, the committee concluded that in the two-and-a-half-year absence of devolved government a growing funding crisis has resulted in unmanageable pressures on school budgets.

It found that the rising number of pupils with special educational needs and disabilities (Send) is a key driver of the trend.

The committee concluded that Northern Ireland's schools urgently need more money to address the growing pressures…. 

Additionally, many schools have struggled to provide support to the growing number of students with Send, who require dedicated support….

July 23, 2019, (UK) Eastern Daily Press: Norfolk teachers punched, scratched and hit with chairs and stationery by pupils 

Teachers in Norfolk have had chairs and scissors thrown at them and been injured during assaults by pupils, a survey reveals.

The National Education Union (NEU) polled almost 300 teachers in the county and found three-quarters (74pc) had been abused or assaulted at work in the past year, with two-thirds being sworn at or verbally abused and one-third being punched, hit or pinched….

"There are huge mitigating factors including austerity and security of money and food which can contribute to children showing increasingly violent and aggressive behaviour….

July 30, 2019, July 30, 2019, KOLD13, Tucson, AZ: New school brings more autism resources to Tucson

Parents in southern Arizona say resources for students with autism can be hard to come by and that’s why they’re excited about a new school in Tucson.

Regional Director Shawn Davis said the chain of private schools received a lot of phone calls and messages from parents asking them to expand to southern Arizona. She said that’s a reflection of how limited resources can be for parents who have children with autism, including herself. Davis has a son with autism and said she faced struggles at traditional schools. … 

Davis said the school is designed to serve students with autism, catering to their specific needs through such features as a sensory room.

July 30, 2019, ABC13 News: School for students with Autism to open in Roanoke this year

Centra, a not-for-profit healthcare system based in Lynchburg, is opening its 2nd Rivermont School location in Roanoke which will be dedicated to serving students with autism and other developmental disabilities. … “

…We are so pleased to be able to expand these services in the Roanoke Valley,” said Brian Summo, Roanoke principal. 

July 31, 2019, (Ireland) Irish News: Vulnerable children 'exposed to distress, anxiety and pushed towards self-harm'

VULNERABLE young people are being exposed to distress, anxiety and pushed towards self-harm, families have warned.Parents said processes for children with special educational needs were causing "physical and emotional harm" .A recently-formed group this week brought its concerns to the Department of Education.

The number of children with SEN in schools has risen by almost 30,000 in a decade and a half. Almost one in every four pupils now has SEN, with a handful of schools educating 200 or more children.

Experts say the massive increase is partly due to earlier and better identification.In addition, the department has a policy of inclusion, which has seen many more pupils having their needs met in mainstream settings.

Unions argue, however, that teachers are not equipped to give children with increasingly complex needs what they require.Now, a group called SEN Equity has presented survey findings to department Permanent Secretary Derek Baker….

The findings showed almost half claimed there was no dedicated support for their child in school. Many also said the statements detailing their children's needs were wrong.

Aug 2, 2019, Iowa City (IA) Press Citizen: 'Nothing changed': Movement to change rules around seclusion rooms faces setback 

A movement to place more restrictions on how Iowa educators use seclusion rooms faced a setback Thursday. The Iowa State Board of Education voted against proposed changes to the portion of the Iowa Code governing how schools restrain and seclude students. The board will reconsider changing the code again this academic year, after holding regional meetings for more feedback in the fall. The changes were pushed by critics who argue that seclusion rooms are used in ways that are harmful and disproportionately affect students of color and students with disabilities. …

Aug 3, 2019(UK) NI Belfast Live: Autism teacher training petition signed by almost 10,000

Thousands have signed a petition calling for teachers across Northern Ireland to have mandatory autism training. 

Around one in 30 children here are living with autism with the vast majority (78%) in mainstream education. The charity, which is behind the petition, is calling for urgent action from decision makers. 

“Many of our teachers in Northern Ireland feel overwhelmed with the lack of training and resources they are given to teach autistic children,” added Ms Boyd. 

“We are therefore calling for the Department of Education to introduce mandatory autism training for all teaching staff within mainstream schools.”…

Ulster Teachers Union has also supported the call for mandatory funded training for members. “As Northern Ireland teachers cope with a growing number of children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder we fear students are losing out on their education because schools just don’t have the support to cope,” said Jacquie White, General Secretary of the Ulster Teachers’ Union. …

Aug 4, 2019, Torrington (CT) Register Citizen: Wendy Lecker: Strategy overdue for special education 

In 2017, the Connecticut School Finance Project, a lobby group that previously pushed a money-follows-the-child school funding scheme, was in the legislature promoting its newest untested idea. The group claimed to identify the major problem facing Connecticut school districts, unpredictability of special education costs, and presented its solution: removing special education funding from the Education Cost Sharing Formula, then having all districts pay into a new state-run “special education cost cooperative,” which would distribute the funds. 

Unfortunately, the group did not identify the real problem facing districts concerning special education: steadily rising costs. From 2005-2011, statewide special education rates were relatively stable at approximately 11.5 percent. In 2012-13, the rate jumped to 12.1 percent and has been increasing yearly since. In 2018-19, 15 percent of children statewide were identified as having a disability requiring an Individualized Education Plan. 

Simultaneously, overall public school enrollment is droppingEstimates show that in 10 years, one in five public school students will be identified as needing special education services. This increase presents a concern beyond dollars. We should be asking, why are rates of students with disabilities rising, and how will the state ensure that districts can meet children’s needs while minimizing the toll on them and district budgets?

At the legislative hearing on this proposal, Madison Superintendent Thomas Scarice and his special education director, Elizabeth Battaglia, raised these issues. Scaricetestified that districts’ primary problem is rising special education costs.

Aug 6, 2019, (UK) Business Up North: Education Specialist Appointed To Cheshire School Build Building contractor Pave Aways has been appointed on a £2.1m [$2.6M U.S.] contract to design and build an extension at Blacon High School in Cheshire. 

The new two-storey block at the school in Melbourne Road will provide additional classrooms and increased provision for Special Educational Needs (SEN) teaching. …

Aug 7, 2019, (UK) Devon Live: New special school for students with social communication and interaction needs to open in 2020

A new purpose-built school aimed at providing specialist school provision for students with social communication and interaction needs is set to open in 2020.

Glendinning House Academy will be a new, special free school for children aged 7 to 19 years, with social communication and interaction needs including Autism Spectrum Condition. Located on the site of the former Haytor View Primary School and Children’s Centre in Sandringham Road, Newton Abbot, the school will provide 120 new school places for children who would benefit from a special school environment because of barriers to learning, which include sensory processing needs and anxiety….

Aug 7, 2019, (UK) Sussex Express: New special school planned in Hailsham Proposals to build a new special school in Hailsham are to go before county council planners next week. 

On Wednesday (August 14), East Sussex County Council’s planning committee is set to consider an application to build a specialist school for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) at Reef Way in Hailsham. 

According to planning documents, the school – to be arranged into an upper and lower school with separate entrances – would provide places for around 80 pupils between the ages of four- and 16-years-old. … 

By providing the 80 new spaces the county council says it will be able to reduce (but not eliminate) its spending on private school spaces….

Aug 8, 2019, San Jose (CA) Spotlight: San Jose school district unveils plan to hire special education teachers

The number of special education students across the country is rising, but teachers qualified to teach those students aren’t — especially in the South Bay where soaring rents and cost-of-living are squeezing educators out. The National Center for Education Statistics reported that the number of public school students that required special education services rose 14 percent during the 2017-2018 school year. That’s seven million students.

Aug 9, 2019, (UK) School for children with special needs to open in Cheshire East

A new school dedicated to education for students with special needs will soon be opening in Cheshire East. 

This is one of fourteen schools approved by the government, which will start providing free access to education to students with learning disabilities. …

The new school will operate out of the buildings of the now-former Lodgefields School and will provide learning opportunities for more than forty children from the area. 

According to project supervisors, this new school will save money, as the SEND program is currently transporting students to schools farther away from their homes. 

Special needs education Special needs education in the United Kingdom has been rapidly developing ever since the introduction of the SEND program in 2014. 

Numerous awareness campaigns have also started across the country, as students with learning disabilities need to receive an appropriate education. 

One of the most significant campaigns in support of students with disabilities and special learning needs was a petition signed by more than nine thousand teachers and parents. In it, families demanded that teachers receive mandatory training for helping children with autism throughout their education.

This is what we’ve been told here:

In Norfolk, England teachers are “routinely  punched, scratched and hit with chairs and stationery by pupil.” One in every 30 children in Belfast in the U.K. has autism, and one in every four students in Ireland has special needs.

In Tucson, Arizona, Roanoke, Virginia, and in Devon, Cheshire and Hailsham in England new schools are being built for the ever-increasing number of kids whose needs can’t be met in regular schools. 

From San Jose, California we hear that “the number of [U.S.] public school students that required special education services rose 14 percent during the 2017-2018 school year.”

And in Torrington, Connecticut we’re casually told that 10 years from now, 20 percent of children in America will be special education students.  (Seriously, a lot of districts are already there.)

That’s one in every five students, and that figure will only increase in the coming decades because there are no signs of things leveling off.

I’ve come to the conclusion that nothing will change until the whole education system collapses. Things are going to have to get that desperate, and it’s anyone’s guess how soon that will happen, but it is coming. As long as everyone from parents, to teachers, legislators, reporters, and the medical community sit back like disinterested spectators, the downfall of the education system will continue.

Everywhere there are calls for more funding to fix the problems.Already in Britain they’re discovering there’ll never be enough money.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.



Angus Files

Hi Grace Green,

No pleasure in reporting it but evil to the core both of them torturing and murdering the most vulnerable.As someone once wrote humans today make the big mistake in thinking that due to the passage of time they have become more intelligent and evolved....

Pharma For Prison



The miracle of vaccines has and is continuing to destroy thousands of children and now adult lives and the mantra of how vaccines are a major improvement in healthcare is continuing to be sold to the unsuspecting parents to this very day. My son, who is now an adult, has autism and he was born completely normal until they injected the poison of vaccines into his body. How I wish I knew then what know now and I would never have let the doctors inject my son with these evil destroyers. When I was growing up in the 50s and 60s everyone got all the childhood diseases-measles, chicken pox, mumps, rubella and not one person suffered any ill effects from these illnesses. We were sick for a week or two and then back to school and a normal life into adulthood. What kind of future are our vaccine injured children going to have? Will they need lifelong care and no one will take care of them or love them as we parents do. How will society be able to support all these disabled people who can't take care of themselves. The thought of this horrible future for my son terrifies me and I know that I need to live longer than he does so he can escape this tragic fate.

Grace Green

And another story from the BBC today about an autistic man who was murdered by landowners because he persisted in running along a path which crossed their land (I believe legitimately). He seemed to be high functioning autistic, and was married to a head teacher. It was acknowledged in the report that his condition made him more vulnerable to attack. The culprits got long sentences. Sorry, I'm no good at links, but you'll find it on the BBC website for today.


Except Bob we haven't eliminated measles, mumps or any other disease.

Just renamed them.

Hans Litten

Using vaccines as a weapon .........1960s ........... there it is

Thousands of South American indians were infected with measles, killing hundreds, in order to for US scientists to study the effects on primitive societies of natural selection, according to a book out next month.
The astonishing story of genetic research on humans, which took 10 years to uncover, is likely to shake the world of anthropology to its core, according to Professor Terry Turner of Cornell University, who has read the proofs.

"In its scale, ramifications, and sheer criminality and corruption it is unparalleled in the history of anthropology," Prof Turner says in a warning letter to Louise Lamphere, the president of the American Anthropology Association (AAA).

The book accuses James Neel, the geneticist who headed a long-term project to study the Yanomami people of Venezuela in the mid-60s, of using a virulent measles vaccine to spark off an epidemic which killed hundreds and probably thousands.

Once the epidemic was under way, according to the book, the research team "refused to provide any medical assistance to the sick and dying Yanomami, on explicit order from Neel. He insisted to his colleagues that they were only there to observe and record the epidemic, and that they must stick strictly to their roles as scientists, not provide medical help".

Angus Files

It has gone past the stage when we read news articles on an autistic`s or special needs adult or child coming into danger and then hurry to report it on here or retweet it or whatever you do or even mention it to your partner.Its the norm for groups of disabled children to be let loose on a dangerous beach and look out for each other..Its the norm for kids to have mental illness..Its the norm for someone to die from a fly bite..

3 articles from todays local paper

Mum of autistic man trapped in quicksand at Scots beach relives horror ordeal

Six warning signs for kids' mental health all parents should look out for
According to the NHS one in four young people will experience seriously low moods before the age of 19.

And then a measles like hoax...
Dad dies after mosquito bite left him paralysed and 'locked inside own body'

Pharma For Prison


susan welch

Anne. Thank you so much, as always, for all your hard work and for this excellent article. I have passed it on to the UK Department of Education and, also, the UK Health Department via Twitter, with the remark that they cannot say they didn't know what is causing this catastrophe.

Interestingly, the other day I was checking out (with my grandson who is good with computers) whether your 'lossofbrainstrust' would come up on Google. It didn't. So I tried Duck Duck Go where I found it easily. When I went back to Google again, there it was! He checked the coding (or whatever) and found the algorithm to explain this apparent anomaly.

How sad it is that the push back/censorship has been so severe that it will take much more time, therefore so many more injuries, before the Powers that Be have no choice but to admit the truth. Of course, no one will take responsibility because 'they' didn't know.

Gary Ogden

This is horrifying Anne. It wasn't like this when I was teaching, when about 7% of students had an IEP. They were not perfect, my students, but rarely disruptive; they were wonderful. Never did I see an act of violence directed at me. Our political leaders are too incompetent or cowardly, or both, to do anything about it. And the propaganda operation quaintly called "the media" aids and abets this holocaust every day. It is Congress who is driving this holocaust; they have the power of oversight, and they merely hide under rocks.

Laura Hayes


Thank you for documenting the Vaccine Holocaust and resultant decimation of our children so well. That so many continue to dismiss and deny that which is the largest-scale crime against humanity in all history defies all logic and sensibility. Indoctrination and brainwashing, especially when palms are greased with money at every juncture to ensure their success, are clearly very powerful.

We are living through terrible times...the mass poisoning of our own citizens endorsed, promoted, and mandated by our own government, with near total compliance by the populace...truly unbelievable.

Thank you for documenting this, Anne, should humanity survive and choose to reflect back on this present evil.

Hans Litten

Fluoride may diminish kidney and liver function in adolescents

Fluoride exposure may lead to a reduction in kidney and liver function among adolescents, according to a study published by Mount Sinai researchers in Environment International in August.

The study examined the relationship between fluoride levels in drinking water and blood with kidney and liver health among adolescents participating in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, a group of studies that assess health and nutritional well-being in the United States. The findings showed that exposure to fluoride may contribute to complex changes in kidney and liver function among youth in the United States, where 74 percent of public water systems add fluoride for dental health benefits. Fluoridated water is the main source of fluoride exposure in the U.S.. The findings also suggest that adolescents with poorer kidney or liver function may absorb more fluoride in their bodies.

While fluoride exposure in animals and adults has been associated with kidney and liver toxicity, this study examined potential effects of chronic low-level exposure among youth. This is important to study because a child's body excretes only 45 percent of fluoride in urine via the kidneys, while an adult's body clears it at a rate of 60 percent, and the kidneys accumulate more fluoride than any other organ in the body.

Bob Moffit

Yeah there is a growing number of special needs children .. yeah we have no idea why so many children today have special needs … yeah we have to spend more and more money every year to cope with the growing trend of special needs children … but …. like Dr Offit has reminded us for all these years … we cannot forget ….. as we have increased the number of vaccines our children are required to receive .. and even though Harvard has found 54% of this highly vaccinated generation of children have some neurological, biological, physical development problem …..



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