First Freedoms' Kevin Barry FBI: Please Investigate Potential Corruption in Religious Freedom Repeal Vote
Happy 23rd Birthday to my Beautiful Daughter Vaccine Injured 8,393 Days Ago

Families Sue New York State to Stop the Repeal of the Religious Exemption to Vaccines

July 4thAlbany, NY—Attorneys Sussman and Kennedy filed a lawsuit today in New York State (NYS) Supreme Court challenging the constitutionality of the NYS legislature’s June 13, 2019 repeal of the religious exemption to vaccination, Public Health Law Section 2164(9). The plaintiffs, 55 NYS families who held lawful religious exemptions, request that the court enjoin the enactment of the repeal temporarily, preliminarily and permanently.

The plaintiffs are of diverse religious faiths, including Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. As a result of the repeal, these families can no longer educate their children in any schools or camps in New York without violating their religious faith. The parents who bring the suit seek to represent thousands of other families likewise affected by the repeal.

The complaint argues that the repeal violates both state and federal law. And, the repealof this longstanding religious right, without a single public hearing, unreasonably interferes with religious freedom. “To deprive families of the rights to freedom of religious expression, parental rights, and the right to either a public or private education, the state must demonstrate a “compelling state interest” that the state has failed to prove here,” said Sussman. Furthermore, the state must act with neutrality towards all religious faiths and may not display impermissible animosity or hostility to religion. Yet, in this case, many NYS legislators showed great animosity to those with religious exemptions, calling the nature of the exemption “utter garbage,” “a myth and fabrication,” “a loophole,” and many other slurs.

While irreparably harming plaintiffs and similar families, the state has failed to prove even a rational basis to mandate all the vaccines on the NYS schedule to those who hold genuine, sincere religious beliefs against them.

Kennedy, Chief Legal Counsel for Children’s Health Defense, stated, “Religious rights are fundamental. It is unconstitutional for the state to deprive people of such important rights when religious animus has played a key role. To enact such harsh legislation without any legislative fact-finding, and with the legislators’ open display of prejudice towards religious beliefs different than their own, is simply un-American; it is essential that we fight this.”



Chip McGill


Democrats in Albany videotaped during vote tampering!

On June 13th, in the Democratic Assembly's feverish attempt to modify the U.S. Constitution's First Amendment, New York State legislators literally changed the result of their own voting after the 26 legislators votes had been tallied!

Obviously brazenly comfortable enough in their malfeasance to break the law and change the outcome while being videotaped, we can only imagine the corruption that goes on behind these Democratic lawmakers's closed doors.

The videotape has been preserved. Albany politicians Carl Beastie, Nader Sayegh, Richard Gottfreid and Mario Cuomo should each obviously be immediately indicted on this.

Informed Americans are opposed to Big Pharma and their lawmaker flunkies mandating that we inject our children with their poison and often ineffective concoctions. How dare you! And you lawmakers are willing to be overtly manipulated to break the law for greed. Find another way to line your pockets.
Prosecute these criminals. Leave our children alone!


"It is a truism that almost any sect, cult, or religion will legislate its creed into law if it acquires the political power to do so."

-Robert A. Heinlein


With not one of the vaccines tested against a true inert placebo, and ample scientific evidence of its danger, the practice of vaccination, as it exists today, is faith-based. The pharmaceutical industry, the most corrupt in modern history, preys on tradition and folklore, and fear mongers what was once a benign childhood infection, to get the state to force citizens to participate in a practice when they scientifically opposed. A practice that involves injecting things into one’s own children. Federal law clearly states there shall be no state run religion. Fingers crossed for the TRO!

Bob Moffit

The following was taken from a video of Dr. Stanley Plotkin under oath. In it, he admits to using orphans, mentally handicapped kids, babies, children, and populations that have been subjected to colonial rule for vaccine testing. Practices that anyone with a religious faith would find CRIMINAL under any law .. man or God's.

ATTY: Have you ever used orphans to study an experimental vaccine?


ATTY: Have you ever used the mentally handicapped to study an experimental vaccine?

DR. PLOTKIN: I don’t recollect ever doing studies on mentally handicapped individuals. At the time, in the 1960s, it was not an uncommon practice.

ATTY: So you’re saying — I’m not clear on your answer. I’m sorry. Have you ever used the mentally handicapped to study an experimental vaccine?

DR. PLOTKIN: What I’m saying is I don’t recall specifically having done that, but that in the 1960s, it was not unusual to do that. And I wouldn’t deny that I may have done so.

ATTY: Well, there’s an article entitled “Attenuation of RA 27/3 Rubella Virus in WI38 Human Diploid Cells.” Are you familiar with that article?


ATTY: In that article, one of the things it says is 13 seronegative mentally retarded children were given RA 27/3 vaccine?

DR. PLOTKIN: Okay. Well then, that’s, in that case, that’s what I did.

ATTY: Have you ever expressed that it’s better to perform experiments on those less likely to be able to contribute to society, such as children with handicaps, than with children without or adults without handicaps?

DR. PLOTKIN: I don’t remember specifically, but it’s possible.

ATTY: Do you remember ever writing to the editor of “Ethics on Human Experimentation”?

DR. PLOTKIN: I don’t remember specifically, but I may well have.

ATTY: I’m going to hand you what’s been marked as Exhibit 43. Do you recognize this letter you wrote to the editor?


ATTY: Did you write this letter?


ATTY: Is one of the things you wrote: “The question is whether we are to have experiments performed on fully functioning adults and on children who are potentially contributors to society or to perform initial studies in children and adults who are human in form but not in social potential?”


ATTY: Have you ever used babies of mothers in prison to study an experimental vaccine?


ATTY: Have you ever used individuals under colonial rule to study an experimental vaccine?


Plotkin's testimony on the issues of "fetal cell research" .. which he admits was extensive .. one study alone used 76 aborted fetuses around 3 months of age .. in which various organs were "harvested" for vaccine manufacturing purposes .. as well as his testimony showing his absolute personal contempt for people who seek exemptions on "religious beliefs" .. which Plotkin .. who proudly identifies himself as an Atheist .. a "scientist" who believes SCIENCE has proven more valuable to the human race than a belief in God .. was very worth hearing .. knowing just how much he reviles people of religious faith. To Stanly .. contempt of religious belief in God .. is a religious belief in itself.

Hans Litten

I am concerned that on top of the mercury amalgams, the fluoride, the glyphosate and the vaccination-assassination that we also now need to worry about 5G in a big way.
68% of the worlds population living in cities and that is expected to grow to 75% in the near term.

In a February 2019 U.S. Senate hearing, senior telecom executives admitted they have not done any safety testing on 5G, nor do they plan to do any. Currently, there are over two dozen cities in the U.S. and countless cities abroad that have 5G, yet there is no scientific evidence to support any claim of safety for it.

The 5G agenda is vast. It includes 200 billion transmitting objects, according to estimates, that will be part of the Internet of Things (IoT) by 2020, with one trillion transmitting objects a few years later. 5G is meant to usher in more robotics, artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles, including 5G antennas installed inside cars – behind our heads and irradiating our brains – so we can talk to people in other vehicles and instruct our driverless cars on where to take us.

5G base stations and 5G devices will have multiple antennas in phased arrays that work together to emit focused, steerable, laser-like beams that track each other. Each 5G phone will function like a mini cell tower, containing dozens of tiny antennas working together to track and aim a narrowly focused beam to search and connect with the nearest cell antenna. The FCC has adopted rules that permit those beams to be as much as 20 watts, ten times more powerful than levels allowed on current phones.

In addition to millions of new base stations on Earth, 5G includes an eventual 20,000+ satellites in low orbit, affecting the ionosphere. Players include Elon Musk’s SpaceX, OneWeb and Amazon. At this time, 66 5G satellites have already been launched, with more on the way. The direct radiation from these satellites, combined with their contamination of our ionosphere, along with pollution of the global electrical circuit would likely be catastrophic to all life on Earth.

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