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DTP Vaccine Associated with Increased Rate of Total Mortality in Low-Income Countries Says Peter Gøtzsche in New Expert Report

CautionSHERIDAN, Wyo., Aug. 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- DTP is one of the most common vaccines used in the world.  In 2012, SAGE requested that the WHO review the evidence concerning the possible effects of DTP vaccines on mortality1. In a new expert report, Peter C. Gøtzsche, Professor, DrMedSci, MSc analyzed the WHO systematic review as well as any studies published after the WHO report that assessed the effect of DTP vaccine on total mortality. This new expert report concludes that the "evidence tells us that it is likely that the DTP vaccine increases total mortality in low-income countries." 2

This echoes the conclusion by Peter Aaby – a highly acclaimed scientist renowned for studying and promoting vaccines in Africa - that "all currently available evidence suggests that DTP vaccine may kill more children from other causes than it saves from diphtheria, tetanus or pertussis. Though a vaccine protects children against the target disease it may simultaneously increase susceptibility to unrelated infections." 3 Dr. Aaby's recent study, the first ever naturally randomized comparison of mortality between children receiving DTP and those that are unvaccinated, found that children vaccinated with DTP were 10 times more likely to die in the first 6 months of life than the unvaccinated.3 

One of the five goals of the WHO's Global Vaccine Action Plan (GVAP) is to exceed the UN Millennium Development Goal 4 target of reducing child mortality.4 A strategy for achieving this goal is to reach 90% national vaccination coverage on DTP containing vaccines worldwide.4 According to Gøtzsche's conclusions, this strategy would be counterproductive toward the goal of reducing child mortality.

Gøtzsche offers several suggestions for potential next steps. As stated by UNICEF, "the percentage of children receiving the diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis vaccine (DTP) is often used as an indicator of how well countries are providing routine immunization services" 5. Gøtzsche recommends that the indicator be changed to something that is "known to be positively associated with better child survival."2 Gøtzsche then explains that "it is the duty of a manufacturer of a drug or vaccine to demonstrate in randomized trials that it works and has a positive benefit to harm balance. This has not been done for the DTP vaccine." 2 As such, he advocates for the initiation of randomized trials and considers the need for them "an urgent ethical imperative."2

Gøtzsche concludes with a call for the re-evaluation of current DTP vaccination practices. "No one should be offered this vaccine without full informed consent that includes information that the vaccine is likely to increase total mortality. I also believe that the vaccine should not be recommended and that, if anyone wants to use it, it must be as part of a large randomized trial."2

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@ Beleagured Autism Mom,

Thank you! It means so much to me that you will convey my idea to others! I don't even know why I hadn't thought of it earlier but after I did; I didn't know who or how to run it by anybody.

It's literally never been studied before. Here is one study that piqued my interest:

Check out 'Table 3':

Fifty-seven studies that all found Interlueken's (IL) as consistently dysregulated in Autism? And nobody knows if the dysregulation was present before vaccination or not?
Not to mention that the IL regulating genes are ALSO found with the same consistent variants in autism? (Double-face-palm)

We need to explore this, I think. Tell everybody, please. I think the cytokine profiles are cheaper by blood draw but it would be nice if the saliva test could be standardized for infants (it is for adults already). Thanks again!

Beleaguered Autism Mom

Christine, I like your idea of parents obtaining. ".... baselines & standardized, salivary cytokine profiles" prior to vaccination. If your theory has not been tested, it proves the industry is behaving irresponsibly. If your theory has been tested and is incorrect and the cytokine profiles are abnormal prior to vaccination - then there is a biological basis for a lot more medical exemptions to vaccination than are currently allowed. Either way, the industry should be held accountable. I will tell every pregnant woman I know - you get what you inspect, not what you expect. Thank you.



I'm glad to see that 'Healthy User Bias' is getting some attention. The pro-vaccine will argue that it does not exist in first-world countries & in one way they are right; frail infants are not spared the deleterious effects of immunizations (exception may be in the NICU) here.

What the provaccine refuse to acknowledge, is that HUB IS incorporated into first-world epidemiology studies because highly-compromised infants are excluded from being counted. Example: many conditions that contribute to an infant being 'frail' are considered 'confounders' for the epidemiology studies of SIDS.

In other words; all of our DTP safety epidemiology studies are flawed. Worthless.


People might be interested in this discussion of the Mogensen/Aaby paper mentioned in the article:



The studies in Guinea-Bissau point to 'negative non-specific effects' of that particular vaccine & it is suspected that it causes susceptibility to other pathogens.

Initially, I did not think that would be the case in a 1st world country until I realized I had seen older studies of post-mortem infants who had died from "SIDS" ...

(such a stupid abbreviation; 'The baby died from suddenly dying'. Thank you, captain obvious) ...

... that noted finding curious biomarkers of ... other pathogens. Notably HSV & coxsackie.

You'd think that an autopsy would find if the infants died from a virus & they do not but there is something going on there. I haven't quite connected those dots yet. In a country such as Guinea-Bissau; there are plenty of opportunistic infections around. If it were not so sad, it would almost be funny that in a country endemic with Pertussis; that the DTP can't even break even for infant mortality.



Dr. Aaby has carried out innumerable studies. In the Senegal study he found that in the 90% of African children who recovered from natural measles, there was only one-fifth the mortality as in those who did not get natural measles. He also found in other studies that the measles vaccine greatly decreased mortality. But that's because measles is one hundred to two hundred times deadlier in Africa than in the developed world, so that there is 10% mortality from measles there, usually in children already malnourished or with chronic diseases like malaria or HIV. The vaccine definitely saves a lot of lives there, but only because it is common to wean babies at one year old onto manioc gruel, and many of them are protein-deprived. Mortality is greatest in children between one and five years old.

It would have to be left up to African parents to decide. Abdulkadir Khalef said here several years ago that he thought natural measles was preferable.


All vaccines depress immune function to some degree for about a month after vaccination, and that would be the cause of these babies' dying in their first six months, especially if they got several rounds of vaccines in that time. It would be both more effective and much safer to give them nosodes instead of vaccines. It's why serious cases of polio were much more common in children recently vaccinated with DPT, the reason why DPT vaccination was suspended during polio outbreaks. And why many children recently vaxxed for Hib thirty years ago then caught and died of Hib disease: they had a latent infection which may have stayed subclinical but for the vaccine.


Mr. Stone & Angus,

Thank you so much for your response; I'm glad that you thought highly of my idea. I noticed several weeks ago that many of the genes known to be 'associated' with Autism (and SIDS ... & schizophrenia & Alzheimers) were part of the HLAs & ILs (interleukins) & those are also important genes for vaccine-induced, immune-system provocation.

I asked someone much more knowledgeable than I am: "If vaccines were more likely to induce an atypical immune response in people with these genetic variants; would the fact that nobody knows the genetic status of participants in those 'big data' epidemiology studies ... be enough to confound the results?"

And the answer was; "Yes".

But then I realized that wouldn't be enough & the pro-vaccine would just say; 'Born that way'. So, okay; the genes may be part of the broad autistic phenotype (probably a superior phenotype as well) but there is an immune-mediated process causing 'pathological autism'.

What if the baseline cytokine profiles of those with the genetic variants were found to be normal but post-immunization they were not? Then they were NOT born that way. They were disabled. The profiles would have to be done just prior to the very first immunization & I couldn't find a study that tried this.

Thank you, again.


Is there a theory about why the DTP-vaccinated children die so much more often than the unvaccinated? (Vaccine Papers says that DTP induces TH2 polarization, which is harmful in infants.)

Angus Files

Thanks very much Christine, my pleasure.Thank you for the saliva test that sounds a great way forward.If only we could get a private company to make up a kit along the lines and prices of a DNA genealogy kit but to be used for the purpose you say.This could be the way forward.If the pharma knew that people were taking saliva at birth for future court use if needed would they change their operations? i think they would, well done brilliant.

A kit here but cost prohibitive to most..but if I had known then what I know now even at that price it would be worth it,just to hammer another stake into pharmas coffin.

Pharma For Prison


John Stone


Thank you!


To Mr. Stone & 'Angus',

Please watch carefully the research coming from Peter Aaby's (founder) Bandim Health Project. Aaby recently petitioned the WHO regarding their very consistent & easily replicated findings of the DTP as causative for increased infant mortality in Guinea-Bissau.

The WHO's response has been akin to 'watchful waiting'.

Additionally, in the US; how hard would it be to standardize a salivary cytokine profile to be performed on all newborns, pre-vaccination, as part of the newborn screens already done (PKU, CF, etc ...)?

If parents had a way to prove (if my hypotheses are correct) that their now autistic child's (or deceased child, during an autopsy after SIDS) cytokine profiles were normal pre-vaccination & were now abnormal (as is commonly noted during autopsy for SIDS or after autism diagnosis) ...

Wouldn't it not only; a.) Give researches a baseline cytokine/autistic cytokine comparison & result in a direction to steer the research towards (in order to show correlation, if not causation) ... but also:

b.) Give parents the ammunition needed in 'vaccine court' to prove that a vaccine not only CAN cause autism but that it DID cause autism? Specifically; their child's autism?

We need the baselines & standardized, salivary cytokine profiles might just provide this.

Laura Hayes


That is a high and deeply appreciated compliment! Thank you :)

Never say never, as the saying goes...


Yes, Grace, talk about the pot calling the kettle black.
Laura, I, too, would consider moving countries just to be able to vote for you if you ever stood for election.

Grace Green

Why would Peter Gotzsche think that the manufacturers have not [yet] demonstrated in randomized trials that the DPT vaccine has a positive benefit to harm balance but they HAVE so demonstrated in the case of the many vaccines developed since the DPT, many of which have less potential benefit and/or greater potential harm? Who can't guess which ones I'm thinking of? Doesn't he think he should be investigating the vaccines we've all been complaining of for decades? And as for those which Julie quoted Gotzsche as saving millions of lives perhaps he should watch the film "Malcolm is a little unwell" which Del Bigtree discussed last week on The Highwire, about the Yellow Fever vaccine. I suspect that is the one I was damaged by 66 years ago. I can't believe Gotzsche can accuse others of being unscientific!

Laura Hayes


Thanks for your comment. Like you, I have little confidence that Peter Gøtzsche will be admitting anytime soon that his position on vaccines has been wrong, dead wrong, for many, many years now. And not only wrong, but unacceptable, too, given his knowledge of the “organized crime” aspects of both the pharmaceutical and medical industries. A person such as Peter loses credibility when they expose they have a blind spot a mile wide about vaccines, especially when abundant and readily available evidence exists as to why not even one vaccine product should be permitted to be marketed or administered. I grimace and am angered every time I read or hear something he says, and will continue to do and be so until he becomes properly informed about and outspoken against each and every improperly and unethically tested approved vaccine, which is the whole dangerous, unneeded, dastardly lot of them. Until then, my dislike and disdain for the man will continue.


Laura, I think it will be a long wait before Peter Gotzche comes out with a whole book critical of vaccination. As recently as February on twitter he responded to David Gorski's remarks about him having gone 'full on antivax'' saying ''Vaccines, e.g. against measles, polio, yellow fever, smallpox, have saved millions of lives. It is unethical, unscientific and dangerous for patients to be against vaccines as a matter of 'principle'.'' I bought the book you mentioned and of course was disappointed with the lack of investigation into vaccines. I agree that it is better late than never to start but it's kind of like watching paint dry. It's funny how I often measure someone's true investigative abilities against what they say about vaccines for example I lost any confidence I had in Michael Moseley's diet work when I heard him speak about those who doubt the safety and efficacy of vaccines. I think Peter Gotzche might get there in the end but when a lot more time has been wasted.

Laura Hayes

Well, Peter Gøtzsche, better late than never to finally start stating the sordid truth about vaccines...first the HPV, and now the DTP. I will never forget eagerly listening to an interview of you after learning about your book “Deadly Medicines and Organized Crime”, only to be terribly shocked to hear you state during it that your position on vaccines was that they were very safe, effective, and needed. Such cognitive dissonance for someone who understood how corrupt and dangerous the pharmaceutical and medical
industries are. Glad you are beginning to see and speak the truth about at least two vaccines. Here’s to hoping you see that what you are learning applies to the whole lot of them.

As for the DPT vaccine, which is what our son Ryan received in the mid 90s, I detailed his reactions to it in my 2016 WAPF presentation. Here is a small excerpt from it:

“At 18 months old, Ryan received another DPT, another oral polio, and another Hep B vaccine, for a total of 37.5 more mcg of mercury, and for a grand total of 237.5 mcg of mercury in an 18-month timeframe for a tiny baby. This round of vaccines nearly killed him. We went home, and he became lethargic, feverish, and completely out of it. I put him in his crib, and for the next 10-plus days, he was like a limp, lifeless rag doll…uninterested in eating, drinking, waking up, or doing anything. His lethargy continued, and he slept many, many hours per day.

I called the doctor that same day, very worried about my baby. I did not get past the receptionist. She told me that his reaction was perfectly normal, and not to worry. I called every business day for 10 consecutive days, and never got past the receptionist. On the 10th day, the receptionist literally yelled at me and said, “Mrs. Hayes, please stop calling this office. Anything that happens in the first 2 weeks after a vaccination is considered a normal vaccine reaction. Do not call this office again until day 15!” Again, I was not put through to the doctor, nor did I receive a call back from the doctor despite calling so many days in a row.

Looking back, Ryan was no doubt suffering from vaccine-induced encephalitis which led to vaccine-induced encephalopathy, i.e. brain inflammation leading to permanent brain damage. When one reads the Vaccine Injury Table for vaccine-induced encephalopathy, it perfectly mirrors the symptoms of what doctors like to call “Autism”, purposefully misnamed to cast blame away from themselves and from vaccines. Vaccine-induced encephalopathy and “autism” are one and the same in Ryan’s case, and in many other cases with which I am familiar, too.

After this set of vaccinations at 18 months, Ryan’s vocalizations became near nil, with his only remaining verbal imitation being “ba ba ba”, and only after numerous requests to imitate us. His obsession with videos increased, and he learned how to hit the eject button endlessly, putting the same video in and out until stopped. His visual and depth perceptions were not normal. He would often watch his videos from an upside down or bent sideways position. At the park, I could not get to him quickly enough after helping him down the slide before he would walk smack into a metal bridge that led back to the slide. He did not learn from this painful experience, as he would walk right back into the same metal bridge again the next time, resulting in a huge lump on his forehead, from which he never cried. Additionally, we had to hold Ryan’s hand when walking until he was 4 years old because he would trip and fall when making transitions from one surface to another, such as grass to cement…and he would not break his fall…but would instead land on his forehead.”

To read a full account of Ryan’s story, click the link below. It is toward the end of my presentation.

John Stone


I believe it was the single measles vaccine, not the MMR.


I believe Dr Aaby also found a beneficial effect of MMR in low income countries. No time to search for a link. Might be work looking into. He was looking at mortality and not autism


DTP vaccine is extremely toxic and deadly. My son was also injured by this vaccine and in addition, my husband and I were infected with nasty pertussis from his vaccination. DTP vac does not even protect against pertussis, but rather causes it, like MMR vaccines cause measles and mumps,


Much heartache here also from the DPT vaccine. The newer acellular types are no better. Just fools us all into thinking safer, and it is not.

Loraine Fishel

DTP destroyed my son Kevin and his even worse off therapeutic swimming friend Kyle. My son had the advantage of treatment from Bradstreet MD. His friend got no metabolic treatment. I must also say that the total toxic load and virus my son got from vaccine also contributed to his disability. My employer tries to get me to take another dose of DPT. Fortunately, I have a nursing union that allows me vaccine choice. I am done with vaccine. It has had a very bad impact on our family. It is my only regret in life. I feel sorry I did this to my son every single day of my life. I wish I could give him more of his life back. Kevin has had a very tough life. I have tried as hard as I can to help him recover.

Bob Moffit

Fifty years ago .. my then 4 year old daughter was diagnosed with ITP .. Immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) is a bleeding disorder in which the immune system destroys platelets, which are necessary for normal blood clotting. People with the disease have too few platelets in the blood. At that time the "I" in ITP stood for "Idiopathic" .. not "Immune" .. because the cause doctor's supposedly had no idea what caused ITP. I believe they KNEW but would not admit it. Today ITP is listed as an adverse reaction to both DPT and MMR .. which was only admitted to because so many of our heavily vaccinated troops developed Gulf War Syndrome were diagnosed with ITP.

In any event … Dr Peter Aabey, a highly acclaimed scientist believes that "all currently available evidence suggests that DTP vaccine may kill more children from other causes than it saves from diphtheria, tetanus or pertussis. Though a vaccine protects children against the target disease it may simultaneously increase susceptibility to unrelated infections."

If Dr Aaby's recent study is true .. that the "first ever naturally randomized comparison of mortality between children receiving DTP and those that are unvaccinated, found that children vaccinated with DTP were 10 times more likely to die in the first 6 months of life than the unvaccinated." ,, the DPT vaccine will have been proven more efficient as a BIRTH CONTROL VACCINE in "low income countries" than preventing DPT.

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