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Happy 23rd Birthday to my Beautiful Daughter Vaccine Injured 8,393 Days Ago

Gianna birthday
I signed the consent for for Hep B at birth. I had no idea what the vaccine was for. This was not informed consent.

Born: July 11, 1996
Vaccinated: July 13, 1996
Diagnosed with autism: November 18, 1999

I adore this young woman, Miss G. She is bright, funny, bouncy, kind, curious, thoughtful, energetic. She is her mother - if her mother had autism.   She was born in the blink of an eye. No drugs. None. I didn't want to put anything harmful into my precious child. Then I authorized a Hepatitis B vaccine, with 12.5 mcg of mercury. It radically changed her within days. At birth, she nursed like champ. Latched on. Suckled. Slept. Cooed. When I returned home 48 hours later, she had a keening, high pitched cry that shocked her father, my mother and me. It was jarring. "She's a noisy one!" We didn't know we were hearing the sound of vaccine injury. WE DID NOT KNOW.  By day four at home, she could no longer nurse properly. Instead of latching on, she thrust her lower jaw forward and gnawed at the breast to produce milk. I had sores and scabs and pain for 6 months. I called the nursing specialists. Nothing. I called La Leche. Zero. No one could tell me why my infant, who nursed with ease at birth was suddenly struggling to eat.


A research team led by scientists from the University of Pittsburgh and Thoughtful House  reported today that exposure to a birth dose of a hepatitis B vaccine that included an ethyl mercury preservative caused significant delays in the development of several survival reflexes in male rhesus macaque monkeys.

Three of nine reflexes showed significant delays in vaccinated macaques while two other reflexes were delayed and “approached significance.” As for the three significant reflexes, vaccinated macaques learned more slowly to: 1) turn their head in response to a brush on the cheek (the root reflex); 2) open their mouth in response to a brush on the forehead (the snout reflex); and 3) suck on a nipple placed in their mouth (the suck reflex).

I've made my peace with what happened to Miss G. I can't change it. It does not affect my love for her. It deepens it. I am her mother.  Today, I celebrate Miss G and all her quirky, kooky, wake up at 4:00am every single day self. 

Mia Gianna Bella 2008
2006. My funny girl.


Gianna smiling field trip
2019 Still smiling! Always laughing. Beautiful Miss G!



Hi N Davis,
It does seem that any time there is an environmental gene combination, one could say "it began in the womb" Peanut butter allergy? Well,technically, it began in the womb, with an increased chance of susceptibility to food allergens...However, without actually ingesting peanut butter; no problem. In fact any response to toxicity at all could be said to have "begun in the womb" .. and thanks to Grace Green for a very clear description of the multiple ways people can develop autism. Surely you knew this though. you know an autism diagnosis is based on a list of symptoms; surely you know the same symptom( think headaches ) can have multiple causes. Similarly, social , play and speech impairment ( which is basically how autism is diagnosed) can have multiple causes.

Interesting articles too on cytokines and autism; thank you Carol!

N Davis; Guess what the flu shot given during pregnancy does?

From the article
Serum cytokines changed rapidly following TIV and generally peaked at 24 hours. Trivalent influenza vaccine-induced reductions in IL-8 occurred later (44 hours) and were sustained for 2 weeks.

So basically the flu shot is causing an immune reaction in the womb that is linked with autism.
Out of interest, how do you personally feel about the flu shot being given in pregnancy, N Davis?


Thank you Grace Green for following up and seeing what it was all about. Thanks for saving me the time.

John Stone


So why if you are concerned about the early development of the foetus would you vaccinate their mothers?


John Stone


Thanks - yes, I agree. I must study it some more but the claims seem completely divorced from reality - apart from the reality of perpetuating the great deception.

John Stone


I didn’t drag up the quotation, I simply quoted it. In fact, your more recent quote sounds like the identical incoherent bluster that came from David Amaral you were defending here a couple of years ago. It couldn’t be that your web name has anything to do with the MIND Institute, Davis California by any chance?


And btw for several years now we have been vaccinating pregnant women and the autism rates have continued to soar. In fact, that is exactly what I said in February 2017.

I don’t understand why Amaral and Collins cannot come up with a better story, except that there isn’t one.


Except Carol told you exactly what is going on; one more time, and you ignored her.
Francis Collins is up to his neck in corruption.
And parents -- that they claimed as far back as the early 70s are not confused, or mistaken.


@Grace Green

FWIW, since John dredged up a quotation from NIH Director Francis Collins, you might be interested in a more recent statement. On 13 June 2018 Dr. Collins wrote this:

"Research shows that the roots of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) generally start early—most likely in the womb. That’s one more reason, on top of a large number of epidemiological studies, why current claims about the role of vaccines in causing autism can’t be right."

Beleaguered Autism Mom

N_Davis, The link you provided is an excellent example of gaslighting. It has the tell-tale signs: the word “debunking” and blaming the heterogeneity of the human population as the reason ASD can’t be explained. Why didn’t they cite research using baby teeth? I know why, because teeth are evidence that poisoning can happen in utero, and that doesn’t fit the narrative they are trying to sell. All of the studies of teeth, say the same thing…measuring toxicant exposures on an individual level, are warranted. I do like citation 112 in the link you provided, it says injecting diphtheria toxin during pregnancy is one cause of autism.


"....Specifically, the science establishes the following:
1) Maternal immune activation (MIA) causes a cytokine surge in the fetal brain. Its the cytokine surge that causes brain injury.
2) The brain can be injured by immune activation postnatally, with no maternal involvement.
3) Brain development is a continuous process through gestation, birth, and infancy. The brain grows enormously during infancy. The developmental processes occurring after birth can be disrupted by immune activation.
4) Vaccine adverse reactions stimulate high cytokine production. Normal vaccine response does not cause brain injury. It’s the unusual vaccine adverse reactions that cause brain injury and autism....

Case Series, DeLong 1981: This report describes 3 previously-normal children, ages 5(F), 7.5(M) and 11(F) that developed autism due to brain inflammation from an infectious illness.

Case Report, Marques, 2013: This report describes a previously healthy 32-month old girl that suffered a viral infection of the nervous system. The child experienced 'marked developmental regression, autistic features, persistent stereotypes and aphasia' (aphasia=loss of speech).

Case Report, Ghaziuddin, 2002: This report describes a previously healthy 11 year old boy that developed illness with fever, seizure and brain inflammation. In the following months, the child developed autism, and never fully recovered.

Review, Libbey, 2005: This review describes the prior case reports of infection-induced brain inflammation causing autism. At the time this review was written in 2005, immune activation was increasingly suspected as a cause of autism. The authors make the obvious connection between cytokines and infection.

10 years of intense research since the Libbey review paper has firmly established that brain inflammation and cytokines (specifically IL-6 and IL-17a) cause autism. It is no longer debatable whether cytokines cause autism. Cytokines definitely cause autism.

The above case reports demonstrate that the human brain of older children can be injured by immune activation and cytokine surges. The human brain remains vulnerable for many years, though the evidence shows that sensitivity declines with age. The argument by vaccine advocates that the human brain is vulnerable to immune activation only while in the womb-i.e., that maternal involvement is necessary-is contradicted by the above case reports. The human brain can suffer brain injury from cytokines without any maternal involvement whatsoever."


Grace Green

Following N Davis' link to a paper which was published on 22/06/2018, I notice that on the first Google page for "age of autism" there is a claim that autism is largely caused by genes not environment according to a study, from 16 hours ago. I think this is an organized propaganda campaign, stemming from their renewed state of panic. The paper itself looks tautologous to me, I'm not going to waste any more time on it.


John Stone, you might be interested in this recent article, which reviews the “genetic, genomic, cellular, postmortem, animal model, and cell model evidence that shows ASD begins in the womb.”

Eric Courchesne, Tiziano Pramparo, Vahid H. Gazestani, Michael V. Lombardo, Karen Pierce & Nathan E. Lewis. The ASD Living Biology: from cell proliferation to clinical phenotype. Molecular Psychiatry, volume 24, pages 88–107 (2019)


Note that information regarding the prenatal origin of autism was discovered in the years since Francis Collins made the statement that you like to quote “all those years ago.”


16 different alleles influence eye color. Each bringing a bit more or less pigment to the phenotype. That's penetrance, but heck all those eyes can still see. No problem with passing that on to the next generation.

For a very long time, they have started this bunch of bologna of Penetrance for autism. So what are the other symptoms that are just milder in their relatives? Bipolar I suppose, anxiety, perhaps drug addiction, maybe breast cancer, prostate cancer?

By the way, all the above even Bipolar like all of the other mental illnesses; are sky rocketing as well. Going up and up and up. Explain that in a really logical way.

And as far as Penetrance in other things like breast cancer, even with all the alleles in place; it still don't always turn into breast cancer. The theory of Penetrance may well be the theory of environmental assault.

The deep question that all geneticists have asked is which is more important; the environment, or genes? IF there are mutations in the genes then where did they come from in the first place? What in the environment caused that?

Carol, Hera, Gary Ogden, Beleaguered Autism Mom, and myself have already told you. It is an immune system set on fire, that should dampen down during pregnancy, but environmental insults have messed it up.



Exactly what Grace Green said.

Grace Green

N Davis,
No-one can say why any particular individual has a condition such as ASD without first, taking a patient history (the thing most doctors refuse categorically to do), then if necessary doing tests. Doctors don't like to investigate cases of autism because they know that it's caused by chemical poisoning and that they themselves are the number one poisoners of all time. Thousands, perhaps millions, of parents have seen their children become autistic, and many other things besides, following vaccinations, so that is by far the most common cause. That doesn't mean that if one child who hasn't been vaccinated is autistic then no child ever could have become autistic because of vaccines. (It's a pity they don't teach philosophy in primary school - it sure enables one to think logically!)


Benedetta, could you please coherently explain why Kim's unvaccinated daughter developed ASD? Thanks.


Please. What fiddly bits of DNA cause cri encephalique ? From Kim's article: "Then I authorized a Hepatitis B vaccine, with 12.5 mcg of mercury....When I returned home 48 hours later, she had a keening, high pitched cry that shocked her father, my mother and me."

I doubt if anyone is "genetics only" anymore. Even that Hotez guy thinks his daughter's autism had an environmental component (but not vaccines, heaven forfend). His daughter also had high-pitched wailing.

Beleaguered Autism Mom

N_Davis, I think your remarks about Deisher are an excellent example of libel. I will offer them up to my local law school. Is that all you have got, personal attacks? ASD is a bogus diagnosis that will be replaced with medical diagnoses, under the umbrella of encephalopathy, when the breadth and scale of poisoning is revealed in the coming decades. If you are a researcher, perhaps you know there are several chemical exposures that can cause "autism-like symptoms". Vaccines with aluminum are not the only source, they just happen to dominate the field because they are injected into the blood stream. Antimony in car seats and crib mattresses is high on the list. Prior to 1986, clinical protocols existed that automatically exempted those with eczema from vaccination - do you know why? Please explain, why was thimerisol removed from childhood vaccines?


IF it is not recessive but "penetrance" then that leads us back to environmental,
As in some thing in the environment turns on, or activates the genes causing them to be expressed.

Layman terms genes are activated when poisoned.

And _ is you underscoring your name. Enjoy cause that is the only note to fame you will ever have. Let us see your big PhD thesis? I would like to know the quality of PhDers that the universities are churning out now a days.

John Stone


You know perfectly well there are no autism genes. All those years ago Francis Collins made the point - there may be genetic susceptibility, and Collins recommended research into epigenetics. As it is all these years on under his guidance zero official progress has been made over identifying what environmental insults might combine with some genetic disposition to trigger autism apart from an interesting admission by Julie Gerberding over the Poling case. But could it just be that the NIH has conflicts with industrial partners, let alone what (criminal) negligence would be revealed if they ever did discover anything?

May I echo the estimable Don Alhambra’s call that you make available to readers your epochal doctoral thesis.


Benedetta, you might try to differentiate between the genetic concepts of "recessive" and "penetrance".

OTOH, perhaps you could coherently explain why Kim's unvaccinated daughter developed ASD.


Benedetta, Kim could have cleared this up years ago with a few buccal swabs and the genetic tests that would have cost her nothing but which could have helped others. If she wanted to understand what had happened to her family I suppose that she would have done that.

Unfortunately (although I don't read here often, so you and Kim might recall this more accurately) Kim seemed to blame her children's diagnoses on thimerosal or mercury, to the extent that I think that she suggested that her own thimerosal-containing vaccines or mercury-containing dental amalgams were responsible for her unvaccinated daughter's ASD. Of course that has been thoroughly refuted by research that was only published after Kim's claims. (FWIW, Kim's stance was in line with Mark Blaxill's early but since-repudiated position: the prevalence of ASD did not decrease with diminishing exposure to thimerosal-containing vaccines.)


N Davis,
Would it be possible for you to link to provide a link to your thesis ( as you were asked previously by Don Alhambra) please?
Interesting study here
From the article
We report that mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is inflammatogenic in vitro and in vivo as a result of the presence of unmethylated CpG sequences and its oxidative status. Purified human and murine mtDNAs induced arthritis when injected intra‐articularly (i.a.) in mice. Importantly, oligodeoxynucleotide that contained a single oxidatively damaged base also induced arthritis when injected i.a. in mice.

So fragments of mitochondrial DNA can cause inflammation..

And of course there are many many studies showing a link between autism and inflammation.

This one is useful, and may explain the prevalence of autism in people with a MTHFR mutation ( whether de novo or inherited)

Again, from the article
Together, these results indicate that decreased GSH/GSSG redox/antioxidant capacity and increased oxidative stress in the autism brain may have functional consequence in terms of a chronic inflammatory response, increased mitochondrial superoxide production, and oxidative protein and DNA damage.

Do you find it interesting that in as far as genetic susceptibilities have been found, it appears that they often are the kind that would possibly be expected to lead to an increased chance of vaccine injury?

For example, it seems that people with mutations that mean they would be able to handle the injection of poisonous substances less well than the average person, or people with increased chances of having an autoimmune reaction to adjunctants than the average person, are more likely to develop autism .
Here is another article
MTHFR C677T is a risk factor, whereas MTRR A66G and SHMT C1420T polymorphisms reduce risk for autism. MTHFR A1298C acts additively in increasing the risk for autism.

Sometimes it seems that when you parse it all down, all roads end up leading to Rome. Ie the de nova genetic mutations,you mentioned, if and when they are relevant at all, seem most likely to be linked with either auto immune dysfunction or inability to process poisons, both of which will lead to people being more likely to react badly to vaccines . ( and probably to other poisons in the environment as well.)
Of course, the reality is, as we have found again and again, that even though the genetically more vulnerable will be injured first, if you provide enough environmental insults in the forms of vaccines, pesticides, toxins, etc, you will end up damaging everyone.Possibly why we are already starting to see impaired fertility rates and dropping life expectancies in highly vaccinating countries? Would be interested in your thoughts..


Clearly Deisher, and Sharyl Attkisson are way out of N_Davis reach and so he puts them down, but not for the work they have done because they just might be conservative, anti abortion, probably Republicans deep down some where too, Oh, and probably Christian on top of it all too, and what is their ethnic background? Oh, give me a break.

Meanwhile: Puzzling that he wrote a paper and cannot use the right words to describe to us that he thinks Kim and her husband were carriers of two recessive alleles, that all three of their children inherited every time that the genes were shuffled about. Never showed up before in either one of their families, but showed up big time this time around cause these two clearly had the recessive genes going on.

Never mind that all such genetic searches have ended with finding nothing. He does not know that? I guess he has been Hiding under a big pharma, troll rock?


Beleaguered Autism Mom asked, “I would like to know what you think of "Fetal DNA Contaminants Found in Merck's MMR Vaccines" Published in Vaccine Impact, by Theresa Deisher on 19 May 2019.”

Deisher's recent publication, like her earlier work, demonstrates the results of motivated reasoning.

Deisher seems to be a militantly conservative, anti-abortion Catholic (indeed, she helped to prepare David Daleiden for his supposed “sting” operation against Planned Parenthood) who apparently can’t separate her work from her personal beliefs. Anyone who understands at least the basics of genetic recombination and developmental biology also understands that Deisher’s suggestion that genetic recombination between DNA from the cell cultures that are used to produce some vaccines causes autism is quite clearly ridiculous. That’s been clear for years.

Beleaguered Autism Mom

Gary and Hera, Here is the website with the status of SB 276 https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billStatusClient.xhtml?bill_id=201920200SB276

Beleaguered Autism Mom

N Davis, There are 14 diagnoses with "autism like symptoms” they are all variations on a theme of brain damage. Genetic mutations explain 10% of ASD cases (Simons Foundation/Spark). The scientific community has finally admitted regressive autism - loss of skills after normal development - is the rule not the exception (UC Davis MIND Institute). I think the aluminum in Hep B and DTaP are the primary culprits causing the increase in ASD, but I would like to know what you think of "Fetal DNA Contaminants Found in Merck's MMR Vaccines" Published in Vaccine Impact, by Theresa Deisher on 19 May 2019. Vaccines are implicated in more than brain damage.


N_ Davis;

Google Inflammation, pregnancy, autism: even add pubmed if you wish and see what you get.

Vaccination is driving even the young mother's immune system toward reacting by inflammation.

You got the big heavy post hole digger thesis; maybe they went on ahead and gave you the degree in digging too? Sooooo, I am sure you can dig around, but the genetic hole has been dug and dug, and if we want to get a fence around autism, time to listen to what parents are saying, and dig where they suggest. Kim knows much more the details about her life, and her babies than you know; agreed? Yeah you have to give it that, no way around it.

I myself had a DPT vaccine during my second pregnancy and lost that child. There was a great deal that began to happen with my health after that miscarriage, that at the time I blamed on the miscarriage, but I should have blamed the DPT vaccine. Why did I miscarry, I asked? They gave me some kind of stats on how often miscarriages happen, like that explained it perfectly why a good healthy fetus just up and died at 4.5 months along. A few months later I developed IBS, anemia, hay fever from hell, and by the third pregnancy I did had a healthy baby boy with great AGAP scores, but a bad case of colic and he reacted to each and every DPT vaccine beginning with a heart swelling up like a boot ------ and onward. Details N_Davis, details, it is all in the details.


Vaccine Papers has an interesting review of Gadad/Hewitson:

"The first thing to notice here is that 12-16 monkeys were used per group. For some experiments, this would be enough to obtain statistically significant results. If an effect is strong (i.e. it affects a large percentage of animals), then fewer animals are needed to observe it. For example, in Dr. Shaw’s experiments with aluminum adjuvant, sometimes only 10 mice per group was sufficient. There are many great studies that use only 10 or 20 animals per group. Using fewer animals saves money, but it only works if the effect being studied is strong enough.

But that’s not the case with vaccines and autism in humans. The incidence of the effect in humans is at most 1-2%. Observing something that happens in only 1-2% of a population requires a lot more than 12 or 16 subjects in a group....

The Purkinje cells are extremely important as an autism indicator. Purkinje cell loss and damage is a reliable indicator of autism. Over 90% of human autistics have a substantial loss of Purkinje cells, at least in some areas (lobes) of the cerebellum.

Purkinje cells were not counted in all the subjects, which is suspicious. For example, the 2008 group had 12 subjects, but Purkinje cells were counted in only 8. Why 4 subjects from this group were not included was not explained. The TVC and MMR groups contained 12 and 15 subjects respectively, but only 5 from each of these groups had Purkinje cells counted. This was also not explained....

Gadad reported average (mean) numbers of Purkinje cells, not individual-level data. This is a serious mistake because averaging will conceal the presence of outliers with unusual numbers of Purkinje cells. Gadad instead should have reported the number of individuals diagnosable with autism or with high Purkinje cell loss, not the averaged Purkinje cell numbers on the group-level....

Another suspicious aspect of Gadad’s Purkinje cell number reporting is the use of the 'standard error of the mean' (SEM), instead of standard deviation (SD). The use of the SEM by Gadad is improper and misleading. SEM and SD are very different:

SEM: Indicates how far the measured average is likely to be from the true average
SD: Indicates how widely scattered the individual measurements are.

Since the SEM merely reports the error of the average, it doesn’t tell us anything about the possible existence of outliers with very low Purkinje cell numbers (i.e., brain-damaged monkeys). Its the SD that gives us that type of information.

The use of the SEM has been widely criticized in the scientific literature since it is sometimes used to deceive rather than inform. The SEM is always smaller than the SD, so it creates the false impression that the data is 'cleaner' than it really is. SEM has sometimes been used deceptively to conceal unusual or undesirable data that does not fit a model or hypothesis. I think that is the case with Gadad....

[T]he 2008 group has by far the largest standard deviation in Purkinje cell number. The only possible explanation for this is that at least one subject in the 2008 group had a very unusual number of Purkinje cells. We don’t know for sure if its unusually high or low, because Gadad did not provide this information.

I suspect the high SD in the 2008 group is the result of at least one monkey in the 2008 group with a very low number of Purkinje cells. Dr Patterson says that Purkinje cells can be reduced by about 25% in specific lobes of the cerebellum in autistics....

Both SafeMinds and I have asked the Gadad paper authors for individual-level Purkinje cell number data, especially for the 2008 group. They have not responded. SafeMinds is hopeful that this data will be provided, but I am doubtful...."


Don Alhambra Del Bolero


Can you direct us to somewhere where we can read your thesis?


Beleagured Autism Mom, your suggestion of “de novo genetic alterations courtesy of the human DNA fragments from vaccines” is amusing in the same way that Sharyl Atkisson’s “homologous recombinaltion tiniker” was hilarious. The essence of my Ph.D. thesis work in genetics was moving DNA around. It isn’t easy, and it cannot and does not explain autism.

OTOH, note that (1) whatever ASD-associated mutation that Kim may have passed to her daughters is in all three of her children expressed in the genetic background influenced by their father’s own genome, and (2) only two of her three children with ASD were vaccinated.


Happy Birthday !

Runrig Protect and Survive YouTube

We were alert to the dangers of Big Bad Bombs! but uninformed about the toxic fall-out risks of Vioxx and Vaccines !
How many folk has Stanly Plotkin trained over the past decades to be his "wee ninny me's protege's"
Off the ethical and moral richter scale with it ,aye right off-it ! Plotkins protege's -next generation pluckers of vaccine exemptions from basic informrd consent ? while still parroting the slogan all vaccines are safe and effective ?

John Stone


That’s exactly how science works these days - you don’t like the result, you make it go away!


John Stone wrote, "It is impossible to see how one set of findings could be refuted by another set."

No, John. That's exactly how science works.

Laura Hewitson, who led several deeply flawed preliminary studies with woefully inadequate controls, agreed with her co-authors that the much larger study emphatically refuted both her earlier work and the position taken by SafeMinds, despite that organization's obvious disappointment that a study that it supported showed its position to be so wrong. That's been clear for years.

Beleaguered Autism Mom

N_Davis, Your statement: "your family's history strongly suggests that you have a de novo mutation that you passed on to your daughters" is an oxymoron. The definition of de novo mutation is a genetic alteration that is present for the first time in one family member, aka not inherited. Family trees are autism-free prior to the current generation. When I see Ms. Rossi's beautiful daughters I see victims of poisoning, by vaccine adjutants, with de novo genetic alterations courtesy of the human DNA fragments from vaccines. It makes me mad when people misrepresent genetics to mask the cause of brain damaging vaccines.

Gary Ogden

Carol: The Hep B vaccines are most certainly Al adjuvanted. While it may be impossible to know what ingredients or combinations harmed Miss G, the ones licensed today contain:
Engerix-B contains aluminum hydroxide
Recombivax contains both potassium aluminum sulfate and (the worst, a Merck proprietary, also present in Gardakil) amorphous aluminum hydroxyphosphate sulfate
Twinrix (Hep A/Hep B) contains both aluminum phosphate and aluminum hydroxide
Added to the 12.5 mcg of Hg she received, as Boyd Haley has shown in vitro, the toxicity is multiplied. She may have received more Hg, as it doesn't mix too well with the other ingredients; perhaps they didn't shake the vial between doses? A crime against humanity doing this to tiny babies, or any other living thing. Mr. President we are trying to get your attention. I have no doubt you are sincere in wanting to Make America Great Again. We can't do that if we poison every single child for no other reason than to enhance the revenue stream. That is the main driver of what is quaintly called "health care."



Now I get to say my favorite saying, quote ever! "Ya can't have a genetic epidemic! " by Mark Blaxill.

And the truth is, you were just being mean.


Aimee, Cia and Grace--As I recall didn't they like Jay Leno and media mock Stella Liebeck. I may not recall and should look it up, but I think she never fully recovered from physical and emotional injuries. Once again there was a pervasive false narrative which served McDonalds


Hepatitis B vaccines are adjuvanted, I believe. Maybe the mercury wasn't entirely to blame. I know that molecular mimicry has been proposed by Dr. Marc Girard as a mechanism for neurological damage from hep B vaccines during the mass vaccination campaign in France. As I recall, he suggested that hep B vaccine used in France may have been contaminated by HBVP [hepatitis B virus polymerase] which contains an amino acid sequence shared by myelin basic protein.

"[I]n 1985, these authors [Fujinami et al.], using myelin basic protein (MBP) encephalitogenic peptide, which shares homology with the hepatitis B virus polymerase (HBVP), demonstrated that myelin basic protein MBP or HBVP sensitized rabbits developed encephalomyelitis [33]. These studies reflected the potential role of molecular mimicry in autoimmunity...."


"Interestingly, GBS [Guillain-Barre Syndrome] has also been associated with influenza vaccination [14] with a similar sharing of epitopes between host and microbe, thus further supporting molecular mimicry in the induction of autoimmunity. Within this context, it is important to recall that substances such as adjuvants, may amplify the immune response, including molecular mimicry [15]....Additional striking data about the role of molecular mimicry in ADs comes from studies of individuals post standard vaccination. Thus, it has been suggested that patients receiving vaccines may develop ADs [37]. This is exemplified by a report that there is an approximate 3-fold increased risk for GBS after vaccination following immunization with the H1N1 Influenza vaccine [38]. This has been ascribed to the similarities between some structures of influenza virus with those found in the myelin sheaths [6]...."


Gary Ogden

Hera: That information was posted on Wednesday on Vaccine Impact News. I've searched in vain on the Assembly website to find information. I know there is a way to find up-to-date info there, but I've forgotten how. The committee meets on Monday, so the vote was taken on the 8th. Lorena Gonzalez is chair; can't remember if she's on our team or not. Frank Bigelow is vice-chair. Pretty sure he's on our team, since he's Republican. With SB 277, the only Republican to vote in favor lost her seat in the following primary. I despise the political parties. Too many voters pay attention to only the political party when they vote, as Josh Coleman has so graphically shown us.

Grace Green

Very interesting to read the details of this case. I hope Big Pharma follow this website (I'm sure they must) and take the moral of the story, that it would have been much better for MacDonalds to cough up the $20,000 while they had the chance!

John Stone


It is impossible to see how one set of findings could be refuted by another set, and there were major anomalies in the reporting of the second set.


As Francis Collins told Congress in 2006 the autism epidemic “must be due to changes in the environment” (and he spent the next 13 years not looking for them while our child population disintegated).


Why don’t you get yourself gene tested for malice?


Cia, it is my belief in God that we will put them in that hole one way or another.


The deeply flawed study that you cited (with only 2--or perhaps 3!--animals in the control group) was thoroughly refuted by Hewitson's own later work:


Hewitson and her co-authors concluded: "No behavioral changes were observed in the vaccinated animals, nor were there neuropathological changes in the cerebellum, hippocampus, or amygdala. This study does not support the hypothesis that thimerosal-containing vaccines and/or the MMR vaccine play a role in the etiology of autism."

You should consider enrolling in a genetic study: your family's history strongly suggests that you have a de novo mutation that you passed on to your daughters and that their condition is therefore unrelated to vaccination, and understanding that mutation and how it determined your daughters' conditions could help others.


Such a sweet picture of a new mommie and new baby; all the joy, hope ---.


Parker; I am so very sorry. Such a sad thing to cause a brain injury and take away a child's future.


Happy Birthday to Miss G!

Gary Ogden; couldn't find it being stalled in the appropriation committee on the news, though that is probably not a surprise. Is there a government website or something similar that can be used to track the bill? Could you give a link? Thanks!

Aimee Doyle

@Cia - actually, she did not get several million dollars.

We studied the "hot coffee" case in torts in law school, and there are a lot of misconceptions about it. The elderly woman (Stella Liebeck, age 79) suffered third degree burns (yes, the coffee was that hot) on six percent of her skin and lesser burns over sixteen percent. She remained in the hospital for eight days while she underwent skin grafting. During this period, she lost 20 pounds (nearly 20% of her body weight), reducing her to 83 pounds She underwent skin grafting, and needed two additional years of medical treatment. I've seen photographs of the burns. They were horrific.

Originally she just asked McDonalds for $20,000 to cover her medical bills; McDonalds offered $800 and the case went to trial. The New Mexico jury had used the principles of comparative negligence to reach its verdict and found that McDonald's was 80% at fault and Liebeck was 20% at fault. The jury awarded her $2.86 million, but the trial judge reduced the amount to $640,000. It was further reduced to under $600,000, since McDonalds threatened to appeal, and both parties reached a confidential settlement.

As we well know, the media never tell the full story.

John Stone

Happy Birthday Gianna!

Gary Ogden

By the way, good news from the California Assembly: the Appropriations Committee has sent SB 276 to the suspension file, where bills are usually sent to die. Birthday present for Miss G! Seems all the amendments the governor finagled out of Pan to protect the children of his wealthy pals would greatly increase costs-whoda thunk! It could be revived at the end of August, but I say we hold the funeral forthwith.

Angus Files

Have a good one Miss G well done Kim.

Pharma For Prison


cia parker

Similar for us. So Gianna was born the year Ben Converse was: he was given the hep-B vaccine at birth without the knowledge or permission of his parents, and also reacted with screaming syndrome, inability to nurse, and autism.

When my daughter was born on May 5, 2000, I knew and told the future pediatrician a month before she was born that I did not want her to get the hep-B vaccine as I had read it often caused autism. That was a year after the congressional safety hearings on the hep-B vaccine which found that it was very dangerous and should not contain mercury. However, the encephalitic screaming syndrome and the mercury toxicity are two separate reactions, and my daughter reacted with both, Merck having only promised not to continue making Recombivax with mercury, but actually continuing to sell its already-existing mercury-containing stock until its expiration date several years later. In addition to the encephalitic screaming syndrome for four days and nights, she also reacted with a rash all over her body, sweating all over her head, even in cool rooms, and copious drooling for ten years.

My mother told the pediatrician about the horrible screaming, and he asked if it went on for over three hours a day. She said Much, much more than that. His only response was: Well, my older daughter had colic too, but it isn't a real physical condition anyway. In Judy's case, when she finally got the attention of medical "professionals," they panicked, said Ben was near death, and he must have meningitis, tested him for it, but he did not have meningitis. He had copious diarrhea, and on seeing it, a medical "professional" said it must be a chemical reaction to an ingredient used in making Pamper's. Not a single, f- clue as to what it really was.

Judy, Mike Belkin (daughter killed by this vaccine), and school nurse Patti White testified at the congressional hearing, and their powerful testimony is easily available online. White testified that it was the hep-B vaccine, introduced for ALL newborns in the US in 1991, which had single-handedly created the autism epidemic, first visible in 1996 when the first brain-damaged cohort started kindergarten. Of course any vaccine can cause autism from the hyperinflammatory response of the immune system of many people to any vaccine, and of course the MMR and DTaP have been especially guilty, but I think the hep-B vaccine given in the first 24 hours after birth which has been the most culpable.

The shills are constantly asking why I hadn't rushed my newborn to the hospital when she screamed literally all night every night for four nights (and days). Well, sixteen hours a day, roughly, she fell into a deep, drugged stupor for eight hours a day, but as soon as she opened her eyes, she started to scream again.

All I can say is that I didn't know. I had never heard of vaccine encephalitis, and did not know then that the constant, inconsolable screaming is the major diagnostic sign. She was healthy before the screaming started Tuesday evening and after it stopped Saturday afternoon. She lost one pound two ounces in the first two days of the screaming, in too much pain to eat, but quickly gained it back. The doctor brushed it off as colic, which never occurs in the first week of life, but follows a rule of three: screaming at least three hours a day, starting not earlier than the third week of life, and ending by the third month of life. But that was only nine years after the hep-B program for newborns had started, and not even doctors knew the symptoms. But now, of course, my daughter is severely brain-damaged for life. Remember that woman who got several million dollars for spilling hot coffee from MacDonald's on herself? You can see why the vaccine industry is running scared, but the more and the longer they lie, the more are damaged and the deeper the hole they are digging for themselves.

Grace Green

Happy Birthday Miss G! And happy Un-birthday to you other three ladies in the family. (My favourite great aunt used to give the rest of us an un-birthday present so we weren't left out!) Hope you all have a lovely day.


Happy Happy Birthday beautiful Miss G.!!!

Anna Quandt

Thank you Kim for sharing those beautiful pictures. And for sharing your life with us, your other family.

Gary Ogden

Happy birthday, Miss G!


Happy Birthday Miss G! You are beautiful and have a wonderful personality that will be with you always. Kim you are a wonderful mom and God Bless both you and your daughter. I also have an adult son with vaccine injured autism.

Aimee Doyle

I am so sorry Kim. What a beautiful photo of you and Gianna at birth.

Bob Moffit

"We didn't know we were hearing the sound of vaccine injury. WE DID NOT KNOW."

Even today … 23 years later .. the only thing that has changed is NOW WE KNOW .. it is THEY WHO AFTER DECADES OF RESEARCH .. such as .. that "research team led by scientists from the University of Pittsburgh and Thoughtful House reported that exposure to a birth dose of a hepatitis B vaccine that included an ethyl mercury preservative caused significant delays in the development of several survival reflexes in male rhesus macaque monkeys" .. STILL REFUSE TO KNOW WHAT WE NOW KNOW.

Study after study .. the IOM and others have conducted research to UNDERSTAND/IDENTIFY WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR BELOVED CHILDREN all reaching the same conclusion .. over and over again .. they do not have the "scientific evidence to PROVE vaccines cause autism .. but .. in that same conclusion they admit .. over and over again .. they do not have the "scientific evidence" to PROVE VACCINES DO NOT CAUSE AUTISM. All recommend FURTHER RESEARCH MUST BE DONE.

Hence every time you hear public health officials proudly declare … "VACCINES DO NOT CAUSE AUTISM" .. they are LYING TO US .. because the best they can honestly say is exactly what those studies said .. 'WE DO NOT KNOW IF VACCINES CAUSE AUTISM".

Again .. listening to Stanly Plotkin .. recognized as the global Godfather of Vaccines .. in sworn testimony .. reluctantly acknowledge the DPT vaccine has NEVER been tested as a possible CAUSE of autism .. he will .. NONE-THE-LESS .. continue to say VACCINES DO NOT CAUSE AUTISM .. even though he KNOWS THE DPT VACCINE FOR ONE has never been "ruled out" for causing autism.

Indeed .. if anything .. it is the research that has NEVER BEEN DONE .. even after DECADES OF RESEARCH RECOMMENDING FURTHER RESEARCH BE DONE .. most notably that vaccinated v. unvaccinated study. How long can they continue to DELAY, DENY AND HOPE THEY DIE.

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