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We are Anti-Metal Straw

Grasping strawsBy Kim Rossi

Last night, I was looking at Facebook when a story scrolled down my wall that caught... well, I should really use a different phrase. If you can imagine the horror, a mobility challenged woman died after a metal straw impaled her eye and went into her brain. She died. From a straw injury.  I know the topic isn't autism. But disabilities are a part of our lives. Many of our kids have oral motor planning issues, and straws are part of our lives. Here's the story:

Metal straws should be used with caution, a coroner has said, after a retired jockey died when she fell onto one which impaled her eye and caused a traumatic brain injury.

Elena Struthers-Gardner, 60, was carrying a mason-jar style drinking glass with a screw-top lid in her kitchen in Poole, Dorset, when she collapsed.

Today a coroner said metal drinking straws should never be used with a lid that fixes them in place, and “great care should be taken” while using them.

The eco-friendly straws have increased in popularity as a replacement for single-use plastic straws as part of the fight against plastic waste.

The straw damaged Mrs Struthers-Gardner's brain stem, which controls breathing, with the tip of the implement coming to a rest against the back of her skull. Read more at Telegraph UK here.

What a horror for this poor woman! Yesterday, during a replay of a Howard Stern show (you know I'm a fan, even when I disagree with him) and he and Robin were talking about the banning of plastic straws. Robin brought up that many people with disabilities need bendy straws.

My girls like bendy straws. Maybe yours do too.  If you've ever had a baby or surgery, you know that even a slight tug on your abdomen can be agony when in recovery, and bendy straws are a Godsend.   So now, with the removal of plastic straws to save birds or fish or something, actual human beings, earthlings, fellow citizens, have to find another way to fulfill the basic biological need to drink. Water. Wine. Beer. Iced coffee. Sweet tea. Whatever.  Isn't it funny how the nation latches on to righteous outrage for some things - straws!  But not for others.

Are we an anti-straw nation? 


Grace Green

I'm afraid I can't see how "going green" as the UK is currently promising to do could possibly harm us the way vaccines have done. Others here appeared to have commented that fixing the vaccine poisoning was just more important than all the other contaminations that are effecting us and the planet right now. RFK Jr. is an environmental lawyer who has said he would rather be addressing the other issues if it were not for the harm being done to children being more urgent. I was merely suggesting that criticizing other causes addressing environmental concerns will not be a good advocacy for the vaccine issue.


Grace Green;
To go along means to agree with.
That is how I kind of got into this mess with vaccine injuries; well got into it even deeper.

The environmental issues that are pending upon us all is as deep, complicated, playing us for fools, much is a hoax just as much as the vaccine mess is.

So, I guess I am a lunatic both ways.
I use to not be.

Grace Green

Alternatively we could go with the green agenda as it is now developing (even if for no other reason than not to look like cranks!) and THEN we're in a strong position to draw a parallel with the issue you rightly draw attention to - chemicals in Big Pharma, Big Farmer, Big Transport, Big Oil etc., the Biggest causes of pollution. Then they wouldn't have a leg to stand on.


Angus; Exactly right!
Keep your eye on those plastic straws, and your mind off of systemic --yes-- systemic pesticides.
Is that systemic pesticide all gone by the time we dig up those potatoes?
No Colorado potato bug though.

Maybe that is the real reason that low carb diets work? There is no potatoes on the menu of a low carb diet. Sigh. .

Angus Files

Oh!look theirs a squirrel!

Poor woman my sister in-law stays in Poole,lovely harbour thats where Sunseeker yachts are made.

The envioromental straw bag plastic argument I feel is a convenient distraction detracting from real enviromental issues such as what is damaging the kids via vaccines and turning the frogs gay,but thats depressing so lets just talk about straws and poly bags-thats better DONT WORRY YOUR INJECTING MERCURY INTO YOUR BABY JUST THINK OF HOW MANY STRAWS YOUR NOT USING...

Pharma For Prison



Pun darn it —autocheck. Not PUN

Carolyn Straw

Here is a place that has bio straws:


If only the minute we reported an issue with a vaccine the world jumped to imagine better disease-prevention methods , and ways to heal our vaccine injured children. But being lazy they would rather label us anti than address our children’s pain and challenges.

The money they propose to spend to implement sb276 vs the money parents spend suing school districts that won’t provide a 1:1 aide or speech therapy— the world is backwards . Oh—what happens to all the vaccine vials? And what happens to the toxins people excrete when they all get flu shots in a small area? Hg water anyone?

By the way they are always doing a —straw man— argument we need to make sure the straw evaporated! (That joke makes no sense but I couldn’t pass up a pub opportunity.)


Grace Green; Bendable straws, as in they are laying in the bed and you can still get that pill down and a drink without tilting the glass and spilling it on them. I use them at least six times a day.


I thought it may have all started with a video of some one taking a plastic straw out of the nostril of a sea turtle. However; the way things goes; it was probably some one, in power, with clout, thinking up the next, what can we do to make the little people think they are doing something, and while making their life a bit more miserable but all for the greater good.

Greater Good; I am so glad to speak to the choir here.

Several thoughts here on straws. .
The islands of plastics in the ocean only come from a few third world countries' rivers.
Poor people, poor economy, and poor/misrunned/corrupt/ third world/ banana republic governments do not supply things like easy excess to clean water or easy way to dispose of garbage/ This poor sanitation ties back into health and that gets us back into the bottom basement of cheapest way to go for health care; yeah: vaccines.

Plastic burns, and since I am one that does not believe that global warming ever existed except in the minds of Al Gore, and itchy palms politicians -- ah, 'global change is in this rant too' burning ; burnable trash is the way to go. Then burying it all in all the well researched ways, with vented pipes for the methane and turning it all into a golf course.

If you are a believer of global change, please bear in mind, just a little that yes, I've been to school, had jobs all with emphasis on environmental science and microbes and all that", and yeah; like everything I learned about vaccines, it too; all parallels how things go when the government and big biz are in it together, and out of the little people to pay and pay and pay.

I have about 20 -100 packets of "Plastic" straws in my cabinets right now. My two elderly folk depend them, and my family likes to drink ice cold smoothies through a straw. I am not cleaning a metal straw, do you hear me--- and I like to use those plastic straws a little longer than a paper straw and I am tired of the little people having to be educated by a bunch of really ------ some body give them a name that thinks up all this crap?


Fear not: Bent Reusable Colourful Silicon Drinking Straws With Cleaning Brush.

Just as well, GSK, Merck an’all don’t manufacture knee pads, elbow protectors and safety goggles or it would be mandated that all our children had to don them the moment they got out of bed.

Grace Green

Don't you remember the days of paper straws? Absolutely no problem with those as long as we don't use so many that we need to chop down all the trees.
I have to point out that saving the planet is definitely not just about birds and fish (although I would say that they are just as "actual" as homo sapiens) but about all species. We are all interdependent - it used to be called the balance of nature - we can't survive without the environment. Other animals need to drink water too, and I'm sorry to say that if they become disabled they die. It's great if we can find ways of helping the disabled, but I'm afraid in a few decades your comments might be seen as "speciesist" and be frowned on as much as sexist or racist comments are now.

Bob Moffit

It sometimes feel like we are living in a world gone completely mad .. where those among us who highest priority is to save animals or fish wildlife by eliminating environmental hazards .. such as plastic straws and bags … to their natural habitats is widely accepted and acclaimed .. yet .. those among us whose highest priority is to save CHILDREN by eliminating environmental hazards .. such as numerous well-known toxins and carcinogens from being INJECTED INTO THEIR PERFECTLY HEALTHY BODY .. are .. to the contrary of being "widely accepted and acclaimed" .. are instead ridiculed and demonized for their efforts.

Consider .. a child diagnosed with HEP B is allowed to attend public school and day care centers .. but .. a perfectly healthy child who has not received the HEP B vaccine is DENIED ACCESS TO SCHOOL AND DAY CARE CENTERS.

TALK ABOUT A WORLD GONE COMPLETELY MAD ….. we have "one size fits all vaccines" .. yet .. for this woman at least .. efforts to create a "one size fits all straw" .. proved tragic.

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