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Queens Dad Saves Daughter from Death After Vaccine Reaction

Press Release: Vaccine Deaths in India Have Not Been Evaluated: Uppsala Monitoring Center

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8 July 2019.

Vaccine Deaths in India Have Not Been Evaluated: Uppsala Monitoring Center

Government records show there have been many deaths after Pentavalent vaccine (PV) administration. Not one of these deaths has been investigated as a ‘vaccine reaction’, according to Rebecca Chandler of the Uppsala Monitoring Center in Sweden - the global hub for drug reaction monitoring. 

Chandler revealed this shocking information in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), responding to Jacob Puliyel (pictured) who has asked for a revision of the way adverse events after immunization (AEFI) are investigated in India using the WHO-AEFI classification.

Chandler clarified that the WHO-AEFI classification used in India is deployed only in developing countries. This classification helps to identify reactions caused because of  the improper administration of vaccines and the use of a contaminated multi-dose vial; but not new vaccine-product-related reactions. Vaccine-product-related reactions occur even when the vaccine has been administered properly. The WHO-AEFI classification reports are not fed to databases that allow pharmacovigilance for these rare occurances.

In developed countries, on the other hand, adverse-event-reports for drugs and vaccines are maintained within a single database and this allows for pharmacovigilance – to pick up an increase in the frequency of unusual symptoms. 

Chandler’s response explains why the numerous deaths after the administration of the Pentavalent vaccine (combined diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, H influenza b and Hepatitis B vaccine) in India and Asia have not been acknowledged as a possible ‘signal’ for investigation.

Puliyel notes that data from states with good reporting of adverse events imply that there are likely to be 7020–8190 additional deaths each year in the country, because of the shift from DPT to Pentavalent vaccine. This is a huge mortality burden.

He has called for the Uppsala Monitoring Centre to examine the data from the Government of India (and other Asian countries where the vaccine is used) and confirm or deny a possible causative association with vaccination.

“If not the Uppsala Monitoring Centre, then who? If not now, then when?” writes Jacob Puliyel

Also,  the Indian Government must stop using WHO-AEFI classification and develop a proper database for pharmacovigilance like all developed countries. 

“Only such a transparent appraisal can reassure the public and build trust, and only this will reduce vaccine hesitancy,”  Puliyel said. (END)

The correspondence in the British Medical Journal can be accessed here.


Jacob Puliyel MD MRCP M Phil



Hans Litten

Posted by: Grace Green | July 11, 2019 at 06:25 AM

Sorry Grace, my wording wasn't clear and specific enough (JDS always says I am sloppy).
Gardasil has an incredible 85% uptake here in the UK, just what they need\want to attempt to make it mandatory. That already means many reasonably wealthy people will be getting caught in their web of deceit (polite way of saying mass sterilization program.)

Obviously I feel I know you to some extent after all this time, and I wish you and your family well.
I always read what you have to say (there are so many good people here to be honest).

I am fighting hard to resist these damn scoundrels like I know so many others are too.

Grace Green

I wasn't aware that the wealthy were sterilizing their own children. But I have observed that so many people nowadays are totally selfish, money comes before everything else, and they even put their own desires ahead of their children's needs. So nothing would surprise me. My children on the other hand have not been able to start families because of lack of money (because of being vaccine injured, perhaps?)

Hans Litten

Posted by: Grace Green | July 10, 2019 at 07:33 AM

So you think its only about the money ?

Those people earning the big money. They are sterilizing their children.
Seems no one will be spared.

Grace Green

Yes, I agree with most of what you say, but something niggles away at the back of my mind. I and my sons have been doing all of the things They are now advocating for decades - recycling, growing organic, not flying, etc. But They refuse us healthcare and do everything they can think of to silence us, having already poisoned us. Meanwhile I see them spending billions keeping people alive who will never have anything to contribute to society (except to Their salaries). I think it's just one Big Gravytrain.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Grace Green | July 10, 2019 at 04:20 AM

I certainly dont mean to offend anyone. I spend a lot of time trying to make sense of this.
They have been given a foothold by people who don't question anything (damn robots).
These lemmings are going to take us all off the cliff with them.
This should be the easiest crime to overturn, they are murdering your children, should be a Torches and Pitchforks time ! And yet here in the UK we cant even punch our way out of wet brown paper bag. Gardasil just went live here for boys as that Canadian lady predicted it would have to a decade ago (boys have to have it to hide the obvious glaring statistical maimings happening to girls).

Grace, if they had an easier way , then we would be gone already. They don't. (JDS words not mine, but I think he was right quite frankly.) They want a private safari park where they can go shooting lions and Rhino's again (maybe indigenous peoples too).
Gardasil is the pinnacle of their abilities, its the best they have, and we should concentrate our efforts to undermine the vaccine program there. I think Gardasil is the big one !

There is a global trend of attempting to make Gardasil mandatory now. Under the ruse of herd immunity against HPV which is a complete lie of the highest order.

They put mercury in our teeth
Fluoride in our water
Aspartame in our diet drinks
Aluminium in our veins.

Global Slow Kill GSK

Grace Green

I don't think I entirely agree with you that the vaccine attack is on non-thinkers and the unintelligent. It's now known that the more intelligent you are the more likely you are to get autism. The young women who've been maimed or killed by HPV vaccine are always the fit, active, intelligent ones. Totalitarian regimes always start by eliminating the intelligent class, especially scientists, because we are their greatest threat in terms of competition, and also seeing through them. I think they want an army of unthinking slaves to do their menial work (care workers are going to be in great demand). If they just wanted to reduce the population in general there would have been much less messy ways to do it, but they've found the vulnerability of the most able in society, and they've developed a way to destroy us.

Hans Litten

Operation Enduring Freedom (Invasion of Afghanistan )
began in 2001
At that time the birth rate is recorded as having been 7.392 & that was the same level since 1960

But now in
2017 : 4.477 how do they manage to achieve this ? 3 less children per woman.

Isnt that incredible ?

Hans Litten

GAVIs website is wonderful really.
Shows the scale and magnitude and the ambition of the project.
There is no way Billy Boy dreamt this up on his own.
He is just a front man - to try and conceal the military aspect of this WHO UN depopulation.

Hans Litten

these are the countries that can expect to Get At least some VaccIne attention in the near term :
read the capital letters. its easy to which figures these people are looking at.
and that is just to bring about a cessation in global population growth.
Then they will move onto the falls in real terms.

Country 2019 pop 2018 pop Change
China 1,433,783,686 1,427,647,786 6,135,900 (Gardasil recently gone in 2018)
USA 329,064,917 327,096,265 1,968,652 (Mandatory vaccine war ongoing)
Brazil 211,049,527 209,469,323 1,580,204 (Yellow Fever vaccine program biggest in history)
India 1,366,417,754 1,352,642,280 13,775,474 (see article above)
Bangladesh 163,046,161 161,376,708 1,669,453
Indonesia 270,625,568 267,670,543 2,955,025
Mexico 127,575,529 126,190,788 1,384,741
Turkey 83,429,615 82,340,088 1,089,527
Iran 82,913,906 81,800,188 1,113,718 (about to be embroiled in a huge war ?)
Philippines 108,116,615 106,651,394 1,465,221 (dengaxia Sanofi scandal)
Egypt 100,388,073 98,423,598 1,964,475
Pakistan 216,565,318 212,228,286 4,337,032 (Polio vaccine drive - shootings resistance)
Kenya 52,573,973 51,392,565 1,181,408 (Tetanus HCG 2014)
Sudan 42,813,238 41,801,533 1,011,705
Nigeria 200,963,599 195,874,683 5,088,916 (Always hearing of various vax tales)
Ethiopia 112,078,730 109,224,414 2,854,316
Tanzania 58,005,463 56,313,438 1,692,025
DRCongo 86,790,567 84,068,091 2,722,476 (centre of the Aids epidemic - tragic history)
Angola 31,825,295 30,809,787 1,015,508
Uganda 44,269,594 42,729,036 1,540,558

Of the 82m global rise in world pop. these countries account for 69% of that rise.
If I drop the country absolute rise to 500k, those countries will account for 85% of the overall.

Its easy to see what games are being played.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Natalie | July 08, 2019 at 09:56 PM

Its a Eugenics plot, nothing particularly to do with poverty.
Looks like they need to clear the Westerners first. Gardasil
Its to do with intelligence. An attack on those who trust and follow.
An attack on non-thinkers primarily (to begin with anyway).

The crime of all centuries. So much on the line here. Genocide on an unimaginable scale.
Challenge any of them, and witness the silence, they don't even deny it anymore.


Gotta deal with that overpopulation problem, too many useless eaters, especially in poor countries.

Bob Moffit

'Puliyel notes that data from states with good reporting of adverse events imply that there are likely to be 7020–8190 additional deaths each year in the country, because of the shift from DPT to Pentavalent vaccine. This is a huge mortality burden."

Think about that for a moment … "7020-8190 additional deaths each year in the country" .. and no one cares enough to ask WHY?

I have come to believe SCIENCE and the MEDIA have adopted the same tactic that clearly demonstrated their greatest power .. is their power to IGNORE. I used to think only the media exercised their POWER by ignoring all that is inconvenient to their preferred narrative of events .. but .. the more I learn of SCIENCE .. especially VACCINE SCIENCE … the power to ignore all inconvenient facts is common.

If the media and science ignore "7020-8190 deaths a year … then .. like the tree that falls deep in the woods that the media did not report … did not happen .. it is that simple.

Tim Lundeen

So Chandler says "The WHO-AEFI classification reports are not fed to databases that allow pharmacovigilance for these rare occurances." Ah, that weasel word "rare".

Puliyel notes that data from states with good reporting of adverse events imply that there are likely to be 7020–8190 additional deaths each year in the country, because of the shift from DPT to Pentavalent vaccine. This is a huge mortality burden.

7000+ dead kids doesn't seem like a good outcome, even if "rare" is technically correct (unlikely).

Angus Files

`Not one investigated as a vaccine reaction` Pharma sophistry takes care of that.

Pharma For Prison


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