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When Silence Screams Brandon's Brain on Fire: Every Legislator in the USA Needs to Watch

Autism RealityNote: Thank you to Michelle Guppy for writing this blog entry at her site Life With Autism in Pictures and posting the video of her beautiful, tall, blond, handsome son Brandon, who seizes, rocks, rages, smiles, calms himself with straws, loves an open car window and the rush of wind on his face and who deserved far, far more than what his childhood vaccines gave him. A Brain On fire.

When Silence Screams

By Michelle Guppy

I have tried to process the whiplash from being so high with HOPEISM at the sheer multitude of warriors lining up and speaking out against the removal of vaccine exemptions in many states; then the lowest of lows from the stunning defeat of Pharma-paid politicians in removing those exemptions anyway, despite the magnitude of truth presented to them at those hearings...

This one example from my "Life with Autism, Seizures, & a side of PANDAS" is why I named my primary blog, "From hell to HOPEISM".

My life is indeed a daily journey from hell to HOPEISM.

On a good day I arrive at that HOPEISM with barely the scent of smoke.

Other days - third degree burns from those moments, minutes, hours, or seemingly endless days in hell.

I was recently interviewed for a story regarding my sons vaccine injury...

One of the questions was, "Describe for me a good day with Brandon."

I tried to explain how there are no "good days" - there are simply moments that are easier, moments where you get a glimpse of what would have been, --- and moments where you wonder if the smile you captured in your child is pure, or if it's just yeast...

Like those moments of pure HOPEISM when I felt this was truly the moment the avalanche of truth would smother the lies -  in listening to the live feed from hearings in different states where warrior mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, grandparents, physicians, nurses all shouted together "I OPPOSE!" - --only to be met with the scorch of hell as each one of their pleas fell on deaf, pharma-funded politician ears.

A time or two (or three) I have had moments of sheer panic as I wondered what the future holds for my #Grandfishy and the rapid-fire vaccine mandates.

We are poisoning our babies.

Babies are born healthy, not in need of toxins and viral and bacterial cocktails injected in their pure, their sacred, their perfectly created blood stream.

My own son was born healthy, and before I ever gave him a chance to remain that way, I allowed those vaccine cocktails.

I allowed all of them. 

On time. 

Every time.

I wasn't "Pro-Vax" - I was "I didn't know any better but to vax!"

I'm not even "Anti-Vax" now.

I am "hell-no-never-again-like-ever" woke-vax!

Vaccines didn't make my son healthy.

He is sick!

And despite the hundreds of thousands of dollars we've thrown into treatments for him, he is only getting sicker!

Incredibly medically fragile with respect to autoimmune issues!

Vaccines stole his voice.

They stole his milestones.

They stole everything his future might have held for him.

Not to mention all it has stolen from us as his parents, our marriage, our "other" son, our family, and our friends.

It has stolen our empty nest, our retirement, our savings, our golden years.

Our ability to die in peace.

It is even now trying to scare us into silence.

The medical kidnapping we see over and over and over if we dare disagree with a doctor.

If we dare complain at the callous disregard shown to our vaccine-injured children, youth, & adults.

I complained about the care my son was being denied in IVIG for his doctor-documented PANDAS diagnosis - and a week later received a formal letter from the practice my son was a part of -  saying that they could no longer see my son as a patient and that I would have to find a new clinic for him.

They want us to go away.

They wish we never existed, which is ironic in that the same people who wish this, are the very ones who caused "this".

If you dare share the truth about vaccines publicly, if you dare share that proof in pictures, you will be turned in to CPS or in my case, APS.

Adult Protective Services.

(They've been called to report me twice now for sharing pictures of Brandon's vaccine injury.  And twice now I have been cleared of any exploitation or wrongdoing.)

To silence you further from speaking or sharing the truth of "how vaccines save lives."

How "safe and effective" vaccines actually are.

Even our own families cannot handle the sharing of the truth.

We are deemed "too negative".

Which makes me laugh when I hear that...

People who say that have no idea of the strength we have.  How positive we must truly be mentally just in order to survive.

We share the truth to a world that does not want the truth.

It's too inconvenient.

It's too hard.

It's not something that can be prayed away, wished away, or wiped away.

I decided long ago that Brandon's, and my, legacy would be one of truth.

People will know what happened to him.

People will see it.

And today, people will hear it.

For a week we have dealt with these brain-on-fire flares.

For a few precious moments, the HOPEISM of laughter in my brother's pool.

The ride home, pure hell.

Click here to read the rest of the post and view the video. Send the video to your state senators and reps, your senators and reps in DC. This video should go as viral as a selfish Twit licking a quart of ice cream or a brat sucking on a tongue dispenser in a  pediatrician's office (oh the irony.)



Every website and app under the sun is blocking the toxic truths about vaccines.

It’s very sad - vaccine induced autism is so smiled at, romanticized and normalized. Even when it’s violent, destructive, medically fragile, and severe.

I’m done with the provaxx madness. Im done with vaccines causing severe, lifelong, life threatening neurodevelopmental disabilities.

I’m done with left wing extremist, gender bender/trans body dysmorphists, LGBTQ+, POC supremacists/anti-white anti-Japanese extremists*, abortion-loving, Islam loving Tumblr fascists. Many of who identify as mystical fictional genders and use things like ZEY/ZIR FOR PRONOUNS. I’m cis and straight.

I fear autism and vaccine injury will be the demise of all western nations.

I’m sick of the vile democratic and left wing parties.

*Anti-Japanese sentiment is heating up on left wing extremist children’s platforms, many of whom brainlessly glorify China and the Chinese Communist Party for its totalitarian, vaccine loving regime.

Margaret Jaeger

It reminds me of a sci fi scenario...aliens get control of branches of our government as exchange payment for technology they gave us. The primary reason is to have absolute control over future populations by vaccinating ..Everyone, children and adults with sterilization drugs mixed in some of the vaccines. In the meantime, they want every person on earth to bear...Their Mark...also in a vaccine. The government representatives in the right places have all been switched out with their own creations so the population loses any control they may have had over politicians. The same in the Pharmaceutical industry. And in exchange we got a lot of high tech advanced methods and inventions.

By then, We've lost it already.....


@Laura Hayes
Thank you. Great ideas. And please keep up your work!!

Laura Hayes


Thank you for your kind words...they are appreciated and an encouragement to keep at it :)

Regarding your question, how do we end requires the immediate and complete elimination of vaccine mandates, the immediate and full return of individual and parental rights with regard to medical decision making, and the immediate repeal of the 1986 Act resulting in the return of liability to its rightful owners.

Eliminating mandates is step #1, in my opinion, for that is the only way individuals can protect themselves and their children from the known, and yet to be known, dangers of vaccines. Clearly, our legislators are not open to hearing or doing this. Thus, we must reach the masses, no small task as the brainwashing and indoctrination run so deep and are so pervasive. However, until enough people awaken to what is going on, and make a firm decision to resist, refuse, and rebel, things are not going to change. So, my advice is to daily do something to educate more it sharing resources, having one-on-one conversations, posting Post-Its wherever you happen to go that day, printing articles to place in neighborhood lending libraries and other places for people to take, hosting events at your home or in your area (with yourself as the speaker, or bringing someone in, or showing a documentary, or a presentation someone has given that is now on YouTube), putting info on your car for other drivers to see, wearing shirts with a message, and sharing your story and what you know with anyone and everyone you can.

I have Post-Its with my 2 presentations on them (example of an older, first-run of one of them here:, and would be happy to send you a pad of each (email Kim to ask her to put us in touch if interested). Also, I had Kim add a pdf link to my recent article, which I reformatted to fit onto 4 pages so that if one prints it front and back, only 2 pieces of paper per copy are needed when sharing it with others, and/or placing it in strategic locations. Check for that here:

Another idea: I started my own email group years ago, after hosting my first vaccine-related event, a west coast speaking tour for the book "Vaccine Epidemic", with Louise Habakus and Mary Holland, the co-editors and contributing authors, speaking. I continued to add members to my email group at subsequent events that I hosted, or at which I spoke. I also accept referrals from people I know. Over the years, my email group has grown quite large, includes people from nearly every state, and people from other countries. I share info with them on a regular basis, often with my commentary, and they spread it around their neck of the woods. Perhaps you could start something similar :)

We must awaken and activate the citizenry to demand that our rights and freedoms be returned. If the citizenry doesn't demand it, I don't think it will happen. And we must be cautious about whom we support. If they are not fighting for and demanding the full return of our rights and freedoms, then I would caution against supporting them.

Laura Hayes


A list is a great idea, and a Top 10 would suffice, as even just 2 or 3 would be representative of the repetitive propaganda, which is just one cut and paste job after another.

And good catch in the article. It is indeed interesting how the author admits that there are risks of vaccinating, but then omits any specifics...instead displaying the typical callous disregard by nearly all in mainstream media for those injured and killed by vaccines.


Have you gone to see a Chinese Medicine and Naturopath Doctor? They could help your son ❤

Aimee Doyle

@Janet Rocha - "kids were hidden"

Perhaps some kids were hidden, but even so, they would have seen doctors, whether in their hometown or in an institution. When parents are worried about their children's development, they see a doctor. So the medical profession has observed the increase and done nothing.

Our son's pediatrician, a doctor with decades in the biz, said he never saw autism as a resident or a young doctor. He didn't see autism in numbers until the 1990's. He was a resident in the 70's.


@Laura Hayes
I am always amazed by your writing and the speeches you have given. You are right in every way but how... how do we end this!?


Also, if one is going to be a political whore, one should at least be a high priced one, to make it worthwhile so they can sleep at I heard it didn’t even take that much $ relatively speaking to flip each member’s vote. I hope they choke on that blood money.


And it truly is blood money.

Because ignoring this tragedy in our kids, only increases the chance that it will strike future generations of their descendants.


Laura---maybe someone will start a list of the top 100, make that the top 1000 ridiculous articles that are published only to demean those who have experienced the truth about vaccines and not the myth that they are safe and effective.

From that ridiculous article originally published in 2015 and updated in 2017:
"We need everyone to do their part. If just a few people freeload, they can get the benefits without the risks." Just what would those RISKS be? Anybody know exactly the risks they refer, that the article omits? That's a rhetorical question.


My heart goes out to Michelle and her son. Her guts and bravery are monumental. Amazing human beings. May God bless you both.
I just finished reading a long piece by Bethany McLean in the new issue of Vanity Fair about the Sackler family of opioid fame. There are whole paragraphs that could be about the autism epidemic. It is very outspoken about money and payoffs and Pharma. For instance: “When so much of the system that is supposed to protect the public has been shown to be for sale to the highest bidder, who can people trust? If the current system is under attack as deeply corrupted, the drug industry has only itself to blame.” Worth a read.

Angus Files

Vote with your feet.Totally terrible situation for the young lad.

Pharma For Prison


Janet Rocha

I am 68 and never saw kids like that. I have discussed this with peers and they say kids like this always existed but were hidden. I cannot believe the amount of denial amongst people who have no economic interest in vaccines.
I am very sorry for you and angered with your situation.
I think it is ironic that a country that was founded on liberalism and rebellion against the central authority of the Catholic Church has produced one of the most tyrannical societies that has ever existed.


Wow Mariana! Great idea. I think it could be effective. Posters, street art, and memes too.

Aimee Doyle

@Marianna - so sorry to hear that. No sympathy, then, no empathy at all. Well, I guess those parents know whom not to vote for.


I wasn’t there for this, but a mom friend of mine told me that at one of these meetings with a NY rep, (forgot which one she said it was), one of the moms’ pre teen son who is more severely affected actually pulled down his pants in front of the rep because he needed to go to the bathroom. My friend said the mom was mortified, but I hope her kid mooned the SOB.

The guy still ended up voting to repeal the religious exemption.

Let them all see firsthand what has been done to our kids. They should be ashamed, not the boy or the mom!

Also, if one is going to be a political whore, one should at least be a high priced one, to make it worthwhile so they can sleep at I heard it didn’t even take that much $ relatively speaking to flip each member’s vote. I hope they choke on that blood money.

Laura Hayes


That describes my morning so far.

First, there was this ridiculous article, which someone sent to me:

Is that the best today's media can produce? Utterly absurd and pathetic.

Then, reading Michelle Guppy's excellent post nearly put me over the edge. I resonated with every word she wrote. And her powerful words ignited pure, unadulterated rage in me, as well they should. I have yet to calm down. My guess is that I am not the only one.

We must end this Vaccine Holocaust. We must end this Medical Tyranny. We must stop the ever-growing list of New and Devastating Epidemics of Childhood, that follow these children into adulthood (if they survive), and which are then passed on in some form to their children and grandchildren (if they are still able to reproduce).

We must put behind bars those responsible for this Vaccine Holocaust.

We must help the victims and their families.

THIS VACCINE INSANITY MUST STOP. Not only do vaccine mandates need to be immediately banned, in all 50 states, and worldwide, forever, but there needs to be an immediate (hopefully, forever) moratorium on vaccines, too. Should future testing commence in an attempt to lift the moratorium, test subjects must be strictly limited to those who stand to profit, and their first-degree relatives.

We must DEMAND that which belongs to every person on the planet:

The fundamental human right to decide what one allows, or doesn't allow, into oneself and one's children.

Please STOP begging for exemptions. STOP being willing to accept unacceptable compromises. STOP supporting those who are not willing to publicly and unequivocally demand the fundamental human right described just above.

Now, I am off to work on rage prolonged, unadulterated rage is not healthy...and my dependent young-adult son needs me...every single day...for nearly every single thing.


To Aimee Doyle,

I’m sorry to say, the one on one sessions - even with the disabled kids in tow! - didn’t matter to the reps in NY. They said they were “lobbied hard” by the “medical community” (read: Big Pharma). We had everything on our side EXCEPT their $. My suggestion going forward would be, ok, they’re gonna play that game? LET’S PLAY THAT GAME! Let’s all cut to the chase shall we? People generally don’t care about other people’s kids’ problems. This is all about the money, so let’s follow the money and demonstrate to the public that it’s NOT all about “public health”. It’s about ALL of us being subjected to govt tyranny, and the adults are NEXT in line. So let’s make it all about exposing the soulless, corrupt politicians! What have we got left to lose?

There must be a way to find out how much $ each politician got from Big Pharma. Then we chant or hold up signs at rallies or those sham “hearings” with simple sound bite phrases for the media like, for example: “State Senator John Liu: $2000 from Eli Lily & $5000 from a Pfizer sub” or whatever the amounts and companies are. At the very least the unaware but curious public will take notice of the sea of such signs and could even look it up for themselves, thereby confirming the swamp that’s at the heart of all this. At that point forward, no one will be able to listen to those LYING reps anymore with a straight face. It’ll then be easier to vote them out. We need to turn the tables and start delegitimizing THEM instead of the parents.

susan welch

Heartbreaking - but so very powerful. Thank you Michelle.

Aimee Doyle

@Michelle -

I've watched the individuals line up to testify at no avail. I've watched them get shut out. I wonder if it would be more effective to meet with legislators one-on-one. Much harder to deny vaccine injury when you have to look a parent in the eye, hear their story, see their disabled child/young adult. Much harder to deflect questions if a parent has a stack of studies. There's also the phone/email/fax blitz idea...

If a steady stream of parents did this, I wonder if it would make a difference. Maybe that kind of blitz would work. I'd be curious to hear from people who have met with their legislators and what their experiences were.

One downside of being a political independent, like me, seems to be that neither side listens...but perhaps it would be different for those who have a party affiliation and could talk to the representative who needs their vote.

Hans Litten

Pakistan : If the CDC like officials say refusal rates are 8%, then I reckon its closer to 80%

Local officials say parents suspicious of mass immunisation campaigns have been getting hold of special markers, used by health workers to put a coloured spot on the little fingers of children who have been vaccinated.

"They themselves would mark the fingers of their children, in case of any official visit to countercheck the vaccinated children," one official associated with an international organisation told Reuters in Peshawar.

Officials estimate that so-called fake finger marking, sometimes in collusion with health workers, is hiding the true scale of refusal rates — and thus gaps in vaccination.

In some areas, as many as 8 per cent of families may be refusing or avoiding vaccination, a level which would mean the disease is not eradicated.

A senior official at the KP Health Department said the exact data had been deliberately hidden by local health authorities nervous of being blamed for failing to ensure full coverage.

"And the result of hiding figures had led us to face an epidemic-like situation today," he said.

Bob Moffit

Michelle writes:

"I have tried to process the whiplash from being so high with HOPEISM at the sheer multitude of warriors lining up and speaking out against the removal of vaccine exemptions in many states; then the lowest of lows from the stunning defeat of Pharma-paid politicians in removing those exemptions anyway, despite the magnitude of truth presented to them at those hearings...

Indeed Michelle .. what has happened to the country we live in?

Every day more and more of our Constitutionally guaranteed "unalienable rights" are being denied .. we are denied our humanitarian right to "informed consent'" .. which effectively denies us our parental right to decide what is in the best interest of our child .. then denied opportunity to seek legal redress in Civil or Criminal Courts if our child is injured .. at the same time our children are denied access to public schools and day care centers … while efforts to deny us our right of "free speech" gain more and more support every day ..


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