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Canary Party and Health Choice Taking Flight Amid Vaccination Rights Annihilation

Health Choice SquareHello vaccine choice advocates. Your old friend Ginger Taylor here.

I have just come back on as the Executive Director of the Canary Party.

For more than 20 years the leadership of Health Choice and The Canary Party have worked with state and national vaccine choice organizations and activists, and have built a trusted network to support their work.

It is time for us to make that network public.

The need for a formal network of endorsed, trusted, professional, established state organizations is Canary logo 4 22now urgently needed. It is clear that with the attack on our vaccine choice rights by Pharma this year, and the fast growth in our community that naturally comes along with such attacks, that a few individuals and organizations not qualified be in leadership on our issues, have entered and begun to work their way into positions of influence.

Those of us who have been in the fight for many years know who the trusted and effective people and organizations are, and we are now offering our endorsements to you.

Check Health Choice .org for our growing list of vetted associated organizations as you make choices in where to invest your time, energy, and trust.

Keep your eyes here for more to come.



Angus Files

Would love a UK Canary Party but costs are prohibitive and of course to run in an election you need heavy weight backers,for sure.

Pharma For Prison


Hans Litten

This could be a wonderful opportunity to bring the science into the Court Room :

A cancer researcher has filed a defamation action against Gemma O’Doherty, a former journalist, over online comments that criticised him for campaigning for greater uptake of the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine, writes Mark Tighe.

The vaccine can help prevent cancers in men and women, but its uptake has fallen in recent years following claims it causes long-term side-effects. The HSE has dismissed such claims as unfounded.

David Robert Grimes initiated a High Court defamation action on Thursday. It is understood he will seek aggravated damages from O’Doherty, who ran in the European elections under the Anti-Corruption Ireland banner.

O’Doherty received 6,659 first-preference votes in the European elections in Dublin, and last year failed in an attempt to get nominated to run in the presidential election.…

Bob Moffit

Hoping someday the Canary party can endorse a major candidate in Presidential primaries .. someone who will at the very least SPEAK TRUTH on all that is KNOWN TO BE WRONG .. someone who has the courage to recognize the vaccine catastrophe that has been running rampant for DECADES NOW. Hoping somehow the Canary party can find media resources that will at least ASK candidates during nationally televised debates their views on forming an Independent Committee to investigate the 'safety and efficiency" of vaccines. Hoping to hear that candidates have been contacted personally and asked whether they support our concerns regarding 'too many, too soon' vaccinations as well as the terrible health of todays children where it is reported that 54% suffer some type of neurological, biological, physical child development problem .. up from 12% I 2002.

As Jesse Jackson famously says … KEEP HOPE ALIVE.

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