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Queens Dad Saves Daughter from Death After Vaccine Reaction

Super dadIt was difficult to read this story about a Queen's Dad who used his brand spanking new CPR training to save his beautiful, baby daughter after she had a serious seizure following her mandated 12 month vaccinations. What if Mom had not been with her baby? What if Dad had not just been trained in CPR? Perhaps a death certificate that would read, "SIDS."My heart races thinking about the panic they felt. I've watched my daughters seize. The first seizure I saw sent me into paroxysms of fear. So did the next 500. "Febrile. Won't happen again, Mrs. Stagliano."   I hope every politician who voted to remove the religious exemption in New York is him- 0r herself mandated to visit this heroic Dad in person to tell him that his little girl MUST undergo every single vaccine on the pediatric schedule to attend school in Queens.

How do you think Dad (and Mom) will feel about that? 

Sure, their pediatrician will tell them that post-vaccination seizures are "benign." They cause no harm. They are no reason to stop vaccinating.   They won't even trigger a medical exemption. At age 12 months 18, the CDC schedule includes the following thirteen vaccinations (source But what if Mom and Dad want to take their time going forward with vaccinating their daughter? What if they want to stop?

• Hepatitis B (HepB)

• Diphtheria, tetanus, acellular pertussis (DTaP)

Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib)

• Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV)

• Inactivated Polio Vaccine (IPV)

• Flu (influenza), yearly

• Measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR)

• Chickenpox (varicella)

• Hepatitis A (HepA)

There should be a bill in play as soon as the politicians return from their break that pays for CPR for every single parent in the state of New York, with the very clear precaution that they should stay near their children for at least 48 hours after every vaccination visit.  Free of charge. With pay covered for time off of work and childcare too.

Annie Annie are you OK?

Queens dad saves his own daughter with CPR training he’d used for the 1st time

A children’s worker trained in CPR used his life-saving skills for the first time to revive his own daughter when she suffered a terrifying seizure the day after a round of immunization shots.

Rasheen Hill had just opened the door to his Queens home after his shift at the New York City Children’s Center nearby when his wife frantically called out to him.

Rachel Hill was trying to get her 1-year-old daughter Shiloh and 4-year-old son Zion to bed around 9 p.m. on June 25 when the little girl suddenly went limp in her arms.

Just seconds earlier, Shiloh was happily camped out near the tub, tugging at a roll of toilet paper as her older brother was bathed. As the busy mom hefted Shiloh to shuffle her two kids to their room for bedtime, the girl stopped moving — and fear took over.

“I called to her and she didn’t respond,” Rachel said. “And that was where the panic had set in."



Me Annie? Yes, A-ok! Just venting! Thank you AoA for the opportunity! And as always thank you so much for all you do!!!!! 😬🥴.


Imagine if the mother put the children to bed earlier.

The little girl would have seized alone in her crib.
Monitors likely wouldn't record her final moments.

Her death would be called SIDS.
No connection made to the rounds of vaccines.
No autopsy to reveal petechiae or brain swelling.
Just well-meaning ninnies consoling with "it was God's will."

And so it continues, ad infinitum, until enough intelligent people push to end it.

Gerardo Martinez

Good Morning everyone. Pharma controls our congress right now. When you stop to think of that. Pharma controls the people's government. It's madness. Like I said before there are very few politicians I trust. Most throw us under the bus and smile while doing it. Until it happens to their own children(if they decide to have any- you know kids can be expensive)things will remain difficult for us. However, more and more people are waking up to vaccine injury and insane vaccine policy. More and more people are starting to notice all those healthy unvaccinated kids and are starting to ask why it is so. Blessings to all. Great job dad! You, not the stupid vaccine saved your kid's life!

Angus Files

Exactly Bob coercive measures, knowing these parents would have been worried out of their brains not to vaccinate.I came across an article the other day as never took them long on behalf of the stakeholders Pharma Inc. Its not that I have a political downer on the Clintons its just that at every scandal of corruption you find them at the centre, either or both of their names come up.

The Clintons, Measles, Masterminds & Millions

Pharma For Prison


Bob Moffit

"There should be a bill in play as soon as the politicians return from their break that pays for CPR for every single parent in the state of New York, with the very clear precaution that they should stay near their children for at least 48 hours after every vaccination visit. Free of charge. With pay covered for time off of work and childcare too"

The following is an excerpt from a letter I sent to my Rockland County Supervisor:

"Your decision to initiate coercive measures against parents who do not fully vaccinate their precious children is reported to have been a success .. as thousands of children have since been vaccinated as you have ordered them to be. As evidence of your personal concern for the long term health of these recently vaccinated children, I hope that you will initiate county-wide measures to assure affected parents that all adverse events reported by these children will be carefully monitored for accuracy .. as present passive vaccine surveillance system .. known as the .. Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) .. has proven to be unreliable by HHS own acknowledgment .. that “under-reporting” of adverse events is a serious problem."

I fully intend to follow my written request with telephone inquiries to Supervisor or his staff .. seeking to learn what measures they have under-taken, installed .. to "personally monitor" all adverse reactions reported following "catch up vaccinations" of children in Rockland County.

Indeed, is the Supervisor satisfied with the present "passive vaccine surveillance system" or does he believe the children of Rockland County deserve to have a more reliable adverse event reporting system in place? One way or the other .. I will be seeking his answer to this question.

In any event .. from published reports, the Supervisor proudly claims thousands have already been vaccinated in response to his edict and .. predictably … not one serious adverse reaction .. such as the "Queens child" .. who suffered life-threatening seizure within 48 hours of vaccination .. has been reported by local media to have occurred .. or for that matter .. been reported to VAERS.

In my humble opinion .. local politicians who have removed parental options to "exempt" their children from vaccinations .. are now fully responsible for ANY AND ALL ADVERSE REACTIONS THAT CHILDREN SUFFER .. INCLUDING CHRONIC AUTOIMMUNE DISORDERS THAT MANIFEST AND ARE DIAGNOSED YEARS AFTER VACCINATIONS.

THEY have made THEMSELVES accountable for any vaccine induced injuries suffered by the children THEY demanded "catch up" on all vaccinations or be denied access to public schools .. which by the way .. public school that are BOUGHT AND PAID FOR BY TAXPAYERS … NOT THEM.

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