Best of: Why Progressives Don't Get Autism by Dan Olmsted
Us and Them



Wow! Powerful and beautiful... and sad.


Wow. Very powerful presentation.

Angus Files

Great poem and so true as we all know superbly recited thanks.Does anyone have the written words.

Pharma For Prison


Hans Litten
What Is The UNICEF Up to With Their Vaccines?

It is important to note that UNICEF and the WHO always donate and distribute their vaccines for free, and sometimes they give governments financial incentives to support their programs. When these funds from the UN are not enough to buy these vaccines, Bill and Melinda Gate’s foundation will help with additional funding for the vaccination programs in most of the poor countries of the world.

It is quite suspicious that there was no tetanus outbreak or threat in Kenya which would warrant such massive deployment of vaccines, and worst still, the targets were only women of childbearing age.

Once there is a local disaster in Africa, UNICEF jumps in with their vaccines and starts a mass vaccination program in partnership with governments. Sometimes the African governments do not have a clue of the underlining purpose of such bodies.


What the government of all the African nations must do is to be conscious of the content of the vaccines and drugs which we receive from foreign bodies and government.

It is hard to believe that the caucasian world loves us so much to the extent they are willing to save only us.

Gerardo Martinez

Thank you for posting and sharing. Hard to listen too, but beautiful at the same time. The story of my son. Now 12 and severely autistic. At 10 months he walked and words began to flow! Oh but I didn't know that you should wait for those 1 year vaccinations after having had severe ear infections and a course of 14 days of strong antibiotics. He turns one next week they said, come back and we will check his ears and given him his required 1 year shots. I trusted and was busted. His health was never the same after that. The words slowly began to disappear. Elmo was one of his first words. And like the poem he was taken back again by his mother who also trusted and given more shots. After that all words disappeared. It took us a year or so to figure out what happened. And like in the poem another blessing followed another child was given to us. Never again! Our youngest is now 9 and by the grace of God in perfect health and vaccine free! Blessings to all of us in this fight.

Bob Moffit

Excellent though heart-breaking poem .. don't know who his friend is .. but .. his friend could just as easily been my beloved daughter-in-law who continues to love and cherish her son .. now 19 and unable to say the word "hands" himself .. since he was about two years old.

Truly heartbreaking but none-the-less so common a story of literally HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of children who .. following innocuous vaccinations .. are unable to say "hands".

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