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This might be one of the most disturbing articles ever posted on AofA.  Children used as currency by removing from their families under false accusation and planted memories and then scam monsters taking the children as foster parents and making money. This is child trafficking. In bella Italia. First world child trafficking.  Is this happening in the USA? Let's face it, where there's money to be made, morals, ethics and basic human decency can fly out the window. We know that there is a war on pediatric sovereignty here in the USA. Public health bureaucrats are taking control of what happens to children's bodies over their parents' wishes and their best medical interests. Conversely, laws are popping up that would give children rights to make decidedly ADULT decisions, far above their emotional and developmental IQ.


Mayor, doctors and social workers arrested in scheme to brainwash children into believing they had been abused and sell them

Italian police have arrested 18 people, including a mayor, social workers and psychologists for allegedly “brainwashing” children into believing their parents had abused them, in a scheme to take them away from their families and sell them to foster parents.

Authorities in the central Italian city of Reggio Emilia revealed how a network of carers allegedly used hours of psychotherapy sessions and electroshocks to convince children their parents had sexually abused them and “alter their memory ahead of the trials”, Italy’s Ansa news agency reports.

They then allegedly sold the children on to friends and acquaintances in a scheme worth hundreds of thousands of euros.

The investigations, codenamed “Angels and Demons”, started in the summer of 2018 after police received a series of reports of wrongdoing that initially proved false.  Read more at The Independent UK.

The 18 arrested include Andrea Carletti, mayor of Bibbiano, a town of about 10,000 near Reggio Emilia, as well as politicians, doctors, social workers and psychologists. 



Horrible story. At least the electroshock bit is false. The police had never seen a machine used in EMDR therapy and wrongly assumed it was meant to deliver electrical shocks.

Grace Green

Betty Bona,
I agree absolutely with your comment. They're always looking for a way to put the blame on the family to cover up their own culpability.

Beleaguered Autism Mom

I agree with you Betty. The state of California now has a "Surgeon General" educating us about adverse childhood experiences (ACE). What is the old saying? "the theory that explains everything, explains nothing".

Angus Files

The child-catcher is Cinderella compared to the monsters masquerading under .gov health and well being.Just to many to list as we have done over the years on AOA..Nick`s waiting..the one with the horns and tail hurry along pharma dont keep him waiting

Pharma For Prison


cia parker

I think we'd better wait until all the facts are in to judge. If the reports initially proved false, that doesn't sound as though they've been proven to be true. The parents may or may not be innocent of wrongdoing. And it has also been the case that children have been taken from foster care, returned to their natural mother, and the mother then beats or even kills them (I remember one case of that about fifteen years ago). Also that some foster parents have been abusive.

Jeannette Bishop

None if the above likely got to the heart of the (probably global) network, though.

Coming to understand that vaccine injury is the gateway drug to pharma slavery for many has made it somewhat possible to comprehend that vile control file generating practices, and the power to insinuate and convict falsely at times too, are governing/puppeteering (word?) most of our world leaders.

I don't know what the solution is, beyond a general assumption on the part individuals of the responsibility to live with integrity, also to not just allow the media, etc to easily slander and convict anyone without good evidence (authorities in uniform, on camera etc. pronouncing something under this system cannot constitute good evidence, we also have captured and corrupted courtrooms often, ), but giving unaccountable agencies like CPS power to tear apart families "for the children" has not protected them, only facilitated tragedies like the vaccine injury epidemics (how many just blindly swallow every recommended by a doctor really against their own instincts and often un-applied judgement largely because of the existence of institutions like CPS?) and I believe in some areas are a major source of child acquisition for predators.

Betty Bona

The idea of turning a child against his or her parents is sickening! These are evil people if they truly carried out this plot to benefit financially! I think everyone could agree on this. However, this happens all the time in the U.S.,, possibly for ulterior motives, and people are unaware. The use of the ACE study by mental health providers and even functional medicine experts is an example. They look at the number of "adverse childhood experiences" (ACEs) a person has had and correlate that number to the person's status with regard to "measures of adult risk behavior, health status, and disease". So a young adult may identify quite a few ACEs and feel that his or her parents have caused his or her problems by allowing or causing him or her to suffer such ACEs. I see this quite a bit in the very high functioning autistic young adults. But I think the memory of ACEs and even existence of ACEs is highly correlated to the child's experiences of toxic exposure and ability to detoxify. We all know that divorce (one ACE used in the study) rate is much higher in families with a child with autism. And a child that rages because of vaccine injury will probably be exposed to more physical restraint at home and in school and to more emotional trauma. I want to see this same study done today (the original study was done in 1998 by the CDC and languished with inattention until someone pulled it out as a way to explain all the health issues we have in our young adults today - just my opinion) with the addition of teasing out the correlation between ACEs and genetic vulnerability to toxic overload and possibly to vaccine status. I can see the benefit of looking at ACEs so that the person can come to terms with his or her past, but in my experience, I see the professionals giving the impression that the current poor health status is a result of the ACEs rather than the ACEs being a result of the toxic exposure. Really, how is that not turning a young adult against the family, and isn't it possible that the CDC supports this use of their 1998 ACE study because it gets them off the hook for causing the huge increase in health problems our young people are experiencing?


Where is the "nationalistic" "christian" prime minister of Italy Matteo Salvini? He is to busy over reacting with racist comments and ridiculously large fines/ jail sentences to a work visa overstayer that stold a slice of bread and or touched and immodest women's rear. He is not protecting a family's rights. This kind of foster care and false abuse related fraud happens in the US, but people only give it media coverage when an upper middle class white family is the victim. Hypocrisy!

Grace Green

I have seen a video of such psychological abuse being done to a child in the USA. Also, attempts have been made to do something like this to me in the UK, by doctors, politicians, civil servants and others. The sentence "police received a series of reports of wrongdoing that initially proved false" ! sounds horribly familiar doesn't it? How could they have been "proved false" given that they have now been proved true?!

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