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Radio Interviews This Week With Laura Hayes

by Laura Hayes

Dear AoA Friends,

I am doing 2 radio interviews this week. I am hoping that you will be able to tune in, and that perhaps you will consider inviting a few people over to listen with you :)

First one is this Tuesday, July 30th, 9:00-10:00am PST, on Food Chain Radio with host Michael Olson. Topic will be vaccines, and I will be interviewed along with Dena Churchill from Canada, who recently paid an extreme price for standing firm in her right to proclaim vaccine truths.

To listen in live, click here, then click the "Listen Live" button:

Or here, then scroll down for the "Listen Live" button:

Second one is this Wednesday, July 31st, 12:00-1:00pm PST, on KVMR Radio with host Jeanie Keltner. As most of you know, Jeanie is savvy to the truth about vaccines, and we always have a robust and informative discussion about them, in addition to discussing the most-recent efforts to eliminate our parental rights and medical choice freedom.

To listen in live, click here, then click the "Listen Live" button at the very top:

Both interviews will be available as podcasts after the fact for those who are unable to tune in live.

Please spread the word!


Laura Hayes

Here is the podcast link for my interview with Jeanie Keltner:

I am grateful to KVMR Radio, Jeanie Keltner, and Peggy Bean for continuing to host vaccine-related shows which expose the many truths about vaccines that the vaccine profiteers do not want the public to know.

Laura Hayes

Links for both interviews:

First one, with Michael Olson, on Food Chain Radio:

Click on the "Listen Now" icon to the right of the show's title.

Second one, with Jeanie Keltner, on KVMR Radio:

Scroll down to "Undernews" with Jeanie Keltner, July 31st, 12:00pm. The show begins at the 7:00 minute mark.

Laura Hayes

For those who tried to listen to my interview yesterday on Food Chain Radio, I am sorry the Listen Live link didn't work! I think it works during the "live" broadcast of the show on Saturday mornings, versus during the actual recording of the apologies. Hoping to be able to post a podcast link for it here in the comments section tomorrow.

Regarding today's show, coming up soon, 12:00pm PST, the Listen Live button at the KVMR link above should work! I might be able to post a podcast link for it here, too, by tomorrow.

Hans Litten, thank you for the many wonderful links you post here on AoA! I shared one from the other day with my email group. And thank you for your continued support of my is deeply appreciated!

Hans Litten

Laura, just a topic for discussion but why is the NVIC always giving the interviews on TV ? BLF ?

Contacting Barbara Loe Fisher, Media Calls & Interview Requests

For requests related to Barbara Loe Fisher speaking at a conference, please submit the request in writing to [email protected]. For urgent requests for interviews from newspapers or broadcast media, please call 703-938-0342. For all other interview requests, please submit them in writing to [email protected].

Is this controlled opposition ?
With all due respect, I would prefer Laura Hays or Sherri Tenpenny to represent me.
BLF is far too wishy washy for me.


Looking forward to listening!

Hans Litten

Other interesting shows here : (Thanks Laura)

Show #1075: Roundup-Ready Vaccines - 01-10-2016 (14.63 MB) Listen Now
Guest: Research Scientist Anthony Samsel
Subject:They said GMOs would lead to fewer pesticides, but that was not true. Now pesticide residues can be found just about everywhere, and that leads us to ask... Are vaccines that contain weed killer safe?

Show #1082: Avalanche of Autism - 03-12-2016 (4.78 MB) Listen Now
Guest: : Kent Heckenlively, Author, Inoculated: How Science Lost Its Soul in Autism
Subject:In 1981, one child in 10,000 was autistic. Today, one child in 50 is autistic. Many say vaccines are the cause of austism spectrum disorder. Many others disagree. And so we ask... Do vaccines cause autism?
Topics include the rate of increase of autism spectrum disorder in the U.S.; why so many believe vaccines are a probable cause for this rate of increase; and what, if anything, is being done to slow or stop the rate of increase.

Hans Litten

Laura with the very real lockdown of Google-CIA on all vaccine truth stories.
Are we in China ? No, the people have more freedom in China.


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