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Reversing Food Allergies with Gut Bacteria

296036-EpiPenThanks to Judie R for sending me this link. The study is a glimpse of hope for those suffering from food and other allergies. You'll note that while searching for ways to prevent and stop them is lauded, you won't see much about the current cause(s) of food allergies.  I have a saying, "Don't punish progress," and if you're a Mom trying to keep your child with a life threatening food allergy safe, any progress is a Godsend. That said, the microbiome, a topic covered so well by our own Teresa Conrick, was really first brought to our attention by a gastroenterologist from Britain. His name was Andy Wakefield.


In this exciting new study, researchers say they have identified a kind of bacteria in the human infant gut that can prevent food allergies – and their discovery has led to a new treatment that could reverse the condition altogether.

Every three minutes, a food-related allergic reaction sends someone to the emergency room in the U.S. Currently, the only way to prevent a reaction is for people with food allergies to completely avoid the food to which they are allergic.

Researchers are actively seeking new treatments to prevent or reverse food allergies in patients; and these new insights into the microbiome – the complex ecosystem of microorganisms that live in the gut and other body sites – have suggested that an altered gut microbiome may play a pivotal role in the development of food allergies.  Read more at the GoodNewsNetwork.


Grace Green

Switch on the large choir - the relaxation might do you more good!


Choir as in singing,
And I was not singing when I redid Kefir every evening and thus it was a chore instead.


I use to go into a store and come out with 70 dollars worth of supplements. Goodness knows there will be one day that my vaccine injured grown children will be needing the money I spent on Vitamin B 12 methalated of course, and very expensive CO Q 10 --- and PPQ (bet no one as even heard of that one) , and many, many more of others in large mixtures of many supplements for mitochondria injuries. Yes, I have spent a fortune on probiotics too. 50 dollars for a five day supply of dehydrated kefir for diarrhea just a couple of months ago.

Ohhhh, and years I spent every night straining our kefir and replenishing it with new milk. a large choir cause it was every darn evening. After five years, I gave it up and it was such a relief.

I make red cabbage sauerkraut all the time. It will get eaten by some in this family if I get out just a couple of spoonfuls, mix it with some mayo, coconut MCT oil, and some kind of sweetener.

Yogurt, is not good enough; it has to be Greek yogurt. I don't know why? Greek yogurt might stand around a little bit longer growing more bacteria as the extract whey drains out?

Store bought yogurt that has the jams in it is not good enough, I have to raise my own berries and then mix up my own parfait.

Now some body please tell me that these types of bacteria above in this article just might happen to be found in sauerkraut or yogurt cause I am wore out.


TOO much to cover in a post it box comment box!
Multi- working team work together has produced fab results observation and documented results ?
Current standard of care provision ,totally not acceptable !
Age of autism has a clear focus within a sneak-ag -playing field !
Other side of wonderful science presenting itself as all fur coats no underpants ?
Exclusin diets with close supervision of fab NHS dieticians produce denonstrated super outcomes !
Exclusion diets are not a "quik" fix or an easy option /

Demonstrated fab results are well worth regognition and further investigation/ studes in this area !

Shelley Tzorfas

If every 3 minutes someone goes to the emergency room because of a food allergy, could we tell how many are young people born let's say around 1991 and up when Liability was removed from vaccine maker's. A time where up to 83% of vaccines were made in China? A comparison to those born in previous generations where few vaccines were given and certainly not to a baby just born a few hours ago?

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