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Bye Google! You’re Duck Duck


Duck you, Google, and your algorithm shenanigans and privacy invasion for Lord knows what purpose but it ain't so we can buy the latest shoes from Zappos. I now use Duck Duck Go as my primary search engine on my phone and my laptop. My gmail might go next.   They even provide instructions on how to remove Google from your derriere!

The good news is now we can tell obnoxious doctors in all truthfulness that we will no longer confuse our Google searches with their pharmacized medical degrees.  Ain't that ducky! Vote with your search engine!

Searchy Ducky! You're the one! Cuz the Google ain't no fun! Searchy Ducky, I'm awfully glad for you! (With apologies to Ernie.)

Are you in?



Brittiny Lene'

Clever title -- and word choices! I really enjoy using DuckDuckGo too.

If you're looking for alternatives for Google (for video searching), you should really look into this a video search engine. It’s a cross-platform search engine that doesn’t censor your search or track you. It makes searching for videos much easier and quicker because it finds videos on platforms like Twitter, Vimeo and The Internet Archive.

You should visit Petey Vid, OR test it with these links.
Selective Mutism:

Thank you,
Brittiny Lene'


This is an article/blog embedded within the article I just posted about. I thought it important to let this one stand on its own:


Here's a good article re Duck Duck Go/privacy issues:

John Farnham and will give you more options.
Wikipedia has long listed browsers and Search Engines with timelines for both. Then again, techs must have been listing IE as 'the browser to unload a browser' for at least a decade. Most trusted are Chrome, Firefox and Opera but I have played with others for ages. It never hurts to have a backup option should things go sideways.
I'm not about to recommend antivirus as I have had mixed experiences - but am positive about malwarebytes free ( I have paid as well ) being worth a try.


For an alternative to the Google chrome browser try out the Brave browser.

cia parker

I've used Duck Duck Go a lot for about five years, since someone here recommended it. Especially since March, when Google almost completely just stopped working for me. At all. I type and not a single letter is printed. I suspect censorship of me personally, but maybe that's paranoia. Unfortunately I can't easily save docs to my desktop to translate using DDG, and I still use Google for that. Watch them screw that up for me too when their spies read this. Also you can't hit the back key to go back to the page you were just on in DDG, and I don't like that. I also HIGHLY recommend the Russian search engine Yandex. It is MUCH less censored than either Google or DDG, and gives you ZILLIONS of search results, many of them not available on the other search engines. Another interesting thing is that there's a good site called The Religion of Peace, and since March, I cannot get it typing it into the bar at the top of the page, the way I had done every day for many years from all the different search engines. Now I can't get it on Google at all. Not in the bar in the middle of the page either. Censored. I can get it on DDG, but not in the bar at the top, just the one in the middle. BUT if I use Mozilla Firefox instead of Explorer, I can get it using the bar at the top. Still not at Google, but I can at the others.

Greg Hill

I already do use DuckDuckGo for web searches on both my cell phone and my desktop. Of course I could always go to the bottom right corner of any AofA post, like this one, and click on "Google Search." Maybe it's time to change that to "DuckDuckGo Search."

Gary Ogden

I've been using DuckDuckGo exclusively for about four years, since Adolph "Dickie" Pan became Fuhrer of Caliloonia; he really does have those knuckleheads in the Legislature wrapped around his little finger. Great fun!

Hans Litten

Horrors of vaccination : Schieferdecker, Chr. Charles : Free Download,

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and its governmental and private partners have fudged vaccine science for decades, leaving a well-documented trail of cover-ups and trickery. Some of the more notorious episodes involve secret meetings, attempts to keep publicly funded data out of the reach of independent scientists, destruction and fraudulent manipulation of data
and other crimes, including embezzlement.

“The vaccine is mandatory, so in conjunction with the Child Welfare Office (PANI) and in collaboration with the National Police, the State has the power to act in case a parent or guardian, after receiving the correct and appropriate information, refuse to vaccinate their daughter,” Minister of Health Daniel Salas Peraza, MD said.”

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