Best of: Why Conservatives Don't Get Autism

Former FDA Chief Gottlieb Sings "God Bless America! Paycheck I Love!

Cash-pills-300x223...Revolve the door and there's more, overnight on the board I will score!" (With apologies to Kate Smith and anyone who has ever sung God Bless America, on this, the day after July 4th.)

NYT: Elizabeth Warren Calls on Former F.D.A. Chief to Quit Pfizer Board

Senator Elizabeth Warren on Tuesday called on Dr. Scott Gottlieb, the former commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, to resign from the board of Pfizer, saying his decision to join one of the country’s leading pharmaceutical companies “smacks of corruption.”

Ms. Warren, who is seeking the Democratic presidential nomination, said in a public letter to Dr. Gottlieb that the revolving door between government and industry “makes the American people rightly cynical and distrustful about whether high-level Trump administration officials are working for them, or for their future corporate employers.”

Pfizer is one of the nation’s largest drug makers, with blockbuster products like Lipitor and billions of dollars in sales dependent on F.D.A. decisions.

In announcing Dr. Gottlieb’s election to its board — less than three months after he left the agency — Pfizer said: “Scott’s expertise in health care, public policy and the industry will be an asset to our company and enable our shareholders to continue to benefit from a board representing a balance of experience, competencies and perspectives.”   Read more (there's a paywall) here.

Where was the outcry when CDC Chief Julie Gerberding joined Merck's Vaccine Division immediately after the waiting period? Or when Gerberding became High Exalted Queen Executive Muckety Muck of Global Domination after her stint running the vaccine division?  Anywhoo....  Warren was a special ed teacher for a short while back in the early 1970s. Here's a bit of outrage from Senator Warren about former FDA chief Scott Gottlieb hopping over to Pfizer's board.  And we can't blame her. It's revolting when the revolving door leads straight to the cash machine. How about a cool $300K to sit on the Pfizer board for Gottlieb? According to BuzzFeed's report on  the Presidential candidates' thoughts on vaccination,  Senator Warren has been fed the compan(ies) line that vaccines are safe safe safe have nothing to do with autism and always work... and she is in favor of mandates, which implies forced vaccination.

The Massachusetts senator responded after publication, saying she supported ending religious and personal exemptions.

"The more we do on the front end to ensure that everyone gets access to vaccines, the less we'll see individuals contracting hepatitis A, measles, whooping cough, and all of the other vaccine-preventable diseases. We must make sure there is robust public health funding so people have access to vaccines," Warren said.

"Medical data proves vaccines are not linked to autism, that they are safe, effective, and our best chance of protecting people from diseases. I support efforts to end religious and personal belief exemptions and believe that we must have real standards for what constitutes a medical exemption."  Source




Best not to love either party right now. You are exactly right!

Really for the longest time; elections were not about picking the best person, just trying to pick the less of two evils.
Example was the election back 20 years ago; better Bush than Al Gore. Better Bush than Kerry , Better Obama than McCain. Better Obama than Romney.

Representatives and Senators too, are able to get in and then use their position to shut other candidates out. They are able to keep their job for decades till they die of old age.

Aimee Doyle

@Benedetta -

I'm aware that WV has a history of voting Democratic, and that changed around 2000 (gosh is that really almost 20 years ago!?) I think Mississippi has always been Republican though.

My point was just that these states have been under Republican control for quite a while - and that medical exemptions are the only exemptions for vaccines. If WV wanted to change that (when control of the state government changed to Republican ) it does seem that they've had time to do that. Mississippi shows no interest in changing its exemption policy, at least from what I read. I mention this to demonstrate that vaccine mandates are not solely the province of states with Democratic government.

Overall, I guess I feel strongly that it's not worthwhile, or practical, or particularly useful, to blame one party or the other when both parties seem to be bought by Pharma. We should train our sights on fighting Pharma, not on our political differences. Big Pharma probably likes the fact that Democrats and Republicans (with the occasional Libertarian or Green Party member) fight ferociously with each other while Pharma controls politicians, the media, etc. and steadily increases the vax load and its profit margins.


Aimee; you have mentioned twice now about Republican states Mississippi, and West Virginia.

West Virginia was a notoriously Democratic state through and through look no further than the Democrat Robert Byrd that owned the state and they all would have followed him anywhere, cause he put them first. He even had the nicest big four lane road leading out of West Virginia and right on down to Washington D.C. It was well able to handle the two cars per day that traveled on it. LOL.

Big Democrat state until Al Gore and Bush the Second election cycle. It was not Florida's hanging chads that decided the race; we got into hanging chads cause suddenly West Virginia didn't vote Democrat.

Ohhh, that Al Gore. John Coleman had a great video on the climate change hoax, that explained just who the real Al Gore is. Worth a look.

Aimee Doyle

@Beleaguered Autism Mom - you're right that the pharma cartel runs the country. But it buys Republicans as well as Democrats. I don't see why it needs to be an either-or scenario - because there was plenty of autism and other vaccine damage before the ACA.

There are millions of people in the US who like the ACA because it provides insurance for those with pre-existing conditions, and allowed children to stay on their parents' health insurance until their early 20's. I'm not willing to throw all those people under the bus and say, sorry you can't have health insurance. Your cancer, heart disease, Alzheimers, etc. doesn't matter because ACA or Medicare for All will increase vaccine mandates.

I think it should be possible to have decent health care the covers everyone, reasonable drug prices (so people don't die because they can't afford insulin), and vaccine choice. The Scandinavian countries have a pretty good health care model that does this. I'm not sure what the situation is with vaccine choice there, but I do know far fewer vaccines are given.

How about we advocate for a system that works for everyone.

Beleaguered Autism Mom

Carolyn Donnelly, Your comment about ACA being the result of making a deal with the devil - is similar to my thought about Medicare-for-all. I always considered myself a progressive/liberal/democrat until I realized the pharma cartel is running our country. Now I am against Medicare-for-all, because it will expand the vaccination juggernaut. If it comes to pass it will be based on the greed of the liability-free vaccine profiteers and the ignorance of young people (as I once was). If I didn't have first-hand knowledge of the damage I would probably still be a public health bureaucrat. I can't hide my son's autism. It is plain for everyone to see. I feel like printing a t-shirt for him that says - my brain damage was courtesy GSK, Merck, Pfizer and Sanofi shareholders. I want to know the names and locations of the largest profiteers, so I can take my son for walks that neighborhood, in his custom t-shirt, so they and their guests and children can get a glimpse of how uncomfortable brain damage is. Public shaming is in order.

Angus Files

I think your right Carolyn the deal with the devil was done.Trump and RFK are both very brave people that were lucky to have speaking our for us all although both seem pretty powerless just now.Trump has slashed funding to Pharma overseas development and as post below is still trying via the underbelly trying to slash more funding to pharma.For that he has had to tell everyone to get a flu shot,of course were going to listen to that verbal diarrhoea, anyways!!We all shouldn't be here representing our kids, nice point totally agree with that also.

Pharma For Prison


Aimee Doyle

I really don't think this is a party issue or necessarily an ACA issue. There are plenty of examples of Republicans who have pushed mandatory vaccines:

Republican Ed Day is the County Executive of Rockland County, New York, and he was the one who declared an emergency in Rockland County to justify BANNING non-vaccinated children from public spaces. He has renewed that emergency declaration more than once. He has also advocated for an end to religious exemptions for vaccines. He has written to Trump requesting the foreign visitors present proof of vaccinations before being allowed to enter the country.

Michael Bloomberg is a Republican, and he convinced the New York City Department of Health to require flu vaccines for preschool entrance on his way out of the office of mayor. He has dismissed anti-vaxxers as "crazies."

Former Texas governor Rick Perry, a Republican, issued an executive order mandating the Gardasil vaccine. He was later forced to reverse that order, but analysis revealed that he had deep financial ties to the maker of the HPV vaccine. He has bragged that the vaccination rate in Texas went from 65% to 95% on his watch , and he has said that politicians should do everything in their power to encourage vaccine compliance.

Carolyn Donnelly

Pharma for prison—
Your point made me wonder if the dems made a deal with the devil to get ACA passed. That they would mandate high vaccine rates as they did in hospitals and vac coverage if pharma would get them the votes for ACA? They might have reasoned that getting rid of pre-existing conditions etc was worth it while being in vincible ignorance (willful denial) of vaccine injury. They believe pharma lies that injuries are rare or mild. This is all speculation but it fits doesn’t it? This is a great discussion and I also love the classics reprinted today “why progressives:conservatives don’t get vaccines” I love our community though I wish none of us were in it....

Angus Files

Introvert it seems the candidates have great ideals but the most objections emanate from the party leaders.The Dem party seems more for vaccines than the Republicans just now, but like many on here I dont think there is anything to choose between them all.Pharma has corrupted nearly everything bar a few well meaning people RFK and Trump.Now there`s a thought, if they were to set up there own party together..which might happen,thats what has happened in the UK where the mainstream parties are loosing/haemorrhaging votes and members.The mebers have become disgruntled because the will of the people has not come to fruition over many things but mainly leaving the EU.We in the dis-united UK have seen the evolution of a new party ran by Nigel Farage and he is storming the Polls nearly everywhere this is being repeated world wide just now Italy,Sweden,Germany etc

Pharma For Prison



I agree with Carolyn. I think we should just try to elect the most incorruptible politician and THEN convince him/her of what is the right thing to do. I hope the vaccine issue is not raised until after the election. For me, the only one who has proven his integrity and stayed true to his ideals, year after year, is Bernie. And last election, RFK Jr gave his official endorsement to Bernie. That says a lot to me.

Angus Files

Maybe maybe...

Vaccinations will take a hit if the Trump administration topples the Affordable Care Act

This would make vaccinations a serious financial burden for many families. Vaccine costs have risen over the last two decades. The cost to fully vaccinate a child up to the age of 18 is now more than $2,000. The retail price of adult vaccines for commonly preventable diseases is also quite high. For example, some adults — those born between 1957 and 1989 — may not be adequately protected against measles even if they received measles vaccines as children. Those who want an MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine will have to pay for it themselves. Some retail prices for the MMR vaccine exceed $100 per dose.

Trump’s actions will also make it harder for older Americans to get other recommended shots, including annual flu shots, tetanus-diphtheria boosters, and shingles vaccinations. A shingles vaccine, recommended for those 50 and older, costs $140. A tetanus and diphtheria booster, recommended every 10 years, can cost $55. The retail price of annual influenza shots ranges from $20 to $40. Yearly flu shots for a family of four could cost $80 to $160.

Many families can’t afford these expenditures.

A report on the economic well-being of U.S. households by the Federal Reserve found that a significant number of Americans are financially insecure. Forty percent of U.S. adults faced with a $400 emergency expense would need to borrow or sell something to pay the bill. Nearly one-quarter of adults forgo payment on some of their monthly bills, even without an unexpected expense. If forced to choose between vaccines and rent or food, the choice for many families is easy: no vaccines.

Immunizations are vital to the public’s health. That’s why the Affordable Care Act required insurance companies to cover vaccinations with no out-of-pocket costs. In light of the resurgence of measles, the Trump administration ought to be taking steps to expand access to vaccinations, rather than trying to make them unaffordable.

John Aloysius Cogan Jr. is an associate professor of law and the Roger S. Baldwin Scholar at the University of Connecticut School of Law.

Pharma For Prison


Jill in MI

Thank you Benedetta for your rays of sunshine today!

Aimee Doyle

Everyone is right that Trump hasn't said he wants to get rid of exemptions. Most Republicans seem willing to let them be, with notable exceptions like Arizona Governor Doug Doucey who promises to block any vaccine exemption bills. And, of course, the notably Republican states of Mississippi and West Virginia have never had personal or religious exemptions.

I agree we don't want to make things worse by eliminating exemptions. But outrage and activism shouldn't stop there. The vast majority of politicians are seemingly content with the status quo on autism - the rate of which has increased from 1 in 5,000 (when my son was diagnosed) to 1 in 59 today. Here in Maryland, it's worse.

Even taking the vaccine controversy out of the picture, the rising rate of autism (and the personal, familial, community, and societal costs connected with that), should alarm everyone. I don't understand why no one is connecting the dots - the explosion of autism in special education classrooms (and the costs), the ever increasing demand for adult services (my son relies wholly on Medicaid, and his program is EXPENSIVE), the increased medical costs due to autism and co-morbidities like seizures and GI issues. Why aren't families, teachers, care providers, doctors, etc. speaking out more about autism and it's economic and societal impact? The epidemic will swallow our society if we can't come to grips with it. What was that prediction by the MIT scientist - 1 in 2 by 2025?


Carolyn, at least President Trump didn't say he wanted to get rid of the personal and religious exemptions like Elizabeth Warren said she wants to do. And more democrats than republicans, at least in our state of California, continually vote to take away our rights of injecting non-placebo tested, liability-free, neuro-toxic products into us. Richard Pan being the most infamous. And I was very glad when shortly after Gottlieb spouted about going after states that had exemptions, that he was suddenly no longer FDA chief. Coincidence? I think not. I know there are politicians on both sides of the aisle that spout the vaccine propaganda but I'd sooner trust Trump not to try to get rid of exemptions than I would Warren who actually declared so and even before the election.


Although his positions on vaccines concerns me, Mr Yang has a son with autism and Seems to have some helpful ideas:


Both parties are bought, as is the media that covers them.

Big Pharma, Big Agra, Big Tech, Big Telecom, Big Oil, Big Banking, Big MIC, etc

All of these industries are interlocked with common shareholders and board members , and the influence both parties

Big Pharma gives Fox 70% of its advertising revenue. Probably the same at CNN. Big Pharma also is responsible for most medical journals advertising. So they control whats published as well as what gets funded (due to revolving door)

I may soon be going on a pfizer medicine that costs 600 dollars for a 50 mg pill thats been around for 12 years . You think they recovered their development costs yet? Most of the science behind the pill was funded by government grants.

A more corrupt system cant be imagined. Just rename the country, Corporate America Ltd where the shareholders (citizens) pay dividends to the company and only Big Industry votes for the board members and CEO and regulatory heads work for Big Industry

King George III is smiling somewhere saying “I wasn't so bad after all, was I ?”

George Washington turning over in his grave saying “what have you dummies allowed to be done?”

Margaret -grandma peg - Jaeger

It's hard to understand President Trumps turn around on vaccine investigations except...I keep remembering JFK talking about corruption and maybe conspiracies in this government, undercover, and he meant to expose them all to the public. Then he was murdered, publically. What an incentive for a politician or President to take another tac. Makes it kind of obvious that JFK discovered what other Presidents have discovered....that someone or some Thing - more powerful, a deeper state than the one we currently know about, is applying pressure to any elected President we have, have had or will have. Do not fault a President for wanting to protect his own family or his own nation. He's still a human being desirous of keeping his own loved ones ...alive too.

I'm glad to learn the some of the details of that roomful meeting that spearheaded RFK, jr. If only he'd break from the Democrstic platform to independent...I believe I'd vote for him. Tho he isn't quoted on his views of international relationships or other Worldly or domestic matters, I'd bet he knows plenty of how to try to manage them. At the Least, he should have accepted Trumps preferred appointment of him to the agency that would have power over the health monopoly existing in this country now. Perhaps..he, Too, was....threatened by that unseen government power behind the public throne..?

Angus Files

Aimee Trump was downing vaccines when nobody else was.He was making promises to RFK et-al that haven't come to fruition as fast as many would like.I said I would be the first to drop him if he never came up with the goods.Dropped he is.He ran and he is running for pharma.The only bit thats still got a smidgen of hope,is the other week when he never went to war with Iran over the shooting down of the drone.Everyone knows he has the biggest war mongering monster in his line of advisers even involved in organising the Viet Nam War and every war since then..Mr John Bolton National Security Ad visor. Trump completely dissed, his view. Hannity, asked Trump along the lines of, will Bolton not be cross?Trump said nobody matters but me, my opinion is what matters.I chose to have Bolton on my team as I like different view points and Johns's is completely opposite to a lot if not the rest of the team...but I like that, I like different opinions, so I can then make a choice..(not a quote just from memory).

I remember him saying the same about Pharma others on his teams, he liked different opinions.Just unfortunate hes now listening to the wrong side ..accordingly dumped.

RFK for President

Pharma For Prison


Tonya Prim

@ Carolyn
I love those lyrics!
@ Annie
Yes, that is a question I would like to hear them answer, too.

Grace Green

Thank you for that amazing quote, Benedetta, good news indeed. And thanks too for your own words of wisdom. Take careful note everyone.


To my Democrat Friends in this fight, and you are my friends and fellow warriors in this fight; Trump set up meetings for Kennedy, Wakefield, Bigtree, an array of unknown as yet -- talented lawyer all to meet with the heads of the federal agencies of health.

It is not up to Trump nor Warren for that matter, any "one" on the face of the earth to say "Oh, just stop with the vaccines. " Can you imagine what would happen? My mind almost blows up, imagining how many ways that would all blow up.

Out of these meetings came ammunition for the wheels of justice -- finish that thought, and have hope.

Here is from Children Defense:

" Robert Kennedy spoke first and gave a brilliant presentation on how the drug companies have established tremendous control over many politicians, the news media and elsewhere. He delivered a barrage of statistics and facts that shocked even me on some of the things that the drug companies have been getting away with.

Here’s the good news! We all know about the 1986 law which makes the drug companies immune to lawsuits, but Mr. Kennedy revealed that his team has discovered loopholes that will allow them to sue the drug companies!!! One such loophole is fraud. Mr. Kennedy said that they can easily prove fraud! He also said that they are going to be hitting the drug companies with multiple lawsuits from different angles and by different law firms. In addition, he said that they have lawsuits planned that will hit the drug companies with a trillion lawsuit and that would only be the beginning!!!

The New York legislators made some serious mistakes in rushing this bill through the way they did. These mistakes, the legal teams plan to raise in their legal challenges.

In the short-term, they are working on legal challenges that hopefully will result in a Stay in the recent law. If the Stay is granted, it would mean that the law could be put on hold until the matter is settled in court which could take years.

I should also add that the room was packed with highly intelligent, resourceful and fired up parents. The meeting broke up into groups who started to layout plans to tackle this issue from different angles. This included working to remove those politicians in 2020 who voted in favor of this horrific bill. It was pointed out that some of those politicians won their last election by just a few hundred votes. Some of the committees included: educating the public, community resources, political action, protests, and civil disobedience. We had, for example, a law professor from an Ivy League school there providing instructions on proper civil disobedience. As I said, that were lots of very serious and fired up people in that room!

Two of our top priorities now are to make more people aware and get more people involved. Those who are interested in getting involved, no matter where you are, just message me.

We have an uphill battle to ahead to defend our children from being poisoned, and those of you who are conscious and understand the seriousness of the vaccine issue, need to get involved and rally together to defend our children, as well as our various constitutional and legal rights which are now threatened."

Trillion of lawsuits - "Love" Love, love,

Bob Moffit

To all commentators voicing anger and frustration at President Trump .. the buzzfeed article questioned ALL DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATES .. and .. I am hopeful Buzzfeed reporter questions our President shortly so we can hear his own words on this subject .. to see if HE has changed his mind and NOW agrees with ALL DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATES THAT WERE QUOTED IN THE BUZZFEED ARTICLE.



Tucker Carlson is a going through how Republicans are bought too, nightly.

I have heard for years that the Democrats got Soros -- evil ol'e Soros, all the while lowly people that think they are part of some great Democrat Party love to point out that the Republicans have got the Koch brothers, and they hates 'em cause, cause, well they are supporting the Republican party.

Tucker finally pinpointed what the believe and they believe the exact same thing that Soros believes. All the same! It has nothing to do with a party or parties and everything to do with bought people.

Lots of bought people feasting like vultures on other human beings. I think it will take the return of Jesus Christ to sort it all out.

Aimee Doyle

I am angry and sad that the Democratic candidates are so pro-vax and close-minded. The outrage is deserved. Only Marianne Williamson had the courage to say that mandatory vaccination was "draconian" and "Orwellian." Unfortunately, she was forced to backtrack almost immediately, just as Green Party candidate Dr. Jill Stein was forced to backtrack on her vaccine skepticism in 2016.

But where on this site was the outrage when Trump appointed Tom Price and Alex Azar (HHS) Scott Gottlieb (FDA). Brenda Fitzgerald and Robert Redfield (CDC)? All of them were and are adamantly pro-vax, and as heads of major US government agencies,had the power to shape vaccine policy. Certainly any of them had the power to order a vaxxed/unvaxxed study. A CDC head has the power to make the VSD available again to the public.

I feel that Trump has been given one pass after another, even after he reneged on his promise to do something about autism, appointed prox-vax heads of agencies, and even recently said that people should get vaccinated.

Are there any Republicans (or even Libertarians) who are speaking out on this issue? Silence seems like complicity to me.

I just don't get it.

david m burd

Here on comments, there has been widespread agreement and disappointment President Trump has gone silent about his pre-election stance that vaccines have caused autism (by implication a vast number of other serious injuries, as we know). We are also miffed he is silent about RFK Jr's Childrens Health Defense work including his public testimonies, etc.

It is plausible (but awful anyway) Trump may realize going against the vast brainwashing of the public by both Med/Pharma Industry and Mainstream Media would certainly kill his chance of getting reelected. BUT, if he is reelected I submit it is also plausible he will then take up vaccines' vast Holocaustic destruction. In either case AoA and all its allies have no choice: keep fighting.

Gerardo Martinez

I hate to be negative being that yesterday was the 4th of July, but there are very few national politicians I trust-less than 10. Most throw us under the bus and do it with a smile! So sad. I will continue with the battle. We are losing with the politicians, but winning with the people. Press on with the truth in our information. Pharma cannot defeat the truth!. Damaged and broken families cannot be ignored much longer especially when we are increasing in numbers. Who will fill the ranks of our military, police and fire departments? Happy to be in this battle and happy to be on the side of truth and love! Press on!

Carolyn Donnelly

To tune if billy Joel’s love you just the way you are

Don’t Inject me
Without permission
I don’t want metals in my veins, no o

I have immune cells
For my protection
I love me just the way I am

Fetal tissue, aluminum phosphates
Formeldahyde and MSG
These are the stuff that
You want to give me

I love me just the way I am

Don’t go telling me that me-asles
Will give me rashes, make me blue
When, just the MMR alone, —yes
Can turn my brain cells into goo

Oh —don’t inject me
To try to change me
I like my system as designed
And I never wanted
A new injection
This body isn’t yours it’s mine


The question buzzfeed (or any other publication for that matter) refuses to ask, and the question candidates would be loathe to answer, is: Should the vaccine industry be indemnified?

I want to know candidates’ opinions on that!

Carolyn Donnelly

Why are we attacking the only candidate who knows what a revolving door is? I don’t get it. Trump has enough power to fix all of this. He has done NOTHING.

Carolyn Donnelly

By the way I know nothing about Trumps’s invisible child — and his medical privacy matters. However it seems to me that the Trunps made people hopeful we would see an ASD family in the White House or at least a staffer who understood—we were led to believe this in many ways. Then the minute after the election, the campaign abruptly attacked anyone who suggested this as if it were a slur to say a child were in the spectrum— after they used this to get elected. The child deserves his privacy but either they made this up about the child to get our votes —-or they betrayed us after they used this to get our votes. I as an autism mom with that power would have figured out ways to be private but still advocate for autistic children as my number one priority. You can do both and many of us do.
I do not know if it was Trump’s child or the child of a staffer whom he saw react after vaccines. But to use that to get elected by our community then ignore our concerns, abandon the promised vaccine commission, never say word one about autism other than to freak at people who were encouraged to speculate about the presidents son before the election then slammed for doing so after the election—this was a betrayal of the worst sort. We thought we had a friend in the White House. But what we have is a fraud. Our answer lies elsewhere. Bobby??? Veep for Elizabeth?
To clarify—had they always kept the child’s status private and not used it to win votes and support from our community I would not be angry that they have done ZERO for autistic kids or for vaccine safety since inaugurated. Zero to protect exemptions. Zero to study vaccines. Zero to subpoena Thompson. Zero to support biomedical or functional drs. So either they made it up to manipulate us or they used it to manipulate us with no interest in acting on what they knew. The ultimate in selfishness.


I'm writing in Age of Autism.

Carolyn Donnelly

I think Warren is our best chance. Trump showed that he only cares about the child he referred to in his initial tweets (child of a staffer perhaps?) when he dropped the vaccine commission that would help all our children. He used the vaccine injured to get votes and dumped us. I think candidates like Warren and Bernie can be reasoned with because they get it that Pharma is corrupt. I never heard Hillary admit Pharma was corrupt. If someone believes there should be exemptions I want them to stay silent about it until they get elected so that they don’t get run out of race as ‘antivaxxer’ in this totalitariian climate. Clearly after seeing trump lie to us boldface we can’t trust what people say but we can see a pattern of whether they stand up to corruption. Elizabeth and Bernie are our best hopes. We can reach them. We must. Go to every event you can and tell your story. Go to NH . Go to Iowa. Start showing who we are that we are not who has been portrayed. If we get rid of money in politics and corruption in Pharma it will be far easier to fix this. I applaud and support this move re Pfizer while being truly sad that even if she did wonder about vaccines we would be better off if she waited to say it until election. I am appalled by the stupidity of all the candidates, r and d, and the media, about this issue and the extremism we face for daring to say vaccines harmed our children. We can hope she stayed close to her roots with special ed. Anyone who gets the revolving door happens can hopefully be persuaded. Trump betrayed every vaccine injured family who voted for him despite disliking all his other stances. Hillary’s sickening patronizing “grandmother knows best line” was infuriating. Trump saw an opportunity and took it, then threw our community under the bus within hours of inauguration. Please someone tell us what happened. And if he is lying that he will do something after the next election face it—he is using us again. He has had 4 years and done NOTHING for us —no money for ask services. No addressing of vaccine safety. And he told people to get the measles vaccine. He betrayed us. I would love to know what amount of money they bribed him with. Personally, as a parent of an ask child, or someone who admitted he had seen this happen, he is the worst kind of man. It is one thing to spout the typical line from ignorance and laziness. It is quite another to admit that you know from your own observation that vaccines likely cause autism, and cancel your promise to address that because of a bribe OR a threat. I admit I was a Bernie person. But when Trump won I had hope on this one issue. He betrayed us within hours. We know who he is . We must focus on getting bribes out of politics (including state politics) and finding trust worthy compassionate candidates who can be made to see the pattern. Canceling the vaccine commission was the ultimate betrayal of many many lifelong Democrats who voted for Trump out of desperation, and many trusting Republicans who truly thought he meant it and cared.

Gary Ogden

Hans Litten: Much cheaper if they just purchased some side-dump trucks and flung them out as they drove along.

Gary Ogden

Another thought: What these nineteen clueless ones are currently spouting is nothing but political posturing in hopes of lasting into the primary season, and the "poison 'em all" rhetoric is just virtue-signalling to the party elite that she is on board with their signature issue. Astonishing that the Democrats have chosen mandatory mass poisoning of every child in the land as their signature issue. Beyond belief.


I'm writing in Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Gary Ogden

This part of her statement I find astonishing: "Medical data proves vaccines are not linked to autism. . . ." She most certainly has not seem any of the relevant medical data since it is almost entirely hidden (VSD). What data is publicly available shows at least 83 cases of vaccine-induced autism have been compensated in vaccine court. Finally, and perhaps most damningly, science does not, and cannot, prove anything, in the sense the term is used in a court of law. It examines evidence, and can only disprove, or falsify, an hypothesis. It is not possible to say that in every case x doesn't cause y. This is a preposterous thought no real scientist would ever have. The weight of scientific evidence can give us varying degrees of confidence in our hypothesis. All of us here now know that there is a vast body of evidence linking vaccines to autism; they certainly are not the only driver of this train wreck, but they are likely the main one. The only bright spot is that she doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of ever winning a Presidential election.

The Original Someone #1

Warren is just jealous that Gottlieb beat her to her dream job. How much money has she taken to date from Pharma? I guess she wants more, and this is her way of saying just that-- with a little, self-righteous, laughable dig at another Pharma whore.

Rebecca Lee

I am someone who is exquisitely aware of what mercury toxicity looks like. Elizabeth Warren looks toxic to me. I can can hardly bear to watch her on TV. to read more about it.

Angus Files

No-bell prize going to the person who just came through the revolving door -they make me sick!

Pharma For Prison


Bob Moffit

Absolutely thrilled to hear SOMEONE in the media ASKED our Presidential candidates to state their opinion on vaccines .. FINALLY .. and .. was not surprised to read ALL the candidates spew the same "vaccines are safe" .. "no connection to autism" .. blah, blah, blah .. propaganda they have been deluged with for their entire life.


Emailed the reporter and requested follow-up questions

#1 .. Would candidates support PUBLIC Congressional hearing of Dr William Thompson's allegations of CRIMINAL CONDUCT at the highest levels of the CDC to "cover up" research identifying significant risk increase in black children and autism.

#2 .. Would candidates support widespread and growing demands public health bureaucracies .. CDC/FDA/HHS/IOM .. conduct the common sense study of "vaccinated v. unvaccinated" populations to ascertain .. once and for all .. if BOTH populations suffer the same inexplicable 54% of children with chronic autoimmune disorders .. up from 12% in 2002? IF NOT.. WHY NOT?

Hans Litten

Pochantas wsill never be forgiven for that charade with Rear Admiral Dr Anne SchuShit.
Please American Democrats block this liar and thief at every turn.
She may be right this time about Gottlieb but that post W.Thompson charade was unforgiveable & unforgettable !

Bury the dead alongside British motorways, says public health chief
(The UK is smthg special isn't it? )

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