Harris Poll Reports 45% of American Adults Have Vaccine Doubts
ASAN Goes All Oscar The Grouch on Sesame Street


Bonnie Camo MD

Hans Litten - coincidences? Is it an accident? Who benefits? Vaccines cause coincidences!

Hans Litten

Posted by: John Stone | August 09, 2019 at 08:12 AM

I agree John.
In earlier times I thought the EU project, a United Europe, was a good thing.
But now I pray for the break up of the plan. And its a fear of mandatory vaccines.

Recommendation for all : Robert Scott Bell podcasts are gone all in on vaccines.

John Stone


It’s gruesome watching the nations tout for business. Although I had come to the view that it was necessary for Britain to leave the EU the sight of Boris Johnson prostrating himself before all the latest technocratic junk is dismaying (though rather inevitable).

Hans Litten

How rotten is everything vaccine related & Denmark concerned ?
Nothing scientific can be believed coming out of Denmark relating to vaccine.

Gardasil Testing, fake placebo testing
Poul Thoresen Diane Schendel
The various studies sponsored by SSI & Novo Nordisk to save vaccines are safe.

susan welch


More info re the withdrawal of research. Copies of emails leading up to the withdrawal. Although long, the relevant info has been highlighted for faster reading.

The corruption is incredible!

Bob Moffit

Greatly appreciate Del for his enthusiastic, determined, diligent pursuit of the "scientific information" being identified by courageous "scientists" .. most recently those working with aluminum .. who suffer serious, career damaging "backlash" from the various STEAKHOLDERS within the vaccine/public & professional health organizations /academia/peer review journal/mainstream media/ complex … all operating under the same "by any means necessary" rules of war they are waging to protect their "unavoidably unsafe" products.

Anyone who sees Del's interview with scientist who studied BLUE-TONGUE SHEEP DISEASE VACCINE and the AUTISM LIKE BEHAVIORS VACCINATED SHEEP EXHIBITED AFTER BEING VACCINATED will be brought to tears by witnessing the obvious odd behaviors in sheep mirror exactly the odd behaviors of children following similar ALLUMINUM containing VACCINES.

That this study has been removed from the peer review journal that had published it .. is nothing less than CRIMINAL …. how do these people sleep at night?????

Hans Litten

They put mercury in our teeth
Fluoride in our water
Aluminium in our veins

What other conclusion can you draw than this is a very unfortunate series of coincidences.

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