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A Letter to The Boulder Daily Camera In Response to Lindsay Diamond's Vaccine Editorial

Just Die!

363266F7-CF44-46C4-BEDA-0B52509E1168By Kim Rossi, formerly Stagliano

This charming comment in the photo was in our queue yesterday morning. "Adam" aka Robert-Macc, considers me an abusive parent. And a bitch. And he would like me to die. Except I have a get out of death free pass! Ha! I am no Mother Teresa NOR am I Kim Stagliano any longer! LOL!

If this is what Asperger's is for Adam/Robert, I think I know who has the death sentence already. What a sin. I feel sorry for him. Angry. Who knows how old. Maybe alone at 3:11am and seeking the comfort of unbridled rage as a keyboard cowboy.

The people with Asperger's that I know are nothing like this. NOTHING.

Adam/Robert, if you read this. I hope you had a decent day, with less rage and hate. And I wish you well.




Obviously there is a concerted effort to harass you (and John Stone) and get AoA to cease its existence as a forum for vaccine safety advocates.. That cannot happen.


I would love that.

Carolyn MomofASDkid

@Joseph, thank you for your message of hope. I would love to hear more —maybe you could write a piece for AofA?


I do not feel sorry for this jerk. There is no excuse for this behavior.

Gerardo Martinez

Love will conquer all. Pay no mind to this hate monger. Is he just a troll? Or high functioning? Hard to tell. One thing is certain, he has hate and rage in his heart. Countering his message. Blessings to you and your beautiful family.


At one point in my life, I could have written the above post. I was infatuated with the neuro diverse movement and pro pro vaccine.

The neuro diversity movement intensified my worst Aspergers characteristics such as black and white thinking and narcissism. It also promulgated an us vs. them attitude.

After a few years I realized that I was being used as a prop and a tool. I hope Adam or whoever he is comes to a similar realization. I am proof change is possible.

Grace Green

Very true. I would also say that Aspie teenagers often misunderstand their parents and also their own lack of ability to manage in the world. The parents might be concerned, seeing the child's vulnerability, but the teen only sees it as being controlled. This leads to much misunderstanding. But it's also possible he's just a troll. Interesting to think it might be coming from a USA airforce base. We suffered many years of being "buzzed" when we lived in the Scottish hills, and my nerdy son was able even as a child, to identify some of them as American! (Don't ask me how the home educated son of a pacifist would find that out!)

Lori O

I'm sorry that you had this message in your in box.
I'm sorry that whomever the person is sending it is feeling so much hostility and rage.
I'm sorry my son can't express his emotions the way this person can.
I'm sorry, BUT ... this person is dead wrong.

Angus Files

All about themselves as usual hating the ones that genuinly care..Kims answered R/A well...such a waste.

Pharma For Prison



It’s quite possible this individual is a paid poster. When this argument first started appearing, I traced one of the individuals using it to a US airforce base. Specific US airforce bases are known to be astroturfing all around social media.

Jenny Allan

Perhaps the resentment this person feels against his 'abusive parents' is the key.
Sadly the internet has taken the place of the punchbag as an outlet for unexpressed rage.
This person plainly needs help with anger management and counselling to come to terms with the negative aspects of his upbringing.

I assume you are not taking this personally Kim. The language is very typical of the kind of troll speak found on some of those unpleasant pro-vaccine web sites, but the e-mail address is a genuine one, although it might belong to someone else. Your three daughters are lucky to have your wholehearted love and support. My now adult autistic grandson, has wonderful parents. He has flourished due to their love and care. Sadly this is not always the case, particularly with Aspergers children, who's needs are often are not considered to be severe enough to merit any special medical or educational support. They are very vulnerable.

Like you I wish the best for this young man, and I hope he gets the help and support he needs

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