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Best of: “If Your Newborn Baby Could Talk”

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By Laura Hayes

What if your baby could talk?  Here are some things I think they would surely say:

  • Please don’t poke me with sharp needles! Those hurt! You wouldn’t let anyone pinch or hit me, so why are you letting someone in a white coat pierce my skin, multiple times, in a very painful way? I am trusting you to protect me and not let others hurt me.

  • Please don’t trust others over your own common sense and God-given maternal and paternal instincts. I am yours. No one knows me like you know me. No one will protect me like you will. No one loves me like you do. You are, and will continue to be, the one responsible for me.

  • Please don’t ever leave me unattended at a hospital or in a doctor’s office. I need your eyes on me at all times…to ensure that your directives are being followed to a tee, to prevent procedures and treatments from being implemented on me to which you have not consented and/or to which you have made clear that you do not want for me, to ward off mistakes, and to protect me at every turn.

  • Please don’t think that someone wearing a white coat is smarter than you are. Turns out that they can be some of the most inexcusably uninformed, pompous, close-minded, resistant to truth, and unethically coercive people around! I am not kidding you! I want you to take responsibility for me and my health. Please do not delegate your responsibility to some self-appointed “expert” who was taught using a curriculum designed by those who make their money (we are talking trillions) when others become chronically ill and permanently disabled.

  • Please don’t let me be injected with things you wouldn’t even consider feeding me! They won’t have an escape route, and they will be left inside me where they will hurt and harm me both now and in the future.

  • Please don’t ever permit me to be injected with metals of any sort! We know that lead is bad for children, but guess what? Mercury and aluminum are far worse, and are in the syringes that doctors are sticking into babies and children. Mercury and aluminum cause severe damage inside the body, to all parts and to all systems, and this damage will hurt and haunt me for the rest of my life! As if those two metals weren’t health-destroying enough, there are others in vaccines: lead, stainless steel, tungsten, a gold-zinc aggregate, platinum, silver, bismuth, iron, and chromium. One flu vaccine for children tested as having 11 metals and aggregates of metals, which are similar to those prevalent in cases of leukemia. Please don’t let the pediatrician cause me to develop cancer!

  • Please don’t mess around with my immune system, it’s the only one I have…and it has to last me a lifetime! Things that mess with and harm my immune system include nearly every ingredient in vaccines. Again, I am not kidding! Please tell me which one of these ingredients will induce good health in me: mercury, aluminum, lead, formaldehyde, polysorbate 80 (which enables other ingredients to enter my brain and cells), MSG, phenol, anti-freeze, human fetal tissue material from aborted babies, viruses cultured in the body parts of various animals including African green monkeys, chickens, and dogs, viruses from other humans, viruses from animals, retroviruses that are just beginning to be understood of both human and animal origin, nanoparticles of many different metals that are not listed on the ingredients lists, dangerous bacteria, glass shards, food proteins that don’t belong anywhere other than in my stomach, glyphosate (designed to kill things), insect parts and viruses, DNA from other humans and from animals, squalene (I hear it caused Gulf War Syndrome in our soldiers), and who knows what else, Mom and Dad, because all ingredients are not required to be listed under the guise of “trade secrets”, and there is little to no oversight of the vaccine manufacturing process!

  • Please don’t permit anything to be injected into me that you are not willing to inject into yourself.

  • Please don’t permit anything to be injected into me that the nurses and doctors administering it, those approving and recommending it, the legislators mandating it, and the manufacturers making it have not injected into themselves, their children, and their grandchildren, without your own eyes witnessing it. If they aren’t willing to personally demonstrate for you how “safe” it is (which should be required to mean won’t cause harm) and personally demonstrate their trust in it, then please don’t trust in it, either! (Ask yourself when the last time was that you saw any state legislator rolling up their shirt sleeves and dropping their drawers to show those whom they supposedly represent how safe the scores of vaccines that they just mandated for babies, children, and teens are? If they are virtually harmless, as claimed and constantly touted, then they should be willing to get the whole lot of them at once, publicly.)

  • Please don’t “go along to get along”. I know at some point I will hear you ask me, “If everyone else jumped off a bridge, would you, too?” I put a similar question forth to you, “If everyone else chooses to permit the poisoning and harming of their baby, would you follow suit just to fit in?” Please be strong and stand firmly, saying boldly and with conviction, “I will not permit you, or anyone, to inject poisons, toxins, and heinous ingredients into my baby…ever!”

  • Please learn why it is important for me to be breastfed for at least one year, hopefully longer, with Mom eating a nutrient-dense, non-toxic diet. If Mom is unable to breastfeed me, please source breastmilk from another healthy, lactating mom who is willing to share.

  • Please learn why it is important for me to contract certain infections naturally, during childhood.
  • Please learn how to treat infections naturally, without pharmaceuticals (with the rarest of exceptions), should I contract them during infancy (as Mom’s ability to transfer her immunity to me in the womb and via breastfeeding may have been messed up by her vaccines).

  • Please realize that you have been taught to fear that for which there is a vaccine. Please know that vaccines target short-term, mostly-benign, immunity-building infections, and often leave in their wake chronic, painful, debilitating, immunity-destroying diseases that are often lifelong.

  • Please know that you have been lied to about the safety, efficacy, success, and necessity of vaccines.

  • Please know that I would much rather have a fever, rash, and/or diarrhea for a few days, or even a bad cough, than a lifetime of: permanent and catastrophic brain damage; finger pricks, glucose monitors, insulin, and the possibility of going into a diabetic coma; asthma, inhalers, and the constant threat of death by asphyxiation; life-threatening food allergies and the never-ending fear that the EpiPen won’t save my life one day; body-wracking seizures and the health-destroying medicines prescribed for them; permanent infertility and never being able to bear my own children; mind-controlling OCD and anxiety and how those would negatively impact my life; learning disabilities landing me in special education classes throughout my school years and precluding certain opportunities for me in my future; or, the unthinkable, dying in my crib after you’ve lovingly tucked me in for the night and having it wrongfully and unethically attributed to SIDS.

  • Please know that God gave me an intricately-designed, finely-tuned, hand-crafted-by-Him immune system that works best and remains intact when not invaded, tainted, derailed, and permanently damaged by manmade vaccines.

  • Please read the lists of ingredients in vaccines and the vaccine package inserts. Please research how vaccines are concocted, and also the many rules, regulations, and instructions for how they are to be transported, stored, used, not used, administered, and discarded. Then, utilizing common sense, basic science, and your God-given parental instincts, ask yourself why anyone of sound mind and basic decency would ever inject another human being, much less their own child, with these heinous products made in heinous ways, which are most likely rarely, if ever, handled and administered as required and instructed from start to finish.

I have no doubt that the above is what my three young-adult children would have said to me back in the 90s when they were born, if they could have talked.

This is a gift I am giving to anyone willing to read and act on the above information…the gift of not having to live with the unimaginable regret of permitting your baby, your precious child, to be roughly jabbed time and again by some propaganda-fed, brainwashed, liability-free, monetarily incentivized, often callous, coercive, perhaps corrupt ignoramus, wielding syringe after syringe, month after month, year after year, aimed at your child…syringes filled with ingredients that have no business inside the human body, ever. This gift does not come without cost. Quite the opposite. It is being offered to you only because others have paid an astronomical price…with their health, their development, their ability to speak, their ability to learn, their independence, their fertility, their never feeling well, and for some, with their lives.

I urge you to accept and act on this gift. 

Should you choose not to, you will be the recipient of another gift, that of vaccine injury, and that is a gift that keeps on giving…and there is no returning or rejecting it…of that, you can be sure.

Author of this article, Laura Hayes, made the grave mistake of permitting vaccines for her 3 children back in the early to mid-1990s, dismissing under duress her maternal instinct which had immediately gone into alarm mode the first time she was coerced into permitting vaccines. If she had just one do-over in life, it would be to never, ever permit even one vaccine for any of her children, ever. How much different their lives and health would be today. She hopes and prays that you will listen to and learn from her, because she knows that if you don’t, there will be a price to pay. There is no escaping vaccine injury. If you’ve been vaccinated, you have been vaccine injured, and you can never regain the health and well-being you might otherwise have known.

For more by Laura Hayes, go to Age of Autism’s home page, and click on the Special Reports tab at the top.  For Laura’s most comprehensive vaccine-related presentation to date, click here for both the video and the transcript.



Um, what vaccines is there lead in? I haven't heard of that one.


Very nice, Laura (and I really liked Cia's statement, too).

Laura Hayes

Thank you, Bob Moffit and go Trump :)

I wanted to add the link for my second comprehensive vaccine-related presentation (in addition to the link to my first comprehensive presentation, which is already hyperlinked at the end above):

"Why Is This Legal?" by Laura Hayes

My 2 presentations are different, but definitely complementary to one another. My hope is that anyone who makes the time to watch/read one or both would then choose to refuse vaccinations for themselves and their children...and be inspired to join the fight to eliminate vaccine mandates and fully restore our individual and parental rights with regard to medical decision making, including vaccination decisions.


Great list! I would add Please don't put me in daycare! My immune system is only in the beginning stages of development, and might cause me to react very badly to even the mildest infection of any kind. I need to be cared for at home, or, if that is simply not possible, by a caregiver with the smallest number of other children she cares for possible. As I grow, I will become increasingly capable of dealing effectively with routine infections of mild diseases, but the process of maturation differs with each child. For a long time, I need to be protected from germs to the extent reasonably possible.

go Trump

Well written Laura,

It just needs to be posted in every pediatricians office, who sadly, make about 80% of their money from vaccines.

They study vaccines for about 2 hours in medical school.

Bob Moffit

Laura Hayes … giving voice to the most voiceless among us … spoken words of wisdom from the experience gained as a PROUD WARRIOR MOM.

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