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Families Sue New York State to Stop the Repeal of the Religious Exemption to Vaccines

First Freedoms' Kevin Barry FBI: Please Investigate Potential Corruption in Religious Freedom Repeal Vote

First Freedoms LogoNote: Below is an excerpt from First Freedom's article by Kevin Barry that we ask you to please review, click to their site , read and watch the video. New York lost the Religious Vaccine Exemption this summer. Other states are following suit. Including my own state of Connecticut, where Kevin Barry is speaking this Saturday.

July 8, 2019

Kevin Barry, Esq.
First Freedoms, Inc.
PO Box 1816
New York, NY  10113

Honorable Christopher Wray
FBI Headquarters

935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20535-0001

Dear Director Wray,

I am the President of First Freedoms, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to  advancing and defending the fundamental protections of the US Constitution, state constitutions, various federal and state laws, and religious and other rights enumerated in the First Amendment to the US Constitution. Among those rights is, of course, the right to religious freedom and free exercise. I write to ask you to open an investigation into possible public corruption of a June 13, 2019 vote which occurred in the New York State Assembly Health Committee (the “Committee”). On that date, the Committee voted on a bill to remove the religious exemption to vaccination, which had been law in New York since 1963. The Assembly Members sitting on the Committee voted 13-13. This outcome meant that the bill should not have passed out of Committee, preserving an important religious right for 20 million New Yorkers. However, after significant irregularities described in more detail below, the vote was altered to 14 in favor and 12 against. This unusual vote change allowed the bill to pass out of the Committee and led ultimately to the bill becoming law that same day.  Please click HERE to read in full. Thank you.

I request that the FBI investigate the questionable circumstances which led to this vote repealing a religious freedom statute in New York State.

There were several irregularities surrounding the June 13th vote. Please see the video link here:  “FBI - PLEASE INVESTIGATE NY STATE’S CORRUPT VOTE TO REPEAL A RELIGIOUS FREEDOM” https://vimeo.com/345081341. This video footage was recorded by observers in the Committee room at the time of the Committee consideration of the bill.

Among the irregularities in this vote:

  • At 1:50 on the video, the vote is tallied at 13-13. The bill should have died in the Health Committee at this moment. However, Committee Chairman Richard Gottfried did not announce the 13-13 result. Why did Chairman Gottfried not announce the result of the 13-13 vote? 

  • Among the “NO” votes was freshman Democratic Assemblymember Nadir Sayegh. Instead of announcing the 13-13 outcome, killing the bill, Chairman Gottfried sits silently while Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie, the most powerful Democrat in the Assembly, takes steps to alter the outcome of the vote. At 2:02 on the video, after the 13-13 vote takes place, Speaker Heastie summons Asm Sayegh to a private conversation. Immediately following his conversation with the Speaker and apparently relying on something told to him by Heastie, Sayegh changes his vote to “YES,” reviving the bill and ultimately removing a religious right from New Yorkers. What was discussed during Asm Sayegh’s and Speaker Heastie’s conversation?

  • At 3:02 on the video, having just spoken to the Speaker and changing his “NO” vote to a “YES,” Asm Sayegh gives a speech attempting to explain his vote change. In direct contradiction to his “YES” vote, he says “As a student of Constitutional law, I have always protected individual rights and religious rights” and also “parental choice is very important to me”.  Was Asm Sayegh’s speech about respecting religious rights, while changing his vote to take away religious rights, ordinary political doublespeak or something more sinister? [It is important to note that when this bill reached the full Assembly, Asm Sayegh again voted “NO”, further evidencing the dubious nature of his “YES” vote in the Committee.]

  • At 3:40 on the video, Chairman Gottfried immediately announces the manipulated 14-12 vote, allowing the bill to pass out of his Committee. Why did  Gottfried announce the altered 14-12 vote immediately and remain silent after the 13-13 vote? Was Chairman Gottfried promised something for his role in manipulating the vote, and if so, what was he promised and by whom? Were Gottfried’s actions ordinary party politics or something more sinister?


Hans Litten


Dozens of families opposed to the new vaccine law in New York are taking the state to court.

As NewsChannel 13 reported last month, the governor signed the legislation on June 13. It removes the religious exemptions for families who do not want their children vaccinated for diseases like measles. So if a child isn't vaccinated, they can't attend school or daycare. That's what has those parents upset.

The judge has given the attorney general's office until the end of the day Thursday to file their response to the lawsuit.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Attorney Michael Sussman spoke on behalf of 55 families who traveled here to Albany from all over the state. Those families previously held legal exemptions to the vaccination rule. They say it's clear the decision to repeal the religious exemption was rushed and based on bigotry.

Donna L.

Thank you, Kevin, for continuing to fight for justice for our kids... and for all of us. Your efforts are so very much appreciated.

Angus Files

At what time does someone somewhere arrest these criminals and send them off to meet their maker.

Well done Mr Barry.

Pharma For Prison



This a bit off topic but as some vaccines cause cancer, I thought I’d post it so should you know anyone, who has rose coloured spectacles welded to their face and still doesn't think that the FDA deserves to be total dismantled with prison terms handed out and only then restructured. Then have them view this, which has now been uploaded (at long last) to Utube (well Utube has gone-round-the-bend of late so the new spelling seems more fitting).

It’s the biographical documentary of Stanislaw Burzynski, MD, PhD who discovered an innovative patent-protected cancer therapy currently enrolled in FDA clinical trials. This story sheds light on the current regulatory and industry road blocks preventing these life-saving medications from reaching the market as of 2016. As is often said “you couldn’t make this up”.


The same thing happened in California. Sb277 almost didn’t make it out of committee so the committee chair said out loud to Pan that he should plan to vote the next day with different people present or the bill wouldn’t pass committee. It was outrageous and heartbreaking. Something tells me the FBI isn’t going to care. Hopefully this will be a part of RFK’s lawsuit

Grace Green

Bob Moffit,
Yes, the vaccine court is not a Civil or a Criminal Court but a Cangaroo Court!

Bob Moffit

When the history of our VICTORY over the systemic corruption of the vaccine industry finally arrives .. Kevin Barry's name will be high among the vast number of parents/citizens that will be remembered for their dedicated efforts to stop that damn BAND FROM MARCHING ON AND ON FOREVER.

Our only remaining hope to achieve JUSTICE .. lies within the JUSTICE SYSTEM .. and .. unfortunately .. if history is our guide .. that Justice system has too often failed to provide justice to the thousands of children/adults severely injured by adverse reactions to recommended and approved vaccinations. Common sense dictates one cannot acquire JUSTICE in a system that denies citizens their Constitutional Right to pursue justice in either a CIVIL OR CRIMINAL COURT OF LAW .. demanding instead their pursuit of justice be restricted to what is commonly referred to as the VACCINE COURT .. a court designed to weigh favorably upon the vaccine industry .. with its' own rules and regulations that specifically prohibit those seeking justice from the DISCOVERY PROCESS that is critical and routine in either CIVIL OR CRIMINAL COURTS.

As I said before .. watching YouTube video of sworn testimony of Stanley Plotkin .. a man known as the "GODFATHER OF VACCINES' .. being cross-examined by a skilled prosecutor during a deposition on a case where a father is suing the mother of their child for not vaccinating that child .. was extremely satisfying to see. Under cross-examination for NINE HOURS OF TESTIMONY .. is a grueling process for anyone .. but .. such a grueling process is necessary in the pursuit of JUSTICE.

It would truly be "must see television" should the day come when those NYS Legislators that Kevin identified engaging in overturning a recorded vote THEY .. (THEIR DEMOCRATIC PARTY?) .. for unknown reasons other than simply not wanting to accept that vote …. be DEPOSED UNDER OATH BY A SKILLED PROSECUTOR FOR AS MANY HOURS AS REQUIRED TO PURSUE JUSTICE FOR THE THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE WHO WERE DENIED THEIR RIGHT TO A "RELIGIOUS EXEMPTION" FOR THEIR CHILD.

The vaccine industry and their captured public health bureaucratic regulatory agencies absolutely refuse to engage in open public debate forums with growing numbers of professional/scientists/doctors/lawyers .. on the subject of VACCINE SAFETY .. preferring instead to rely upon the well recognized tactics of all tyrannies .. CENSORSHIP AND COERCION.

And so … THE COURTS … THE COURTS … THE COURTS … our last hope of ending this nightmare of vaccine tyranny

Hans Litten

Kevin you are a legend !

FBI - Lock them up ! They are criminals

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