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Back To School Worries Then and Now

Parental RightsNote: Anne Dachel wrote this post back in 2008, more than a decade ago! What has changed? Nothing and everything. Back in 2008, "anti-vaccine" was being used to brand us all as kooks and paranoid conspiracy theorists.  Same today.  But it's worse in 2019, as laws are being passed that prevent healthy kids from attending school by the removal of vaccination exemptions.  This Fall, thousands of children in New York and California will be staying home from school for lack of.... a flu shot???

There's a video circulating on Facebook as of yesterday that seeks to clarify why so many of us speak out against vaccine damage, push for safety, push for medical freedom - the right to say "NO." Here's the Facebook link - Your Children. Your Choice. Please watch the video - share it on Facebook.

By Anne Dachel - August 22, 2008

Earlier this month Fox News published the piece, 7 Reasons to Worry as Your Kids Head Back to School by Marrecca Fiore

The number one concern, according to Fox News, should be 'the anti-vaccination movement.'  Fox warned the public about the dangers we all face because of non-vaccinating parents who have been misled to believe that there's a link between vaccines and autism.  Fox featured medical consultant Dr. Marc Siegel who announced, 'The anti-vaccination movement is based on irrational fears and is absolutely destructive.'  Siegel can't understand parents who claim vaccines cause autism.  He told us that after all, 'Vaccines are pretty well regulated.' 

'Pretty well regulated'?

That will hardly end parents' anxiety over the lineup of shots at the next well-baby visit.

No, Dr Siegel, you're wrong.  The loudest voices out there aren't from 'the anti-vaccination movement.'  They're the parents who did vaccinate.  They never missed the checkups for those scheduled vaccines. 

They're also the people who saw their children lose learned skills like making eye contact, talking, and being potty trained. 

And they watched in disbelief as these same kids exhibited the signs of autism -- rocking, staring at bright lights, and knocking holes in walls.

These parents are the voices out there asking that health officials clean up vaccines by getting rid of the countless toxins currently and routinely injected into children.  The one thing that Jon and Terry Poling, Katie Wright, and Jenny McCarthy have in common is that they all vaccinated.

Why is it that anyone who asks for safe, non-toxic vaccines is 'anti-vaccination'?  Marc Siegel and everyone else out there blaming parents better understand one thing: The medical community is at fault for the rapidly eroding confidence in the vaccine program.  Health officials do nothing to address the plague called autism.  For years, as the numbers exploded, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention looked on, unconcerned.  The CDC can't tell us what causes autism and they're the first to say there is no cure.  They don't even know if there really are more kids with autism out there, despite counting them for years.  The only thing they're sure of is that their vaccines aren't responsible. 

Sorry Dr Siegel.  Nobody's listening anymore.  Try showing some of the concern you have over the measles for the countless children all around you with autism. 

I find it interesting that Fox News and Marc Siegel think that unvaccinated kids spreading the measles virus should be parents' number one worry.  Maybe Fox News would like to know what parents of children who have autism have on their minds every minute of the day as this school year begins.

The list would be incredibly long, certainly a lot more than seven items.  I'm starting off with a couple of things I painfully remember from when my son was in school, before I ended up home schooling because I simply couldn't handle the stress. 

Next, I'm asking parents out there to contribute, since each child is different and every parent has their own fears.

What are your reasons to worry as your child with autism heads back to school?

Teachers.  While autism may affect an epidemic number of children everywhere, often teachers have little experience with or understand of autism.  This is especially true if your child is mainstreamed.  If they don't have training in ASD, teachers may come up with their own explanations for autistic behavior.

Bullying.  The bus ride, the hallways, gym time, lunch, and recess are all times when our children may become victims of teasing, name-calling and worse. 

Changes in routine.  A fire drill, substitute teacher, or school assembly can cause our children to completely lose it.  There are endless possibilities and adults in charge can be dumbfounded as to why this kid gets so upset.

The rest is up to parents.  What's on your mind? . . .
Anne Dachel is media editor of Age of Autism.


Angus Files

Keep Calm what crisis? oh! look a measels rash!

Holyrood urged to 'get a grip' of young Scots' mental health crisis as record numbers referred
Over 35,000 young people were referred for help with mental health in Scotland last year - a rise of more than 30 percent in five years.

Pharma For Prison



When the remaining weep over the lost, their greatest heartache is that there are so many.

Never again, never again, Dear God please, never again

Coram Deo

In 2000 Kenneth McIntosh warned that we should not routinely give influenza vaccine to healthy children until multicenter randomized trials were done over several seasons to be sure that it was safe and effective. His advice was ignored….In 2004 a “Seven-Step Recipe” for using the media to boost demand for the vaccine was presented to the National Influenza Vaccine Summit, sponsored by the CDC and the AMA. The recipe included, “…statements of alarm by public health authorities…prediction of dire outcomes from influenza…continued reports that influenza is causing severe illness affecting lots of people…repeated urging of influenza vaccination…” Sound familiar? Allan S Cunningham

Bob Moffit

Some things NEVER CHANGE … no matter how many children enter school each year suffering one or more of the myriad of neurological/biological/physical development problems that affect 54% of children today .. up from 12% in 1986 .. when children were receiving 7 vaccines in 24 doses .. children today 16 vaccines in 72 doses .. listening to Foxnews Marc Siegel .. spewing the same "vaccines are safe and effective" PROPAGANDA (there is no other word for it) .. nothing to see here .. move on and get your kids vaccinated. I would bet my house that Marc thinks the 58,000 vaccine injuries that were reported LAST YEAR ALONE .. are coming from uneducated, mis-informed parents of children who now comprise 54% of all children.


It is laughable to watch Siegal express his 'LACK OF CONFIDENCE IN THE CORONER'S REPORT ON SUSPICIOUS DEATH OF JEFFREY EPSTIEN" .. while at the very same time insisting parents maintain "confidence and trust" in vaccines that have done as much damage if not more to MILLIONS OF CHILDREN worldwide … the only difference is Epstien was a SEXUAL PREDATOR SATISFYING HIS OWN SEXUAL PERVERSIONS .. while the vaccine industry's only motive's may be POPULATION CONTROL AND GREED.

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